The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 2, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1893
Page 1
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W ^T *, I * V.UL XlV-NO 247 - lKSIALL, MICE, FKIDAY, p& 2, IS93 f ; PHICE TWO CEK) S HAD THE MONET IN HIS SHOES, Jftso/ufcTy Pure 0 A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all in leavening strength Latest U. S 1 Government Food Re' port. '-- f "-- '•>"•' \ \> • ROYAL BAKING POWDER ,CO - 106 Wall Strbet, J*. Y he Pace \ . : o is overwork— makes no difference what kind. Using greasy and inferior soaps is one road ~~ to'prematui[ei decay—sore hands^sore hearts-clothes "never clean* Not so.when '* " . ^ lllKllS f AMERICAN FAMILY. is used. Cheerfully proceeds the 4abor of wash-day with health and long life assured. Hands all right— hearts light-—clothes pure and white as a Greenland snowdrift. JAS. S. KIRK& CO., Chicago. HUMPHREYS' Or. 'Humphreys' Specific* are scientifically and carefully prepared HemetllBSfuseU for year* to - toivate practice and for over thirty years by the people with entlnj success. Every ulngla Speeifla, " t, special cure for the disease named. They wire without drugging, purging or redncl the BJ stem and are In fact ana deed the Sovereign Bemedlei of the WorW. LOT o» rcuppiui. HOB. >.. CURBS. 1— Fevers, Congestions. liflammatlone.. a— Worms Worin ?eT^r, Worm Colic-V- .'-M 3-Tee thing | Oollo, Crying, U'akofulaesB .as 4— Dlarrhea> of ChUdrea or Adult*...,,, .33 7-Cog(lh», Colds. Bronchitis....... ...... .23 8- Neuralgia. Toothache, Faccache...... ,25 9-Headacbea, Sick Headache. Vertigo.. MS lO-Dyapemila, BUlousness, Constipation. .23 11— Snp^reised or Painful Periods... .2.1 Ai»-WhUe», Too Profuse rerloda ..... . ..... .3.1 p, La ryBirltli, Eooraeneas...... .23 14— Salt Kbeani, Erysipelas. Eruptions.. .23 15— Rheumatism, Rheumatic Pains...... .23 16-BIalarla, Chllla, Fever and Ague ...... .25 Id-Catarrh, Influenza, OoM la the Head. Jti SO^WhwplB* Congfc ........ .,,,.,.„.,... .*« 2T-Kldney Diioases ........... 28-Nerroas Debility....,, ......... ......J,0i ,30-Crlnarr Weakness, "Wetting Bed,. .95 HUa|PJSaEYB« WITCH HAZEL Ott, "The File Olntment."-Trlal Size, gff Cte. Bold bj Drnretetf, or ttnt postpaid on receipt of pH«Dm.' HrarHKKU' Sfiiruii. (Ki p»BwJ ¥*U.«D irwtt S P E C I F I C S. J1S98HSS Certain Cure We dot iiatend to endorse any except arfe cjaa of geauiue' merit; we therefore, tski pleasure* w reffiai'mendjnytp BulJesew tco any form, a prompt and. j^mane The, f qllo vcing letted speak 1^>r -them r ol • KM, Mary C Qne p roe of -PflW f»w| r bay isincal * • faim of Piles. ,wellJotiowki - Capef f»4-j*Wftv#4ieflr invoice, to Hews From Different Points In Michigan. Fustices of the Supreme Court Preparing to Move to. the Capital City—Engineer ttinger Rnlensed Frokn the Charge of Murder—The Duluth, South Shore and' Atlantic Railway Elect Directors. MARQUETTEf June 2.~Af Hie annual meeting-of the Duluth, South Shore md Atlantic Railway company held icfe the following directors were elected: General Samuel;Thomas of Sfew York, Senator Calvin S, Brice of Ohio, Lord Mount Stephen, Sir Donald A. Smith, President W. C. Van Horri and Vice President T. &. Shaughnessy of the Canadian Pacific railway. Montreal; John W. Sterling, Walter Watson,; Thomas W. Peargall 'and-George H. Church of New York, General Manager W. F, Fitch of Found Dying In the Road, KALAMAZOO, % June 2;—penry fi. Shaeffer, a farm laborer, who has Worked three months near Marshall, was found dying in the road in a suburb of this city, and soon expired. On a piece of paper found in his pocket W& written; "I had $100 wnen I reachetl Kalamozoo. Henry A. Shaeffer, the son oMjyancis Shaeffer, Perry, Pa." He left Marshall Tuesday night. Where he was .fleeced ia not known, Had the Money In Hl« Shoes. MENOMINEE, June 2.—The safe of the Chicago and Northwestern ticket office wae robbed of 5150. It was^ at first supposed to be the work of professioijal burglars, but examination, however, showed no signs of force. Later on Agent Robert C. Millican was arrested as he was about to board a southbound train for Milwaukee and the money was found secreted in his shoes. '-. Will Move to Lansing. • LANSi.'iP, June 2.