The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 12, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1892
Page 1
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, VOL X1Y-KG 5*) \ MICE,, WEIMfeSDAY,OCTOBER a 1892. - . PRICE TWO C« MAJESTIC PAGEANT Healthful! Agreeable. Cleansing, .0 ' . « 9 * + i .Oh'al>jM|d HandBr WdundB, Burns, Etc. t ifemovea and yTeveip.tB Dandruff; MKRI01N FAMILY, SUP. Best for General Household Use, 1 >v - • ,.. '.. , .*" ., j,. « i > ' 4 • * ~ Second Feature of ' • .Quadreflhial Festival I A SCENE OP BEAUTY Hf THE HABBQB V • '• ''• ', :' lie^Stateiy Ship,* On liy in Imposing l'roce»sloh, jyhlle the Waters'and I.anil Are Vocal, TVKli the liootn of Cannon the rtoai^ of •Cheers-'-A farting Sato the^ 'Old, - Commander," Beating Tomli at ftlyerslde—ifrar and KepreKentetTln the. fie»t— Graphic Description Af the Parade. tfjjw YOKE, OcK, 19,-*The naval parade was a magniftfant algh't. That is the unanimous Verdict of about a million people, 'for at le^fMhat many—probably more —saw th'e.Bpecf acle.* It was the principal J event of the- second festival' day of the J Columbian week. ViCBfe general plan of the { parade was thta.' Vfarvessels ot-Spain, France any Italy nad M^ted' this ^rt and the city'tindwtook . to show -them Around the, harbor. To do this with proper eclat the UV S^&.'Philadelphia,! Jilantonomah, AManta, Dolphin^ Vesuvius and others Ot est to the sightseers: 'At' intervals of-150 yards, in three columns 300 feet apart, sailed after the Mkintonomah, Philadelphia, and L'Arethujg ninettther naval engines of war." The United ^tates steamers Atlanta and Dblpmji escorted the French gunboat Bus- sartl. r ' , '; CLIMAX' tfO THE PAGEANT, at the Turning Point One of the sights of the parade was a series of gigantic floats Illustrating 'the remarkable progress in the art of shipbuilding since the time when Columbus discovered America. AH the parade passed Bat< tfry park 4 second > salute of^ twettfy.-one guns was final. 'TheVumbUng'of tfie can-, nwn 'had scarcely died' away when^the mighty host along the Chores began to cheer. The'cheer began at the Battery and swept aloh'g sfowly but mightily, like tbtf roar of thunder., Before it reached the end of the line it was again t j £keu up by the ou< em bled turfing on 1 the Battery, and again the i oar rolled along the,shores0f-tue North- river nntU the very foundations Pf Manha't? tan a&emed fq tmubfe. " * , " The Turning 1'oinfat HiversJUe. ' . Slowly ttris ships moved Ijy, passing/ up the "Noi-tM 1 river past the crowdwi docks •* *™ flags (iylhg_ s apd tlu>lr glistening escort- It XT ay in \ POWDER Absolutely Pure. . A cream t>£ tartar bafcipjr HigheSUif all m teavpntag * Laftst U. qort, ^ , BOYMv sides reflectlug , the, SuMlgbt. ing fle^t brought'* up the rear. CARTERS CURE a bilious state of the ny»t*m, «uol» ut , Nmaea, Drowglnwa. DUtraaa aT(et eMlpg. P»in In the Side, 4o. Whilo th«l» mosl re»»rk»ble lueceaa bia beec shown ia, curing 3e&4vohe, .yet Carter's LltUa UTOT PlUfl ara equally valuable in Constipation, curing and pr» hunting thUannoiln&cotnplatnt,while they al*9 hillsides view of aver aa4 regulate the bo wola. Evajitt theyonlj ' ---- , T- r- v. 1 " , less renown ^ together with a swarm of met- chant vesseljS, steam yachts, tngS, etc,-£any due of which could v have- stowed away one of the vessels Columbus crossed the Atlantic 1 with—were detailed as an escort t5 the foreign visitors. Of course there was bunt- Ing galore, wanning tfcboyards, three cheers frequently repeated, boom of big guns, etc: —all and singular, ad lib. Viewed From "a Plataiice. ' •'.