The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 7, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1892
Page 3
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Higlirtti >49, lowest* 60. . By r*»WwriBff taerrimuieter for , the last 24, Watfoos left this noon (or Chi cago. ' v;-.' -.-.'^ * ,•'.•• .;..-. *• C. 1f./Cady, of Albionr was in tni> citytoTdiay. Ohas. k«lleher,.fl| Cadillacs visiting his parents in tnli city. Hoyt, of BattU Creek, is visi Bbughton'S Miss JKlla Sakton* of Eaton Kapids, is .visiting Miss Mabel Cummlngs^ Remember the chicken pie sapper at the Unlversalist chutch tonight. • -'•'"' A number from this city attended the Marine Band c .noert at Battle ureek today. .'-'•• '•'•' Reserved seat board for Monte Orlsto . A. H, Geddes ftfid wife went to Battle Creek to hear the'Marine Band. if ten drop* of oil of wintflrgreen on a lump Of sugar at intervals Of two hours and a dote or two of roohelle saltgf wjll cuTrfBeTrnnttism, what's the use of hav-r ing it? A physician is alleged to hiye given ihia for the benefit of man Hind. "Pat," said Mike bge day during the dinner htfur, "wheii;Idie I to bury roe m a Jewish-cemetery*" "And phwrt do. y#z want to be buried there for*" aaid Pat. "Sure," said Mike "and it'sj the last placd on. earth the <levil-woald-tb}lnfc-|of looking} ifor an Irishman.' 1 V<\' •• '.; ' • '"'.;' '•.' The wood Btoves are* now getting n hearing in the city. Since coal has s;fVne up to such unwarranted prices manj people afe buying wood stoves with ^he *""" v cOttl • within ^ounds.aitw yactjhatthe coal_c n sumption €/ m k I know that I am Wjll open tomorrow •usual placer— -- morning al the will be greatly re ducsd this wifiter, and when families then, girls, you are reminded .that time is flying/ The letrp yeftr has begun. The 1 campatir.n.jorch'hal.gon^ 'mering and the c'qipiimnitv is weTTrid of that campaign tbroher, .; Youngmen, who arelsuowh as '"heavy now carry the watch in .the have puvshased stove? in wnich they can burn wood, thwy wilt, use them for year* t6. come,, Jb it may be safely guessed tha^the lmmeatat<gain to the "coal barons" will, not result in a lasting iproflt, as the careful an<f provident houaehrtlder will manage to reduce his ry using something cheaper ing we must spread dtit^ we4ll oaii- not de business in the eente?, bttfc it will pay you. if in want of any Hardware to grfre ^ng. a c *tfK •, •'£ have two cartoads of Aiorn dook- ifltg & IfeaMng Stoy^ 'Over "One MiUiO " ^i^^' "*, ^^<^» ^*^^ ^™* ^^ . 7 .. • ••'>•,'' ' f ' * • . ' i -' /. .; '. • ' • ' ' t . ' . . ' . ,now ill us<&; IBvjSry body is invited to call Q * -*** 1 * ^fll^arootki and in- X yUBi, Villa- VJ ****"fc w%»»*«**w«>M|^ **« ^^.j- — . °* I doting the fall an* spring months, re servinff the coa! 4 for the severe short months of winter. spect :^ iine of goods. I also trial of E. J. Moon, charged with assault and battery,' will be held " before Justice"TiHotson tomorrow. "Nell,"said herIfttle sister, "will you give me your old bathing suit? "What 1 ' for> i&W" "I want it for my dolly." The electric commissioners will have another meeting this evening a| G.. H^ Southwp^h'a office, when they will '"." completia the schedute of < prices for lighting. A porgeonf. Picture, la these days ot lavish theatrical produc tions there seems to be a tiyalty , as it were, ^ among managers to see who can spend the "! moat money upen their own particular enterprise and In some instances the extravagant expenditures are almost beyond the bounds of reason. Fo,r instance, a performance of Monte ChrUto, which'waa* witnessed recently by the writer, is a,n 'example. The actors were all Capable and apparently experienced people, the version of the play was most excellent and the performance throughout was enjpyable. Of course in such productions correct scenery is netfes- $ary but one scene used by thircompauy is .'• « . : • -i._J __•—,x«*«., W«w)«*«iwt r» lITIrtTl' ftr\l_ make a wonderful offer^:in plated „ • r ' •* ' i M goods this week. IJQHN, toM East State 11 *t BLOCK.- . s «»mi IN t- t ^^ LET US SHOW YOU OUi LINE OF CHILDBEN'SSUHIS ..,——- jai • hy. It was the interior of a palace and was. The gates were put'jn the flum«,fitth» f cpmppsed entirely of plush, whichicpuld'b? . • ,i d.K<\ «ut» ^-.'-..ntn'rr niffnrnnt Aakilv.anan tttim the front Of the llOUSC t6 river at 8:50 Jhls mornlnk:. Different p^iBitg JjnTs diflerent ideas as to the timlllNilitake.the mill pond ip fill '«?