The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 21, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1930
Page 8
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LEG BADLY SCALDED.' Sirs. Laura Barkett Painfully Injured at Windfall Saturday- Part in First Annual Kiwanis Club Event. Mrs. Laura Burkett who is as- siting in the household of Mr. and!Mrs: Glen Barker it the east edge of Windfall, was painfully injured Saturday afternoon. Mrs Believed TOO Kiddies Took j Bupfeett was heating water in a I kettle on the stove and over- 'turned it accidently. The left leg Below the knee and her left foot were burned by the boiling water. • '•' ' i ' Dr. B. V. Chance was called and dressed the injury applying a soothing, lotion to relieve the pain and unless complications, arise no serious results are anticipated. ! • WEATHER l£i J- - MAN GOOD "Where did they all come from?" This was the question asked many times Saturday afternoon when the hundreds of children between the ages of 4 and 12 were combing the park grounds in. seareh of hidden Easter e^gs. The event was even larger than the Kiwanis club committee had anticipated and ts'hen the search stained it was announced that only one egg ] could be found by any one' child.! Five hundred prizes were hidden | in the grass early Saturday •morning by members" of the club, the! prizes being the eggs which bore numbers and following the ? search, the kiddies made a rush to the city to cash .in on-their finds, which included everything Irom a lollypop to the first prizl of S5 in gold offereiJLby the Kiwanis club. Not only were the kiddies .it the park, but hundreds of atrtilts" were gathered to watch the sport and the weatherman acted Rev. S. 10. Kinnison Succumbed to Heart Attack Sunday; Rev. S. of age, pasjtor of Methodsit the Wesleyan; [church, dropped dead I in" his church on North Independ-' was neld during the evening and ence street Sunday night about! Mrs. Lillian '^itchi j i state deputy 9:i5 at thfi close of the Easter! of the women's department, made services anl while conversing! an address. Represi with friends, before startingfori twenty-five difTeren who had !• lodges' were present 1 at the meet- Say Wets Absolutely Failed! to Make Case Against Prohibition. < ' JUST SOME NOISY TALK his home hot been in time, suffering hie, attended and it is brought on tor was notl for some The pastor, good, health with heart trou- services i- Sunday believed the exertion the attack.- The pas- iced to turn suddenly pale and started; to fall. nearest 'him chair. A r docjtor was called at once but before his arrival the man had drawn his last breath. Coroner E. L. Webb of Kempton was called and pronounced^ death due to a heart .attack. " 1 " 1 of this splendid man of sincere regret to The death! is a matter j statement reviewing the recent i prohibition hearing before the so warm as desired the children j House judiciary committee. 'were so eager in their, search they ! « The wets ," the statement ..took no notice of the chill winds. I sa |^ i -paiied igriominiously in Although there were 500 prizes; their attempt to show, the women offered bjy the club, there were j of America, desiring a return ^to not enough to go around and | {he domination of the legalized many youngsters were treated to | i , 00 ze traffic. They continued the a lollypop or ice cream cone, 'jy i old bludgeoning tactics of the members of the club following the search. The gold egg, entitling the finder to ?5 in gold was found by Gwendolyn Pearl- Walser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Walser, and the half gilt egg, entitling the finder to $2.50 in gold was found by Bobby Lett, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Lett. These prizes were given by the Kiwanis club. The club wishes to extend its thanks to all those who contributed to make this event such a big success and they, will plan a more elaborate one for next year. Washington, April 21.