* And this is the way it looked f Wan the top of' the Washington building: At 1 p. m, tlie observers saw a puff of white smoke arise far in the distance and beard faintly the dull boom of many big gun* It was the sahifce of 81 gnus rfred f rom'ieacb ship of War ami, "answered by the forts. The marine march had started. Away beyond fhe mass of. craft in the centre of ,the bay .could be - faintly discerned two long. da*k lines extending north froin each, side of the narrows. They were the star** board and port squadrons of the escorting fleet. Gradually could be made out a row of what letfked'like dots, They formed the advance guard of the, procession, the patr< 1- ing flptiya manned by the naval reserves. ..-.- Salute from' liberty Island. Slowly'the.form, ot*-the'parade could be | :Th4.thwe1i^pat*«l-^a^ / 4ipo4ted gey- made out as the Hi^.^pve4 majestically up t sera 'hub the air and treateg the passenger* the harbor Ijetweeivtfie'hundTeds-pf ve» L on the upper decks of tbtf crowded exeur- I- Y. d be»lmo)itpricele*(|tothG§e who thUiliatroEBing complaint; tratforttt- ya th*t they will ten <livif»iohfl, divided' into two squadrons^ port and starboard. t It numbered a great many crafUfOf all descriptions, hjit sailed in line-with something rlike 'thevproce^sion of niarchiag soldlerii, IJor an-hour the scene was»continued, the'last vessel, passing the Battery at &3Q, A > fitting climax to the pageant ,w»» the scene at the turn-' Ing'point at ttiverslde. w rhist was nature's, own ampitheatre, The sloping gav* every ohte an nninteiTuptc the display. tv*rt"yl>»dy HJM! a Uooil View> The Wealthy whose costly >«qii blpcketl tu» carriage way hud np advanj*g» j over.the poorest citvcea .who could*cla$ibeK up a hill or scramble down the r^cka to the waiter's edgeyand many thousands of them did sor It was neaffj* U p. m. when the Philadelphia, preceded by a cloud -of tuga and pleasure boats, slowed down in front pf -tilver-»ide with the larej scu waT^hips and the ies.t of the naval -escort'.- Well iu line. Tlje tide w^st beginning to tnru 'and•^the gailyitsdtscked vessels swniig around at will and indulged in all kijuisi of naval "horseplay" while waiting the appointed, signal for th* jwu'tjirtg salutfc ,-' • ,, t'lrebnat* Create a i>lv«r«'toD. v Tb« thteelii'ttpatrplJ Llrer Oow $600 REWARB!; rew»r4 * not cure With .,_ „ whrti the dlriiuena f» They are purely Vegetable ti aautfactlob. dackr eoaua, tatrilug 30 pllla,!» cetti. ' felt* tud inittttoQ bf THE JOHN 0, 111, F»r »ale l»y X. •• Jtiihlng, ChroDtc. Receoi .or . rr .,~ .--,— . remedy biu poalilfely aevor teeea «w»r»>T*» fall. $1.0(5 a box, 8boxe* for $3.89; «m( *J.»«Jl|»e«-' paid on rveelptof prlue. A *rtt!ea ««•' posltife'y etrew to e»/4» purcfcaieri*T • wben Durooaiiad at olia tlple, t»retl|id' uoi cureU, (iuaraaie* u*«*4 If A. 4X A»di', EawUall, Mica. -*•--- aijT'Wroa thi /iVAif. QlWp' y»r Kl!s.»ra very B»t»«l v-ixtf. f t?i*r6vi>Ul?,iBal(e a •••••-UteUe ami dp ""* "" ^•tle*ctioa p— -T- -,- flvofortl. Now-York sels.anchored each side of th,^channel. At 1:45 the*police boat pa(rpl for.mjlng4he noae of the line passed Liberty island, and the smoke' frpnipa thiinderp^s salute eiivel-- 1 oped the.Libe^fy statue: Just behind the ,<p;olice patrol Came ttyj boats.'pf_ the reservei*i five deep, flying /the, liaVa}, niilitm'a flag- blue field "with- tw;o'crossed anchors" and ;,stitlSe'Cpat-of armai,' Insplitarystate floated a long, /narrow, IdM'-.iyjng.ti'aft, thtj.tpr- pedo botft'Cushiny, on l)parfi of which,'was iiirtJctpr of the Naval Parade K»ne v Fol- Jowing it were the directprs 1 vidette 'boiits/ ready tpVdart hither and thither at lii» #f der. : •"- "". . • ; . ""^ '/ Gpttlu); fiito Closer Hau);e</ , As the procession- neared tjjiie«y, anA. iuld be distLaguiishecl froni the surrouud- g&. it,was ^jen that .Jthp ships Werear^ ranged, in three 'eoluums. The: American vesselsnanked thu 11 foreign Hhipspf- war; Ife»t follo^ng the (Jushing and its vjdettes waa a line ofVbiteb'ankedpaahengersteam- TRUSSES A Ml assortmeut pi « /• sizies. Tlie best y kinds sion bo*ts with impromptu, slipwer •, baths with theaitmost impaiftiwtty: One of the railway ferryboats^jlts. deck -and sides so blackened with/jiassengers: fchat \i ^^ : lpoke«l JJk'e-.the,old .Merrimac resurrected—gravely tppk advantage of Jhis jesembh>nce and usurped ithe place of th» Santilsabel-aulid the r^er with a strtijg^ling'flsh- in lii» clajvi and a perfect tJedlain of'catcalls and^, i raised by the effectual attempt to scare iito di ; op{)ing it. . w Swlutc t»»thp.Read ConnniUHler., .. At :t;ai5 p*.' ri>, the naval coinnjiWee boat, with Jh0 vice president, 6overnBr ¥lpwer, audits other distinguished guest* aboard, turned the buoy and pas&ed ilje warehipa on its homeward ftr}p, ,:Theh the signal to salute was' glvejj, and thf! Columbian naval paKwint closed with the echoes of the great guns rev^r]perftting'Tound the tfliftb^f tne silent Grant. !' .. . "*, Da,iBl;C. JMNT, a xuarftnteed i loobol or tobaeco, W to lalwry and at reasonable rates •'J-ruses fitted witJtiout charge fo$ fitting at dBEBNB'S Drug, ^tore 252 West State MARSHALL, MICH. The best Perfumes al- wayss i3* stocl^ai ft. JX? 0reene'§ Drug are nvited to call and test ^fcem era flying tne cifyvflag. Qu item were the .Columbian commiH«; of one hundred with their guestu. The Sihn Slotui ,yas on thtt atarboardi Hue, the Mobjtwk pu thf port, and the Mattawan in the ci £'orniatiou of the Then cam» th» first Hue of . The big white hull of the .doubh£feu_ri:eted Maintpnompb with Ijer two' lo,w c turjspts, dipping_ down deep in the was first to be uotieed J\nd recognize^ b; every one. She was flauk«sd by th& n)tg ship Philadelphia, looming higher out of the water than any pther craft; and the French flag »Mp Aretfeuse, th« largetj^waJ- ship in the pasade.. Her lofty spars rising ekywardfrom the .black h'ull overtopped everything. As these uiajectic tshi^s showed their prows past Governor's island the. Philadelphia gave tlie signal for the salute. Then ensued on* of the toost intent etttiug and picturesque scenes of the parade. Flrlw«; » Salute.of Twenty-Due-pupa. Every man-of-war fired, twenty,-<*ne guns. The sharp crack pj the lighter gdiisnilugled with the deep boom of thoh^tvler ordnance. Al| down the long Une whjte puffs o| .atnoke wreathed from the por.6holea of the advancing ships in iMicceJaion. The biggune'of Fort William, oa Goveijior'a Island, belched forth an answer. The shots were fired in rapid succession ull aroaud the oscular fort. The ariaiug i*»»oke formed a ring of mfet that btited the grim w^ls of tbetuaa- «ive pijeforan away to ndngtewith, The ^fi Will you part with your (far ^jnK babies in Isicknesa, of call on yout. dpuggUi for Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender Qiq nient juad AJsthm»$ip Balsam, medicine that eav6 hv?? when doctors fauya Meua- branbus Croup, Inffcrnmatufo t-t th? i^uoga, Lun*? Fever and Typhoi Pneu nionia, also quickly relieves a i' curea XJroup, " Scarlet Fever, W oopmc CoSigb, 8or* Throat; Burna, S«.lda awi sinuStf afflictionb, 25 and 50 cents or by maU* DK. H. SIT4BP8TBEN, Proprietor. Marshall, Michigan * "V :r\. abtuo orec.tnaulgaace. Eac&ltojc moetb'a treatment. |1,00 a box, i... or f5.W,aent by mall prepaid eartcelft WE CUARAHTEE SIX BOX*» To CUM auy cage. With each order i ua for six boxes, accounted with ~~ send the purchaser oar^writtea gi !und the money if the treatment doe* «•!.., ft'cucck" Cuarnwteea Uaned omly by A. •- Drngjrlat aad sol'e Agent MarahaU,4fi«a. Capk, W. A. Jtbbott, who has 1 with Messrs. PercivsJ. and Hatton, and Xnsurawe BKokewi, ;De* Ma ,^r, and in oo» of toVbeat known and inort respected buainej» luen in that atftf, Bays: "lean testify to the good quauties of Chamberliugi'B Cuiigk Bemeoy. Havtpj, u§ed it in toy farj|ily v lor the pastiH^htTeftrs I can safely «ay U Tta» no eouar colds or croup; 5 * S!5- and SO cent t Children Cry for Pitches Castoria. m -arsa *~ras»- -*e - HP- , ^ J~ - ' then «o*t«d.| her reepyery will be aaijably n <he ships. I . C. fl. vewoj; asojst inters . ;« " ^-f'»* VIOU CREAM Ipch Ojcuaary Woyclf, tttougSout, lp caoaa«- '

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