The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 13, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1892
Page 1
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« ., i . VOL. , MtCH.< • CT0BJ{I{ ., 1802 PHJCK.TWO IT Festivities End Blaze of Lightr in a Two t»£md«s.ortififi, Santo Day—The Klgnt * 'mid thVs 'Floats jiescrtbed—A «in0i>d6fts>W to ' Biar !th<B Soint'what—MifeS.of troops and.' Societies March thronglr the £treet» In ' (h.«i Day DeiuOiistratlon-^BIonutaent to ,iAiv«iUe«l—Sulleiit Feature* of v NKW : YoiijK, (Set, 10.—The J'historic and industrial Might pagefttit," .which ' close^ tlie outdoor part' of the ColumbiAn cele- (\bmtlon lastniKhi^ was ^orheithing of a disappointment- There were many difflcul- m P ties to contend with. The crowds of people . t weif himpjysfo vast asi to be absolutely' v , . , , run manageable., Theywere good-natured; HealtllfUl, Agreeable, .CleffilSfag, J «W.»^nodisturbances;!,^-there were , - * i • i. Biinply too » KJtory • ot weniua was typicaiof ''thfef'triuteptHot jCfpIu^iiBu^ aiid was pr<feented by the Italiaii society of "Union and jFraternity," whp:.escqited it ifa the proceSsfen in a body, : , lieticrlptlon of th'e Columbus yioat.- , Thl tabif au' .was called the ^Stj#ut>;bf Col- uinbus," Uiiqli a-tall pedektal Columbus stood as the ^loneer'of western' civilization. An alli^grtHjcal f?guini; of history held" a lab- rel wj wat h. above his.ljeaili Fame stood beside him and at" the front of the ; car Amer- icrt was shown seated with Spain" and Italy on either hand; fti the rear twojndiahs apjjtfared. .r H 6Ho%ving-thls ear ;'w?» repre- jseutAons of ! the court of iFerdinand and -Isabella, including a court, cavalcade oh horseback, n>presenteit ' by ; the Spanish^ American, colony i a JfoVr York; and also a model of ipolum bus 1 . .Vessel, the Santa ^far!a,. dfayftr Byirorses.' '" Amotig t otjier cha^:r acters represeiibwl were Jbhii Alden and- PrisciUa. and sceiiips fttpnv the .life of the early colonist**. ' ' ., Tli» Capitol and Liberty, ' -X T.:l>iertuV > -«The Capitol" was one of the most t-fttprrvif of the pageant. It held a model 1^ fc«t in height of the Capitol at Tbe'fainlliiir columns and x Ohappiad B^uids, Wounds, Burna, Etc. "N fl j t ^ Xfatnoveis imd "Prevents .pobdrcxE. IMKBIOftH FffllLY SUP. * Bisst for Genera^ Household 'Use, BARTER'S nrrnt „ , relieve-*!.' loalrotiDlas tact- . 'o a bilious Btataof the jsyetam. *uclx a* • , IBM, Nausea, Drovwluattf. Diatreaa ajtec eating. Pain Hi the Si4e, tc. WWlo th^lr mart ' ihasbeija Heaflache. yet Carter's LUtl? XlTer Pills 9M tqually valuable in Constipation, curing nnd pt» voatlna thlaaunoj Inzeouip'.aiut.whilo they also them. TlJe line ot parade •fttjm the IHtWtry, 1 'to Fifty-eigtflh. street wa* enclosed by a wall aVsuUd as tf H bad lH»eU maadnryt for all parade pur- pftses, and it was- thtrfefore »n h6ur- and .__ v ,, , aftehthe -appointed time be- ,f ore the pageant' -was pqt In motion. & was to "have, started a H "o'clock;* the first »f the tableaux did not r^aeh^he AStor house until IDzJO. Jtwas 9:4Jf before even a preliminary indication of what was conv jng-was vonghsafed to the waiting tators, Uettiitlful Kl«ctrical Kftects. ..-. The priijliniiimry'pUrt of ^he proceetungs, : a pavade'Of bicyclers, some of them dressed in fautastic costumes to t-epresent Indians, etc,, was some what tame and tedious, but the. crowjV stilt/waited- patiently, though with - strange misgivings on th^ part of manj«rt)f them its to reaching home before morning. Jersey menoU the Brooklyn side of JBrpadway and Brooklyn men on the Jer* 'sey side fouiid it utterly impossible t<? force a passage acrpss the intervenjng street, and mtiny curioys perplexitim were the result.! The leading feature \yas the application o£ electricity to displays of *thrs kind. '&>• far as i-eganLs the illunvtaHtion of thucity this were lighted inside and out by eleu* •U' ' •. « Absolutely Pure. *' - '• •• A oream <»f tartar baking powder uf'bfstof all in leaveniug strength Latest U, $ Gonram«ni Food ft f* > { „ . UV* 'trieltj . 