-—rFJail- ure of the. wets "at every point in their testimony" ^yas the judg-l aH - Rev. KiVinison and hfe family ment yesterday" of the Woman'sI came here :rom Marion three Christian Temperance Union in a jy ear8 a e° ai d he immediately be ' came popula him..He was god . .and a United States Brewers' Association, presenting noisy testimony. But little evidence." i "On the other hand,"' is' continued, "having fought the liquor interests for fifty years, and knowing they have learned no new tricks, the drys concentrated almost j entirely on nation-wide evidence ; from unprejudiced sources, showing that the' health, wealth and happiness of America had—been enhanced greatly by closing' the saloons and outlawing liquor traffic." a charge for coming to Tipton. pie were at Sheridan Sunday att- CARS BADLY DAMAGED. ernoon and attended the services for <'-i!>(>ii<- In Florida. | | 1 Miami. Fla., April 21.-r -Scar-j lace Al Capone, Chicago racke-| teer and gang leader, arrived j here Sunday from the • Windy j City to spend two weeks at" his j palatial home on Palm island, i He was accompanied by his|l3-| year-old j nephew and a . alderman. Machines Driven, by J. E. Ayres .and Bob Richards Get Together. Typhoon Hits Towns. • Manila! structive towns on P* I., The automobiles of J. E. Ayres and Lewis Richards were ,- badly damaged Sunday evening when they were; in collision in front of the Kemp M. E. church on North Main street about 8:45' Sunday Chicago j evening. - c | Richards was coming; from' the ;!north on Main street and Ayres, j 'w^ose car v was -parked in front ; of the church was starting'away April 21. —A de- 1 from the curb. ' The front end of funeral Mrs. Amy j Waller, widow of Jajcob .Waller and the mother of fpi mer County Commissioner' John H. Waller, of Tipton county. The services held in the Christ were, attended by tiaii church many friends beautiful floral ocerlngs. Mrs: Waller died daughter, Mrs.- Dora Tingle. • ir Hortonville, Friday morn place in the the island of Leyte Fri- typhoon swept fourteen j _th'e Richards car was badly damaged and the other car was not so badly damaged. . . .''•'.' ' ! day, virtually demolishing the communities of Tolosa and Lulagij No one was injured according o .B the east coast. Thousands were made homeless and the number of dead in injured was not ascertainable.! to the report" made to nlgh^ offi leer Roscoe Jones after the chash. WEATHER—Partly cloudy, and colder tonight; fair and somewhat colder Tuesday. A number Woodmea: if j This '. Woodmen - from New Lancaster; Kempton and j bharpafille were at Kokomo Saturday tended avl jat which several : of the state pf! fleers were ^present. The auxiliary of the Woodmen held a meeting at the same time and both orders / j conferred work onI a class of can| didates."..' • ; | | HELD EiASTER SERVICE] Special'speakers for the even- ling were Deputy's. U. Fitch of ] Kokomo, George Hopkins of Indi I anapolis and Harry Argus, cap[C. Kinnison, 61 years I tain" of the Indianaf Champion Degree Team of Marion. A joint session I of the orders i nepn^entatives of different -'Woodmen assisting him those to a Chiriagp, of was execution, ed the tur.bjulent Sobth side Frank •The q'uiet morning April 21 Chicago's [ Easter broken by a triple gangland A; lone gur man inyad- Blue Hour Saloon on the shot down Del Re, alias Frank Dire, 33 years old, and Joseph Special, (proprietors of jthe place and j their j bartender,' Walter Wakefield, 30 away in; a he assassin sped" machine without ••• leaving a trace asj to his identity, and only men "J why Famous "We" Combination in High | Altitude Trip ' Across U. S r with all who knew a sincere believer in man whose influence in this community has been for ood. • t ison is survived by |Mrs. Mabel Kinnison Cleo and A married iles at Kokomo, and 4rizona. One daugh- the father to the . Rev. Kinri the widow, and four daughters. Maxine are at home, daughter res' another in ter precede^ grave. No funerall arrangements will be made until word is receiv°d from the daughter in Arizona as to whether she will be here. The service, when held will be at Fairmount, wherj; Rev. Kinnison held