The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 8, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1892
Page 3
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Local meteorol I-., M. WttWfttn ft ical report takenjbj jrtGteene'is drug TIM. TMBHOMBTSB. 44 44 44 BAUOilBTlft. 29000 S».08'J WIND. N Highest, 47, lowest, 42', .".. ' ' By r«Kisterii!g tnermt«iiieteif" for the lasts* hours ,.of Chicago, iaivisiting ifl in Battle •. ' * $'• Mr. this city. . v <31ar,k Johnson was -"''•today.:* \. . - •-... :,' Mrs. W; D. Stone and daughter have 'returned from Ib^if catiterH-tjrip; ,The Water ii/the. rjyer is now. about thFe,e fcejt of the top of the Unm Mrs. G. H. Greene has been very-sick for a shbrt time past, Hut is-t little bet ter today:';, - Xytek ^ <Marriagfc licenseP^ issued .'Oct. 78* Clyde V.'HslkeB, of Clarendon^ and /Ittbtie, Lnttin.'of Tokonaha ' -i Mary Briiikeiihott| of.1'Vcttioni, Ohio, arriypd lust ni«h4jftr a visit wit It hen brother, Frank Brinkenhoft". '" Mr. and Mrs. Charles?, 11 Egelw. of ^ Bay City, are visiting his parents, "and Mrs. J. C.JSffeler, !h this city, \ Willie Rawlinson, of this'qityrwill enter the contest for small gold medal at "*"! J.aoksoto next Thursday evening.. ' ;; The'regular annual meeting of,the board of supervisors commences t»t tfto' ' cowt'tiouse in this city Mt>n"!ay after' "noon. v *' H '' * ' . ' L Frank Laberte'aox' arriv.«l from the Sweat a few days since. H? will remain \jinUtfs vicinity until'a v >ont the lirst^of ^latiuary, ' "'. \__JHr. liud^MrK Eugene Converse were .remarried at^SJkaneateles, 'N. ¥•„ on WetlnMltayrSept^S?—They will reside in Jackson.-' Married, ^Wednesday,; Oct. *5th, by , Rev. J. M. (Se^Qhell, Mr. Arthur Sine and Miss Lep^r v P«Ke, both, of J,ee towDdhlp., X 1 f; , , ReV R. 'F. Tabef wiU begin his course of. illustrated;, aermons, "From B^hle ; to Cafvaryf tomorrow evening at . he'Baptist churph. >J '-'; ".'".'/•. . * Beauty and weak .eyes go together. A pretty woman can't we*ir a. thick veil without hurting her eyes, but-^.homely .-.-_TO»iman*can see tbrpugh blanket, T,ho. Battle Cteek papers announce th'at Ai'mon E.Preston will hot accept the nomination for senator; on the de«u- ojrafie 'tickef, as. he contemplates fe- moying to Chicago in, the near future An" exchange says: Sewn Boston preacheas had* signed, editorials in Boston paper last Sunday, y'et it was ^ not so very long ago that the ptteaebers of Kosto» declared war againstth,e Sun- day'newspapers. -The world moves antf ' Boston, even though sometimes reluc- tautly, moves wim it At jibe concluding session of the state ,, farmers* alliance the following officers , were elected for the ensuing year: President, Robert McDougal, tiJlsdajej yico presUient, Perry Mayo, C^lhoun} ' nseefetary, Mrs. Wilson,, Jackson; ti«as- "TneGiftof a\Day," and "The™I>is contented" wijl ne the thought of-the sermons for to/morrow—morning and evening at Grace church, Universalist. The electric light commissioners make an announcement in today's paper that will be of interest to all who contemplate .'putting electric 'lights into their housed or business places. he boards Of supervisors of Michigan "hpld their regular meetings Monday of next week 1 . The highway commis- 1 sion, appointed Bunder the law passed by the special session of the legislature for the improvement of the highways of tn^state, are desirous of- securing all" the information "possible In regard to ^ ^he pressnt cofldilion Of the roads of the >\| Mate; the amounts assessed .