The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 6, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1892
Page 4
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THE DLY OERON10LE, OCTOBER d, i * ** '^ WTFf "DfYtl \ffl VVI14d JCiUJjiMU Riddance ,at Last of the Daltin JGang. . FOUR DE^D, ONE OEKTAIN TO If Uli Wottnd Doean't G*t Him JfXdg* LynohWUl— A SUth Cloto frolied by Enraged CUUerti—Thli Hapj>jr OdMttm* matloa Saddened by tt»« LOM of Two Citizen*' Live*, with Another fatally • Hurt,— A Raid on Coff«yTlll», kan., Bank* That Brought on » Bloody Battla — Story of thexglPdt. • y • CoFfETVittK, kas., Oct. &.— -Tte Daltoa ' band of outlaws, th«:m09t notorious in the j • west, wa6 wiped off the face of the earth .here yesterday, hut in the battle which resulted in their extermination three good citizens were killed and two fatally wounded. The desperadoes, who had. grown bolder as they thought they were aboye all law and that the officers .of the country were, powerless against theta, had "attempted to raid the banlta of this placer- began their career of outlawry'about two years ago and nearly every train robbery committed In the southwest since that time has been attributed to them. It' is said the proceeds of their robberies amount tp 1200,000. . -.-"?- , ' " ;' A. Wounded Cltl««n Dead. .Lucius Baldwin, one of the fatally Injured citizens, died during the afternoon. The unknown: desperado has been Identified as a man named Moore, who went under thetiame of Texas Jack. Up tomldnigW the bandit who made his escape had not been captured.' . < PREFACE AND REMARK. \- ^-^olntfodvice by preliminary-remark's. RemBtk-^To Bttfig to notice.' . o . Noah,li. -'flfobiter.. In other words we with to Introduce to your notice, prefacing our remarks as above, the fact that by addressing the nnderalgned you can be furnished with the lowest fates ard best routes " TMNiagara Falfc Route." JUNE 12/1-898. . Maps, BARRY to the Northwest, West and Southwest pamphlet! and all Information free. MERGER, Mich. Passenger Agent, Chicago. Milwaukee & pt. Paul Hallway, tit UrUwold street, Detroit, IJtah. .. ' < | - . . t n | £s\.f r _- | . ..... __ . THE jtAFIA AT CHICAGO, A MuwHAth* 4>fflclalt Believe WM Com- rnlttcd by That Society, Jl CHICAGO, (M,. 6.—Lieutenant Wbeeler, of the Chicago police, who has been |vork- their, old hoiper-when which, they so well merited, but Whichthey hod heretofore escaped, Had they confined their efforts to train robbery they might now be alive, but emulation^—the James boys proved their- death.* ThVwaa their •first attempt at bank robbery and their last piece of outlawry/ ' Opened Business in Two Banks. The six; outlaws came Jnto town together, • on horseback about 9:30 o'clock, afi&JbaaV- ing their horses alley walked .rapidly across the square "'and 'four entered Con• don's bank and two the S^irst National: At'Condbn's ^ank the desperadoes "were told by Cashier Ball that "the time lock would JiQt be open until 10 a'c}ock, so.hold- ing their "Winchesters on Ball 'and. Teller Cbasy Carpenter,they said they would wait, taking, meanwhile,tha,money inthedrawerj Bob and Emmett Dalton were the two who • took in the First National. Hero were • Cashier Ayres, his.aonBert ,ftnd Teller TO. H. Shepherd. .They were, forced to' give up I * all the money'in the safe 'which was hastl- * ly shoved into bags. .The Daltons then forced the three out of. the fronff door and followed rignt after them.': > * The 'Fight Rage* Hot and Paadly. . The alarm had in the meantime been 4 given aiid as the outlaws appeared George Cublne, a merchant, and: Express Agent Cox shot at one of them, badly wounding him. The outlaws" then returned the ore, ubine. The robbers *n Condon's t out of the window, hitting; Ayres ies Brown'. Both robbers "then through tMe bank, when they it by Lucius Baldwin, a clerk, and wounded him. The citizens being oroughly aroused by this time.