The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 12, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1892
Page 4
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•i „ •• V ! " '•* f!f \ * f \. tflf-', r * ." 2*i*«. il . >' v ^ , , < » ? > i -,>.-;•>-' -,'>.' A V_i i ' THE DAILY CHRONlOLKrOCTOBER 12,1892. « , £(c<tr*l6n tn Tot «<1o. * , -Tfte C., tfi & .-it. failfbad jjjll Tiin-a special e*euri*]dB (Mia ta Toledo .on Saturday, Got* ,15* At Whiftblllrne Jannw 'Cori>ett, thechjfmpiofc Of the world, will appear m * arandapafrlng match. Thie .trttfo will leave tbis»station at 7:59 a. m &r fare for the jfqutid trip will .be$1.60. returritwj? train leaves Toledo at . in. Q. B ' iU> rtght if U ciarce Mr. a &.' Jones; of Spring ftill, Iowa "1 hafa used Chamberlain's Pain painful b\irns with bet- We want every tfiother to know that croup can be ptetdtiiltl, Tr»e croup never appears without a warning. Th"».firat symptom is hoarseness; then the child appears to have- taken cold or a cold may have accompanied the hoarseness from the start; -After that a peculiar rough cough is developed, whioh is followed by the croup. The time io act is when the child.first hdarsc? a.few doses of Choniberlain's Cough Remedy will prevent the attack. ESe«n after a ..rough cough has appeared the disease max be P rc Vented by using*this '.remedy 'as directed. Theternl "deiisataljealth" is'used to ex press, a 'physical edhditio'n in- \<Iiich. .the rheumatism, lame toothache,Earache and .like ailmaaisT t)ne application Will tellers the pain aa v d a fair trial tosUMi a cute. SOc^nt botttes for sale at Greene's. . ._ •.. ^ ^ .".• .'•... : K|«otrlo Uf lifting, '^ .;'•'-• Insid* or outside arc lamps, 2,000 candle 'and iyetoaii hich would produce no «ver in<the body or rriind of- a robust i.i id'tiai', prostrate the ^trength andTIepress the spirit* of .pertotis in delicate health. Resource should b&had under thesevjlrcum- stances powMeaoh, in use nnjil 40 p. in. standard- f-t- ' £mf ' X-J4. .—...- — -«. - .-IT-, 1 „ time.. ••* 77- . • .•'••-.".. Where on* lamp only is t.sed, fff per month, fGOLper annum^ .Where more than oiio lamp •>• used by the same perstin in the •Adi* luaalitjr the additional lamps will tie charged for at $4 per rrionth or '$.40 per annum. These lamps will bo ptated.. ia firm of charge to the user other than above. • "Alt flight lamps or other special PKYiqe at Special rate*. . k . " - . - '' V ' •^Afi'damag* to the lamp or wiring by the user must be paid for by him. The oaer Will hi no -gato' b« allowed to nMddlft with or remord either latnp Or wiring afid if any ohapge in position or replac- m«nt is4e*lifedby tha ooosamar it will'b* done by the city at cost. Incandesoeat lighting! lighla ready, fo DM at all timw during darknets. . ' Meter rate* WO of ons osnt per hour per 16 oandl* power lamp for eithar-storw or residences. ' • No meter placed la wrrbw whore leas than fi?r UghU are la usa. For all ordinarf service where motors are not used following rate*; £tor*a and busln«* place* 50 cents par month per 16 candle power lamp for any number of tanpp, whether one or . mora, •-.;•.. " • ••„••. .," .'.- Bealdwictt* and ofne«ai etc., 35 cents per 16 candla ppw«r lartp p«r moath, wh«ra four or..l«w" lamps ara used. Where more thaa four lamps are in place for the same person in the «ame locality Z& cents" per capathpflz.lamp f«r •aoh additional latap oTerfour. Kaductiop of te,a per cent will b,e Where annual contract* for residence lighting, without meters, are matter ^ - - AlLlamps of additional eandle pow£r at - • proportionate rates. . AU.speclal aervioe inust be specially con.