The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 8, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1892
Page 2
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jpf^^j^ft'g^m^!®$y r _ i Jit i 1 * 4 V Ai' « ^ bi THE iVAItf CHRON1CIE *-*£•^ - £tfcj£S* '- - • i " *" I . __, it_«^ j._ » nn ^Xfo tn«t nnvliiot.a of the ' TfcjRMS OP Daily, «iell*«r«d« 1O cent* - SaUwlptlon* received M the ottce "» atlon ISi SUte *tre*t. .. * J.M. «O8B«, PubUanw," Mar al' * lob Will Jackson f»aVfc Be Dedication Day Open ALOJffi Ap "itoftn of to <Jnul» BewlU In -0om« Other Beiwoni-BOTtBatunt a* oilltle* »t. tb« ^Ir-rA Few E*htblt« ' Fttora Mpiiatnft^-Slo* "ProgrtM P*> Fotj at>»n Send* » Score of, Impossible "to aepa&te the products t>f the work of men and women In factories. For this reason It has been decided totepresent i^Dranches of the Industries of women ov large-photographs showing their work rooms and at their work. • •«*. Characteristic of. "Pope Bob.*' Golon'el B- Q/tngersoll was in townyes- terdayaad^as asked about Sunday dosing He said: "It would be as consistent if Congress should pass a bill to tbe effect that i it would appropriate so much money tothe fair providing none but niembers of the 'Methodist church Would , be allowedJto enter the gates of the fair. ' , Tne davvthat Christians" ttow keep was not Wdaytbat Jehovah sanctified, * * J> To be sure the fair .is the enemy of .rthbdoX" (Christianity, and the church -bught to onto«se It- altogether. * .*..* Good music^weakens the creed, especially if beard on Sunday, *' * *' -lit the fair be closed on Sunday and superstition will flourish. Give this world over to the creeds and in « few years ttifre will be no fairs because there wilt be nothing to sliow." ? Monte Crliito. largest stock the lowest prices I f « HYDE'S frrug' 'Arrangements. have -been/ perfeotca th ^ a pp ea vance qf tfie company ^ >,„ en £ r new specjcular pro CHICAGO, Get, 8:-Jack80n r pa^ w^ldac'tlon^of this"famous piny al tho opera Oct.Slbeopenonlytotbbsewhoarefortu- „•<«._:• • . ._._.,__ M... .u. - . im( ,er the di Son o? the well 'known a^thfam^rcar^fulcghsideratib^and geafiOn, haying a n«w dramatic v.ers.on at the session of the executive committee it I of the pjay and presenting it.with a reported that it * would' "be unsafe to .allow I ia>jj&nraount of special Scenery, 'every fl»e public -to crowd iftto the park on dedica^l 8lltc |, O i. w hieh liaafceun prepared ex- tion day. ' This report was^aken up%,.th.e |^ r e 8 sly --Iter-4hi8 new presei? tation. In- eommtttee «id dtsousaed, 1 a few contending claded araon g "tbe-foenery 1» * rnnd ^bAt the pv&Ufi. should be admitted* , ^Jpiuah' p a lace, a tnost gor general bunion wto thfttiti' was pnfortu YE&RS Ttils iotig e*peflenee-:and a careful study 6f the best meclKJWlenHbles ue to jure every Curable t!O.sc7 We Veep it record of,etery ? cas* trbnted and the f esalt obtained and can *e- ; s ief you .to people" -who •have been' cured by.our •.,,.• ra «,oiki*ttHtt«;loii free and KeA»onii,l»lo • urinis tor 1'reatnient. ,,.' We. hsve- visited the, saftre olttoeB every eight . weeks foiU»«.paBt twenty five years. WeaiepriTprfredtOBhow successful results in diseaisax of J,h<s liver, heart, Inngs, 8to»- i, nerves, rhenrnfttlsin, neUfal- ItidneyB/Jir&'U], nerves, rhenmfttlaio, neUfal- : •deblllif catarrh fits, youthful IndtuCretlofi,' cer», old Ports, tumors, diiil)ut',s, dyap.epsla, iif'osfcy* Chronic diarrhea*, euxvu)*, losp or voleis lirouchltla, Asthma, pueniriotila, oonsumptlou, Hcnfufa, fefiiptloiis, plnt»>ie8^ humot^ 1 .bloftshes ^nuil all dlnuadee of lotijf staudltiit.. , \a< rcas I>i«. Biewer & SoiKISG ChfcBgo Avo , ^ i , >H. „.,-, \\ ill liu »t thu Ilorndon THouse flu Wednesday, t>r. Biuwer'rt