—Several of the justices of the supreme court are looking over- Lansing- property with a view to securing desirable locations before the law .requiring them to live in Lansing takes effect, Sept. 1. Judges Long and MuGrath will 1 probably board for a year or so, but the others will begin .housekeeping hero early in September, . . • " Sword Prill at Lansing. LANSING, June. 2.'--The ; governor's guard ha? decided to accept the offer of the yoUugyadies of Grand Rapids to appear in Jhis c^ty is^nd give:, a sword drill on June ft, Qn tha£ day the Custer guards of Qrand Rapids will run a'epeciaj train to this city, and it ia expected thjit uiany Grand .Ilapids citizens will visit the capital. '.-,..• <) liuglneer Ringer Keljeasect. HARRISON, June 2.—George W. Ringer, the Ann Arbor engineer, who had charge of the train wrecked near Par- weli. on April 17, has' been released. He was examined on a charge of nvur- der, but "there wa^a cot evidence enough to warrant'bmdiflk Win over to the cyr- euit court. ".? » „„, and Money Stolen: MONROE, June 2.— A and buggy .and $7 in iuoney were stolen from Moses Wilkttt's livery stable. Two strapgera wlio worked at, -the barn are missing and are supposed to be 'the thieves. Th. horse"and bng^y was recovered a,t D.un- dee, but the thieves escaped. ; ' .H J. Arney, formerly of Saranae, now 1 Lake Odessa, has give np his horses altogether and now. rides a Mcycle. He. made the run from Lake Odessa to Sarawac, 14 miles, and collected $30 on Ihe way i» % hpura aod4 ' I , LA^aisa, June 8.—Michael ^•sfcai**- 4 *•** . *fasjaaejyai *wwly, chMren reCejV' hGu^w*88a,v, ao', .Jtiite ••2.>.«-c''- Strtttz's grocery was burglarised and about $200 in goods' and roo.ney was stolen. • STATE-ITEMS. St. Joseph hns two lady barbers.. The Congnjfcnt.ionallats «t St. Joseph will piircliriMrt ,a,parsounge costing $3,000, ' In niicl about Owosso thijre is every promise of a.tarf*^ i)oach «rop. Lansing inline unions will go to Om>ss» to assist Hi cr.lobniting on Lnbor dny. The Dundee Paper Mill company, Which was recently incorporated, will use electricity in lighting their mjil^ The Womai)^ Kolicf corps of I>undep hnyo erected'a how iron fence around one of the cemetpries there. Alec^Tbompson, a 14-year old St. Johns girl, was struck and killed* by an electric streetcar at Buffalo. Dynamite is still being used by lumbermen in Ontonagon county to blast their Jogs out of the ice in the rivers 3 Stephen Seerannski,' one of the Calumet and'Hecla,strikers arrested for threats of violence, has skipped his bail ^ « Judge {Jrove, iti quo warranto proceedings at prand-Rapids Again decided, that the inmates ot the MildU-iV home COulil IKJ£ vote. - . .. " Susan B. ^Vnthons'.and Emily B. Ketcbam have teleghipLeil -to' Governor Rich from ChicugOv congratulating hint on signin« the wonia,n«VxufrrttKe bill. .'Clayborhe Iteilly was badly burned about the faue at the Sanlt.., While he was walking along,the street, some one threw a bottle of carbolic-acid in his face. A 10-year-old Sherman .* 'City girl got struciv .y.. ,'"'""' '••»•»» nl'ior. tfnm. Now she's oaxuy aitlirt^n wicu nt.s. uoctorss»iy only mi abandonment of tb(< habit can cure her. ..•'•' • . . Thomas C. Filson, who died at Hillsdale several days a^o, had carried a. rifle bullet in his skull''since the battle of Stone River in 1WJ!!... Tim liitlt entered near the right ear ai.ul ;H.,.^V.I to the back of the head. Filfiun wus**(Hiri after taken a prisoner of war and the bull might then easily have been extracted but for the carelessness «f the physicians. The Mount Pleasant people do not intend to give up the normal school business just because the legislature refused to indorse the scheme. They are going to run the school anyhow till 1895, and see what kind of educational ideas that legislature will hove. It takes about 36 tons of \vater to wash a ton of rock in a stamp mill. 'The Calumet audHecla consumes about. 43,dX),000 gallons of water in 84 hours. All of thisl is pumped by a single pump—rthe "Michigan," which, has a capacity of 52,QO),QOO gallons per day.'' « ;/'• Hungarians and Italians get funny names and acquire" queer habits after they strike the upper peninsula. The report comes from the "Wmthrqp mine, -ngg'r Negaunee, that a Hungarian uame3 George Smith and an Italian named Ross had some trouble. Ross didn't use tbe stiletto, but, like the colored man, whipped out a razor auil .almost made bologna meat out of Smiths " Ann Kerr of Ortonville mixed some flour and "rough on' rats" and placed it en a sink one evening, intending'.tp get rid of idts aad mice. The 1 next mbrnmg Mrs. W. Kerr fouud it convenient in getting breakfast,to .use some of 'the flour. The whole family - were taken with vomiting, aud were laid up for some time. The thing , that eaved the people was that they had taken too much of the poison! " ' -.: : _ - ._4 . JJcfore the Grand Jury, '-i 1 * INPUHA^OLIS, .June 3.