The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 5, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1893
Page 2
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CHRONICLE, ; * 189B- THE 0AILI CflBONlCLE THttMg OF gi««efBll*TH»!». 0»lljr< deHvered, 1O C«ntii per SabMrrptlooe received »t the offlcc nt t>nb •tlon 151 Sut* rtreet. . . J.M. riOBKiA, Pab(fgr>3r, FOREIGN NEWS. tTnHed 8t*t«» Minister Uunynn IntroAooed - • to the Emperor. ' BERLIN, June 5.^Wilittam., Walter Phelpa, the retifihg'tJnited States min* later, presented at the castle his letter: of recall. Immediately afterward Frei; herr Marshal von Biebereteln, minister of foreign , affairs. Introduced to the emperor Theodore Runyan, the new United State* minister. Mk Runyan wore the uniform of a general. Be •aid: "I havftthejionor to hand your majesty President'Cleveland's letter announcing my appointment. In presenting my credentials it gives me groat pleasure to refer to. the excellent understanding which now .happily has so long existed between the governments of the United States and Germany. I hope to be instrumental in strengthening and making permanent these friendly relations and fo extend the commercial intercourse between the two countries. My earnest wish is for your majesty's welfare and for continued Drosperity of the great German • to .refcly-the^ emperor said that he .recognized'with pleasure the friendli* tiesa of the'relations between the United States and Germany and was * pleased to receive so conspicuous an . American citizen as Mr, Runyan. He' had always felt gratified to know that Germans who emigrated to America made good and loyal citizens. He wished that Mr. Runyah's sojourn in Berlin might be pleasant in every re- flpect Afterwards the emperor and Mr. Runyan conversed privately on American-topics for 15 minutes. Two Companies'Assign. JOHNSON CITY, Tenn., Jnrie 5.-—The Carnegie Land company and the Carnegie Iron company have made an assignment to J. W. Cure.. The liabilities, due largely to eastern and northern parties, are placed at $195,000, and the assets, consisting of a new blast furnace, hotel, lands and town lota and notes, are estimated at $600,000. General N. T. Wilder, the president, has Just returned from the east, where he had been to float bonds to the- amount of $100,000, but parties who* had promised to take them found themselves utterly unable to do so now on account of the prevailing financial stringency, and there was nothing left for the companies to do but to assign. It Is confidently expected The 8-year-oltt son of W. M, MeNaf* of Waynesboro, Ga. ( " is said to be an excellent! player on the harmonica. -" The world contains frboWt 7>000,OOOHe*. bretts, about 3,400,000;; of-whom dwell in Russia and 1,700,000 in Austria. — The English language is spoken and written And read by. 100,000,000. It isjn- telligibl^to tit Ica'sl 50,000,000 fnpre. A woman animal dbarinef lives near Frankfort, Kj>. She is said to be able to chavtn the wildest animal by the sound of her voice, • ." * A compafty of blind men'recently 5af* rived in Birminglrftm, whither they had ridden on bicycles from London, a distance of ;oWer100 miles.-,». • ••Mr'!,' and Mrs* Abraham Parker,; colored, of Augusta, Ga., are one of the oldest married couples in this country. Mr. Parker is 111 years old and his wife is in the 90's. .When the.thermometer registers 100 <fe- gre'es the"cable which draws the" cars of the East River bridge, New York, is seveij feet six inches longer than when the thermometer is at zero. 'i A Jersey City man is reported to bo the proud possessor of 3,000 door knobs, and a Philadelphsa gentleman has his house decorated with various sizes and. patterns of castoff. horsealioes. - •• " . *> Alabama comes to the front with a woman who was struck by lightning seven years ago,*has never spoken since, arid whose eyes grow ''luridly brilliant" at" the approach of a thunderstor-tn. 1 Weather Indication*. For upper . 'Michigan—Fair except showers in • eastern pbrtion; cooler, northwesterly winds. For lower Michigan— Showers, followed by fair during Monday; cooler iri-south west; warmer west winds, ebifting to northwesterly. ' \ Dr. fi^nnett. Specialist Of Chronic Diseasesiwil) Be at the Herndon Saturday, June.lOtb» Free consultation ' in JGermab and English. . J N. B.