Sim- HeartTieRtfiatof glvos tm- tn |)r. IJrowcr'ij Pure Depuro tor'Dlyeaees of the storooch, liver, k l du0y> aqd blood, $1 per bottle Dr. Brewer's bure Btomneh IMUrror dyspeptics 'a5qdOl8*abox • * p a lace, a tnost gorgeous ';ind -florapoaed entirely of the - - . th« E«>Wiloto. ; every mother to know that croup True croup never ap-l I have a lar&e qoftulity^ ot gr'apos • tor sale. They (ire cxtKt^ «' sold reasonablerJ4»vwu atore or house.:, .can-bfr-prevene. ru - - . .Mo. « . I pears without a warning. Thejrat symptom 1 Chlljlren Cry tOf Qneof the Masons }»-the>ck. of trans- | l9howeneB 8 ; then the chiW appears to have] . • ,~ , ,, ptttoitdii-faclUtiea. But the one most dwejt] take|1 coi^or a cold may have accompanied • f • -, . ' have been invited 50,000 fa hoarBenew.f rom the start. After that a , & om n>y bari) 11 iur*«lA* ^ iience. 1 will dlpp^ae attny . »-oBim^»v» 7.—" <v; illy pat k ' ftl8 ? *, 8dfubl(S tot a sra * in b 6 re8tdencev,t*> .suit,^h«Jg> r - , oarBenew. rom . ol Ithel ^ roi , gh QOUg h is developed, which 1« 29th, baytnnro .Informfrtien- the duty bf the cityto see ihat I Jj Boweai ,y the croup. Thetime toact> TTer recovery .will befluitably rewaulwl they b« adequately cared for, and this car* I when the lld firet becorres-^hoarse; a f ev h * eln To 8IEB COM 1 , . Ten OentB BCtCau—Three lof ?8 cents, QOALlir GUARANTEED. J. CUNNINGHAM . MUIJT' U*9 BHLABt^MVVVW*^ **»*^ *•*• •.•»«! ——— — ~. I Yf UCU VUO »jW**»*** 1»»I?H i^VV*'" *"* • " ~ * includes comlort as well as sightseeing. To do ^ of chombedavn's Cough Remedy will 3 " .theip. into ^merciless Jam at Jack- •«*»«=. -«•_ .: ;, L a. MONTOOMKKV. J New styles of Storm^ Select crowd .them Jtnto a-merclle»s Jainat 4acK- 0 ent the a ttack.«Even ^fter ab*ough fe^-^s-ns 1 ° lnabanrt - »ld 1 For Griefij|e'8 oyster, nt i ' Chicago ho^pitaliitythalt ' wonderful fnedicYne that I' have - %U J&VKy 4« M»*« ^** W-*T .«—«—- ^ in whtoh the exercises will be -_-, _. every .*at in that auditorium is a reserved inaberlain's Cplic era an4 Diarrhoea ftetnedit. In .cases of colic it give* speedy relief, .pn hunting •trips I have fqund it indispenaabte.. Put 1 in alkali watet it imparts a pleasant taste and the painful diarrhoea which alkali Fresh byBliera at Canningh\u)'ff. Children Cry for Pitcher^ Casto|a. _J___.-. ,,, . ••.!•. '—*-•• ' ' J •' ( /I am now OIH-R • fpr full business. Ltehve orders .for your work .Monday an3 Thursciay. r UsUfll pi>e 2>i cents per yard. Postal onliVrS pron«)tly,'al- 3 years M EN WANTliD -Salary and expenses ft m»Boat Place-. . Apply HO*. of nursery stot-k on both Amerioan .oil. uto e»n» UIUOIMUUU^vlsttors were charged I out it in my house. J. faljnlouJipriceTfor stuff'that Is Bpread free erombie, N. D. For sale at, Greene s drug on »oqr«a of lunch counters to Chicago, AI store, • il^l_-._A _— .ol^^jl' MAa4* «v*A*»A* tt* tllA P&I*ifl I **"' ' ' -^^™""~" /' ' ~^~ A M •!•!» JSinS:| It'a rigbt H it came from Mernll's. meet expenglv4 jwiatanrant ia Chicago. I ^ G fl, Jones, of Spring'"Hill, Iowa ^boar4ofdii»ptors haf u^baken^ ^ ^ ^ B uaed . etam Wlain's ( Pain - i»^ have wptanrants in allt^hried; It yelieves.the ^ain instantly? and dirg*. These, with the adaitton^l n^g ^jthbut leaving a^prVj Pftin &&& oeroi»»«afes thrpu|hout the gjppunds J i 3 ^ 8 ^ Q f th? most urtf ul rnedi^ines that any " a*^-I famif^ can bef provf4ed with, especially for S|1 ® rheumatism, lame back, sprains, ^riiises, ," Mout^a Womwi'. Work. ' -toothache, earache and like ailments. One a'i women will make a creditable application will relieve the pam and a fair »,^ti>8 &te "Frow Lexington «| trial.* 11 * 016 * sure^ 50 cent bottles for sale tended to. GE<VS . 1)UNCAN> ^ p. O/-b.o^393. MernU, the grocer. J. H. SANDEHS JUSTIOI OF THE PEACE ..:. . -.