—Ex-Governor Chase «nd25imri Dwiggins- of Chicago .have been summoned befor* the grand jurjj to tell what they know of t^,e Affairs of the Greentown bank, and the cashier, now under arrest, promises to make a clean breast of the whole matter, intimating that he was simply the victim of his superiors and- that they •are the real euhirjjii. Interest in the grand June i,-TJamet B. Neal, the new. |Jnited?St»te8 poneal here, was •entertained jjt, |nneheoo. by 14ie mayor, . resented a governnient wMch^Mi a mercial sense, was the. broadest -*..«f^ ^ slock of wall paper at Goo. ' ' Mill. . » " • ..4, When nirjthmg you want to btiv, • ' Just cull iit Clresh«?rVuiiU$ml try. His cash prices will Mintly'suil y,D\i, When-any feed jou do wiini'groifnd, Call at Chuabor's ijiill, he i*. always a'round, . And he will try'to 'please joiu_ We 1 uy for cash and soil for c'ris'h, And liml's what keeps us> in our hash, $lt» for a case of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Nervousness and Sleeplessness that Vegetable Cure will not cure. • . ' Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and and Cqughs, LaGrippe and its after effects^ Tremulous Weakness oflho Nerves, Erysipelas and Constipation v 12 Oz. $1.00. •> D'ft. SHABPgTEEN. Gut yourllin warn mended Schrlly' ' tin shop. at H. S stoves cleaned and repaired Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. * babies, sore "Ripples" and in llammation of the breast instantly relieved with Lavcndar Ointment ' ' A new remedy • has created a sensation Among physicians by its wonderful- effects in speedily curing every form -of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and simple to use, but nothing removes the disease so quickly, safely and surely. Any druggist wifl get it for you. t •. "'-•™ lu --- ' i — — j firing V.'ur I ui'j».)l» The carpet cleapiug works on ,E_* clmnge street will be open on and Hrfler Monday, Marc 1 ! 27th . The Pyramid Pile Cure is n new d for the prompt, permanent cure of 1'ilos in every form. Every druggist has it. Robert Shelley has opened a tiu shop iu tne'buildiug formerly occupied as a meat market, opposite £, L. Murphy's store, Give him a call wheu iu need of any tin work, Boughtou; will sell you wall paper and ha-ig it for you, ; vCess pool^ an.d privy vaults cleaned and disinfected' in /good shape at rea-" sonable prices by "lt«iya( Kuby" K v « WhUky is "a Eye as is a Bye," naturally ripened and 'free from all foreign flavor and adul terants, guaranteed pure arid pver eleven years.of age, recommended to-ilie eonuois seuras a meritorious 1 article worthy .-.of the confidence- of invalids, convalescents aujd the aged. Sold only by F. b. Se.aman &. Co. Fine stationery at the bazar store. A complete assortment always ou hand. A'turtsicul UpnraMuu. For the cure of Piles is always paiufuj, ofteu dangerous and useless., and invariably expensive; on. the other hand JJiere is a new certain cure, ^perfeqtly painless, gives instant relief and permanent' care and coats •but a trifle, ft ia the Pyriamid Pile-pure, It is a 'inure certain cure than a surgical op- . erution, without any of the inteitse pain, ex- penao and danger of au operation. Aov 7 , will get it for you» • 4 '" s - . - ,— 'jr * ^ • '•-_,* ^ ' - t ' ~7" ""Y* Jqst as'suro as hot weather conies there wilj £#mpte of lees bbwel ^otnolajnjt in Me Every Reraquj and Specially iaua- at band for io§tant useio case it is „,.. „ "4 35 w'60 s ce»t teotpi^oJLClxa^herlijii^r t3«^, Gboleraa^lp^^^p^^lusi what - you ou^h* ^ have'f^ajl tb&t you would nfed, even fgp the moet severe and 4angerous castes. liw|>t, ;;^ *)»w,-, *&Z 3* -.- i ^-- • , ' S " Cql#WteiaJb. J£?p»«i fclou. • ) The^M-iciiigan Central viU sell ticke^ 1 rtih^ll to Chicago and return, ai rouod. trip, Jiinite'd to QbUdreri uu4e> ' v. ,. \ *«**.-+-~ : £-t '$*&•£&. '•*•£%& ^ A \^_l^ ^iM^-^^t'. : •%:.

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