-W-ere hot and heavy after them and .after .a fight, in which City Marshal Connelly was killed succeeded in killing the four desperadoes named and mortally wounded Emmett, who lies in a' ,room here. He will die with* .out a 4°ubt,' .if not in one wi other. ing diligently for several days on the case of Fiigero J^fcrtino, an JttftUan-Wiho Was killed 3unday"bight in a west Side saloon, believes that Martino was a victim of the dreaded Mafia, and bays that he has good reason to think that a branch of the.go- ciety which caused'so much trouble in New Orleans a little over a 'year ago -exists In this city. . ': • •.' ;""','. Perfiaps The Seven Are Waflan*. —This belief is/based upon the actions of the seven Ital^s who were awateo after the shooting 7 and the positive testimony "bf three'JUAljang that a branch! of jibe BO- seven men the shoot* ia did, not ard • For Over Fifty MBS. Ww^Low's SOOTHING SYRUP has been used for okildren teething. It, soothes ibe*oh\Id, softens the guma, allays all pain* cures wind colic, and is •" • ' r • '"• *- • Twenty. all/iifugj ttie best remedyrfor Dinrf bowv five cents a bottW. : 8old b gists throughout the world,- alamazoo.... Battle Greek.. Marshall, Dp,. ciety is established here. The were present in the -saloon wh ing occurred, yet each swore know who fired the fatal shot. •pealarCheap Excursion (•> 1'etonky And • . • ' Tr^verHe f;ltj»' Tia the G. R. &I^J$. U., on Tuesday, October 4thi 1893./ Ottlj> $4.00 from Monteith or 4:50 from f Krtlau)az;oo for the" rcund trip, Good for teturn •Until Pct6titer 18th. Special train, leaves Kal- amaaoo 8:35, Monteith 9:01. Positively the laflt ctance to visit tli«se poi>nl«gr re sorts this* season. \ i)o4 Ohio '"Mall Bx.'f g«.».'Kk t tjap'l*-|||it> ilir •—'-" ~ /* *•••••» * .'~T' Jpa*^» ,, , . a.m. Detroit, WT 8 90 Jaokson^.ll 80 Aclblou .,..ia 10 Marshall .,13 83 Battle Cr'k I 1)5 05 86 they said Sv'aloKoaha was thr murderer. Later the police were told thai it wast, Antonio Passero; , / • " \ Said They Feared the Consequences.X The victim hlmselfysaid 'that' it was Antonio Marsenio. .Officers wore set? at work to find these 1 three men, ttot though fortified with many addresses £#?ea to find any df Jihem. Tho^eVeu men<were again p'Ut on the rack, and i,t was gathered from them that the/ feared i/hb consequence If they Should tell-upytbinu;. ,Tl«- w iff ot the niur- dered mhn told Lieut eaunt V» heeler Jhat ,her husband was the victim of the,i Mafia,, A well-to-do Italian barber also 1 'not iflul him of tho exist v-ntw ol w th<' S(x:i«ty 4 n,nd An Itulftin ^J'<^ • r' Cl iv>ur« l:}»t l v »-. L^uvv of exisiei,i-.« I •, , " "Boyal Hnbj" 1 The term "delicate heaUh^'-i* used to express a physictd condition in which the powers of nature appear to be partially ex- hauated and the, system is peculiarly sensitive to all morbid influences. Slight causes, which would produce no disturb ttnco' whatever in the body or mrnd of H» robust indi- e-^itrVgth, And depress irits T)f persona' in delicate f Health. ir^should be had under these cirouni- to^^fBoykl Ruby" port wine. If there 'is any "reaepve of vitality v ip the enfeebled organization, this exhil- iarant and tonic will i6use unddevelopo it. (Saturdayse •»i«o/A. Mif • ' .'