The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 6, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1893
Page 1
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VOL X1V-NO 250 MARSHALL, MICE, TUESDAY?. JUNE 6. J893 PRICE TWO'CE.N IS j&so/irfefy Pure '•. A, cream of tartanbaking powder Highest/of aU in Jetffcning strength Latest USS* Government Food Report. , ,'•• ROYAL BAKING EpWDER CO 106-Walii Street, N.Y ' VThe That Kills" makes no difference what kind; -Using greasy and inferior soaps is one roid to premature decayr-sore hands-sore hearts—clothes never clean. Not so when. \ s AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP is used. Cheerfully proceeds the labor of wash-day with health and long life assured. Hands all right- hearts light—clothes pure and white as a Greenland snowdrift. JAS. S. KIRK & CO., Chicago. Make* tlie SUnBoft > and HmooOu HUMPHREYS' VETERINARYSPEC1FICS For Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, Hogs, AND cc&Eoj.FeTers.Coneestiona.Itiaaininatian A. A, } Spinal QleufuKitiBi Alilk Fever. B.B.^-Htraini, Lanienptia, Khentuatiiim. S .C.—I)Utein per, Nasal UUch .D,— Hot » or Grubs, Warm*. E.£.—CoaghH, Heaves, FneaumoBlaa lo qr UrlpeBi, Bellyache. ileinorr haffea. lqury an ruplive DUea lliseauea of Wiifeutigu, F.F.— Collo qr U .G.—JHiHca^Hairp, .H.»Urlqury and plive U.H.»U I.I.^.Er J.K,.— ll . .60 Blngle Bottle cover 50 doses). Stable Case, with Specifics. Veteriuary Cure OU and ileOlcatori 07.00 Jar Veterinary Cure Oil, • . 1.00 field lvDni((tiU| or ir»i pnpiUll u>jmbvn aftd (ouj OB recilpt of prig*. • , ., 1H A IU \TlUUa S>, Sew'foriu rtff fcO HOMEOPATHIC . JSPECIRCdD. In use 30 f e»rs. The only eaccesrfol remedy for Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness, jud Prostration, from over-work or other causes .'-•I par Viilt or fiviala and large vial ponder, for $$. -&M ky llruf sitlt, at-nut p^tpkid «u ~ ' ' ' : A New CertaiD^Cpr* lor >Ue«, We dot intend to endorse any except artir °Cl8jj ,of genuine merifc pe therefore, take pleasure In recounoending to sufferers f rani Piles ia any form, prompt and perioaneo cute. 'TJie following letters |peak fa* tbein AfJlTW: " ."'•' , ' . •*-' ' , C. Tyler, of Heppner, Ore. hate tiwiiy &pte& me eJE Pijtea fipo^d B . . MAKISTEE, June 6.— D^vid Paradie, wMle asejfting at unloading a train of *IJ>_._ —.X J^l_ _ T^ __ T_» ___ ir*a__ "TV „ f- * " tf. las? spine. , _,_„„ ^.,__ ^,._^_^i' re^t" had been io laADJ8tee,o¥«r 20-years. Be was about 45 yearis o],d.* --»4, widow and eight ren survive hin^ in destitute ' ry trapetjf vtcnipg pileg. 1'oan i|«b^rii ' ~ ^ . Q i Cur«! ia a nevr, certain, ' Lsvette safety 383|ill|o« e»T opee « w*tfe'f 40. - -T 1' ^ Fatal Accident at a Railroad Crossing In Lawtdft, SOHbOL A^KALAMAZOO. David Pftmdln Crrinliccl to Death at Mnn- istce — A Young Child Urojvnod While at Plaj"— State JIctiHli ' J Conft>rence to Be Held at Ann Arbor — A Prominent Young: Lady. Dies of .Apoplexy. . , LAWTON, June 0.— As tlief- result of a runaway which occurred nt the Main street crossing of the Michigan Central, Mrs. L. A. Fagnn is already dead, while ber mother, Mrs. Joseph Ellison, ftntt; and Mrs.— Thomas Wi Murphy ar6 suffering from injuries from ' which they are not expected to recover. , The three ladies were out driving and just before reaching the crossing their horse became unmanageable -and fan. In crossing the tracks the buggy was wrecked and its unfortunate occupants thrown violently out, striking on the rails. All three were rendered unconscious. ... „ Mrs. Fagati's head- yrm crushed, arid ehe died shortly afterward. Mrs. Ellison and Mrs. Murphy are both so seriously injured that their physician gives little hope of their recovery. School Election at Kalumazoo. KALAMAZOO, June 6. — The annual school election just held was exciting to » marked degree, 2,874 votes being cast, or nearly twice as many as last year, when a much larger vote than usual was polled. -There were four tickets iff- the field, some candidates being on more than one ticket. John Devisser and Mrs. M. E. 'Pengelly, who ware regarded as having received the support of the A. P. A., were elected menjbets of the board of education; The yqfeauEa* as follows: John Devisser, 1,84^; M. E. Pengelly, 1.597; M. J. Bigelow, 1,050; R. H. Buckhout, 715. The ladies thronged the voting places. Struck By » Tornado. BRIGHTON, June 6, — A violent rainstorm, accompanied by ver>(Lheavy wind, passed over this section. In the east part of the tpwn buildings were wrecked and trees$ uprooted. The fury of the storm expended itself three miles southwest of here, where buildings on 4 ,the farm of Charles H. Gavell and on the farm of Mrs. . Butler 'were dernol- ished. 