••-«•"' . ' "Royai^Ruby" port wine. If- there is.any reserve oJvvitality in the en- [eebled orgaaizBtion, this unequaled exhjt- iarant and tonic •will touse and deyelope it. Quart bpttlea, $1; pints, 60 oc.nts/ Sold and guaranteed 5 by M. B, powe'll. Bottled-by. Koyal Wine Co. Chi^igo. » YEARS • 1 U|s_ long experience and * c-arufqpsludy of, TbB~bi-9t,rhethod« cn«ihlBS us to duro iB'Very .... l!iirimble We kocp -a record of «>'ery . fcfl«e trentefl $nt the reXvlt bbt»tiie<l and can re- leryoii to peoplewbo.bjive>b'ben uured by our imHhnd of treatment : • .' f ,«itsiillf»t ioit free and Ucavonabto term* for rrciktitieitl. .-i;-,i \V<> have visited tlie swine;'offices toVery eight weeks roJ(li»jjflat twcm^ fivb years, !• wtvarepft'r/iiri.'d to show successful reaulis in 1 rratti>g disca*?"!! of tlli'.llyer, heart, luuijs, •torn- ' xifHiiifyH, hraiii, imfybs^ Mwumattflm, uinral ' dehiHiy oatiuth fits, youlMttl IndltifcreUon, . ancers, «»li|I cores, inifto'n*, ditrroHs, dynpepsl*, roiisy, tlliivnjc (liartti/tba.-^o/crafl, loasof tnldtji hrtuiolntls, Ai-thma, pmniininila, oousumpthm. Bcriftt «. ornptton*« pi rut'It a. humora,' bjotchea <HHl all clIin^HBS nf loug stdudUiB. Address I)r»- Brewer &H<tn. 1*i Chicago 4 ve., Kvanatuu, Illinois. :;y,«, .- ".Will'Wi»t thiHlornddi) Mcftse tin..%Vedho«<Uy, Oct IWh ., . Dr. liivwctr'M'-Hith- Heart tireu.aiitr giru? ifti- m.Htta'« relief, . •- ' . lir. UrewoF/H Sure Dcpii(o for UJ-ieaues 0f ibo .v'tnuifphi iiv*r, kidneys KiullilwodTSt^per bottle Pr, Brt>w't!t'i» ii) ornis iSbox.' •-' The. most wonderful medicine that 1 have erer'met with i« Chamberlain's Colic, Clipl- a^and^giarrhtiDa "Remedy. In* cases of lJc it glares apeody Belief* jOn. hunting irips'l have found it indispeHsable. Put ut alkali.wa'te,r it imparte a ph»a»ant tnnte and proven ta the painful diarrhoea which alkali wator $ roducea.-Ct«<juldmot feeljjafe^with- outit in myh"6use, • J- tf» SWlthii'oH'Aber- crombie* Jif. 6. for Bale At ^Jceene'p drdg The largest stock I the lowest I HYDE'S Drugstore v • We carry tp fnli line of Smith'*, A. C. MoGraw •& Co,'» Kennard* Son's tine sfroes. GRACE BROS e & and 1 expect a few Qauhflow&er Friday -.^—,. MERRIIJ. Get a picture enlarged at MerrlU'B. i • ' •^"•^••'ii ..... ! " \ * Have joUr cistern Gleaned and the water purified 'and deodorized by tli'e use of Overton & Fought's new Eagle Opera House WEDNESDAY, flCTV42. (jreo-.F. Fcals will terpi be jn'llMJ city this jjli 'orders. 1'ribe :: .$1 Satisfaction. ,g;uar&ntt'ecl. Leave ryfders at CIIKU-'NI eLEpftice. 'The right to Use this pro cess in Marshall township is for sale. ! a ,[ . '1 JI .1 ' ^ "Chew Merrill'a great 40.cenU>r,. A eupdrb ptMunta 4 luu-of ttil* DramAM<> ' "• ' .ELEGANT „, .-ELABORATE 1 L. MECHANISM, J3REAT C06f . Palace A dream «|ili'iulor bi|l» payable OB or be/fore. the^ptfrof veaoh month and a penalty Of lee per cent :. will :ap. Added,to bUlii not paid ; ^p wiring will beraUowe/liq t ^»pt^i3adflr the direction of the eity and • whe^ UghUbg contracts are tnade. AJl incandescent lamp renewals must be niade by. the consumer at his own eipense, but the «ity will until further notice supply A Cure tor Frank: Cornelius, .of oPurcell, lid. Ter. says: "1 induced Mr. Pinsoli, whoao wife had paralysis in the face,'' to buy a bottle of Chamberlain's Paifa Balm. To'lUieir great surprise before the bottle^EadTail been used ske was a great deal better. Bter.face had 'been .drawn tq one side;. bujt^the Pain Balm relived all pain, and eoiwarieas" and the mouth assunied its naturaf'shape/'. It Is alijp-a certain euro for- .rMuroatism, lame jr-" 1 ' sprairls; s'w.elljngs 'and lainenesa,.. ^50;'.