«: ftexaei Pat p.m. 1U.5C HOC -.7 K ». m p.m. i KM 13 01 10 is ?» a » w ., * — s 107 6 M fuudayM ««ce?te4 M. & tiqkot ARI.. Krelgbt A«eAt,, II. OshiiRV. Tlo.KPtt Aftfi.1, Msrihnij HUMPHREYS' PRECIOUS OWTMJCNT ' i» tha "vhlual, prostrato The ConmiDen Comiaer^lal Quart bottleH, $1; pints ; 60 centsy'Sgld, and guaranteed! by M. B. Powell. Bottled by Boyal Wine Co. Chicago. or the pur poae of .obtain' tafr/aad diitnbutiacc infortnatioi^of every kind tq the meroantHe world and general plibllo, information relating to credit!, price«< yaluct of real estate and nierohttndiae in different) localities-, ad dresseijind a thousau'l ami one other matter fiotn all parts ol the United 8tates>nd territoriea, furaished at nominal ooat, reliable and strictly private. l7 ApplT to D. CcNNnroaAJi, Sole Agt: Look at the goods at DO YOU WAN I GOLD •' •' , ' • ,, •••• s. •••",. C/lpple Creek"Knot a health resort. It Is a wealth resort. Qam » dlfferencul Locution near Pike'* Peak m -Colorado. Wold— bright, yellow gold !• found at grass rootu and IB the rook formattoa. * ' • '" "" Bailable experts olalra this la today toe rlrbait camp In Colorado. Always average 8100 per' ton, and hare run ai Itigh^r, »5,00y", Ooo hua~- dred. people a day-are now rnshing t« Fiemuut, ohlel town' or tho district. ' ' '• JfKet chaiioe of a lifetime u wortb lyhklng Ton can g«t there qulgkly aud ooinforWbly by the Hanta Fe route. Only line wltb no , triumph of Scientific JVIedicirte," Nothing has ever been produced to equal or com pare with i andHEAMfroAppj^ATiON. Ithfcsbeeo used 40 years arid always affords relief and alwSya^gives, satisfaction, » Cures PILES or HEMORRHOIDS—Butarnal or Internal, Plind orBleediner-Itchlng aad Burning; Cracks ofrlisures; Fistula in Ano; Worms bf the Rpctum. iTie relief is knnie- diate—the cure certain. " OIL change o( can (ram Chicago, Han*at City nnU other principal citiei to Plorliiant, uuarett railroad station, with daily •tageato ifreiuout. AddnM for rate apd »err]ct, CEO. Mlohigan ft C1UMAN, MffEeer Ajz't Santa V» KoNlu, DRTBOIT. -MtOll. . Cures BvRNSTScalds and Ulceratfon and Contraction froni^urns. The relief ia instant, Cures BOILS, IBtJTuipors, Ulcars, Fb- tulas, Old Sores, ItchW£ruptions,.S<niffy or Scald Head. /It is inuuibte^--^^ , Cures. INFLAMED Or CAKED BREASTS apt .Sore Nippfcs. It is.mvaluable. ' ftice, 50 Cents. Trial size, as Centei B°» by Dri«UU,or M»t pett-paM •» rao*l»t of yrlM. }*iii<minuib,iiBwn6K. THE PILE OINTMENTT Spears Was on Hand. Jim Spears, a livery stable keeper, hia Winchester rifie killedthree of the outlaws in as-many seconds. This created suet a diversion . that the enabled to get close endugh to kill another of the rob* bers, The two remaining robbers their plunder and mounted' tb/atr horses, but a posse was quickly in pursuit, and one more of the bandit gang fell froin his horse , mortally wounded about two 'town. The sixth and-last was still pursued at latest accounts. The man who got away is supposed to! be Ailie Ogee. 'This is the old • home of the Daltona, and it •^peculiarly appropriate tha* " be rid of the gang here. ^/ Where the Rewards Should Go. The large rewards for the capture of the outlaws dead or alive will, if the citizens' wishes are respected, go to the families of the murdered citizens. All of the money sio Dp. ieu, or call on your d Sharpateen's Lavender d . . r Aathmatio Balaam; medioin* that wave lives when doctors fail'in Mem- oranom Croup, Inflammation r f the uunga, Lan«'Fever and Typhoi Pneu monia, also quickly relieves a P pares Uroup, Scarlet Fever, W poping Cough, Bore Throat, Burns. S "»lds and similar afflictionb. 