'A* number of you,m/ladifes, daugn- 1 * * • : ; ' . „ . „_ , 4eri of veterans, were Bbattd around the RO\ AI< 'RAKINGr fotty^i - 1 ' f 1QC Wall Street ' * ™ «8e'li*: *- 'JS cents.; -five for fU^ «&.-«, or <wut by mail. ' »« pUW'fc. CO., Naw Yorfc.. . «.! DQSl SMAU « assorinieut, ol sizes, l^ie best Wixcls * and at reaspiiiaMe rates •Jrpes fltte4 charge for fitting; at «98 West State WARSHALW MICH TW best Pe|tumies al- \yays in stock at G; H. Oreane's Prug st^ore. kadtes are invited to call and L" ' fl d«30 was. n .siilendiu '^succ^Sj-HwUhbiit .qlialiflc'a- tion. 4t - i4 almost iniBoWble to'conceive of anythiiig, finer than .soine of the: electrical' effects pr.uduced.on public.and private tiiiildiiigs on the line,of, n:\arch by tne use of coJaretl eleftric lights. ? • The Floats .Come A]I>I>K a-t f^ist. .-. .Tfeal-SgBkW P£esent«i >vere conveyed along the"line'of 'parade upoii flpate drawn by horse*, Th,e -fii-st was' "Fame." The jw&de8.s wasj depicttidi as a \vinged jigiire fiyliig over, fhe earth and spreading the jews of Colktu-biis>. discpyery through the' :Vadlitional ^rumpttt to the four cjjruers. Vlasquerading\iJgur«s, following ou foot, represented the early tribfcs of Indiaas, t Le iave dwellers and otheii> hnv« uhabited this contineut at the time of Columbus! discover>\ Tableau 3—The ear qf^the-siouenge, con- tineci groups of cave ijrtwellers an.d the eariiuv furi&s of vegetation dtipivg the era Of mastoiipus! and other fGrwis of extinct crtjtituj'«S--of the carlioiufiii-ou*' epoch. An escort of Sjixty figures, supposed to repre- s_ept the taritest deiuze.n8.of Mexico, panied the float on. fopt. ' . Kei>re*e»te<l the Tableau. ". 3—"The . '&ifn showed an Inca .high piieHt*.sacrificing ,a human victim to the stui^at the foot of the Toltec pyramidl The heathen dertywaa Showa 6tjated-4a-a-colo8i»al sun. watching Capitol, holding the shidldi of. the ght states. ^' Tableau T represented,"liberty/', l<iber» % ty held her torch aloft 6vWa ng-fire - i»ttre- senting Int*llitJct, v lnventiQH," etc,, while groups of all natlon% were, ranged around the centra^ figure, and Justice, Fraternity aud Equality rode in front. ^ \ ' Yue preslt,' Music and skteiire, ^' Tableau 8—"The Press 1 ' bad a youthful 'figure, suppo>*ed tp \te the "genius 6f the press, standing uppu an iumteTjs« bottle of Ink an'd surrounded by pages, each bearing a shield, upon wbiclj the name irf a paper, jKas •'em'blafepn'eijp. A t the 'retjr t>? ,t;ue' car Was aVprlnUu^ jiiress', \ytth v coinp()sttors at I wbj'k setting type. - ; . Taftfleau' tf— i 'AlJusic' > ' 'sfiowed a pyre, with the goddoas gf. harmoiiy Hunting over it, while St. Ceit;ilia-.played the organ in the background, aiiil art orchestra was grouped, around her* dressed to represent notes of music. - • ' . • .•; vTableati H) depicted ••?cit ( ri( > f" c-;tw;yibg a. reprodtictlon of the xreat l^c^.tele-scope to study the geography of .\h\i-*. wblcn Was Jealously guattlw! by tui^ i»um». ^'ni- cjbjes aud other *ciwitU[i(|IJ*Hy^'-iJi. uj- rejj- reaeuted other biimcht-s uf M-U-IH--Tim Typii-iil Anipflcan i.iil. Tableau H—^"AjrfterU'Hu V, i<iiu - u," \vnn decora!i'il with ruuiil.s, hwu'i!-, cornui-fs. i-to., and repn-seirtwl thelypicul Anjeru-au girl seutet}.in ii t-ofking chair pu5.-«'d un'the wprlil, "ro \xlfoiii a w*aif iudjviiliial in niule attirji Was banding, over bis ppoketbxiok and latch-key. . • , * I • Tableau" l'-j ^howwl the Atlawiic aud'pa cine •ot'eaos. typiftejl a.s an e^mpetxiir «oipi*s, vVJth-uyiiipbs. and'sirens ip attejiK aa.nci'j <j»d ttie Atlayltic. cabl* eucire^iug thein.; ^ ; ,•-.