'On / the latter farm every outbuilding was destroyed. The floor of the barn was blown out from under horses and they were uninjured. ' Of 60 fowls but three can be found. Five thousand bushels of grain were scattered to the wind. i- New Corporations. LANSING, June_"6.'— During the past week the following corporations have filed articles of association with the gec- relar-XT'Of state: The W&htenaw Abstract donxpany, Ann Arlftsp, §7,500; Sylvan Lake Iron company, Detroit,825,000; Farmers' C3o-operative Cre^m- ery company, Trufant, S3.750; the Wpl verine Sa_% Works, Detroit, $5,000; Purker & Fleming company, Jackson, $20,000 ; Fostoria Buggy company, Jackson, $50,000; Adrian State Savings bank, Adrian, $109^000; Twih City General 'Electric company, Ironwpoa, $400,000. "- lutorestlng Coufereuce In Prospect. '' ANN -AEBOB, June 6.jF-The state health conference to be held here June 15 promises to be one of the most interesting ever held, Papers will be read by the foUowingphyscians: Dr. Byrnea, Toronto; Bf r , ReUIy, Chicago, Dr, Probst, Columbus, O.; Dr. Metcalf, Indianapolis; Drl Bakgr and- Frank Wells, Lansj»g; DK DuMeld, Detroit; Dr, Graves, Pontiac; Professor Fall, Alb&n, and Dr. Wingate, Milwaukee. The chief , topic " of disciistdou will be '•Cholera ana.jte Preventfyes," / s . , this is a candidate "for the appoint-, of uuii:i!u ixfirnib ejfitteu my trie Jate egislature. The counties embraced in ;he new circuit are QJsego, Crawford, ftoscommon, Ogenaaw^ ' Arenac and Gladwin. , lieatroyed. . Ms. CKEMRNS, ,/June 0.— The club-. louse /.of '^!lmf lea Vernier, three miles east of .thifc city, was- struck by lightning and .Destroyed, with its contents, Vernier was alone and asleep when the lightning struck and saved: his life by jumping from the window. Narrow Escape From Drortnlng. JONESNILLE, June ft.— While attempting to ford the river above the bridge iere, the horse and carriage of Frank Barber wero carried under the bridge; but were finally rescued by men with atft and ropes. : • " • • • .Fell Thirty Fpet. KALAMAZOO; June 0. —William •• ,E.. Delevergne was working on, a telephone" pole. The pole broke and }> Delevergne fell a distance ,pf '30 feet; His leg :was broken in* two places and his facefrjght- fully mashed; ' ' * / bled of Apoplexy. - CHELSEA, June 0.— Miss Alice Sergent, a prominent young ''lady of this village, died very suddenly of apoplexy. Miss Sergent attended the Farrand school for trained nurses at Detroit for foiir years. • t Prlaon Iimpoctor Kcslgux. , June 0.— W. F. M. Davis, appointed on the board of inspectors for Marquette prison, has resigned. He Bays-;; he hasn't time to attend to the duties. His successor "will be appointed it once. * . The Governor Investigating. LANSING. June .6.— Skeriff Jacobs and Prosecuting Attorney Watson of Shiawassee county were at the executive office in response to a summons from Governor Kich, who desired more inr formation concerning the Sullivan ljuching tlmn a- .ui uueii able to secure by correfpo i.lrwe with these officials. At the ri-(>r.^st of the governor Attorney General £llw was present at the interview, which lasted over two hours. At the conclusion of the inquiry no information was given out, further than that the matter gone over very thoroughly and that the stories tola by the officials did not' differ materially from those Heretofore published, .Both. officers 'insisted that from the quantify, of blood, on the floor of the Cell itj was evident that Sullivan *was dead before the mob reached him; but neither . could tell how th«,bottle with ^yhich the deed is supposed to have been, committed came .to be in the cell. , , The governor saya ha has not yet concluded Ins investigation. As he will be absent from the city , for a day ojr two hia conclusions in the premises w01 not- be announced until he returns. : Deathof a Minister. ^ MOUA'T PLEASANT, June 6,-rRev. Samuel Spencer, a superannuated minister of the Methodist Episcopal church, 4ied suddenly at 'this place. Mr. Spencer c&rae to Mount Pleasant with his family to get^the benefit -of the Central Michigan normal school jat this place. He was' 5? years of age and leaves a wife and six children. Child Drowned. ^ .GRAND RAPIDS, June 6.