The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 1, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1893
Page 3
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BREVITIES. When the ostrich is captured. tie knows his mishap Means many a feather ' In somebody's cap. Customer—"Didn't you tell foe tbis "horse was afraid of nothing?" ^Dealer -"That's just What I said." "Why,' he , shies at his own sjbadow." "Well, a shadow is a,bout as near nothing as any iork Weekly. H. H, Smith, Sr., of Jackson, is visiting at Dr. Smiley's. Boftt yrslorda'y, to JMLt> and 'Mrs. Bksh field , ,ot M afongo,-A £«n. t Mrs. C. tL' Borridaile is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wffi. Ritaferd. Hear Mrs. Lellie Locke Godfrey at the Opera Hdnsfi next Wedgda? even ing. Miss Florence Powers, of Homer, was the guest of Miss Maggie Porsey Wed nesday'. ' . •.',.'.'.:'.'"''" Miss Eila Mensch has relttrned to ker home in* Jncksbn, after a short visit with Marshall friends. ftftee;n Michigan tral firemen have been, laid off on count of business being dull, • With dudes as plentiful as'they are the average society girl ought to know where she will remain ^1^^ tl4rag w f ier * 8 j, e secsit An iroquois Indian, named Joseph Tutusskalusar, was in town today, can ac April showers today. ( Masonic hop tonight. Dr. Fdote is in Chlcagd. Regular meeting St. Albansldda^Fri- day evening. . . ^ I jOiwrence S. Joy i$ doing the World's fcj&iMs week; Miss Alice Kilbourne'left today for Chicago, some time Mrs. N. J. Vrmk and Miss Frink left today for Chicago. They will be'absent two weeks. I tions. Found—A door key. Owner can have At p{ ttgUHr g, PA., Wednesday the 2:87 same by calling at this office. trotj ^ urgo $50^ WA8 W0 n by Lucy W., R. H. Sanderson'bas disposed of his J 0<vn cd by H» Arms, of this city, i|» thrte property on Hfgh street to Dr. Pendall, straight heats; best, 2: who has taken possession. , j{ 0 49 s hoi store-packed up-uud Battle Creek ladies have Set the fash- moved away Wednesday.. Tho stock i ion of .giving their card parties in the came^rom Jacksou and -was probably . afternoon instead of in the evening. I shipped back to that city. ." . °, Miss Lizzie Facey Ifeft Vhis niprning Marriage .licenses: OrlowW. Walker for fcaginaw, where r she wiUenter a L u d'Nellie ,M:,DeWey 4 both of'Battle x .•>*!• !_^L_-.1 *«.w WMvaAtf ' ' I fS««£ity» l4*1*Af1 .1 HllhVlJl.1 TKe following item, clirpeet from the^Ft, Madison (Iowa) IDemoqrat, contains in,f(tf. tnation ft fill worth' remembering: "Mn John Rotb^ttf th» city, who faefc|*Hh an accident a few days ago, sprat^in^ ard bruising hisiog and arm quite severtly r wa8 cured by one 60 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Pain. Bfthn." ' This remedy is without an equal for strains and bruises and should have a place Jfe every hpusiShold. For safe at Greene's <Jrbg store. _^__ > Hon. W. V, Lucas, estate Auditor "of Iowa, says: "I have ns'ed Chamberlain's tough Remedy iti ' my f arn^Hy 'and havfe * i ^ oH in saying it* M an excelle iib|Heve all that i6 claimed forit Persons . by a codgh pir cold will fliid it a friend." There is no diitger from whdo4>i ng cough when this remedy if f reoly given.^^ and 50 cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug> ' juuiuo-tvvi .__, vassing'for 1). AppletoTiS Co's pblicix- ' ' * ' " STRAWBERRIES Commencing Saturday* We Look' For Daily Sup- i , i» , jglies At Lower Pjrtees. Cunningham's; ICelntlve to Cows. The ordinance relative to pafeturipg. cows in tbe street will be-strictly en: forced. No cattle will be allowed to be pastured in any street, wheiltor they are tied.or not « ftnf * a " cattle, fount! at largejn the street, whether ti«nl or oth crwisc, will bo taken care-o'f. .No «-x ception will bo made-to. this.rul« for anyone. PETER HOWE, - : City Marshnl. i,5oMJ^^ ...Twonvy cents' aweiik for each notice,uat e* ceedlng ire lines. No charge less than twenty A. j .training school for nurse's. , Creek; Fred J. Hubbard and L. Avew , both of Albion; Sorman Thorn Hughes gave a harp solo, ipend six months there and still not see the whole show. OST—A narrow black*silk belt,with pfn in