The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 7, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1892
Page 2
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^'vT.' ^Wif ' v J C C^'- ', \ ^^.^. ~«A( . .*-.., y..-....t f I, .Ml" JU-.-^—^-~ ?«-.*. -,.X-4-r..r—.^ OCTOBER 7, IHlv <- on* y«arturouffl» IP. «>...* t 7 4*ttT*t««l. 10 c«rfl* peY Wee at the office «' 6n S»biwlptioaii 151 8t»t« «trt»t. '•" ' . J.. M. Si OSES, PubH«b3r, - - ' ' MAf *!' " ten every mother to know that crouj) can be preventfd. True croup nrrver np'- peaTawithOut a warning. The first symptom is hoarsenesfe? then the child appears to iirgje taken cold or a cold may have nce'otnpatiied •the'hoarseness from the stmtr^fiEcrfchat-* peculiar rough chough ( UUevelot.ved, which is 'followed by UJJB oroup. The time to act v* *hen the ^KiTd'first ecoires l\c)nvso: ft" •SAM/S CRUISER..; Schooner f»:flonkej» " Wtttt tii« •• II. SK 8. IHtoiiican. . • . .'•'.. „., W.asbu, Oct. TJ-^-fte sealing • Willard Ainsworth has returned .maiden 'sealing cruise r 1 880 skins. The AiHsworth hail ;tng brush with the T, S. V UCll WHO kV* lllu II1 ^ U »'*-*-"•• !" '•• - *- ? " • loses of ChonTberlain'^CoUglj Remedy wvll Wvoiit the attach. Even 'after, n rough has appeared the -d^etine '.nny IK v«nled Jjy .ufeing thift rtWedy ft* div at G rcQnb's d.fu« sttfi'e? The most wonderfulmdd>5ne th.:\t I have with'-is ChambiirlnLjn's <~oUe, r Qu>I- I UK M* **O»A T» *,v«» HMV WBr on My 25. Last year tne is modus vlvendi that . Vniy 0J WgQ EUOUUB ViVClIUA WCI-O w**«i/ . »—»j schooner leaving portbetore the; agreement O/a?*-!'_U ^Jl->^ ««.4< *.A+ luitan 1 vrnrAill^ • had been, mad** and not '<!ould not be seiied for taking ---Behrlng sea, Nearly for $he stfhoo * era anti" Diarrhoea Kc. c . . colic it: gives specif-. Tfliuf. ,• Oii limiting trips I have.fOuniViV•Ifiilispcnsabk-i I'ut fin alkali "water it iinrm-rXd iik'UsniU' taste prevents .the \rnii fill." Ittdr rlu viv)iivh water produce*. 1-could ii<>/n/el #afo ?ivem\ erpmb store. i .- .- . . . . it in my house. •• -1. F. MnvUi, l?<>rt AIiiT- uibie', NI 1). *r\<r. snie nr nfyo.ivfcV dni«,' • J JVH I I f •M Dd** *^X*»«»«J m.vm J[~•— r- ——" year left port before the'newiribdu W b«en slgnei, and did not kmrv provided for selaure lot the sea WMfether or not-warning had been given. Some Very Neat Dodging- * »u»u W T,«~ tried to get awSy witb&tl warning. On the day mentioned, 'whet^ somewhere to the southwest of Middleton " Wand, the Ainsworth sighted the Mohican »_ • •* «._<** SI A^a nn*in¥*A *I"H1 ;lil*if it ctyiio . t'rqin JMerriii's. • Mr. C. B. JOIU'P, of Spring Hill, Iowa "I '-have', ti*od (jluunberliiinX l';tm for severe and paiiif«irinrtjH with UP'->VM ^ ,olu«es tto^ti curesithout tenunjr a j»cai," 1'nm halm tnoat useful medicine.-* Hint b e> pro \ulcd \\ilh, t<r.ceii\U> lame ithe PSQIUQ Hff-IT "•"-*" n***^.w» wr,™ — -~- -». r around, but when she 'did she bore down >ooner very fast. TheAiqswOrth .