„ bottleS'for sale at Greene's drug4totev • .'•'.':.' • •' ' ' •' •'•' : - *' No Advance - m Prices ** ' * •-. ADIVllSSION 5Q G -l?V«tt SAIiB—Stock o,f groceries, Jlitnres aci) A? . Kood will, -stock or crpckyry, am gpod.will. Will be said togjetUer ,or sinjjiy wit tease of atoro at reaepnablc rent," ySa,li*(^ctor for selllug. • ' bos lll'J> ' ^"fhe Niagara Falls UZpuita,"'^ UE, JUNE 1?, 1892. TRA1NH Hull Ii! Oru«k ri-bllkll, 0;. iiinD . . Jacket) Es.t a,m VtO » O. r > '4 45 41 M . :i -(i 4 30 Kal ***&& i 55 8.28 »4T 'J45 45 n •!>• At'Cj 'P'ff t Spl»,M»ll 10 1U 3 37 4 80 503 5 30 6 sis a •.» a.m. . 6 (U 9 00 i»S» 946 10 08 11) 4H 1-4 30 8 88 m. r 05 iiioo i os «. oo 000 p.m THA1KI WJtST. . Mail- UllffillP I ' ':." " «.nj-. ,*•"»• Uettolr, tv S -JO 11 Httranull Battle Or'k i t.5 •J 05 7 35 >. m. a. 4 45 10 l 10 : 10 45 tt ^, 8 IT 1 7 15 3 W 1 1 04! 8 'JO p.m.lp. >:iuDL .„.; is* a. m S IS 4 tO i U7 4 41 4 liiOl ID 86 44' slit! T5W » u 9 sea IV UU6 a IM »-M 4 06 7 ie Ex t 18\47 » '-£! 11 4* 18 ' tt W Vm. t$aturd(iyi> c^cepted «t»ftily t Sundays exoe 6. W. UUOOLKS, Gen. Pass. & Tlckel JouMaos. Freight i, C.. K. OaflOHN. .TiolCHt.Apent, can the best C ' '' ' always fiia<3l tos at •^(dinary opeii lijleat wiring will be done during tfie installation of the-plant at $1.251 - ^t»r lamp, not including lamps and sockets, j AU subsequent, wiring 5»ill be done sorely under the direction of the commiaaioners at coat, v '.'••• t . .- ' •;_ All wiring will be. done under the latest rules of the Michigan Insurance Bureau. All applications for incandescent lighting will be accepted in the ^rder of the applica- ;I have all the seasoB'a ice bill* oat and ^vould be 'plea3^d;y.p fiaW those owing me call amiI settle. \ '.....' 4,F/ DO YOU WAN I S Cou«t)iuer* «4 13 not a liealth_ resort. It ia a wealth 'fcfort. (iuitu a dl£Eerencel Lpcatlcfa Pe»^ in Cglorailo, ipfbld—bright, • _ is found at graas roots — A l -' 11 " fbck-£6?ipQa.i;iou. r <'":!.'. •-.•.. Reliable) expurt» claim this UJipday tb.e ricliosl f-cainp ib Culoriuip. ^suays average $100. pvr ton, and buy L- run as higb as $5,000. One him- .. ..,..... ..... (Mi and try 1 i'oui^uuy rf>f Ifared people a^day arenSw rnshins to Viann ( Qrgtf5iiiBed ' ICprk -. ' •• or the purppae. tion and to the persons applying for^he flrst 600 lampa to be placed inpoaHtpn and usedj «3»e lamps and sockets, will be furnished free of charge, all other lamps or sockets ^t cost. The abpT» lighting rates are based oi estimate of the cost of operation of the fad while they are now much lower than] for thetuanoe quality and qiiant^ty of light furnished toother places,abould it be found possible to make a reduction in price, the rates will be lowered aad all contracts now made will be entitled to the-benefit of any *Wduction hereafter made, from and after $he date of the reduction. ' Application mo^t, be made to the recorder or either of th* oominissjonsm. Obtain?; of ev; ery kind to- the . mec«antUe. wotld and general