25 -and 60 centa or )y,mitilT DB E< SHABPSTBBN, Propri- ir/Marsball, Micbigftn. . . Don't lail to see the Dress Goods at Perretts. W ANTKD—Book sg«nu. to can? . Meohao c*l Pocket, Cowpa ' rapidly^ For tetrltoi'j and pat tic Home Publ'rtluu Oo»p»D] " ' Detroit, Mloh. T7IOB ftALB-^Honga'8U Mulbe X; rodr square. Klne»t ijarc •hall. -Price vary tow. ' '•'••':•• ..., V -^_ ;J ' /JOHNJIoBPUU, ; U B?« 4t« Mf rg^all, Mich aw •» tllo World'* In Ihe form of a^JiarKe sized litho- in eight colors, with key wltanie, can be had by aending yoariaddress was recovered to a cent and turned over to I with twenty cents in postage stamps to the banks.. Emmett. Dalton has made a | Geot H. Heafford, G. P. partial confoosion that his gang was the I .... . „„ ., Ot •,„_, Barne that robbid the Pacific Express car Milwaukee & St. Paul on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railway at Adair station, in the Indian, terri- • tory, last July and committed other daring robberies. . • Grot In Tho l»te for the Fun. '—-N. The news was telegraphed tp Parsons \ shortly after-10 .o'clock and General 3nper- Nwtendent Frey, of the Missouri, Kansas imd Texas railway, v with'his special ear ia which were thirty or forty, trusty citi- 4 . EeWwith Winchesters and shotguns, came ' . to CoffeyviUe tor assist in running the dtes- . peradoes to bay., Tney found on their arrival that there' was but little work for them to do, a»$he plucky inhabitants at Coffey ville had w^undynp the. careoiu of the desperadoes. ^*-< ' . ~ \ 1M of Stead and Woojadedf 1 swinglf^ IwS of the casualtie^i Dead Chicago, 111 4s the supply 'is finiited, application must be made earlt. Should the supply become axhaustedlthft postage stamps 'will be returned to applicant. Wtom. Brtyw«i dote, We tfn her OaXorl*. The best Pertumes al• • ' ••'•''• ' •''' i "• ' • ways in stock at G* H. Greene's DrAg sto^e. Ladies are invil call and test them. A NEW I'AIHLESSI .U£RTA1N CU_flE. GIVES iNSTANT I RELIEF AND LASTING CURE. NEVER RETURNS. TO PROVE IT and to convince I you Uwf j twill promptly euro any case; I CUR of rlle«. External , Internal,. Bleeding, ding or I PACKAGE t<» cover . rna , . I Protruding or Itching; we will «nd ^ to a--/ ' 1HOS, j. SPRAOUE i SON, Attorneyi tod Solicitor!ol P»t- cuts. Ualieil Sutet and (oreicn. Corrnpbndencc folicited. J»- itructlon Pwnpbltt free. 37 WIST COMCBBSS ST., DB- Bfttfailibedta6s You can aiways find the bes,t Cigars at . Greene's Drug store. Call and try m. 0««tocia. tb«i 60 ShiroMfcire Thoroughbred Ewes and >.Banta imported direct- 'from Shropshire, England will arrive here in a few days and will be offered for, sale by JAMES SNELL, i a SALE—A - 68 inch oidlnary blojc e, bali besxiogs tbrQBgbpnt, ia flrut 'clans condition, gust oe sold at onoe. Best ofter over $25 H. inquire of t(. S.-. Morrlaon at. court THETRIUHPHOFLOVE! A Happy, Fruitful MARRIAGE! gvaYimi^a KNOW the QBAND , 8ALB—a complete tools Including che/it kit ot carpenter's and work bun on, groceries, flitures and croskery, fl«twe8 and- tpgewer or singly with .ble rent: Satlalactory KOodwllL will, .Willbe 4 «a«hion tired Columbia biojule for Watson'*. 4o4 and an ujJdea Conn'eUj Cubjnji, merchant; Fatally, Thomas G. A; ;the Firat JfationaA bank; — all desperadoes^ C. of medloal werjw from horitlea, WiUbe»old very pledbf JouaBatler. W and (• p|ln*ed in. f »«py ftne . cleric ia Brown's «^o« store. -•11 fiJBiW^' wKRMWHWiW^WP «w»«§tw«*««- at ap^ write for- oar wow called "A TKEATIS?) To any earnest man we Entirely Free, in ~ JOB AH P to: the did Secrert the New Dlscov- - -- Medical ftd; mail one copy .„_ jealed cover, qua*l«." Addrww _ ^ . •RIE MEDICAL CO,, BUFFALO, M. T

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