—'Stidh coses asfave f&iled'to receive benefit elsewhere are especially desired •'"' • ''' ,- ;/-/ . , . • For Over Kitty Yt*tt. MBS. Wi»8W)**8' SoWHiiHo 8YR0P has been uaed for children teethlflg. It soothe* the child, otlsys Ml pftln, cures wind colic, and Is tb% best remedy' for dlBrrhnon; Twenty-five Cents ft bot- tla. Hold bj all druggists thnjngbniit the wdrld, , • Renounce* the Church. . • . ..ALBANY, June S.^Kev. Dr» Jamea Boon of the Second Presbyterian church of !thjfl city has renounced his allegiance to the, Presbyterian denomination because of the decision of the general assembly in the Briggs case. Dr. Ecob's church is one of the most influential in the city and his- congregation is made Tip of the most intelligent men in the city. After revieyring the action of the general assembly and arraigning it for its bigotry, he said: "I leave the Presbyterian church because it has taken up a garment that has lain buried in the grave for more than two centuries. It smells of the earth and death. 1 ' Race War Threatened.' CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo., June 5.— camp is now threatened with a race war. The Michigan Pipe company's agent at Denver shipped in a carload of Italians to work upon a new reservoir the company is. constructing. There is a camp law against the employment of Chinese and Italians, and the foreigners were no sooner unloaded than a delegation of 100 ineh waited on them and demanded yx no uncertain tones that by the stock- they leave^the camp. It is understood holders, most of whom are large eastern I they wjllleave. If" they don't there is capitalists, that the matter'will be sure to be trouble, as they will not be straightened out by the middle of permitted to work here. October* and the companies taken out of the assignee's hands. HU Usual Lack. LONDON, June 5,—The Princeef Wales plunged heavily on the racesTlaat week and, as usual.^e came (Mt of his ventures with a depleted/purse, his losses being set at filO.OWKshort. However, be had quite enough left to give Eis customary bachelor dinner at Marlborough House on. the evening of Derby day. The guests were all enthusiastic sportsmen, and among them were three royal princes, seven dukes, two .marquises, ten earls and quite a crowd of barons. Notice i , The practice of riding bicycles:on sida walks ttt'ust'be'-sleippcd a"t ohce. Any persons violating the liiw iq this respect do so at Ih&r own peril. Keep off the walks and save trouble. - PETER HOWE, Marshal. Flowering riant*. Look at this prices: Finest French and (Termnn pausies, COc per dozen; Verbenas, GOc per dozen; Geraniums, 60 and lOceach; Salvias v 5 and lOc eaoh; Crysantbemums, 6 and 10 c each; Phlox drummondi, 15c per dozen; Victoria asters, 15c per.doz.; Lobelia*: blue, 35c per do?.', Monthly roses, 20o each; Hardy roses, 2 years old, 80c each; Tuberose bulbs, Sc each; Gladiolus, 5c each. Tomato, pepper and eeg plants cheau •'' ;.'," \ •• • ' 0. B, RAWX.INSON, .' '•. , HC9JB; Green Street: • best Perfumes always in stock at G. Ef. Greene's Drug store Ladies ore invited to call and test them. Tlmarges^etoek the lowest prices HYDE'S Dru0Stord 5,000 spring and .summer samples have arrived.-Call and select your summer suit or pants. Better, choice than. piece goods. CallVand examine before buying. Quality and price to suit at /*-' TED'S, Retailor, Over Fletcher's store. KeiMoved, ^ remove^, my office to Eagle ms formerly occupied ? ELIAS HEWITT. TRUSSES .; A full assortment ol sizeis. Tlie t)est'-rl4nds' and at re-asonable rates louses _|rt^ed lyi^hput charge for fitting at OBEENE'S Drug ;Stx>re have 2 West iState MARSHALL, MICH. You can always best Cigars at Greene's Drug store, Call and Try Them. )on"t fail to go to Hulett's and have four eyes tested. All tests positively [roe. Ask to see the new perfection bifocals with which, the wearer sees to read or sew and 'with the same glass see at a distance. Remember we save you from 60 to 75 per cent on- traveling optician's prices. Two Fersoi^l Injured. June 5iTr-Adynamite cartridge was exploded in a cafe of Alajs, department of Gard. Two persons were severely injured. The contents of the cafe were shattered. The man who placed the cartridge has been arrested. Kdwln Booth Worse. NEW YOKK, June 5.—Actor Booth has gradually grown weaker in the past M hours and Dr. Sinclair Smith eays there is now very little hope of even a partial recovery. * -w, ~ /•« ^ Speculator Dead. ' VIBNKA, June 5.