-- _ = - « - . . . • - T ' A iiooD BltefNBSS SITE Tor Sate on Wtale street, the Mrs. Steele property.;. For terina and price apply to 0. Cunnmgnam, Agent. Get your Corned Beef at the Washington O'fflice over Mta rjjsplay at^theJair. "Fro» Lexington « oedar table made by a woman will be con- trtbuted. The design will be unique, rep; rwentdng a miniature miner'i cabin Btand- onthe top, in which will be ^ placed a the principal ores and miner- 'FronfAnaconda v®. a t me's, !-« .r, A few »80 a cluster diamond ring: a .Eagle Opera.House W. ii .^19WJ>AND, Manager. • ^ WEONESDWf; OCT. .. Magnificent- Spectucular i>rod\iotiou of the new AH business attended to promptly and caretully. Has » safe to keep judj; meut docket aud otbfir valuable papers in . " •'• toder will reeelv* the above reward, jjo questions asked. a few cauhflower fljEttKILL ' Two Under W.y at a desisn characteristic of the name- 1 Kolden and silver snake, with sapphlrq •»•--_ .... _ .. ^. ^tesrtllbe , jAftfa, J, 1 expect nv f „ Eiabprlworning. ratBWrtuWt* ot Jafper^others^on,es,tor I. \ Get a picture enlarged at Merrill's, eluding a pure rose colored mineral, will! «"*•*»' _o— r _Jl__ ... '"" wamenol M^son ,^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ih& AT THE FAIR. w»ter purified .and deodorised bvjfae I use of Ovqrton & Fought's new process i, cleaning, The waljefln thecis . , •• • , • _ , , i tern is not removed. ^fet»i F. F*als -will u fFonign gdvemmentB are not doing as j*"*" •"" .-- iSTto £ way of putting «p wedal ** & ** °*? frS^ftiffii at Jackson parkas officials of jail orders.. the fair thought they would. Fine loqa- Unaranteed. Leave ord.?r^ at CHKGNI- i^ww •*&***' *•*•""»»—- « AX^ . I a% MI*, M i M ki *rk nco »hij nrn. ticoia were reserved for nearly every couJiitry I OLE otuce. ine ri£ui .MI v*" '">° v iv ' thai made an appropriation, just as they I cess in IHarsnall township ia for wew te tne different statea. Only two , Merrilfs great . of th«« foreign building aw now uftdarl -4,bew-Mernir»gwM — " *~ — J Bngland'a, Japan ^ la a lew day? and _ ww-in iEiaiiteinala's ScTb^re also brought their *» - ' - X%JI^I TAA^I**«B A w4 Time table taking efteet Sept. 1?, T»ftlna pttSB MarBhall a» followB: ^ . SB, Toledo JSipreeu ' , Jl, Mall and Erprees if. ) center. Chliton Cry fof Fitch^ '' Japaaefle wwrkjn^, dad .- in tiw garmenti of their native land, tbjair tead. oevered with odd-looking, but not . »Rd their facea beaming r«r 3 "* *«r>--« ancited flow wtdaked t to be A auporb pVeaentatfon' ot this Dramatic Masterpiece. , ' . ELEGANT SQENERY, • ••'•''-, ELABORATE MECHANISM, » GREAT COST. Gorgeous Plush Pateee. A dream of niaenlftceut apliyidor, No Atemce in Prfces! ADBJiSSTON 50 C |T\iSr^ALE<)B EXCHANGE-X n»va a'iurui in post office. Title perfect, wo- incunibt.ance, partly improved, 1 would llfctf to e*eh&uge tt(i MaraWl city wftl.~ft(it*se, w a farm. Here la a bareuin tor fOiws o^P whs wants s we^rnltajiaT For particulars address or call on P. B. Mlichell t ro.ojM 7, Noble plocK, "«.'<••'« Creefe AUoh. ' . . So. -2*. " a ClnclnnaU f 24 ' B. ..105)1 am .... .681pm nnd All trains daHy except B^nday. ' Diwcl-oonnectlon* are mad« at Tp 1 ™ 0 Clnolnatl wittf all roads diverging Trains 21 and «J make go od connection, av M«n telthwltn'tat. QR. & 1., and at AlJegan wltfe ili« 0, & VV'. M for Brand Bapld.s, Muakegon and *4 polntB north. , , • J* »: M'. Bl^aiNuliKft- Qea. P»SB. AnV C. B.'MIXE, Agt., Marshall. r O BENT—A dwelling house In-good Kpquire of J.-J. F#he» at theTpntMio , - • tote l WEDNESDAY, OCT. 12 AT.* O r CtOCK P- M. Io8 ON^H - . O,' Jive, huatl'ng »gwt- in «vsry AUCTION - The louseJiold Goods -of the late , JOSIAH LEPPEE, At

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