The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 6, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1892
Page 2
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DAILY OOTOBEE a, "* 7 THE DAILY. 'CHRONICLE DaUy, one year through i*.O...ftt 75 Oally, delivered. Id cetoitu per Week: ~ Subscriptions received at thesftfflfp "' tm t stloh 151 State street. ". ~. '«" ''• ' J. M. MO8E8, Pnblt»t»3r, . ". . . ' Mar all N loh. Monte Christo. Manager Rowland has fixed the date for the" promised grand production 6f this most .famous play. The comVuwJ^ is a large one and Is espr daily engaged for Ibis production and is furnished with a.partienhirly largo anil cosily outfit- of* sGerjic and mechanical effects. Every scene used having been built and painted expressly for this company Numerous new and realistic e used, the wild midnight storm Tteing One of the most effective. This'incfudes a rain of real water and-vivid Uashecof real lightning. >Tbe gorgeous Plush Palace is an extremejy~rich a'tid costly scone, which is composed entirely of the richest of imported pluih. A veiy fine performance is^g4iaranteed, For many/ Mr. B. F. Thompson, of Des Moinep, Iowa, was severely afflicted with, chronic diarrhoea./ He says: "At times it was .very severefso much so that I fearedit'would end my life. "^betrt-wjvBn- years sgrr-flshancedl to prr euro a bottle, of Chamberlain's Colic^Ch6terai«nd Diarrhcee Remedy, It gave me\ptori!rpt relief, and I; belienre curod me-pftwaanently) aa 1 now eat or drrafejHthotn harm anything 1-pleafie. I have also used it in my family-with' the beat results," FoTsale at Greene's drug store. Topiorrow"'at S< B. Cronins the agent of the largest Cloak House in world will have# e of samples of childrens ana mijses 1 expect a few cauliflower Friday morning, MftRRjhi,. Get a picture enlarged at Merrill's. Merrill, the flrooeiC~~~™' Chew Merrill's great jjfcenU lf it oft-me from Merrill^ Have your* cidtern oleMed and the water purified ^nd. deodirifcei* by the use of Overton^oVFought'i new process cistern cleaning. The water in the els tern is not removed. Qeo. F. Feals will be in the city this week prepared to fill all orders. Price fl. Satisfaction guaranteed. Leave orders at C&Bairi- CLB office. The. right to use thir process in Marshall township is for sale. v .- . *• • • -' - - • . . . ^ " 'ftfllllnary. .*.'/' 1 have mo'ved my store frbnuPerrln ville down on West Main street in the Gusty rtendatTplace. I w!*b the ladies of Marshalljnd vicinity would please Rive me a call. I have received a new line of goods.. • ., .' - ' ' MRS. L. Children Cry for W,e;q8riy Smith's, A. C. Kennard& Son's fine s of^Pingree '» and- is. -, • ( GKAOBBKOS Children Cr^ Mr. 0. Bt~~4ones,\fifxSpring Hill, Iowa "I .haveuaed Chftmberlain.'8 Pain Balm for severe; and pilmful burns with better effect' than anything elseJNbaye ever tried. It relieves the pain inatftntty and cures without leavfoga scar." Pain Rahn i a one of the moat usefbLmedicines that any- family can-be provided With, especially for —rheumatism, lame .back, ..sprains, bruises, toothache, earache and like ailmsn'ta. One application will relieve the pain and a fair trial insure a cure. 50 cent bottles for sale a£ Greece's. We want every mother to know that croup can 'be prevented. Trite-croup never appears without a warning." The first symptom U hoarseness; then the child appears to have taken cold or a cold m.ay have accompanied the hoarseness from the start! After that a "peculiar rough cough iff developed, which is followed by the croup. The time to act is when the child first becotres hoarse; a few doses oftChapiberlain's Cough