—Paul Schiff, banker and ,the heavieat speculator on the Vienna bourse, is dead. ^ ' . •••..••.n-i.Bii^i.iiaiii i i n_ i <hiiin _ . *i IN Five Ferrous Burued to Death. NEW YOBK, June 5. -Five persons were killed at a fire in a 5-story flat- house, 138 Forty-third street east, half a block from the Press club fair. All the flats in the house were occupied except the third, where the fire began. It was up through the' roof in a minute, by means of the stairway. The dead are: Willibm Bente, a stenographer; Mrs, Bente?" his, wife; EJlsie Bente, his siste^, aged 20; Helen Wetmore Dietz. his niece; A. Bugh.'a young man who had a hall bedroom on the top £091.- Body Recovered. , OMAHA, June 5.—The dead body of Robert F. Onray, one of the firemen boriad onderneittth the falling walls at the Shiverlfck furniture store fire, has been recovered. He was'engaged to be married neit Wednesday to Miaa Bobinson of this city. All the injured are out of danger 'exeejg-fc Ben Morris and Jaines^^ ;(^nley whose injuriea may be. fatal. •'•" v>r ', A Stenogrupher Suspended. NEW YOBK, June, 5,—Stephen W. ;Bassett, stenographer to Appaisej Cooper, has been suspended on charges of absence from duty without leave. He has beea-in the customs service since 18777 Mr. Bassett appeared aa one of 'the-witnesses before the, custom house investigating commission' and charred with" trviijf to induce fito •If you are lingering from fevers, lung, lagrippe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache^ paralysis, erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for his vegetable cure, 'Royal Ruby" Rye Whiskey is free from all foreign flavor and adulterants, naturally ripened and matured by eleven years storage n wood, it is a "Rye as is'a-liye," and'Costa op more than inferior brands. Try -it and . will never be satisfied td use -any other.; A pure old whisky is always free from Fusil oil, which is a poison; and should not 36 taken into the system. Age eliminates it from the spirit by oxidation, and it is converted into fragrant .ethers which give the jouquet to whisky. Sold only by F. O. Sekman & Co., Druggist. The United States have nearly 200 active • fiam was Tl» first Anzill. *™4 ^ s!* A wha to make falseBtatemlnts concerning the* way in whichlafflcial 'letters in the case f Examiner "Wiswall had been maj& to 8«Te ai' fto Be «t tt world', history, (Qa.) Two ias*a»«uajjy< Hi $m CHICAGO, : June 5,— 13ve impression gipwing that the man who committed gnicide by tie Jafcp, Scjtiaffner., pin^ from a.rowboat into I^ake Vje^ was Herman misai»g banker. The ntuited by .* attheCenlb-aji he , boathouse , _„ rowed GOOD SUMMER WOOD, MIXED H. J. COLEMAN. Rocomraendod for Comfort, Support and Kino Form, ana combines the beat featured of Guraot audWuiet. The JACKSON FAVORITE 0,0,0. WAIST IB mtich worn by women 4 ,jul«a«9 uhabltt to ar& rigorous garment SNCO JTiTTiso, beautifully made, Warranted, Equal to any 11.85 waist. COLOBS^- white, Drab, Gold, Fast Ulaci. Qen- liine marked CQO. 7,000 -i ir ^P* * .oronet Corset to r fUDO. 'JACKSON, Michigan SHILOtfS CURE. «7to Sugar* FaUtBputeS' TIMETABLE, MAY. 28, 1893; TBJ.IHB BAST. Cure* Convnmptlon, Cipagh*, Croup, 8or« Throat. Soldbv »U I>roDP< ts on * Gu»r»jilee. PlMtprwUl giro great »»ti«£««ioour-aa Cent*. ' M%RS^^^Sfe« L Swok'« TitolSer'SviFED &Y LIVE.' 1 Chicago, LT 9'00 E&LuaaZDO 80S Battle Creek.... 248 MwaWI,1)p... J 18 jUWoa..... S 8« J«ckso».;..,,... 430 Petrott , 6 45 %-IB. T 48 leotruMd,* iteouWeite: LOtfS^CATARRH ~^ ?Trytblil >#* l"er6alebyF,a.l Wip^ 8 88 940 1301 p.m. p.m .,....* 59 -7,45 At'c Bf" Spi* p. m.'p m. c. *,« 8 40 U32 •I 10 30 11 38 13-10 8 It 12 2S 58 8 26 830 a-m, ft 00 p.m. 8 15 4 15 a.m. 8 36 Hali a.m. 705 1285 1,80 V45 8 10 600 Ng'fc. p.m. 1010 216 300 8 83 48S am.' WA.TIOSB. *»U S»y Bx.t Ua£«lo r . 1K% jk-m. Detroit, LT 9 90 iiblon^i'lSSajlOOS IfaMlifll fa 43110 88 a^j^ci'kiiaQ 786 p.m. OMc fx.« *.» 680 **?: Id 46 11 «8 4» p.» KtJ.lOblo Ex.tjSp'1* J>-% *W -»*«1 P^IPr ft-fflU P*C .Ex.* 18611 766 ».n p.m 745 1045 910.. Ar M Iff 1.10 9 IP ^ r**i#ifg&* en,t,JUri*liJl IWMM j*l&m n^iard ball'andl nool room. And 15 , ^^w^^^^w^^ ^^fTT^I ^^^^B^^l JT'^-^^ ^^fli P^F ^^^TT TT^I ball pigeon hole • table, 173 Ea^t State •fa»at, «wtt liy " ' '* " ikept. %a« 0 .F^4*v ^v£

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