The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 12, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1892
Page 2
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>- • H TO THE LAD! ^o&roHiatw;' > F MARSHALL. V OUT- Friday October I4 f 1892 ros. & Co. of N. Y Will a ftffl-ttne of Consisting of •A •'•"'•' , • « ,, *"* - <. • ? . ./•<?.. . acks, Reefers, Box Goats Tob Coats and Newmarkets. 5 1 " •* * 1 '. *• s ' f * You are Invitod to Oall and Examine Sam© Mill TEN MILES OF H U iVlfcN T Y. of ' arions Yorfc er A sight fully a* interesting as that of the ve«M>lBin line was presented by the iui- 'e crowd of spectators on the ahpre. . Every point of vantage from the water's 9 edge to the top of the tallest buildings was . ^occupied by people, who bad waited lor * I'jMmwfw the head of the column, of ijoats •"**;6>»PP^]r- When the proceasion moved up -'; • ;«^5lTar:there werp ton miles of humanity * the 'Batteiyto . was and mass of people. The , _„_/itsatf was aseaof'headi Every . pier along the North river was Mack wii,h 1 '. people, and the windows, balconies, am * -• roofs of all buildings that, commanded " view of the river-were crowded. ' * Tb« Cleveland* towtbe Scene, Mr., and Mra. Cleveland witnesbed the parade from the deck of Mr.'Benedict' t jracht Onelda. Mr. and Mrs. Cleve- sjpent tbe night at Mr. Benedict' iW Greeptwich, Conn., and came dowa \f t-.aii l.-ft if In-capital for c> M iji in'i'i-. tivthu j£rt!U,C i; ai.-VI t.iji- pr«*klefit wfts eft alone—to. Vv^iittsU- a'. \ he I >«*l*id<?pf hlsS U Mouilay iiijfjjt. She U;ul a ivcurrence .of ;be dn^ulcd c«u«h Uttt (XIUM'S her such mifi, anil f vlod *ti. o')ti,m Jeep. •* .a\e LET US SHOW YOU QUB LINE OF^QfilLBREN'S SUITS »• ,a * _ _ i <?gj»pht4 not Jre y eaottgii to witness thfe , Wfeakear. hwlf tli,e ilight to t-lwt w|,th her. He tel-i tliat he could in X- tjj'k pv^n 1 long . ' Dr, Gard- anothu- i;i'll at iifglit,' and wlnS«s. iUt f r<? lie wtid to are' porter that her ri«ht luiij-c has entirely ceased to perform UM ratur»it,lut«ctioii{>. ^1)43 H|.e«t Au> Tluiie, * It v is.aosrfrni .i» a pi-t-ce of le^4> . . and she U siuijdy existing wkh tha aid of ' " is dlfco affected. To a ^ r- - Mvr,in.T •w**'****'*""* ***^"» ^<»«>*^f»j ^p-r— T?™"—T--^ ^rr •' -^ " <»lu> yacht yesterday morning, ^heyacli ' • anchored off East Twenty-sixth street. Mr. Clefehwd sat in the stern of the yacht ai.u rr? ! woce a yachting suit and cap. Mrs. Clev.e- . *' '." land walked up and down the deck of th« the left luii, direct questa.ii Uu- doctor replied that ni patient iuif?bi survive « >veek longer or she jnay povsibfy lui»t two or three months. The t'auijjy i-wiUze'that skehas,' a hopeless case of coaMjmiitioji and they aye preparet for the emrat unj. time. * ; * BOY'S, YOUTH'S & We Are Sow Btrelvlng our Imm<mse Lin#0f * .We made a bid on those whftn ™~.-iye, \Vn-sterH Tr^lflc ..„. CuiCAQO, Out,. 12.—The \Vs|tern r asatwaUbri has yielded up tliejghos.t. This 4. •• ' Mp Ao«ld«nt to Mar the Suow. Tho • most remarkable feature of the t day's turnout was the absence of .accidents. Many of the excursion steamboats were dedto their utmost wpacity and at when all the paaaen.geJ8 ^crowded to . result'; has bceii. Iwtel for for wiyeral weeks, "but the <ltath kuell wajs rung in New York .yesterday >vhen the advisory board udjuuruttd siue die because, of the failure of builici.eut members to attend, to. secure a quorum. When the "committee went |iato s5.*>icm. ut 10 o'clock yesterday - - With Three Clotting Manufactories in Roofcestftr and receotly ( dosed tfae Ojliitract. We are late in receiving these beoauVe we j,i4 not bay tbeiri of .Agent in June and,July. Bu£ we got tijem at prices that will^ awva *•-•••.•:..•' ' ... 0 ^ money for ;QUJ> patrons thjs"fall, , . '* . ? Our line of Merchant Tatlpring surplus puvehas^d; in -New fork are now ready wod merits inspeetion. Our Styie,- fitj aod finish are afte» copied but neveirelfgelled.. feil \ttVff paSSCMKO*» ViVWAO* *J" V>^iAfc JillL-U DL-3.-14W4*. "-V J-w w *,4.V,V4« J '.';, "«ttMOJ«,som' danger of capsizing existed,.! moruiiig tbv i-epi'eauu^i^cs of the * SfftS |M>'accident ,wa? reported from any of fou and Quiuuy ql' 1 " ^ e Iowa CX™—, — «%'t^em. i " •• '-JweU HJ* thossii ofKi^reral other roads, were ', ••'!!,.,«''"' Qt4k«r £v«vi* of t* 1 * W*y» MU coai-iHtiK'Utj by their aljprtice, auda^resolu- T?»4»yifW^O!^W*9 nD ^ lw ^ r *-'^ ^ si'lj'>u«i w } j*» ^w soitte'debate ,.of fireworks from BK* i began at 8:30and lastied T.SHAN AH AN, The Leactaig GlptlMer unauimoush' . At T p. m. the Roman Catholic . . paraded, wsdpwwantBd The iMWceaaion was reylewed by Aidbttohop Corrigan at the Cathedral. The "foging aocjetief gave » concert at 'i Brus.'-carry a lull Jmc 01 . groceries Alj &ood_8 ugw, aud F OB BKNT—Two houcea on West Hauover street. Good bwus on both places. One otftBiiJipuees for eale. For pattioufarlj enquire 7 _ Save oapttey Uy buylug vour boots d shoes atarce Bros. - - aad shoes % JUSTICE OF THEfiEACE GONV£YANQEa x -\ All business 'attended, to promptly aod caretuBy. HAS a safe to keep judfif docket aad other yuluablc ~ " mmm SWT w, Tea Cents per can—f fe»«( $or ?fi $eat^. QUALITY OWimMTIEl J, CUNNIN0HAM in t ni«pi t iiy^^r*>i" i!• HI"I IN IIII-*^".M»- i»"»^,'_^ Sold anaat'unfti.% c;b«*»ior __^,,__ ... mr|»g,^eevem»s 0« park* were illumined. OF THE-mot pyguc Idi^s i aad yu*terd*y. Nearly all I - 14&(IM*VWW'WJ " r " <*T • New pf Sterna

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