SPEED FOR RECORD maze c<f police' conjedture as his\motive. j [r'he tecords of the three slain provided numerous Teasons they flight have been :re- from Ithe unde-world pic- moved tuijeJ Del Re was lis'ted headquarters, as a terrorist hoodlum. racketeer, around Re's! brbther-in-law, j larl reccjrd, while Waltefield, several years before Waller Funeral. of Tipton county pep- and there were many at the home Of her Hamilton county, ng. - The burial took Sheridan cemeterv. - Funeral U* Noble McLain. C. L. O'Banion left Sunday for.. Evansvllle, and Monday morning attended the funeral of Noble McLain, killed 'In an acci- Range Line, road, Thursday nikht of last week. The services were held at the home of the unfortunate, |919 West Virginia street and bnrial took place At Evansvllle. Roosevelt Field, N. Y., April 21.—Col and Mrs. i Charles A. Lindbergh last night completed their experimental, one-stop, high altitude flight across the continent. They landed here at 11:11:52 o'clock, Eastern standard time, beating Capt. Frank M. Hawks'!-best time for a nonstop, west-east flight. The famous flier and his wife lopped three hours, fifteen min- uthe and thirty-nine seconds off the record—of seventeen hours, thirty-eight minutes;and fifty-six seconds set by Capt.: Hawks. Wichita, Kits.; April 21.— Col. nnd Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh, on a transcontinental high altitude flight,, arrived here at 2:20:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon in their! high-speed monoplane after a | flight] from Glendale, Cal. i ' I .• !j • After, refueling. tb|eii" low-wing ship and receiving weather reports, they took ;off fip'r New York at 2:4.2:35 o'clock, it During the brief stop a.t- the airport Mrs.. Ltndburg did' not get out: of the plane.- ' ;j ; . ' '] i Col. Lindbergh said' he hoped to be in New York in eight hours, as no 'stops were planned between Wichita and Roosevelt \ Field, N. Y. ; •' |.-! ; •• Official times Aeronautical Col. H. G. O Neely, announced the Lindberghs had covered the 1,249 miles from Glendale at an average speed of 180 miles an hour. This, they said indicated the Lindberghs i would exceed tbe record established ; by Capt. Frank M. Hawks last "July 28, when he flew from Los Angeles to New York In seventeen hours and tbirty-slx | minutes. : of the National Association here, Dell Ijand WUbur ter] was The saloon where the occurred my IVinci in the Enright, AUTO iCHJILD R[UI^SS EMPIRE. Prince<|s '^Lilybet'' ; Occupies ; Throne on Her Birjthilay at police [bootlegger, and all- \ Sp|ecial, De» had a simi- a former drug clerk, was| a minor characte;r. Police believe the lat- killed to seal his lips. Windsor; England, April 21-.— A tiny golden-haired. girl usurped the British throne without opposition today and for a. brief spell ruled htr native land with a charming grace that brought delighted plan dits from her subjects. -.•-•'•. This day Princess Elizabeth, daughter of the dukit and.duchess o |f York and beloved granddaughter of King George and Queen 1 Mary, for it was; the fourth anniversary of' her birth. little "Lily- delighted laughter, seized the -scepter beneath-whidh the gray-hai : rejd king-emperor,' his- queen and \ all, the royal family bowed in pleased submission..' There was.ja_ wonderful birthday party in old Windsor castle.. There \yere presents galore'i m-; eluding j a mysterious' package i from Uncle David, the Prince of ! Wales, sent from the heart of ] Africa. ! ' I Bright and] early get"' with. has-; long, had shooting a vicious reputation. A; few years ago Jim- driver of the assassination of labor leader. •chine Gun" Joe Canatta, fought a death Iduel there. It vas closed a while and then reopened by Del Re and Joe Cenaro. Range' Line Accident, Noblesville, Twcj | persons. day Ind., were but none; seriously, car occupied by Misq Lucy.Gwinn, 4181 Easj. North street and Miss Bobbie Bthder, 423 Eisfc North street, Indianapolis, crashed into an Iiidianapolis-Chicago bob driy- Weller brink of on Federal road i en by - George Cincinnati No. 1 