^iit and«6t away again., < Sent Some Iron Messengers; ' ^ iMD comminder»of the cruiser, then evi- ,'deaUylost hi» temper," for a gun was run t*ut forward. This time when she came •within hailing distance slie'. commenced >la«ingjiway. Five show were flred, 'ana li Captain t/antllllon donclnded to stop. M damage was done to the vessel, as the iota whistled through the rigging. Ensign lioanioon, a nepbew of President Harrison, ' tbarded the • schooner and serv.ed ofHciul cure, t * t The largest stock the lowest prices HYDE'S DrugtStore .V, This lon^expcrlerice' and a carefdl stilldy of the besfcrnetfiidB ennblei. us to cure evtnt,. . Curable Ciwe. We keep a record ot etety case treat'ed and.tbe resttlt obtained-and Oftn M- for you to people ^ho have beeti cured by onr Kcn.oitftbl. riiiH tor rreatment. . . , \V'e have visited tbe'same offlcea e»ery eight , \>-(.-eka foi the'pas|i tweuty-fiye yeure, • . . - We are prepared to show successful ,reM|lt8 m s -aWftswof the »ver, heart, lungs, Btom. , brain, nerves, rheirmatlsm,. qeural- calarth uttao caucorc, old fdret, - xnmow ' - . •iropsy.'chronlc dUictbwa. eezcma, Ipwof b roncliitiB, A«K«h*f^umonla, oonBtiM eruptions, plitaplea. humors, blotehe* ses of lo , nud all diseases Diis . . f blcatfo at Greene's. l\ For many j curb Mr. «. V. es Moind«, I6\\% ; waii with cm-ouJc iliarrbo-n, « as < ery 1 •« M J * , At cisti-ru ern /t ,_.IOut HUBrains ,.«», N, Y,, 'Oct, "7 -Engineer ! Robinson, ojt the Eriie, had started fester' ' d*y totheasBistanc* of Some derailed cars fbout ».mile west of this- city. He failed "to »ee the danger lights and dashed into ft Cabled train. John Mayer,.acorrepairey WM thrown headlong against the rail Jkihing out his brains. YardmasterE. V SbDougal, ankle sprained, and internal injuries which may prove 'fatal; Theodore Hoakini, flreman, elbow dislocateoVgal- vanlcer Hinckley.Jcl«htJeg broken; Williain/ flfeprge, Patrick Canriie, car repajrerst. •clap wounds and internal injuries; Met all Van Wagoner, galvanizer, scalp wounds, now broken and wrist fractured. ' Working Up Annexation. .. cesfi • BOSTON, 60t..T*'-l4 eut - E: A - McDonald, affex-alderman and well-knqwn busliiess rioin.'of Toronto, has been in Boston ft* se^ral days on an important mission. in —connection" with the awiexatiQtt movement - -ttiie other'side of the line. TThe formation i^*>fl North , Amecican Union; vleague. lobjectis thebringing about b^»olitical f$arcd )t would end my I>U\ _ scars ago I chanced 10 pi< our<> „---,-.Chamberlain's Colic, Clmlcia aim Duurliu e Remedy. It ga\c mo prfnmJt i|-liff v jind i, Tieilievo cured mo ponnimontly, as 1 now eui or dnnk^ ithout harm anything 1 pleafe. 1 have also used it in my family «»th the te--.t isults." For e ule at Chcc'iio s drug t-tore. •1 .'.expect !i,,t'tr\v <;-;t,tihlU«y v er morning-/ G,ct ; a picture at' Mi>priirs: ftlerriil, the grocer » Chew Mi?rfiU'.= frrciv (M-sUXIi iil-':i!)i'it ' M OyiTlon in' \vn:f i i l <!<" I\ House on \Ven,,e»d»y, bure Hentt Uegu.ator gltes Ito- m °re'« Sure Depuro for Di;^. of tbe Btomerh. hver. kidneys and blood, $t per boltw J)c. IJa-werVbiire atwm«jh.r«ls for dyspeptlqa 3i cents a bos, „ 1 havo'a Inteo^nnuiy f rtf graiJfe 5 * 'to f *, i. i . . i\ i- j. *oia stor*" ov 4 !t ioy arc fc-x'tf.i n'.co an-J AMli bo orders ,at Mho >'• Cry for Eroiu ipj lain '1 aiaml I S. TK-f KUS * 1tqher J 3 ; Castoria. ursilay night, Sept. - ot-the finest located rggl -Joaceajnthe city at a bar«ftl».> .