The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 7, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1893
Page 1
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VOL. -ifO 251 A|SHAIL, MICH M WEDNESDAY; Jirtife 7,1*93 PRICE JIhsoIatety Pure » A cre^im of tartar bating powder Hiohestof all in leavening strength /Latest U. S* Government food Re/port ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 106 Wall Street, JSL Y ' py Citiaries vy i uiingman ot unicago in 'behalf of himself as 11 stockholder in the exfjpsition Ctnnpany wml aa a eiti- fcen. Tna proceedings were in the state I New ..slock of wall paper, at Sixty Million Doilarrg'Exportecl This Year. $25,364,143 TOT LOSS SUSTAINED, Deftplte the Heavy Shipments Treasury Officials Jlnve Confidence In the Ability 6t tlie Treasury to ttestoro the Old Balance—A Gradual- InHow of Gold From Natural Sources. WASHINGTON, May 4W.-7Since Jan, 1 $60,000,000 in gold have been exported to' Europe, and the';'expOrt movement instead of .haying abated; seems to have, received a fresh impetus. Most of this gold was taken from the Unfted States treasury and practically all 'that is tiow.» being exported comes from; the same 'Bource., In that time the treasury department has sustained a-net loss of 125,854,143, the net total gold in the •, - ' . \ •'. _ _•_• T_-' HI "*.oArt'~ ' L.'^.*«{ H r» l^OfiTl ."•'-.' if a dre undc&btedly caused by the irritating ' Outbreaks, and crime generally, are never possible among people who are addicted to infuse of m AMERICAN FAMILY SO the great soother of angry passions^ the promoter of health and good- feeling. Deans everything—injures nothing—don't be afraid to use KIRK'S Soap on the most delicate fabrics. J.AJS. s. Km.ii: & co.. HUMPHREYS' This PRECIOUS OINTMENT is the. triumph of Scientific Medicine. Nothing has ever been produced tc equal or compare with it as a CURAT^VK and HEALING APPLICATION. It has been used 40 years and always affords relief and always gives .satisfaction. Cfures PILES or IlEMQRRHOUS-E*tenwV or Internal, Blind or Breeding-- Itching and . Burping; Cracks or Fissure.s;Tistula in Ana; Worms of the Rectum. The relief is fauna. e-^the cure certain. WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BJJRNS, Scalds and Ulceration $pd ContrjJCtipn£E<?D!ii|!urns.. *|Tie relief is Jnstpnt Cures Boos, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, Fistulas, Old Sores,' Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald Head. It is infallible, > Cures INFLAMED or C. AKED BREASTS ar** Sore Nippless • It is iQ^raJuable, Price, 50 Cents. Trial site, «S Ceat» Bold tv DrugijUM, or mat po.t-p.1d i>a receipt oT |irto*. treasury on Jan. 1, 189$, having $121,296,662^ while today it is onl, 912,410. The gold holding .within the five months: of this year have at times fluctuated, but since the 1st of May the gold has been nearly always below the so-called gold reserve of $100,000,000. As soon as the reserve ^was built up a large shipment abroad would pull it down and when from natural causes; or from unusual exertion on the part of the administratioh to keep it intact, it grew again, another onslaught would decrease it. A shipment of $7,000,000 in gold, which is to be made in a day or two from New York, will leave the total net gold remaining in the treasury $93,000,000, the lowest figure reached since the resumption of specie payments, 'v " In addition to this large engagement there are reports current here from sources usually well founded, that more ;old will go out on nest Saturday, suf- icient, it is said, to reduce the gold moldings to $90,000,000. \Despite these heavy shipments, treas- arV^ofBcials express the 'greatest confidence in the ability of the treasury to restorevthe gold balance. They point to the fa«t there is! a gradual inflow uf gold from natural sources to the treasury which m only temporarily checked by the large amounts taken for export. Had such not been the case, the export of $60,000,000 since the first ofr the year would have left th&net total gold in the treasury at $60,000,000 instead of what it is, $95,912,419. A cessation of gold exports in large amounts is looked for by Jnly 1, as ft is