31 in the southwestern part OJ, of Hamilton «ounty. The young women bruises ho suffered given then' The •v^ere taken tci first aid | removed I ' I ! '• passengers death car "Mossy" and "Ma- April 21 — injured Sun- when |a Hog prices iearly today at the local live 1 stock market were 15c' higher iwith. later tendency downward; general sales were made at $10.55 to ^10.65; top, $10.75; under weights sold up to $10.40 and SQWSJ up to v $9 .25. Cattle jwere unchaneredr calves were steady at $11.00 down; not 3nough sheep and lambs, were received to Intake a market.. uninjured I terday afternoon, tain! jwas tuts and Carmel, treatment and to Indianapolis, in the | bus were Liepslg Riot. Leipsig, - Germany; Three persons were about ten injured in a! tween communists and i 10- police yes- A police cap- among the dead.' About 30,000 communists i gathered 'on. the JJAugustuc iPlatz, a spaclo"i|s square for a; convention of com- r munlst: youth, and th< r fighting broke out when police' began to put a coijdon about side streets, j April 21 killed arid clash £< , NOTICE., . .., We Have a Wefl Matted Parki J -—>• GROCERY Child Has Pneumonia. Bobbie, .the | youngest son of Mr. and JMrs. Guy Crouch residing southeast of Windfall is reported seriously, ill with pneumonia. The little one contracted a cold Sa.tuiv day and | the, attending physician pronounced it pneumonia. HOIG I" ;l PRICES ADVANCE. Quotations Fifteen Cents Higher Monday—Cattle Unchanged. Idianapolis, Ind Receipts [ on 300; calves, hogs 3j)0. April 21. — 2,600; cattle. Chicago, 111.!, April 21. ~ Receipts onjhogst? 40,000; carried over,; 1,0Q0; the market was.10c. lower, with the'top $10.45; there- were : 16,(100 cattle and 15,000; sheep'. f • : | Local Proccoe Market. (Moore & Moore) Butter ^1 ; .-_S5e Eggs i_i i_ 24c i Local Grain Market. (Hobbs Grain Co.) No. 2. "Soft' Wheat — $ .96 Oats i — .37 New Corn, Noj 4 yellow, per 100 uW:————.1.00 IndUanapolls j Produce Market. Eggs—Indianapolis Jobbers offer country, snippers for strictly fresh stock! delivered at Indianapolis,; loss 1 6ffj22c a dozen. • . Pool'tryl—Jobbers paying for fowls, 4H lbs. up, 23c lb:; Leghorns, 19j-Blc;| roasters, less than 4% lbs., ;20-21c; Leghorns, 14- 17c; sick, cull and humpback poultry not bought; roosters, 11c; ducks, Sn2c; 'geese, full- feathered a doten; to doien, sdoien. i 8c; guineas, young, old, $4; squabs, 11 lbs.; »4.B0; old pigeons, 75c Dr. L L IDeks ; Oliifoprsctor Lift •ad is Do You Value tour Time? If you dp, yon can not afford to pay yonr bills in casjb, because that entails traveling many miles and using up hours and days of valuable time. With a checking account you can pay all of your bills in ten minutes by mail. In addition, y«Hi have, in your cancelled checks, the best possible proof of payment; If you haven't a checking! account now, bpen one in this bank today. ; Fanners IiOan &TrnslCo. | IHB BANa OP TBI FMKI T '.''•••'•'• ': ' ' . .••'''"'-'''.•.'-. A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System 1 Only Bank In Ttptoa Conty Uader Botk Stat* sat Furniture Rugs Linoleum Window Shades Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets Fhilco Radios Dexter Electric Porcelain Tub Washers Hamilton-Beach Electric Sweeepers New Perfection Oil and Kitchen Kook ) Gasoline Stoves WE FURNISH THE HOME COMPLETE Suite & Barrnin DECEIVE equally important commercial services at the Citiiens National Bank; the same personal interest of the officers, who are able, as specialists in finance, to provide the. most authoritative counsel and information. Tipton successful businesses operate hand in hand with THE BANK OF UNUSUAL SERVICE aniens National B«k The Only National Bank in Tipton County t > i > » ' I When It i '4 —should be a good time for you to make yonr rug and linoleum selections. We will deliver them later. . ! • When the Sim -i -v. • -•• r •• •: ' ' i ^yqw will find yon need new window shades. ; Let us measure your windows and tell yon what tb«y eost.: Ton will be agreeably i

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