— Anthony 8. EUenbaas, aged 5 years, was. playing in the brickyards and. ventured "into ^ pool qf water with aboard. The pool was deeper than expected and he sank. He was an'buly child. ' Pied From HU Injuries. MEREDITH, June G.r-In a wreck on the A. W. Bright' Lumber company's logging" road James "Sheltran was so badly injured that he died in' 1 a few hours. ^ _ . Two Steamer* Ashore. > , June „&— The steamer ore on Mackinac island, and the steamer Petoskey is ashore on Blaaxj island, " '?. • "" < ' June , 6, who tire may ibia .jiontdl! thfai b^ggy returning frora Manchester. Mra, Stevenson may die. ' New stock of wa)l phpcr at' Oeo Bougbtou's. Tht* Mill. Whe,n sini'thing you want lo but., |Flist call at Chcslier's mill and try, His cash price's wJJl V urely fitiit you, When imy feed 3611 do wtint ground, Call sit Cliesber'n 'mill,, hn'ln alwnys !vft)tind, • Ami he will try to plcnPO e 5oij> . Wo buy for cash and soil for'cash, And tnutV what -fcecps-ui«"in oin % 1iaM», §100 for ft case pf Cntnrrh> Dyspcpsio, Ner- vouSneas nnd Sl<;oplesRneB9 ttiat Vegetable ClircAvill not cure. Vegetable £ure yei\\ brtiak up Colds nnd nnd-Coughs,'tiaOrippe nnd its after effects, Trcjnulous \\'cnkncs8 of tho Nerves, Erysipelas and Conttipation. 12 oz, $1.00. DR. SHARPSTEEN. ' - -i - - ~, -, | 1 _ | _ , :[| * Gut your tin warn riionded ' Schollj" tiu shop. Gasoline stoves cleaned and repaired nt R. Sheley'j*. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castbria. Cbafca on babies, sorfr-nipplos uud iu ilammation of the breast instantly, relieved witb Lavendar Ointment. A,' pew reme.dy has created a sensation among physicians by its wonderful effects in speedily curing every form of Piles. It is called the' Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and simple to use, but nothing removes the disease so quickly, safely and surely. Any druggist will get it for you. Itring Vi>ur Carpets. The carpet cleaning works on Exchange street will be opqu ou and after Monday, March 27th. The Pyramid Pile Cure isja new discovery for tho prompt, permanent cure of Piles in every form. Every druggist has it. Robert Shellu.y Juis opuiied a tiu iu ttit buildiug formerly, oceuvj'i it muut markit't, oppo^itu E L. store. Givu him a cull when in any tin work., , •• . wij.l sell JUH wnll i>aper and' tylUg U for you. 1 »^ ,j. ItttttJt toll • ' ' ', * • Cesa -pp'old juui privy vaults cleaned ,aud diiiii'tec'l^fcuiu gopU shape at reasonable prices by : " i: BAILEY. _ Wben you w*wi.» whiaiy for use yftu*pant it pufe, *'35oyAl Kufey" Eye is ' recpmmeaed for the valeacent. (Bottled at WINS CO., CjpcAqo. y<wr & pfo druggiata con) SOYAL by W, Qt Smith MI ma^igg. % new enamel photoa. 'Ibey j«st fill the bill for & iwce picture. . , "Uoyal Kub>>' Ky« Whluky "a Bye as is a 9ye," naturally ripened and free from all foreign flavor nnd adulterants, guaranteed pure and over eleven years of age, recommended to the connoisseur, as a meritorious article worthy of the confidence of iuvalid* t convalescents nnd the aged. Sold only by F. G. Seaman & Co. Druggists^ > Fine stationery at toe bazar stpra. A complete assortment always on hand, A bui'iflcul Oyerwtlou. . •'For the cure of Piles is always painful, often Dangerous and useless, aflid invariably expensive; on the other hand, there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives in? atant relief .and permanent cure and egpta butatri.flfii It is the pyramid Pile . Cure^ It is a mure Certain cure -jthan a surgical op? f eratign, without any of the intense pain, e*- penap''and danger of an operation. Any druggi*t will gelt it |§r yao. _ ' ' . Just as ajjj« as hot' weather .comes there .- wjll be mote or leesjowel cbwpi^i>Hn tb|s ;,. yicinity; Every person, and especially f am- iUe«, ought toJbiyeBpme *eUa.Ol&!ne^cHee'_ it is needed,, CJapleEa. aad y to j«*t .ypa'' and I'ine Michtaw Oeotnas^i.seli tickets frota Marefcill t? Chfeago mia Jrefcalft «yt jrat« Q| sews, dfllJ^sSwd tk '-' L J 'Wi>7|UQ)tfidt^ , i .C-.I : - •_ v"'"'-' 1 •.' -*t •%'''*}- «'» r -^ /"'.^-^ "* ^ • „".;-; fe' • '^Sfs^^'^lSff&S. ifea^ffif^S**iff._tetL;,';ir,3^t "-,',, ^s-fefiaBsn -A a „,, 1. T*. * _!L-^ „ , i^,Ci_- i~ ~^.-_^., . ^.^-&_,-*- *'j^4 J^^AkiUfsaltLs;:-^^ ' -< f — «•

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