*yJ»V|J- tiess being such na nectrssttartw B , cuftl *2«f « «•; i dunce, 1 will dlapose oMnr resldauc^ jy«. .of dtypn.k, also a lot •*«•#»« «»t a »m»*l«*J- " dence In connection wli h' •*""> jrUtch wl« be sold \vlvlf or wUb^iti>e»Jdenve.jf8ultlh«pur- _ cliacer. * - 17 s - l>U*t.»n» ' 1VER&REEN SWEET OttP; 'Ten Cents per can— Tbree lot^aeeiuts.. ^ » QUALITY GUARANTEED. ' iTuitably iw J . r«f oysters at ;Cuu- . 1 -- will ,be in thu eit'y t|u*-wci'k "|.r..|iari;d in till Select ;ini niughntn'*. - Fresh outers. tU/Cun.ninghfliu's.. • .... j- .^__, • '••. t jirpoV,' <.lcrtiilHK.\ ' '•• I "tnu now Wen for. fulP business. Lcnvf onlcrs f/ir jour .work Monday and 't'hni-iihi\Jfca/il=nal. "price 2 1 ,.' cents I OST-AM «ar >t 4 Lhuve ttH)V«jd iny atort; viHe-dawm on" West Main s Gusty Kciidall place.- Of M»r3'ball stud .' PQPUUJITlJlJ •JT *"-"V.V* **^O*"*O "™ ,-^T- - -T* ^^^ ^.- ' ou laetweftn the Ubited States and Cana- bv peaceable and legitimate nwsans, has result,ofhisYteit. The league orders .promptly at- of §torm Merges atPerrets - t, about twj t«8t l»uf called a telephone trumpet. If uwlnjBrM,. , ay a HultttUle reward.' J)'it}dot Ie«Te.»t '!., eforn. ; .....,':' : - _ K-A Rood new rajllw S9W K 3. ye»t». old. Euqqifqof.M ; J.UiUett. M EN WANTED -Salary and expenaea. umnentplacu. Apply HOW. Ou»f:growec» •of nursery Btoitk on UmU Amene»n a (i Ko. S. flWu My' A N,"" '. P. () box 292. J. H. SANDEES over Miss'KolIy's Mille.nerv^T-T" B co. Nurserymen, Ubluago. A li001> BUSINESS StTK for sale an Stale street, the Mrs, Bteeje property.* IForionu* and price apply to 0. Cuoninguaui, Ag|ent< Get\your Corned, Beef "seotion, but i> is intended to j all classes throughout the country. The Real Estate Men. ' ^ BnyFALO, Ocfe 7.—Papers were read yesterday before the real estate congress on Myers.uf Chicago; "Urban .Realtfllegisla- 1 by Hon. A- p. Colyer, of > - Transfers," by J. < _'~ ami).. Out of Buffalp7 was elected 'preadentLO. W. Crawford, of Grifnn, His., secretary, a Mott Williams, of Nashville, treasurer, ht. Paul Was selected as the next place of meet ing. Adjourned sine die. • Hoc ChildreoJCry for PitcheS Gastorjai Qhildret^ Crylfcr • Pitdrer's Castoria, WHIT E'Sr^JAT U«OAY. SAT U ROAY. ' " tJlUt; uii jooU* all ut.'\v r>C( luc. l»c, a.n'1 'vO' ecu is.- Kemuaiits Qingbami r/wijlt JUT y/inl, ReuiuautK Ca'ioo "i cisuln per yard, .Long LtCEths Kt>;us:of!td or' inor.-,. Oucids (Qpara House li, ROWLAND, MlB.nager. : .,_iGLEA?PEAEAJJOE. ''. itlDAYj OBT. 12, / In 4h? B»»« — — ' Oi|eXGO, Oct. 7.-^Following are yesterday's League base ball records: At Chicago —Louisville 3, Chicago 8}ftt Boston—Philadelphia 4, Boston 7; (second game) Philadelphia 5, Boston 9; at Washington—Baltimore 5, Washington 13; at New York- _ ij Uu<ier-wv ar Curuu .-u Always tbu C'lieapuut. -. :.>i-riits. PEAC^ AND • CER; •' .-'-.': : -aitendetr to promptly . Hfl^a sat® t& feeepju4sc dqe^«t and ,pth<?r : .valuable papers " V ' n Ciiciiati; Jaeteon & Time table taking effect Sopt . lit, 188-.>. ^ Marshall as follows: THAIS i <JQIN8 Vo. a, Toledo • ij, Clnolonatl TWO DAILY TRAINS TO MONTANA A.ND P^CIFfC COAST. On and after-April 3d; trains uu tin- Js Paclflc railroad will" run as li»Uuw»: Iru.iu 5-o. fel. Paul'.ia. m. Gaily, f through to bpokautf, Seattle. Tacouiu an , . Butte. Moutuu.u - Xtijtiu - - -- delphia 6, Boston »; at »» UAHIU&WU.