it. Vindo£ p"asd leave at «J. V. B, Lepper's store. ' 4 ;• ANTBD TO RKMT—Twoor more furnished: YY rooms or liouao n»ar Cycle racioiy for ligbt hoDsokeeplng. Addres* locn bos 1«1, Marsaall,- Mlch. • iOtt BALE—About 30,000 second band brick. Enquire of Beals & Mann. 7OO ? OOO Iba, ' On sal© at J. Ounningham's f ties of the "Old Homestead" company arrived in ibis city .yesterday. They will be stored here until they are needed for use in Chicago July 1. A number of the friends of Mr. and Mrs- B. F. Sleeper gave them a very pleasant surprise Tuesday evening, the occasion being Mrs. Sleeper's birthday. Do not forget thM the entertainment at the Opera Hause tomorrow evening ia given under the auspices of the La dies' Reading Circle. ft Admission 35 cents. No extra charge for reserved seats. The board of state auditors Wednesday awarded the contract for flat paper envelopes and stationary for the term of two years from July 1 to Ihling Broth- .era & Everbard, of Kalamazoo. Ban* Commissioner Sherwood has Opera House next Wednesday evening. A Mr. g Wallace, Of Albion, while Bhinglingfhis now house fait from a roof and struck his temple on a stone and was instantly killed A sou of bis also fell and was quite seriously hurt. The scantling on the, roof-gave way.and the scafloldlng was s'o narrow that they fell over.H. * The thirty ninth annual statt sanitary convention will he held at HHldale Thursday and Friday, JunoGlh and 7th, under the auspices of the state board of health. The program is made up of a«'- drases of public interest, Oue of the most interesting is "Restriction of Clio! era and Typhoid Fever." Mr. Suansee W. Nand, a native ol India, will speak in the lecture room of the Presbyterian church tomorrow even ing, Friday, June 3d, at 7:80 Mr. Nand is a high ca=r.e Brahmin, being allied to some of the best known families of In W ANTED— Ladles to solicit (or a popular work. 40 per cent, spocial Inducements and exclusive ten-itory and par,lcula^B can now be secured by adply'.ng at 82 Orand street. Special agent for a Detroit Publishing House, RSALE— A Kimball organ. Fo.- terms and other particulars aua.'ess postofflc« box TT J; ANTED—Gents immediately. An opporlu- • , nlt ^ , W "' ft PP oll i l _? 0 .?. e f?, 1 i 8 . I r. e ^^ n . t Hl n .... assigned terrt >ars by applying ecuilty required W announced tfce ^^^ reappointment of E^:|dia. He is highly educated^, having * j gene ^A . who has discbarged B t u died »t Bombay and CalcuttaJn hi the daties .-"of Peputy Commissioner in, own CQ antry and also in Yale, Prince such an admirable manner for the past four ye^rs.- j *$ Wednesday's Battle CreeE Moon: Messrs. GeV Coleman, W. S. Simons. and Dr. Srnit&^f Marshall, saw the ball game in this city yesterday. * , * * • Mr. and Mrs. Chjia. VftnValin spent Memorial Day in. Marshall. * *'* C. F. Parker went to Marshall' this morning and will start a studio th'ere. He also expects to open ojuie ia Kalauia- zoo. * * * Misa, Miuuie Walz, of Marshall, spent yesterday m tm's city. Thel arrangements for the. annual Jjeld sports of the Intercolle^ 7 ' AtV> Bpecial agent of a Detroit Cinciiati, Mso? i lltiiiai Time tftble'tftktag.ejlept pec. 3, 1692. Tralfig pass Marshall»e follows: ,, THAIHB florae IUBT. : -' . So. 88, Toledo ExpresB Bxpr i am p *Ti ;ia 13 a nn ANTED lUMEDIATELY-Glrl Lo do light ' . b8 Mansiou strtul. W ANTED—A boy to learn the barber's trade. Apply to Walter W. Ulark. . ... IBJlIUS 801N«.WllSf, So. »,MaH'aind Eirress. ...V: 1115 " 2. Cincinnati & B, 0. Kxproas ft 81 » 84, Kxpress.... *,-...' ""' "" •' 88, Irfjcal Freight...... All trains dally except Sunday. •• V>Direct connections are mads at Toledo and 4CinolnatiwIth all roads diverging. . Trains 21 and 82 make go od conneotion at 5Icm] teith with the Q B. & 1., and at Allegau with tho 0, & \V. M for Grand Eaplds, Mnskegon and all points nortb. F B DHAK.E, <ioi». M'g'r. C. M. SCTHINDLKR. Oao. Pass. Agt C. B. MIZK, Agt., Marshall. W ANTED—A girl for general housework,)ON. MaalBon Btrbet. MBS. UttO. HApER. betvvocu the resi- May ;», dence ot Heury Walkinsbaw in Convis.and L OST-Tuesday, dence ot Heu iiarsball city, a new pockci- book