-the 1 itf&ountr paid in labor and in moiiey, the amounts jevieJ by the town boards and the authority of the supervisors arid other questions of like import. They have ae- eofdingly issued a circtllar asking tile supervisors to furnish this informatiob. The importance of "the subject ought to secure what the cdKamissibn ftslis for* '' . Klectrlo Inside or outside arc lamps, 2,000 candle power each< ifl use Until Vf.p, in. standard .time. ;• > ' Mero one lamp -only Is used, $5 per month, £30 pec annum. Whero more than one lamp te used by the same persqn irTtho siims looality the additional lamps will be charged fpr at S4 per month or'S^o'pei; an- 'These latnps will.bp placed in position 'ee of charge to the/user other than abS 1 'All night lamps or other special sorvice nl special rates. ' - * \i j ' %lu All damnge to th* lamp Or wiring by '•'{ user must be paid for by him. user will in, no pasp be allowed to meddle vrith or remove either lamp or wiring "arid if any chaiige in "position or repine ment is desired by the consUiher, it ^Vill be _1 L \ Al 'l_t_A li ' *. fa: IJmpw that I am it little far the East end but as our city is grow* !•".--•' ; C" .,' ___ ing we mxist spread out, we,all cannot v Ao biisiness in, the denter, but V * it wjlll pay you if in want of jany Hardware to give me a call. 1 have tw"o carious of Acorn Obok- ing[ & Heating Stoves to pick'froBQ,, Over One Million of these stoves now in.use., Everybody is invited my Salesroom and inspect my new line of goods. . I also make li wbnclerfal offer liTplated. 9 ^ ' • »* >^ *y\ good s this Week; - ' v JOHN IWHl East* State' Street- MARTIN BLOCK; '/ done Uy the city at coat. Incandescent , lighting, lights ready u8e'at all tihnes during darkness. Meter rates 6-10 of one cent pet hour , pc 10 candle power lamp' if of either stores dp roaidencea. _ " j No meter plaoofi iu i^orvioe \\lieru lesrf than fl ve- lights Are Th-Hiaie., For ul.l ordrnnry sot,-! vice where ineters a>^ijot usetl following rates: Stores a.nd business^places 50 cepfri per month per^ 16 for any.miinber of latnpe, .M'he'thpr, ' ' LETUS BOY'S; YOUTH'S * CENT'S. Residences and offices, etc., 35 cent* per 10 candle power Wlinp per mouth; where- four or less lamps are used. Whc re more than-four lamps' are in filaqe for.tho'sui. e person in the same locality SS^cpnts j nr inonth per lamp for'each additional lauip ovelr'four. ,• . . : ^ Beductipu of ten per cent will be 'rn^lo wliere annual contracts for r.esideace (i^liir jny, without iqeters, are made. ; , . All lamps of additional caudle ^ower at proportionate rates. •"• % All special service must be specially £ou•acted for. All bill's payable 'dti or bufure the 10th of ach month' and ,a penalty, of tec.per cent rill be added to bills not paid when due. No wiring will be allowed to! be douo ex* ept under tHe direction of the city and where lighting contracts are- made, All incandescent lamp renewals muat be in'ade by the, consumer at his owu expense, iut the cjty will until' further notiee supp_l> amps &t cost/ , • _ .» Ordinary opeu. cfeat wiring, will-be ure», Mrs- A- L,. Stocking, .Ingham; cha.plajn, Rev, J, W. Russell, Kalama- ?oo; lecturer, R. W- Kellogg, Ionia; doorkeflper, Frank Sherwood* Livingston. Fred U. Brltton, fctate editor ot the Detroit Evening News, and one of the best newspaper men and correspondents in Michigan has been, making a tour of the state visiting all the.congres Viqnal districts and gathering up inter* estiug political news. As a result ol -the. observation be bas thus far made Mr. Britton^saye the campaign is rein the overwhelming -quiet i all parties. Chas H, Egeler^the popular young railroader of West Bay City, son of 4. C, Egeler, of this city)and Mi|s Kate M Morris, of fineonuing, v^ere married at Trinity ch«roh, Bay City^ W.ednesday, Oek 5, at 3^0 p, w- bvJBgv\^t. John, j» .the presence of friends of ttoe contract- jng pjurties, ^William Morris, o^ptber of the bride, acted as groomsman, while sister, bridesmaid. After the oerenionjr the " repaired to the ye|$den,ee of Mrs. Chas. M6o,r 44. 