understood that the Austrian demand is wellnigh supplied. -— A peculiar and encouraging feature of I jnred the decrease of- gold is that a corre- I aponding increase is shown in-the net | treasury balance. That babince is $25,r- 897,81^, or'nearly5$1,000,000 greater than it was on March 7, when Secretary Carlisle took official charge of the treasury department. Of this money $11,•840,000 is in subsidiary coin, and $11,650,000 in national bank depositories. Both pf these items are slightly in ex- !pess_ of what they were on March 7. fffjllt *i BAW J4* v^VJVJ^^v»»»*^jfcj TTV/AV »»• u»*v/ tJV«-VW courts and were entirely distinct from the more recent cast) in. the fedetal coTirts to which the United States gov» eminent ifl a party. Judge. Stein held that congress, had made ho law compell; ing Sunday closing t • Knocked Out In 8even>ftound8. LONDON, May 80.—Jim Hall met Frank Slaviii at the National Sporting club for §2,500 a side and a purse of $8,500 and knocked Mm put in the seventh round. The fight was a disappointment "to the Spectators. Slavin Was the favorite in the betting up to the opening o£ the first round, but from the beginning he made a poor showing. He was cdmpletely outgeneraled^ at every pbint by>>BLflIl and was unable to jfler even enough resistance to make the contest ^exciting.. Deiiny-GlblKms Match Off. CHICAGO, May ;80.—The proposed- match between Martin; Denny of Australia and Austin Gibbons , before the Crescent CSty ; :Atlilbtic' Club, is ,6fiE. TV w_ Li. •*»*.«' 'Tt«>k1rs\i* '•Winfi^ioA/l -tri ri/»r»Q-n4- +•«**» »njthing you want to buv, .//• Jiist null atChtiKlmr's mill hlitl try, /.' Hisctish prletfs will furely suit y:>uy ; When auy fi»ed jou.«lo wntit ground,' Call at Chcsber's mill, he 5s nlw-ays around, ' ^ And he wUl try to please Jott, .\ '; Wo buy, for cash ami sell, And that's what Heepp us in our ' $100 for -a crtso of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Nervousness and Sleeplessness that Vegetable:) Cucij wijl not cure. . . _ .• . Vegetable Cure will break up Colds nndf and Coughs, LaGrippe am] its nftot 1 effects, Tremulbua Weakness of the Neryee, Erysip- clas and Comtipatioii: 12 02. $1.00. i DR. SHARPSTEEtf. . Get your tin wurn mended tin snppiv •. •'•. •*;.. . backer refused : to accept the articles ;of agreement "from Gibbons calling for uti additional' concession of two pounds and to weigh in on the * night of the contest. Denny goes to England to get a match with Overton. -i Had to Close. , FARGO, N.D., May 80.—The National Bank of North Dakota has been closed by the order of Bank Examiner ' Diamond. E. Ashley Mears is president. The capital is '$250,000. The failure will not affect any business firms in Fargo, as it has been known" for some time that the- bank was in shallow water. Gasoline stoves•cleaned and repaired Weather Indications, lower Michigan,— Generally Cliljclrendryfdr; Pitcher's Castorla. ^ ^ Chafas on.babiea, sore nip plea 'and in ilanimatioDt of the breast instantly ro* heved wiXb Lavendar Ointment. A new remedy has created a sensation among physician's byqtet wonderful* effects., _ _ in speedily curing every form of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and simple to usej..'but np'thing removes the disease so quickly, safely 'surely. Any druggist will get it for you. For ... variable winds. fair; SOUTHERN CYCUONE. Several Houses Destroyed and the Occn- l»anta Burled In tho liuliis. COLUMBUS, Ga., May 30.—A severe cyclone struck South Upatoc, demolishing the roof of a railroad" bridge. Several houses on the Pope plantation were destroyed, burying the occupants in the ruins, but all miraculously escaped unhurt. The destruction on this plantation: was considerable. Box Springs had a big scare, the cyclone skirting the edge of tha town. « A number of hQusea at Juniper Town were destroyed. At Chandlers Mills, a house was blown down and George Parker's wife and daughter "-are in the ruins and supposed to be. fatally in- Jparticulara are meager.. At Other Points. ATLANTA, May 30.