public, inform^ion .relating to 43p£dits; pricfis, Talufcfc of real estate and merchandise in different-lomlilies, ad dresses and .a thousand' uml, one other matters from "ah parts o£*Hhe United States'aqd territories, furbished at.pom- Inal cost, reliable a^4 strictly private. Apply to ' D. CUMNINGHAM, Sole chief tow» eHhu dUtrte ' cbanca of a Wfetinie ia wp«th° looking a&erl . „ You CftO get tbere quickly and comfortably by taklnif'the baataVe soottf. Only line with no cliairgd of cats Irbiu Chicago, Jfiusua Cur DQ<! other prtnoiptti eiti^B to plflmsant, utatest fall- 'to FtigBttuat^^.. . Address for rate and serVlce, CEO. E. OILMAN, Michigan Pafiictitur Ag't Santa Fe Route, ' LAKE- 4|lf ER10R TRANSIT -W '•/ MT BDLDTI ROUfE lutended eallipga of steameM.froin Detroit for ault Site Marie, U.ululli and other Lake Supe- ior pprtsirrMonday, 8 p. m,; Ttturadaya and . alurdays. 10:3') p iu., ceutral .time.' For Clevs- tiud, Krla-aud Ouilalo, Jlondaya, Wednesday.* and Saturdays, 5 p. in. central time, making allrottd Connie,; loaa lor ell pojuW caat fnd oullj. 'Kai)Mjonectipnis at DulmhVfor bt. Paul,. Mmneiuolid; Northern t'a.cific aad Great.North- em Ealiway pulnu, 1'auillo coast, etc.' .Bftggag* luiough to deatioaUon. For tlcVeuand tbeap. .Inch Eagle bicycle. •Mast"'be. sold, » J. P. M» now open.for fall business. ordera for your work Monday »o4 Thursday.- Usual price 2>£ eeota - • - - • a j. Don't tail to see tlie Dress Goods at Perretts, „ _ . S. DUMGAJI, A efeeico worki - WHlb* sold very A Vliw «! | in the form .Df-axlarge BJJsexl graph, in eight colors, with kej to same, *ao ^e had by sendiog your Address with twenty cents in postage ^staaips -to Geo.-BLHeafford, G. P, A., Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paid ft'y, Chicago, DJ. Aa tbe supply ia limited, -application n>ost be made eatly . Should the supply' become exhausted" the postage stamps will be r,eturned to appJiean.t. Ciiiciiaii, Mm & Time table taking effect Sept. Tnkin».»ft8«.M«shaU as follows; iJipreaa^..,—,.: u fi^7 iprees....... 811 iS6.»5,Tol • 8, Cin< .., . « M, Mail aniaatpxees.- 1254p» *• 27, Lpcal.EreljdM... '........6.50pm i . ,. • TttiHW OOJNtt WJS8T. So. 2J,M*11 and Hipress, Hi Mam " 8, OtnoUm*ti Jt B. O. .Express .J««M--* '» ^i, Kxpruab , ...... All tialna daily except Sunday. Direct connoytloas are madd a?. Toledo Clneinatiwith all roads diverging . Trainu j)l uia 92 make go od conuttetJon ul Mou tcitb with tU& (i K. <fc J,,, twd « Ailegnowub tbe C, * \V. M for Cfre^' powts nortli. F. B, JJMKB. 0«n. W U. 0. B. M1ZE, Agt., Ma-raUall. MR9. ALLEM'8 PARI81AM Face Bleach mfofaialiba apply to J. T, WHlflNG, Geu'l A),'eut, Dick and office. &J Wc.*t A.twatet St., nca, Ori»- dtitii • weldy DKTKQJT. Mica. so, Bend-tlieattrlo -th«' jun... A thorough, reliable and progressive institution. ndrc4« of young men-andiwonjeii «celTOd the ir start In. lite at the K. p. 0. To farmer* bo^-s and girls tliis eoursa of pra.eflc»J .uiatrHC tlon cannot be over-eBilmated. We shall be pleased to hare .you call al Uio' CoUege and t8(lk ovw Uxe mftttey, o» address for catalogue. " K8Ca'S9U81»lSSCOtLB,QB, •^ Ba'tle Creek. MloU F OB SALS-Uouse Ml »uJberry street. rods square. Finest gardeu spot to - Boi 4J4 tl AIT AKT4P— Boojt ag "W -toetoo,«H Pftfi ' L-^JS j^ENT-rJty fttfUTtt* OU Jlr ijost JQQfttf.lpn tp j4«a by l.ohn »\ui«.,;.,. «».ii*4ifJ?^«t*|H»*v«

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