4ft»r : couple wUl be a }iom.e to their friendsia the bea,ntifu during the .installation of the i/tiiutBt $1,25 )er lamp, not 'including; lamps and sockets Ul subSfeciueut Airing will be Uone solely under the direction of the cdmuiisBiouers at cost. . All wiring \yili be done uuder thu rules of the Michigan Insurance Bureau All applications for incandescent light luj, will be. accepted'ijt the order of the tlon and to ^he~ persons apply ing for the firs 500 lamps to be placed- in position and '.used ;he lamps aud sockets will be furnished free of charge, all other lamps or sockets at cost The above lighting, rates are based on un estimate of tbe-cost of aperattQU of the i>lau aad 'while they are now much' lower thai for .thB sauao quality and quantity of light furnished in other places, should it bjjjouiid possible to make a reduction in price, the rates will be lowered/ and: all contracts now made will 'be entitled to the benefit of any reduction" hereafter iiiade, from the date of the reduction. Application madg to the roeorder or either of tka ' ,Wo Ate Kow flece.Tiug OUT Imm*n»e LI he Of \ *• « •* With ontract. }? AJa'.mCactu'ries-ui Hoc^ster anu* rec«p.tfy clpied ; iMfr --. : . , ^ . ' . , .j • VVa>re late in receivi.^ these tieq'ause we did net buy. tkep f Agent iirJ : uu& and^rrt% Uiit we-g,ot tlmhf at pr'.ees that for ourlpatrons ttiis 1 tall "-- ^ , _t r line ol Merchant. Tailoring surphia d-y andLnerits inspeetitSu/ ()u.r Style, Oj-iiod but «eve,r excelled « T.SHAWAHA Leadnig Clothier and Tailor, « \ , purchased in .New Yfrk now CHEAPER 4 TO CONSUMJERS O? The Gas Oompau^ anounces . th^Jfollowiijg reduction in prices'of Gas for lilGH^INCj wherever is used »SU for COOKING or **> **%* etfect on and afbf r SEifTEMBBB 1st 1898- RATES.$1.60 per 1000 cubic Ft For all Oas consumed where-a GAS RANGE w. used. _\ _ For all gw^soa^amed wbeirfl COOKING or HEVHNGlSTOVES we o»»d »nd tk« i conBumption is aot lem than l6o0.oubio teet^ t , s for Gas used for LIGHTING ONLY "remain uncliftwgea and^arp u foUo**: ; * Leas tliau 10QO cubio/ft. in one month, $2 OU per lOOOJeulno ft, 5000'aubiy ft. and leis Wiati 10,000 cubic ft 1 month $1 90 pir 10,000 .or over, I mouth *FbQ per LOOQ cubiy ft. (fit All the above rates ard^sul'jout t'j u^diaoouiit of 10 clipper 1009 oubiaJl yr)wa tM bill i» p»id iu or before ths 10th of TOwoatli aext following. t • \ . • , The auovd special rutea arc made t.riuduoe cQiwumere to us^ gaa for oooKln; »Bi l»»ati»g ID well as ylglituiff. , . ' Experience Frooves The ADV ANTA01 of Gp For ' 1U>0 wlU ruu * jpeciul excursion tram t« Toledo 6u Saturday, Oct. 15, at which tkna Jamea Corbett, the champion of the Vf orl4, will appear in a grand fparrin* match, '1'b.v. traia will leave this station at 7:50 U. m The f af e for the rouad trip. w$l i?e |l , The retiirnlDK traia kav<rs Toledo •• \ 175 GAS STOV SPECIAL RED Cooking Ov . ^SC w9' ^ij^w^w^^ afcr*^*iw j ^^^.-^^(|p^,^ wr^^^^pl^^gH^i^p^pr^ . ow in use in MARSHALL,,^ TION IN OAS FIXTURES. " ,f ,r cowpteteg ?«M9 • - -iJt ^.ri;.

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