The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 2, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1893
Page 2
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CHRONICLE, JtTISfB 2,1893, THE DAILY CffRONTOLE Dally* on* year tluroairli P. «...§* 75 Bailft delivered. _.H> cent* pet 1 Mreek 8«»«erlption» received it the office n* (mb atien' ISijSUte street.'" «. M. iVOSES, PnbUi&ar, * Skentic--*NoW, what benefit do yoli expect to realize from the f 1,000 you gave to the church? Pillar.-^The whole congregationi will Vote for mo Vvheo I run for alderman. have their freight shipped via the O, J & M instead, of the Michigan Central. The (notion was carried 8 Jind Messrs A Watson, T Shantahan and J J Fah'ey named as the committee. The' general sentiment of those present,, and the room was well filled, seemed ; to bo that- the railroad company was notusingtbis city as well as it; deserved accord Ing to the business given it the freight ,and passerfgerdepftrtments The meet ig adjourned Mibject? to the call of the •mayor. >.' • • f •. .' ". ••'' ' • ' The coiunmteei vi«ite.d jlhe merchants i more amusement with it. As will be reuemberod, in the original a number of small articles are grouped upon a table antf then the placers are called m to the roouo, given ao many minutes to view the collection, and sent nway, each to write down what be recollects of the whole, As amended, .the participants are given as many beans as they have articles on t heir-lists. All sorts of trifles have been prepared beforehand in par eels an4 boxes so that they are coin pletebr coucealed from view. These •re auctioned off forbbana at the close Of the evening and afford eudlesb mer rlment as well as no lUllo excitement when possible", ; ' . Don't got excited . over t croup or quinsy wnen Lavender Ointment will relieve you within ten minutes if used as directed. 25 and GO cents. FOUND, ETC. ^Twenty cents -a week for each notice nit ex cee'dlug Uve line*. No charge leas than twenty cents. . . . . \ SALiE CHEAP—Two. desirable Building lots, West Hatiovor struct,, For terms ap- to Ueo. U. White. MRS. A. J.TALMADGE. A YOUNG MAN want* work. Writing or any light work. Salary no object. Address, d]« P.O. box 1060, Marshall: Mich'. , -r—r-.^v- ^~ „ f OST—AnarroTrblftcksnkbeH,w<thpltfinlt. meeting was held at the council JU Kinder please leave at S. V. H, Lepper'e rooms last evening to take eome action 1 >tore: * a Netfsr Stock, New Styles AtSnvder's, relative to obtaining a better-passenger \ TTTANTBD TORBNT-Twoormore furnished^ TT rooms or house near cycle factory for light housekeeping. Addrcao loon box 101, Marshull, •service from the Michigan Central rail road Mayor Foley was chosen chair man and R S Lockton, secretary Re marks were made by Rev PA Baart, A Watson, T Shanahan, M 8 O'Keofe, and Geo H.'-White. A comnyttee, consiHting of Ff §aart, H J Coleman and W H Arthur, was appointed on resolutions and said committee submitted the fol lowing: Resolutions adopted at a public meeting of the citizens of Marshall,' Mich., held in the otuncil chamber Thursday, June 1,1893, in response te a call by the mayor, John E. Foley, to. take action regarding the train •ervice offered by the Michigan Central Railroad: WUBBAB, We learn with surprise and regret that, according to the new time card, which went into effect Sunday on the Michigan Central railroad, the city of Marshall, instead of being accorded better service, is now still mere inconvenienced than in the past; and WHKBXAB, Both in the number and quality of thetraics booked to stop at Marshall, the wants of the traveling public are not only not provided for, -but seem to be ignored. Mich, P Ott SALE—About 80,000 second band'brlcK. Enquire of BealB & Mann. , ' W ANTED—Ladles to,solicit for a popular work. 40 per cent, special Inducements and exclusive territory, and particulars can now J bo secured by adplying at S2 Grand street. Special agent for a Detroit Publishing House, F OR SALE—A Kimball organ. For terms and | other particulars address postofflot bo •J17&. '• ' FRESH, UNIQUE, TASTY DESIGNS, A.T Lowest : Prices. Gall and Be Ctiavinced. M, B. POWELL, W ANTED—Gents immediately. An opportn. nlty. Will appoint yon exclusive agent in an assigned territory. Inducements and particulars by applying at 82 U. Grand street. Small security required. Special agent of a Detroit Publishing House. W ANTED IMMKDlATELY-Qlrl to do light housework, MBS. KOBERT H. WARD, B8 Mansion street. ANTED—A boy to learn the barber's trade. Oy Apply tp Walter W7Clark. "ITITANTED—A aiti. for general houeewprk, SO N. W Madiuon pt^eet. MRS. UKO.MASER. ONE FOE SALE! : CAR : inasmuch as the fast and convenient -trains are got scheduled to stop at Marshall; and WHXBXAB, Tbe merchants and citizens generally of Marshall have in the past been generous in their patronage of the said Michigan Central railroad by shipping and .causing to be shrpped much freight over the aaid road, and also by traveling extensively over, not only local points, but also to places beyond the terminals of the Michigan,, Central: and - V . WHXIUUJ?, The Marshall station is known M the one on. the line bl'the Michigan Central from which more grain, not mentioning