— ««* IJave St Paul4:iJp. u timore 5, Wastihigton 13; at New York— t « gpoka'ne, Seattle, "i Brooklyn % New YorkfS; at Pittsburi,- hleluna, Montaua. Boi ^Louta J), Pittsburg 5; (second ^m^St. haulpm^t of M u.^ Louis 5, Pittsburg 10; a^ Cleveland--Cm-1 O . cie8 an3dinnig™r tinnati 6. Cleveland 5, j, _ Ttirwigh PuUuiw) u *~**~~^ • ^_^_^____ \vi)j teftve Chicago Ht ^-yjj Ol. i"ttU-i *.i^ I'. '^*. (^'^Ija .."»«.."i. ..--"T-^I^Spokane, Seattle, 'Ttuouia and Vcu-tland via S6 al-.-|A-r». lOUr- ;o doif.iUf.t A,siil)|irb rjrjiuntatiou of this Dramatic >Iaslerpi«cu. ELEGANT SCENERY, ELABORATE MECHANISM, GREAT COST. Jorgeews PJush Palace, A dream of tmi&ulficcuf splendor 4 Ad^ince in Prices I *. ' gteT«n«on at Chicago. CHICAGO, Oct 8.—Hon. A, E. Stevenson arrived in tow» las,t nignt, and was escort" . m. fld.iTj% \\ls- ftVB Cblcago «»:« p. m. fld.iTj% \.» s- Ctutrei Lino for ,111.1 the Paculc Korthwci-t. J'irht t-lam yeswOulu'hUej^r %\iU leave (,'Uiciigo fi p. iu. dauy, via C., -.1 , * t : t, 1 . By for Butte," Spokane, Taeouiiv and Fortiju.c- eee tlirouKU Bleeping Cttfs «,£tua:d tb« bt-ut ol° & :, > ^K*BVWM» «*"» •^^T r ««r i— -'—*jf-^ - j --s^—•>•• « • JLJuBev ViirOUm* |pi-GU.jJA**i^ vt#-^v *•(*" N"*-«- «-«^ — «.»... ^— MbrW-J BwUlH and "Others to the rooms aeoqniniodaiioni! and. enable traveler- TO avoid C?the county I^ocraticcommitte^where « »" tr^biuof delays from i^m«e •>!. cw^ ^ * rflff enthusiastically received. Later lie I» reception V the Palmer IJouaeittid """ "j wi^th*Demoer»tacTiay^ing. «.—The ^_ declining Jhf! nomination for wagireceivedrby^tlie Peopjie's fill the uoublu "of delays from TUe" dining car* ou UIL- Xortlifja Putiflc centtene to .wed' »4tU.. to.v.or wyJU U*o ir«v<*iina potuio, Ko^^iHs ar^<*|)ttrwH>y A« cuinwrvuy to wake tto.w aitrtiet.xvB-^srt' cf \w Witb the enperlcirftfiowuwodttuottajK'-, ,~—,_, ' - • • •*- or Hettleto will llud'to*) "Uebtrou'te to »*'—, *, Coluiabiiu Alftsta i"' OS'i'— it parse JL( dollars and some cUatwe; the cba»«je being lua t*av« fit Onroitiwe office « (nVeulng. Oct. 8. ' at tUs otllau and .l U *a» . 27, Local Freight.^ 9a *» Stall and Expre«»,. .*. ....... ..... 10 M a.m :« ^ c£plnna,« ! i I'HTO. Expcea* ..... , .« 2* P »• " "84 Kxpress ............... ' .......... W*iaB> » as! Local Etelghtp... ....'.. ............ «37a«. . All trains daily except Sunday. Blwci ponnecuoas are mad« at Ifoledo and Clnclnatl^ltli all roads diverging Traina.21 and «J make go od een&Midon *t M»n teidT^Wi the G R. & 1-fand at All«an wit* -.»« C, A W. M for Grand aaplda, Muatofjjoa »ud «.d nortii. . . Sen. , B. MIZK, Agt., MargltaU. R . TU HEST- WeUave HOWS v«ry deoir- • iui.>uij*ia*reut o>ur otiretoru suitaule li iuct,'K,ijBtili.g. For partJculare Inftuire ?!. W"* 1 -. ^ ».v*w tly iutiifuvod. J rSiftU city w-jj «itttS nfu? « A , ,, inu -wUo . w.iuts «• ..jMwvu.afs addrci? or «^-> Vow r, Sfuble ploofc Battle WEDNESDAY, OCT. 12 AT ? O'QLOCK. P, M. AUCTION Tbe Household Goods of tie l%te J08IAH LEPPEE, At the Hou«e or, Hii?hrst. ,f.: iJi

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