The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 6, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1892
Page 3
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THE DAILY ».'B* store. MtThOROLOGJCAL meteorologicai rerorf'taken by •" ine's "88 61 WIND. SB sw sw Highest, 65, low«8t, 30. By fejftsteriag tnermometer (or last 94 bourn. BREVITIES. Regular meetibg qf ^t. Albans lodge •Friday evening. „ " -.Li- X. .Go and get some chicken pie at the: Uhiter|ali»t church Frulay evening. Tliekone work in the BbuthWorth- Hondton block Is nearMTg completion. Ths Frst state bank, of Homer, will increase Us capital stock to $45,000 at . once. " . • •• ^ ' • • the reunion»of the Twelfth-Michigan - Infantty will be held in Albion Wednes- dayand Thursday, Oct; 12 arid 18. / Hrs'. B. Adale Kiley, who, has been visiting in Canada and New York,Jina ' returned to her home in this city. ..„ Allegan Democrat: M«s Kittle Eg- gleaton, of Marshall, arrived TJutrsday ,to remain indefinitely with her auut, Mrs, E. C. ReUU- ' . ", Mr»* F. W.. Sftlsbury, Who has been •pending the summer at. the sea shore is risitidg tier parents, Mr. and Mrs! r Wm. RUey, in this city. " .^ • At a meeting A! the delegates of the ivcral granges of Calbdun county Rev. Charles Kilborn, recently from „ noia, has'rented the Washington H#hse aticT taken pbssesaiddT Hon. A. rj. ^tevenson, democratic nominee for vice president, will speak a Jackson thfi latter part of the month, It is quite probable thatT^Twsje dele j glgationBimeirto Battle ( erieek from this ciW S^uVdffy^veninff to hear Jut!go . Morse 4 . .Mr. and Mrs*. Chas. Clut'e Accompanied by Mrs. T. J. whisboltu started for he east yesterday to yMt friends at various points in New 5 Iprk- Thre October St. JTOhols ends the nineteenth volume. The shqlf thai- lOlds these volumes is a full treasury 6 . John W.-Woodworth was 'duly elected rtpresenutire to' the state 'granges for tflght, instructive, helpful and delight* ul rending fpr the' young. The pros pectus for the coming year is-u protf hat the magazine has no intent ion of resting upon its well-earned record, The electric commissioners at <J. H. Southworth'fl office-tonght to consider the price to be charged for ghVs.* They.wjll be pleased to >ave any of our citizens who desire to ittentf and-give any information oliiho subject that they may. have or make suggestions concerning 1 this matter. The meeting' will be held at about 7iSO o'clock. ' * * / -' '< \ A couple living in Eckford had a row n few da^tf since and agreed to disagree. The woman went to. Albion one after- nopa and (while she was aVay the Vian aold.ytjia{wheat, stock and about all Mi" Donna Diciey gave a, "liay to a tfumber oJ her friends fast We judge 'rt^?H«^ highly ap predated a* tha participants looked \r»tbeV4eedy ithis mprnirig.' Wm. Riley left this .morning for a trip through Illinois. Missouri, Kansas the southern states in the., interest of We 1 Fblding^W'fb .I'^Co. Mo will_be absent about three months, Tue probibtiou meeting last evening fW9 held at the Universalist ehurcn and tie building was crowded. The speaker scored bQth the old parties, but gave the republicans a lutle the woratof the deal. ' . •/The World's b'ajr band is Sousa's, the one watch will-be h^ard at Ham- bliu'a opera house, Battle Cre$k, Fr;<day afternoon. - Smith, the cornet *>lajer, from London, Stalls, the clairnet solo- Hi and several dthera are spoken of 'aa the finest band men m America. N, HI Briggs writes, a tetter to the* Buttle, Creek Journal announcing that lie ia 8till> republican, At the recent rdpublicao county convention the Battle OreeK delegationwenf ost-oi-ttfeir way to give Mr. Briggs a jalap, and now he states that •otwithstanding their abuse lie is Btill a republican. . The Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Calnaun County is about to make its first assessment since the comf any began business April 4,1892 The losses sustained amount to |2,843. 60. " This assessment is made at the rate of from (wo to Vine cent? on each 1100 of property insured, according to the amount of losses since insurance was Uken. Manager Rowland fca* concluded arrangements for an early presentation of tbft famous romanca, Monte Christo. This pl»y is to be presentee^ in a most splendid manner and with a perfect ' wealth of special scenery, every piece us»d being carried by the company The company engaged is a very strong one and the presentation of this popular play is~guaranteed to be of a superior order. Due notice of the coming will Ire givenlater The foUawioK/iB from the weather crop bulletin J0ctober 4 of ^Lce: Southern counties™ In this fjelr. of counties the season has beenrai "ly oro; f4v»» thej/poraonal property and got a>cheek or the same. , When- she got bacjc-'-eb^ made thjuga so lively that- the party giving the 6heck go^f scared and dj^aymiBlit of the^ame J Tn'ings were getting quite cotupUcatcd and the prosp_eet good .for a law suit or two, when p Marshall gentleman stepped in and; got matters adjusted so that the man had. his check cashed. . Tho woman got enough money to satisfy ^fr and they separated perfectly. satisfied. Common Council. • • In council Monday, Oct. 3, 1892,., Mayor Roll called, Full board I and vegetation «e not as -well to other portiousxof th,e wever, thwe remains but 1U tie f o| t(VB farmers to q& bef or« the sea- ;i§ ?Mtures ut4ote and corn touting is belong egaked rapidly in good ebape aad f ^li feed Most of the |»J1 g op »M, Jq»ki w^U. 