=•'"• • - '•-.".?'. •'.:-•-.,' " '*$& - . Tablefiu T^T^'C.pluwbiuVjjj^j^ gf •' Sfjtate," was a FJouiaii giilley yowed by t'lifelvie C'en- tarians and containing H 'biist of. ;|Vash- ingtoit surjroundfxl bj?; aU fhp subsequent 'presidents doivri tQ Gfranr.. ' : • --- Kle^tricity Clones tlie Circuit. 3'abltHi-u U and last was. "fcieft-tra." In other words, electricity. 'It was the most successful of all. Blectra.was showtt ui a , . $5QO REWARD ! . We will pay 4Ue above .reward for aay «n« * £lr«r Compliant, Dyajwpiil*, tiUfc H»»dwtur, 1 a digestion, OoMUpatloa or CO*UT««M» *« c«* not *<mre with Well'* rweubla'Uiw RU» when the direction* ar« rtilctty compiled wlU». They am purely Vegetable aad fearer aatufautloD. Sugar ooated, Lav* tatnlng 80 pilU. 39 o«nt». Bew*rft» tatnlng 80 pilU. feltt and imitations. . rft»o' C4>aitur> To* rwUno i by THE JOHN C. WEST CS1CPAN Y, Ualg*K». H. For M)B by A O. Hyd«. ManhtU, A Unaranteed i.'urf for Pilau of nruat kind or dbgrae—Kxrarnal, internal, Bllaft or 'Itltie<ilB£ Itching, (Chronic, Racant or Httrsdllary. 1'ht* remedy nun posm?«Jy ney«r U^B kaown (a fall. . 81.00 a box, 0 botxea (or $5.90; *««t by-numare- paid ou receipt uf price. A. wrlttaa UoinuUev ' goftltlreiy given to »ach purchaMt of 6 b»XM r when purpi)M*>d at wua tln»». tp fwliiad ta« fi.JW paid If nor cured. UuaranMJ* IMUW* fcy A. O. Aide, Maniibil, Mic*. OaU far PB_ B. C , *KNT, a ffuarantead tpecifie ffl* Hyjitjiria, IMxsl- •.CoDTulgioiia, Fits, Neryoos 0680, ., , H»»dche, Nervou* ProatraUoo caawd by (ba tuw *].oohol or tobaocoi Waiefnlnesa, Meat*! D»- preaalon, Softenltttt pftke Brain resulting lala- ••mity aijidrieadtejit to;ill«ery., decay, «»4 da»U. ^rematureptd Age, Barrenew, Low of pove* U either iax, Inraiuntiry Itotmt and Spenutar- • rbceftoftttsed by <J» w-exertl»o ol iha brain, tal| abuac oser.1naalg»nce. £aoh box eootala* fra* tnoDth'i treatment, f 1.00 a box, pr fix bou* lor t6-fl°i .seni by aali prepaid on r*oelBt of prta* WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXE9 -To cure «.oy case. W 1th each order reoelrttd by ae for all boieg, accounted wita |6,0p, we wU send Vhe parohaaer par written gaaraaleep to M fund the money U the treatment doe* hoi a core. Guarantees ls»nl^d oJUy by A, Q, DroggUti and iwje Aieats Ifftrihall. el«ctrio flames' THE PKESS. chariot, '. curbiuff , -a : ii' hydra, fniiu whoso eyes aii4 : of vlwt''iuity ' darted j'aad .whose glistened . with iycadesceut lamps. A<»t.he mtrof.tlie car were thirty girls in metallic costumes, with electric lights tgroiined'all about tlieju.^ Siitottter wo^nen Sore aloft a globe on which- the latitude aiul longitude were indicated by electric lines. These rows of lights revolved iu op- posit^ directions with striking effect. Jt was l<ju{j after nudnigbt befort the Abbott,~who haaloBg bees with Messrs. Pwcwal 'and Hattoo*, AeaWEs- ate »»d lusmanoe Brokers^ Des MO mea. 'owa, and ia one of the beat known and uioat respected buamess men in that city; Bftys: "I can testify to the good qualities of Chamberlain's Cough Bemedy. Having used it i». w> f anuly for ttw past eight yeas ' ft colds or croup." 25 and 60 cent bottles tor sale at Greece's drug store. the aacrifioe, while cloitds of incense ascend I (Wdren PR HCBRA'S VIOLA CREAM 1 Fr*«fcle*i Pimplwi, BUckheadi, L Tan, ajuA '.re.^ t$ ttsorigi- nal fieshneuk piWlOOlDg * •dear and healthy cam.- lerion. Superior to aU lace rations and perleeUy- ^_^ iBts, or maue A tot SOcta, 8<wd for VIOLA. SKIN SOAP iv'ji] tar inch oidlnary Woycja, ball Jighont, In fiwt clataooadl-: aoldaton«e. Boat offor Of«r |^ Ino,nlrf pi •&. -8. tlorrUoa at c«rt ftr OK SALE Boa4 Wagon. i te»ttiwSet.<JalePt55 «» and Cotter. Will cell «heaj> tot -f-

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