—Reports from points east of Athens state a severe cyclone etorm swept that region today and many houses were blown down. At Gillsville, Jkmes Kinsley was killed and his wife badly injured. In Banks county G eorge Dowdy was killed,' . . llrlng Your C»rp«t.p. : The carpet cleaning works on Exchange street will be open ou and after Monday, Marcb 27th. The Pyramid Pile Cure is n new discovery for the prompt, permanent cure of Piles in every form. Every druggist has »t. Uoberi Shellu.y has opuiu-d a tin shop in the buiKlinic formerly occupu-il as n meiit tuiirki-t, nppOAite E !*• Murphy's store. Give liiuj a call when iti/rieei any tin work. liuughton will sell and ha-ig it for you. you wall paper THE PILE OINTMENT A <New C.ertalu^Cure for Pile*. • ~yfe dot intend, to endo'rse any except artj- claa of geouine marit; we therefore, take pleasure in reoommeodipgto&uflEerers^rom Piles %any forio, a prompts and. permanent WATER THE CAUSE. Ten Thousand People Homeless and Starving In A True Bill 1'pund. ... OMAHA, May 30.—The United States grand jury found a true bill against Frank M. Dorsey, brother of ex-Cqn- greasman Dorsey; He was cashier of \ttrutlott pools aud priyy vaults ch-uned and diajufeeted in good shape at r.ea- sonable prices by G«AY & Kub>» KT» WUUky , is M a Eye as is a Rye," naturally ripened and free from all foreign flavor and adulterants, guaranteed pure and over eleven years of age, recointiendcd to the coDnoic- sour as a mentoripw article worthy pf tha confidence of invalids, convalescent* and the aged. Sold-only -by F. G. Seaman & Co. Druggists. Fiue stationery at the bazar store. A- at least" 10,000 homeless, and hungry people in East CarrpH, Mborehofise, West Carroll and Madiso^ parishes, Louisiana, and the suffering and pri$a- tibfcfc they are a undergoing is appalling. With the exception of a few small el* vations the 'whole of the northeastern part "of the state is under water. Forty-four negroes,.were rescued from. iman uorsey; we was casiuer 01 * ••*« »*•...--«.. ^ -. --- -. ---- --- --• First N>ti0nal bank of Ponca, | complete assortment always ou band. CarroE parish. Titey .were ' » food four days. -* • ~ chMreii who died from exposure "to blankets »nd thrown "jars fcsiBS B0 ^F ^withwMchtQig:" yyuw-in receat^ failed, and he is charged I witl^aving doctored the report of the ' liabilities and with having falsified the books to the extent of- thousands of dollars. • '.. ' • , Probably fatally Injured, ' .EAST. JORDAN, May 80.—Ole Enger was probably fatally injured by being- a shaft at the mill of the nth Arm Lumber company. He is a tb,e Order of Foresters, and of .tnree; children. lestroj ed l>y FJUre, JACKSON, Miss.,'May 80.'—The busi, portion of Uewton* €0 uules, eas^ ^ , with the exception "of four itor«8, was bnrafid.- The Ipss wiU ag-. about pkg. ti^ cuied me JP| 8vMfc*<& I 01 ojd hermit wsa reseuw, four - Sp-afl lake, who had""been w thacpa- tb,e .Foyt 100 in demand to iaotors ^nd Eleeifie an advancse in/ itf or you if ycaj ask him. , Capes . \yiUoccupylt r on Suudsya, accordance f~-f -m,- tTi^t "^f. ~ifliT ^ ™ _ "^ - I -I' ^ , A burt'Crtl Operattuu. For the cure of Piles is always painful, often duBgetous and useless, a,nd invariably expensive; on the otnex.hand there is a new certain ture, perfectly, paiulesg, gives instant relief aud permanent cure and costs but a trrfie.. Ct w the .Pyramid Pile Cure. . It is a mure certain cure than a surgical op-* eration, without any of the intense paia, e'i- pdnse and danger of a^, ,QperatiotT. Any druggist will get it for you. . ^ j^~, Just aa stfre as hot weather causes there «lli be mo*« pr leal U>wel febtnpiabjt in this * vicinity,, Every pjersouj and especially faiu- ' i'do- , ilies, ought' to havespiuo at band for instant use in case it ie needtd. 4 25 gr 50 cent bottle of Cha^teerlain's Colic, Choler8 and Diarrh(*a,fiemedy ;i* ju&t ybupugbt to HtrJI^ «OA tbit yow toe j^osS se«ote f j-ocl '-i- dangerous case?. It is the beat, the ropetie- liable aud moat ^cceasf ul tr^Btipjeat feiiowu and iBp^eftaant fb tefce. ^or sale 4 <3»ene> •' ' "' ' World** CQl\M»tMftu $S§ Mi^Wgiji.i?eotra, f row MureliMl to Chicago an4 return &t rate of aeyee dollars wd thirty cents for tbe rQund irip» liinitpti tso S(«T. 5Uj. CbUdreo , uuder 13 "years ot tore, '•f ' i-.. r .'. # . •-. "\

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