• -Th«" estimates vary Jfrom twelvie hours aeen from the front of the house to beof the finest tenure. Itlwas suspended with rings from apparently solid silver bars and with the rich, silken borders, fringes, etc., formed a most .gorgeous picture. It aeems foolish toi risk, »o much capital in i.-i I'he Q., J. &M.. will' r»n n special | ^terpriBe of this kind,' which depends er ...^^ from BattleCreek tomorrow nightt rirel y upon the caprice of » fickle publip f T to accommodate those who wish to hear j remuneration, hut managers probably kno\ Hon. A. B. Mlbrse speaic provided 1351 their own business best and and argue that round trip/ tickets are purchased. One it is their own money they inveaj; and if it is - - ' Ibgt it is thejr affair and no ones else.» YQUTH'S * CENT'S- («)r4mnien»fiLi&epf \\'vi An: Sow .fare for Tound trip. A'mTnigter in ttte other by saying TEKpNSHA. Ray Randall, MluGinsel •and-jEUa trust but eif Cressenger, F, B ? Strong, of Strong, Chelsea, were in Rivers are a vihurch i -^^-- .-.,• . ''the Othet I ^R Ari8i ^ ni ? re ^ ati ^ ^ ^ .•week^- , ••--•': .; • V';,- • , Mrs. W. L, Main will have a tea social I ne'it Tuesday afternoon. Will. Throe Clntbiii"- Maim lac turies to 'Uoqliester and recsntlj «losei >• "* **'.'•.. '• 'i •• • , . Coutract.' We are latft in n ceivuig these because we dill not buy the* of Agent in.Juue 'mul July. But we got them at prices that .will sav« t?y for o«.r patrons? tins fit 11. . , ^ "-'' ... Oui-H'^of Mercliant Tailoring aurprus purchased in New Ytrk,«r« .ready W<1 merits: inspection. Our Sty4 Fi^ an.l Finish ar* ofte» hu'ttuever excf-H«il ."..', ; ' ' v . > • T.SHAN AH AN, •^d'E^Qr. ;" Deputy Sheriff Hughes brought Rogers from .laQksoB Tuesday t6Hb»s city. He was the ms&, who .shot at conductor N.-.ft. StroniK oa'.tb* air lin«. He waived examination befor* Justice Tillotson and was bound over to the circuit court fpr trial. An exchange propounds the startling and saddening faclthat there are 8,000,^ 000} men of marriageable age m the United States, who pbstinately neglect ' to provide themselves with wives and this implies the existence of at least ftn equal number of women of mw riageable age who ve waiti»g *<* P ro ' posals that never come. The city ot Kalimazop pays |15,000 a year for electric .lights' andxecently ad- jida to furnish the lights T^ H, Cogswell and ,MiB9 Florence well spent Sunday in Marsh* 11 ' \ „ Misses Gsace Smith an'd NeUie Ranisdell spent part of fair j»eek with Mis« Jennie Warren, of Coldwater. Mr. and Mr». Carlton Myers, of Coldwat- «TJ spent Sunday with Mrs. Myers parents, Mr. and MrsJ£W. tucker. :Mrs. G(S8r^Sinith made a trip to eoldr ituiday. , _ - Hnsdell returned from Detroit Friday eveni&g^^Thedwctor was called to Detroit to help remoWa cancer frpm |be i tongue of.his brnther-in-Hw, M. Ronan; Miss Kittie Batt, of. AH?ion college, ^wa? at home the" latter part of the week. . ' ^ Earnest Waldo, of Battle Creek, was ,liefe Friday to attend-the fnneral of Frank Dean. . ^ GONBUMEESWG^SFOBIFIJEL. The Qas Company anouijces thdfoUpwing redue- tioninDrices"ofGasfoit.UQ-HTING woere^er (fa» S^d^Llt^f COOBIMG or HBATINGr to tak» effect PA arid after . * •-.... . RBPTBMBER 1st 1892i« R4.TBS,$l.eiO per 1000 cubic Ft For all Gait congamed wbete * •GA&-RAN6£ iiuagd. ._' - . » For *U gas coSSnied where COOKING or HE^TINGlSTOVES are ustd and the mo.Uly consumption is not le*S tUan 1000 cubic feet • . „' ' E*t 8 for Oaa uaed for LIGSTING ONLY remain unchanged *nd|aro a» follows; Less .tjiaii 1000 cubic ft. in one month, $#_ 00 per 1000*C!i,U^^ - ^aOOO cujjis ft. aiul less Wmu JtOiUO(X x cubio ft 1 month $1 W, p^4^f or ove^r^I mouth *11>0 i»er 10QO euWt? ft. tor :.• these • -— . Now W. Abratue. has been erecting a barn i HT3 TIP*- a we at* guig ^--^ . ^ ^ 3xperieIice,Probv€s Tk^ABVANTA&E of Qm For i F "' ' Michigan opened .Monday, that a rej^ralipn :;i|i«rartii)i pharowy denlrtmeata, fo« 1 deatal ' ' " • .^SSy-^SS!* i Edith. B$m, iy afternoon. te^see All tbeabove^ateB we au!>joet t:> aiseonat of 10 ete per 100» bubw ft wliw tMt ,ni is paid in orberore the JOth of tb k e month netf following. ^.^- J L' t r ( special rates *ra m»de t i iuduca oonsuniere to oae gw for cookin j in4 h**ti»f well at* . . ., ^luvf^-vr' €«»y«wleii«e. ,. l7iiAS'.SJOVIS naw %\U«§iil HARSH^MM^ii, SPECIAL BEDUCTION INI'fiW FfJITWRS*. rt of iO^per ceat wift M wade Irom regular jww?* on 9» bflto <W@tl ?i» W«P " 1892; ttlsip3;, AUIU9VT00

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