containingflO. A suitable reward Will be paid for its return to the Chronicle office. _ __ W ANTUD— Ladies to do writing at bome Will pay »ltf to $SO per week. Send self addressed s Mla'hawaka, In'd "TheNiagara Fall*Route." TIME TA -,LE. MAY. 28, 1893. TBAIHB BA.ST. F , qulre at J os. Qranaer's Eagle Brewery. SALE OHS*P~Ali sizes of ' good for clstetis 8,nd water tanks, ' in- ton and the University of Pennsylvania .ia address tomorrow nignt will reMe to his naiive land. The price, of ad mis slon will be ten cents. •• , Jacksoa Patriot: 1 Oue of tue oldost pieces of Jirearms iu Michiyau will be exhibited a.t the nineteenth nnnual meet, ing of the Michigan Pioneer and Histor ic'al society, to be held at Lansing ou i June 7 and-lj. The relic is the property of Gabritel W. Bisauette, of French. Town, 'Monroe country, w-ho is now 83 years of age, Jlis father, Joseph Bison- eite, ciime from Canada about 11JOQ and settled oh the bw)k • of the Raism river \7\ Oil SALE—Second hand three burner ga*0» £ line stove and oVenV^ - ^ MEBRILL. L OST—A gold mouated silk umbrella in BQ»« place of business. Finder pleade leave at this ottice N OTIQE—Mrs. W. L. Buck Is- agent for tbj' Christy kniTcs and wi 11 furnish all who wish mom. ^WO ROOU bouses to rent on corner of- j. anS Mansion streets. In nrst class order with two good wells drilled into tbe rovk, and two "ood cisterns. Now I* the buy your wood at-Sl.75 per cord, deiiyeted from it* woods, All kinds oj team work done ^o prder J, W- zi u an.. *^'*>»^i»«t- -0 Detroit Buffalo.. « 48 p.m , 255 Kal Ii f a-m. 'T'CO 1 48 8 17 883 940 1201 p.m. 745 At'c Ex.* "B'ff SpJ» 11 38 ^l'- 1 ? ww 22! 1-iSi m. Mall a.m. 4 16 a.ra. 5 35 a.m IS" 1 * MU. • 10 ib aoi 110 6DO p.m 8 49 485 tio&ao. E OOMS FOB BBNT. • ..W. H. BABtiBY, - Mansion and Madison bis. a.m. ,_/880 Jackson... 11 40 Albion...,13 30 TRAINS *««^'___' J Day OWc 1 KaTfCbio; - * 'ISpU* a. m. 8 15 5 Iff -day sports of the Ifltercolletmta Ath settled on tbe baufot tne ttaism river letio Association, to be hel«t at tke fair sume live miles west of Monroe. Oa. '***"*• ^^ .... . , ..« -i .-...'. v . .^ .. i _ .»„—,».,, n, S* V\ '.f ti A 1 Yi<H tana eo , grounds in Jackson Thur§day, Friday |became'a great favorite with the Indians ' knoffrifind *nd Saturday, are all coinpleted'aud iti ^MWM«~-* "««-»,.£"—^^ ----is expected there wUl be a large attend- ship Chief Shawenaw Bah presen*ed •• - .-•-.-.- hiQi w ^ h aflmt lo^k chief pi§ce, meas > ^ ? The lotercolle^alie Athletic club j 9 composed i .oJE.jitbJeterfrom Albion, XJMtet and ^be Agi icultural Col lege and State Normal schools. It is ' *" --- J ^ f thaf fully 500 sjaiden their fri?n4i will be present. ^yaning an entertainment, will 1 and ?riday W HY pay rent wben you can buy .a lo; on MarUu and Hatch's addition and tows a noftJKs built to wit you, *ni pay for 4t IB- amall mouthly pavments- For intpnnation-.CftU at of- dee of f - M. UaU?6..4»W W^. Martia's »or«, •• '• 'A^ytJ " : "^ • S TOKB TO REJlT—After May Ifct. Kor i»f<> matiou ecuuUe of J. B, Lansing, Ba«)» Cr*k 1 80 foianiazoo a 08 OblcapO,Ar 7 35 * ' p. m a m WOO 15 10^3 1033 a.m. 6 30 p.m. ^ 15 a or 838 355 P.- 1 ?.- * !5 • » - 4,4T 4 101 9 W MJJ Ip.m.lp 6 66 ; .0-13 • t> 45 1U40 H. Hi. 7«* p.m. 1- M 910 13 00 10S t 40 7 55 .A..1U 745 10 45 11 itl U 40 18 10 1 iO 6 50, kUI.. Turing over $ ix feet itt iengtb. After \dfath the gun was giyeil to his t values it very \3\g$j.. vn ac ill bealtb Mr." Bisonstte wil.1 not be , to attend,tine meeting, tout* will eead t^ie Has eouae nice Frames fur and other sizes, just received. see them. ' , Cabi»eU Call apd . - People d«*5rre icp are .requested to leave owiers at tny office, or nptity uws by mail or lea^e orders at the Statesman office, { - ' "" •• J» Fv OAUS. - «$ Bibbard Opera House. ' good jBatfle JDreek Moons Marstail people «eem ^ tfe^ U»» * few cojosr v4i*ge should fc§ye tbe WW^ faOroftd facilities is takegof it. !•> ''A- ' ^ . N ~*i"* 4- ti v M «ver called yoain, ft ( 7;SO |^| matter |». baj?» *r,i ,i* , : rjf" r-* ^hirtopd tpmpfErow eye^Eof ^.Jla? ,s A. •^-^a^dj^jj^y-eet' 1 fcwii^itiMfl^aft I^afijytl^^air

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