Remedy will preventnhe attack. Even after a rough couRh has appeared the disease may •bej>re- vanted by using this remedy as For sale at Greene's drug store. * The most wonderful medicine that I h^ve ever met with is 'Chamberlain's Colic, Choi. era and DiaSnoea Remedy. In ca|es of colic ^ifr-gijes speedy relief. Oh hubting trips I have found it indispensable. Put tu i water it imports a pleasant taste and ivents the painful diarrhoea which alkali water produces. I could not feel safe without it in myhouse^ J. F. Smith, Fort Abei- crom^bie, N. D.' For-sftle ai Greene's drug store. TWO MLY TRAINS TO VO PA •**jr AND PACIFIC COAST. On and after April 3d, trains on the Northern Pacific railroad wiUwnin as follows: Train 1^,0. three will leave St. Paul 9 a. w. daily, running through to Spokane, Seattle, Taeoma and Portland via Bntte. Montana. Nzain Mo. one will Iwave St.-Paul,4:15p. m. dally, runnlngr through to Spokane, Seattle. Tacoma and Portland via Helena, Montana. Both trains carry complete equipment of Pullman first class sleepers, leurr 9 BleeainK cars, free colonist sleepers, day .caches ana dining cars. Through Pullman and lonrlav.sleeplng. tws will le»ve QWcago 10:0 p. n£ gaily,T via Wisconsin Central Line lor Montana and the Pacific Nonftweat. First class veetibule, sleeper win ~' 'm ff n rr, ^alln ~lo f>. U T* U, » le*ve p fiy. IdrBo Ttese 6 p. m. daily, vi» C., M. 1 * Bt, P. Tacoma au4 Portland. ping cats afford tha beat of oa*tlona and enable traveler* to-.aTOid blti uT .. dejayft ,frQ?ri ^ha^ga o/ caca e9 " rout ', The dining care on the Northern Pacific tine ,c«ntir.ueto meet with favor with the traveling \ public, No efforts arer pared by lie company to make, thu an'attractive^ part ef tbe ««r?ice. With the superior accommodations now offered, tourists, bnalneas men or settlers will find the Northern Faclfle Hge the besttou^e toMlnne- sota, North Das;oia7 Manitoba,_Monta l na, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Al«w^ and CftUforoia. ' . . JJotttana, Baetern and Western W»shingtc» " lenb «-Wona«irla:nd" boo]);, $port»men'ij Guide, .—.„. «-^ Brosdwater Hot Springs «nd <of f.hft \season of 1804 arft now .™.-™-™.—,- ~=-., .. t - i ^W" ^w» -f"^!!^— -~ ^y ^—.--— ^*~,.5^;T out of j?reas. Asty of these publioatiods iriU be I t bave,All the season's iot bills, made oat "and would be pleased to, have thwfe ' me call and settle. I have a large quantity ef grapes for sale. They are extra, nice- and will be sold, reasonable. Leave mjkn at the Store or house.; £jfli, ^^••- -,; I. S; PBTBRS, Cryforfitcher's Castoriai 8tr»yad or iy barn Thursday night* Sept. are. Information I eadinic to ery will be suitably o rewarded. ; C. 0. MONTQOMEBT. /' . ..' ' • Select ind fflandard oysters at COME '• i * 'f . .. ;-— LIT tJS SHOW YOTOtJR ." ' I BOY:S, YQUTrT OBILDREN'SSUITS> Manufaetnr^ We are late in With. 1 i C6ntraet. of Agent in June money for our patrons Our line Of Merchant nowr ready and raerits.^ftspe Copied b«t never excelled, *• and recently closed the •''""'•*..- .'. , • - o •* ecause we did not buy 'thetu t price,a that will save tijring: ai^jplus purohasedtitjNevr York is lo\ 'Our Style, Fit, artd , Finish are often SHAN AH AN, T&e Leadniff Glqthier and Tailor. , he lafg^st'stpck the lowest prices HYDE'S Drugstore Fresh oysters at Cunningham'*. Carpet Cleaning. I anKnow open for fall business. Leave orders for your, work Monday and. Thursday^ Usual price %% cents per yard. PaataKprders promptly attended to. Gso> Eagle Opera House W. U. BOWLAN0, Kunager. T^ BIHQLJErAPPBAEAlSrOE,' WEDNESDAY, OQT. 12. Magnificent Spectacultr prodactton of the now A Buparp preeent»Uon of (blfl Dr»m»tlc MMterpiece. ELEGANT SCENERY. ..ELABORATE MECHANISM, , GREAT COST. Gorgeous Plush Palace* ~~\A dream ot m»gnlAc«it iplendot.' No Advance in ic9 s, ADMISSION T> OOMS TO KKST-Ws have, some very desm- XV able rooms to rent over our store suitable •tor light hoos«ke«piaf. For jpartianlarsiaqair* , • *as*oa saJi. , T?OB SALS CJB, BXCHA)S«B-I bare a Isrm In, J? .Kansn pf 155 WMOO .sows, one mile fc«n \* J youBJ . sJJ'citar 'ieal estsre or Is a bargaim for some «pe ^western tSm. For particulars MBRMW -. B.MitohftU, room 7/ Noble blook, a farm. H«ca to Ihls long experience and a careful study of tbe.'bast methods enabAssUa to curo'-every C'urnble C'aae. We kJfcRft record of every CBBS treated and the feaalt obtained fend pan r«- feryou to people who have been cured by pur •method of treatment ,•''''' liOVAUliailon free ana Reasonable term* far Drea-tment. / Vfe. have visited the §a«e oflloe» x every eight weeks foi ihe past tweaiy-nve year«, .1 • We «re prepared to show successful results fn treating diseases of th« llver^neart, lungs, atosi- acb> klaneye, brain, nerve»i theumatlsK, neuralgia, debllliy catarrh fits; youthful Indiscretion, cancers, old aores, uitdois, disbetts, dy'spepala, dropsy, chronic dlirrhooa, eczema, loss of voice, bronchitis, Asthma, pneumonia, consumption, scrofula; eruptions, pimples, humpra, blotches and Jill diseases'of long standing. Address Ors Brewer 8t Son, JUG Chicago Av«., Evanat«n, Illipolu. . . Will be st tie Ilerndon Uouse oh Wednesday, Oct. 19th. '-*'». Dr. Brewer's Sun.' Heart Regulator gives immediate relief. ' • r . — .. Dr. Brewer's Sure Depuro for DJeeaaes of the stomach, liver, kidneys aind blood, il.per bottlp. Or. Brewer's Sure Stomach Pills for ' ' J. H. SANDEBS , JUSTICE OF THE PEACES Offllee over Alias Kelly'sIMlllensrr Sure. Cinciiati, Jata & Maclin Tims table taking effect Sipt. 13, 189S.J Trttos pass Marshall as follows: .1o. 3B t Toledo fixpress ................ . .»27 .m " a, Cincinnati Bxpress,. ............ ..I U ^n w «v Mall and Bzpraas ........... '....,« M» a "• »; Local Freight.... ........... ......9M»oi , tBAnra oonsi WIST. So. «,Msil and Express. ..... . ..... .;.,. 10*1 a a " 8, Cincinnati JTBTO. Bxprass ....... t»i f m "* •• . 88, tyoal Freight .......... .... All trains dally except Bunday. Direct connections are made at Tole4s> a»< Cinolnatl with all roads, dlverclng TralniL SI and « make go od eonnestion at H*» teithirfth the Q B. * I., and at Allsgan wltk Shs 0.4) W r « for QrandB»pids,Mask.cosa«d^i points north. C. M. UCaiNDLBtt. «BA. Pass, Atct 0. B. MIZ, Agt., MawhaU? ' ^" * * ' Jt elling . ^.JPaney at the Tontine hotel ootf. WEDNESDAY, OCT. AT a O'CLOCK P.' M. AUCTION 19f the hta HATE you CHILDREN EDUCATE - USEFULNESS? so, send them to the—— A thorough, reliable and progressive instituttos. Hundreds of young men and women recslrtiTV their start rn life at the K. B. O. To farmers boys and gills this course of practical mitraff tion cannot bb over-estimated. e We shall beAleaaed to have you call al the College and taUc over the matter, or addresribr cataloKue. DRUG'S B08INE38 COLtEQK, Battle Creok, M loh New styles of 3torm Serges atPerrets v L OST— An eautrumpet, about tw« fast 1»»« called a telephone trumpet. It uslnjarsi, will, r»y s, sjoitable reVard. finds; leave at T. L. Cnfcajj8tpj!». ~ * F OH SALE— A good new milks cow, old. Eno.nirVp?*. i. CURett: M BN WANTSD -! ' m&nent'plsfie . Of nursery stock on both and expenses Chicago. GOOD B08INBH8 SifS for s»le oil *tftte jttiM^ tha MriTstwrte pwDertyTF 0 * * and plrtceapply to 0. CunBingnaw, Agent. Market.

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