the wool and other products, is shipped Mich than from any other of -the way star „ tionsj and IVniuBAB, The freight receipts, of the sta tion of Marshall have this year averaged abput a thousand dollars a month more than . for the corresponding mouths of the year 1892; and ' WHKBK48, 'We believe that on proper representations being made to the officers of the Michigan Central railroad, such 1 diuorip- , ination aa we aowtfuffer in the poor, and inadequate train service will be remedied at once, and thus the traveling public be. accommodated and the city neither slighted not '• sidetracked, as the new time card suggests: Therefore, ' -.. J&X8OL.YBD, That we in public meeting as •embled djq hereby respectfully .though vigorously protest against such discrimination and *uch inadequate and inconvenient train cttrfioe as is now offered by the Michigan ", Central railroad. &>» That we request the Michigan Central raUroad jegularly stop at least one wore fast train- for the accommodation of passengers going east and one taare for the accommodation of'passengers going west; and we suggest aa th<|pa taraina . numbelr six ttoing east and number 17 go- *•>•• M»dh«4-. •**-,•> , L OST—Tuesday, dence ot Henry Marshall city, a ni A suitable rewai " -the Chronicle pti lay 30. between the resl- Walitinsliaw in Convis and nV pocket- hook containing $10. will be paid, for its return to W ANTED—Ladles to do writing at home. Will pay »1H to $20 per week. Send self addrensM- stamped envelope for reply. Address MME. WRIGHT, Misba^aka, Ind' forks. F OR SALE CIIEVP—AH eizes or ho: good tor cisterns and water tauks. quire at JOB- Gramer'fl Eagle Brewery. TA OR .SALE—Second hand' three burner J? line stoVe aud Qven. • \ MRS. H. M> MERRILL, this OST—A gold mounted silk umbrejlatti some place of buaiucea Finder pleaBe J ioaT» at ,.(«„„ .-J-.n '••••:••-•* ..-«... of Cooking-, Heating, Gasoline and Oil Stoves, ONE HALF CAR LOAD of tin ware, consisting of tea and coffee pots, r kettles, milk pans, pails, , dust pans, wash boilers, everything in tin, copper, Jporcelain, german steel ^ goods and anti rusting tin, ware. • \ , r , . ONE HALF CAR LOAD of steel goods, hoes, rakes, shovels, spades, hay, dung and and fell kinds of tools used for farms and gardens.' FIVE TONS of steel nails both wire and cut. TEN TONS y o barb and plain wire." / FIFTY DOZEN/ 7 • *• locks and doorknobs of every, kind and a full line of hardware of description. I know I am % little to-,the eastyend of Main qannot all do busines jqinihe center, bat, it/will pa*, you to give me cajLJ. N OTICE—UTS. W. L. '.Buck is agent for th* Christy kniyee ar d w ( 11 furnish all who ^iah them. • r^WO good hoa,sfcs to rent on corner of Eagle X ana Mansion utreots. In tirst claaa oraer with two Rqo4 wells drilled into tbe rock, and two good claturns, Sow is the time to buy your wood at $1.75 per ford, delivered from tote woods, All kind* of team-work done to«rder. -J. W. BtTBH. TJQOMS FOB REKT.. W. H. BMRSBY. XV ^ Mansion and Madison sis. Hardware Dealer, Jilartin Block, East Main Street. CHEAPER GASOR LIGHT. W HY pay r^nt Y pay r^nt when you can bu^ a lot OB Martfu and Batch's addition and Have a ho/age built to suit you, an i pay for it in small monthly payments. y«r information call at of- ftceof J. M. llatch, OTer Wm. Martin's store. I ASitf T17ANTED— At tne American laundry*, a good W girl tot general work. Call at [hv o; S TOSB TO RENT-AJter May 1st. For info mutton enquire otl.K. Lansing. . v , . a committee of three be to wait-»pon the ofBeeysof the Central railroad, and ' F I OR SALE CHEAP-r-J}*' r tep bu BL1A8 T "OST-Sunaay, In tn?»t »l JLc ley's wiHbrtb Margh&Uj V Mrs. O. m., »CU , or Mrs. of theee resolutions and ea4e|yor ,to jmejatary to the reaolutio,n8 regard- fljryioe on tho Mjcjaigan Central X*?^m;^*fi^W&?*#**** flaitorwmgivegrt.mtUtaalon.-^ tW* SVITAUIIEB. - TO CONSUMERS OF 0AS The Gas Comply anovuaces i^^pllowmg tion in prices ppa^for I^IGETING wfierever is used^ALSOTor COOKING or BEATING to take effect on and after . •• • SEPTEMBER 1st 1892. GASSTOVB RATES,$1.60perl000 'cubic Ft. For aU Qae conattmed where a GAS RANpE need, ' For aUgaaoohsamed where COOKING or H^AJINQ'STOVES we used and tho monthlj jt, ate for Qa» UMd for LIQHTJNa PNLY remain unchanged *nd>re:»ji 'follows: than 1C^ ?ubio ft. iitpoe month, *2 00 per lOOOJewbift.ft. eubie &*$$ l|s» tbao ; iO } 000 ewbio (t 1 mooth;: $i 90 v p«r The wport we* Adopted and the cljair appointefl JMesar*. P A Baftrt, Johu FoweU wd ««<«*« Pwrett f ? to wait en the officials. ' •* ' I 1 A^ the abq? e r*W are sibjiect ta a discount of W eta oer 1000 cobic.ft when l»jwWhiJwr^o^thft4«^oi[<iex»oi^aextf<^o^g^^ ^ ; , .Thj» abojo epeoial r*tea arejnade to indoor opnsua\ers to 099 gas for cflioJm»5 «** heating .'. ' V'^"'' "- " ' v y '" "' " '"' f^ ADY^NTA0f; of Qp Fiar in Cheaper gltove Clteaper Sufety, CleanlinesH -i^. -»'<- 17$ GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL.^ pr»!!fl»«-» w; w"KW J w WE•^ - IpejroantwiUbemikde yi^tog piderc.d ayd oonjinlt^e4 fls^t ' , SeLt. 1st 1892, to fljyif jf HP fpfm .ipip^^ft^l ^ ^Wr "* „ ;*^!' _~~ -^^^^ •" ^^flsMM "jim "IMBHMK C JMB«^|^

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