'A pul u», Corn a C r 04? apd potatoes are 6* 1892; TOMORROW <reseiu. ^> . last meeting read and approved. Re8ignation*ar s Fred O. f Hutchins as member of Wolyerine hoge company presented utnl accepted. By Aid. Dean: 1 Resolved, That the C. J.-& M. R. R. Co. have- he, privilege of' tapping the. county newer u. carry .the surface water from their vault to amazoo rixer at their own expense; said work to »done-under the supervision of the marshal. Adopted. . By the Recorder: ' ^ ' WHBBEAS, The proprietor of the proimrtj 1 known aa Kurd mill in the city vf Marshall li^ pot paid, his taxes for last year nor this year ou said property. Beit • ': Rescjfved, That if same, is not paid within one week from date that city withdraw all fire -uiul police protection from said property. Adopted; By Aid. Coleman: . Revolved, That single flag crossing be ordered built across State street in iTont of property owned'by John Sanders' and Wn). Baseley; said walk to be paved four ft.on each side. Adopted. By Aid. Coleman: ' ^>-^, Rearlved, That Recorder procure! at once */•'• doz, 'police batons' and belts for policemeu. Adopted. , ' By^Ald. Exeler: - ' •-, Resolved, That Recorder precure 1H inch; flag stone for,crossings in place of 16 inch as hereto- Wre. A.mended by Aid. Dean that, ^ of stone purchased be 18 inch wide. 'Thf motion as amended was carried, f BAAld. Davis: R&olved, That new^lbssing two flags wi4u be ordered built on west side of Marshall avenue across Monroe street. Adopted. Mr. South worth,-chairman of the board of electric light commissioners presented to council in behalf of the board, a. contract between them and the Brush Electric Light Co. for the lighting of the city of Marshall for their approval, and on ntotlon of Aid- Phelps the same was approved by' the following aye and nay vote: Ayes—Aids. Hyde, Phelpa. Brewer, Qoleflian, Davis, Dean, Egeler and .the Recorder—9. Nays —None. « The Mayor appointed Jo~hn A. Miller as. a member of Wolverine hose in place of Fred O Hutchina resigned. . ^The rules were suspeaded and following bills Light Co., gas used in September, „ „,-. l. M. Moses, printing, $12.96; John Hoffman. Betting box.on nose wagon, 50c; Rice Creek MulUuTCo., feed, «B.87; O. A. Briegel, burylnjc two dead horses, (6; Ohas. E. Burkhardt. poUbe •erylce, |».75; Aedrew Ruddock... police Marshall .53; Jan. \ o BOUMAN & SPERLING Will Have. The v day only Oct. 7. •'•'XI know tkat I am a little far to tbe East end btrfc as pur city is growing<we miisit spread out, we^all cannot X°business 'in the centler,Jbut ^ ypti if in i^ajat of any Hardwatf to gi^e me a call. X haye two caiioads of Acorn Gpok- & B&eating Stoveis tp pick from. Over <)ne MiiliPn of the^e stoves now in usev. Every bpdy is invited to call at my Salesroom and iii^ speot my new line of goods. I also f \ pake a wonderful offer in ^plated , -x .•••"« ••• •--- i goods this wqek. M ' JOHN ISAiJSg, East State Street BLOCK:. K m TO OONSUMEJRS OF The Gas Goinpany anouncae_ tion in prices "of Gas for LIGF is used ALSO for COOKING or effect-on and afb*>r, SEPTBMBJSE 1^ POBIFUEL. iheJfpUowmg r«duc- G wherever G&a IATING to takd GAS STQYB HATBS,$l,60 per 1000 cubic Fur all G.^a consmued where a GAS RA.NGE H utt\;d. HEATINGlSTpVESfro OftiTud tb(t aoatUy conauinptioa ia not loi*i tliftii 1000 cubio v teet , I Bat a f'jf Gae uaed for LIGHTING ONLY remain uachauged.aud'aro M follonr*: f.css tjfan 1U.UQ cubit- ft. in (ine month, 4$ 00 per iOOO'cubio, ' - • f- t-r^~X '. . f '*"...'"' ^OOQ oubi'j ft. and des? than. 10,000 cubic ft 1 month $1- 90, lU,000 or over. I 14011 tli /per . , police service ^^? Buss M k. Kroiwjr, police service, il; aemoe, 12; Joliu R. Rowe, «U,|28,75v / we allowed QB Huoter, |90! itone tor W. Mujniw, itoae »Ul» fi *J.» percent of ta^mM.'' Bed ft»r two Owe. bO per L.0,8ft-cut>itt ft. All the above rateu ara aubject to a dUcouq.t of 10 ota p'er lOOf cable ft wken tigf bill is paid ia or before the 10th of the month ueit following. -• ' . -Ilia abo7d special rates aro made to iadace conBinnero to use gM'fpf oookin; and M well as " Experience prqoyea Tijei, ADYAJJTAOE of Gas For ^7 " , . CooMp&Q¥0rEv«iy Other •is 175 0A8 ^TOVIS niw in use in SPECIAL REDUCTION IN QAS FIXTURE*. A tiSoot»-t of 10 per .cent wili be mode fromiegular prioi 1 * OB t$ biU*i for ''

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