The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 6, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1892
Page 1
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f OLriITir0 15 ,,JIABSflAlL, THURSDAY PRICE TWO CENTS Healthful, Agreeable/ Cleansing, Cures Wounds, Bans, B£5T a*d Prevent* Dandruff. MERIOM FAMILY SHIP. $est for General Household Use, Oct. 6,-^A cjpud of- de*' spondency\has gathered about this executive mausiori, for the president, his family ,and-his^intimate friends* upw realize that Mrs. Harrison js beyond" recovery. They have fought against that belief for many weeks pant and the physicians have sought to hold out'hope, but the truth has af last been faced, and 1 they feel convinced now that no earthly skill can bring the sufferer 'back to health.- The mental and. physical strainiupoh the president during t^»e past two months has been-very great and has left its mark upon him, Mr.' Harrjac^U a. most domestic man and bis devotion to hia 'family }s one of the beautiful features of his life. Since the day he flrst realised the fact that his wife "was critically ill the presidenj, has been a constant watcher at her bedside. /Xli« Deceptive Improvement'. After her return from Loon T^ke there vas an apparent change for the better, but he president wj$ among "tnVflret todis^ t Jfchdacboand relieVoal! tbotronUM tax* abillqna •.tateof tbeayateni,raoh wM. Nauitte* ProwalneM, DUtreee " . Pain la The Hide. 4o. While their i "MeaBOoeMhaaboenahownui ' 3eB0ache. nt Outer 1 * Little L ul find these little puUvalu. u tivitthoy will not b6 . T«\- pajq IT) vary poutl and Ono ««• two. nJUa make a dww, »»ijvt«wli> <uii Jo |iul gripe u» t M^itlc liRttan. PluMi |li'Whft «WJ*wmt»i tivefoi'ljl, IW4 ft tu»'*, ot gent by 'tOMlk OO.. Mm •••KDQSUMfcWBl' TRUSSES A full assonmeut . ol itzes. The best kinds indat reasonable rates Truses fitted without charge for fitting atk ' . Drug Store State MARSHALL, MICH, LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSIT G TlTtTTn 1 !! t) UULUla n Intended Oetoolt ? *j 9»«lt &te l|Srte,l>nl«th »nd pdiw Lake bape^ HOT aoj&:--MQnd»y, 8 p. ».; Thursdays and 10:30 p, m., caatr«{ time; TorCleve- "TulWo, Mondays,-Weflne«l»jf» p.' TOT o.entrajl tlfflft, ipffftVffTK foj.fii potota#«*>cw? «t Dufati _ li^pc^'MartbSTi jejcljao anda'wfttNortU fjduAl&f poinU, to tftp ooaet, etc- fac Jthe Whlteouse Enveloped in Its Gloom. SAD STOET OF HOPELESS WArfflfQ, ' ' _ The PresUle^tV-lfeavy Burden of Sorrow atid Care— His Devoted Wife a DootAed Woraai and lie a Broken-Hearted Man tlo Scene at a Cabinet Meeting- His Adviser* Leave Him Atone with HU Grief U- The Mournful Home-Comtng from tfte Mountains. • . cover ^.hat the Improvement was only temporary; In spit&of theencfluraging reports and the softened expreaaions <jf Dr. Gardner' the devoted husband knew .that the must co7iie, and that at no distant day. wlHy at cabinet inciting Mr; Harrison for tho first time spoke of the great affliction whiclifs hanging! oyer hin|, Hia advisers c.onsidera.t«ly withdrew, seeing that he was too deeply moved todisoups theaf- falraof «t«te under such trylojr elrcum- ' ' T»rri ble Strain on the'FretMent. '• The ntrain upon Mr. Harriaonlias been almost more than he could heal. The anxiety for ' the fate of the woman who has been the constant and loy£j| companion of bis. entire manhood was i*n»red\dpubly acute by doinands made upoa.^jhimby the exigencies of a presidential campaign, as well as bftheimport^ntaffalMSof state that have called for wnsfder>«Qn and adjustr ment.l^Tbe meeting of theNffirand Army ^, the Republic, too, the ..granllest and greatest in the histpry of tify organization, w«uj an event looked forward to by'no humble soldier with more eagerness and enthusiasm than by the president of tbe United' "'""'"- who would have deemed it,a« he ' -»ysi one of the proudest acts >>f i'or odlclal life to march down ie-.*xpuu«» Hide by side with his r of thirty yeuttt ago. u»t «!«i»o to the DedlvHtlou, . ' IM pivtilitunt hiw been forced to an.- iiiitinuo llwt hit cannot participate in the nuliiliiw Uftutt wlubmtlons in the east and Iliu wuHl In ouiuuwmoratlon of the great- Mi ituU iiiu»llini>ortttnt discovery the world iwu. 1U In u man who does not Mil Jiwirk upon. hl« sleeve,andtu* will iinvivr know bow!much he has JH!. With thti shadow of death hover* Ing ov«n' the ouu tiw»raiit and dearest to him lia bun goiiu-ubout bb daily tasks with a " ttntld ignity that exeHes-th^ ami iwi|nirat Ion of friend* and alike, but thosa who are nearest him know how deep his aprrow ia, ' •riw Wife ileurlug Vy liraVely. Mra. Harrftjoii is as cheerful as it is possible for a bi-avd heart to be, but much pf her apparent liveliness and interest in What is going on about her is assumed in a noble attempt to lighten as far as possible the burden from the heart of her husband, well nigh* weighed down as he'is with a .sense of his own bereavement, and by the physical weariness of bis long;, hours of patient watching «£ her bedside by night and bis faithfulness to hisj^ublic duties by day. The. &e»urn/ffoD» th« 91|fkatain». It was |>n^wirW, the return front tbe mountam^/ThewfiWecity was decorated in honeir of the Grand Army. The president, seated in the ambulance beside the stretcher oj» which his wife reclined, bad no eyes for aught but her face. When he alighted fK&n the ambulance he ,did not .raise his eyes" to, view the surrounding Ptey of flags^ aadjjustinfc huj; seemed UWOM to ey*rytbins (j*v><ibe woman %*w has been such* copfort and ^ tohiro ,TotlP9,Q >^ ;•,'/._•., ^,<.< v ,i -^J-! ?I^..>2V.» < -C'l/- i,*-"''.'. ! i 1 ' 'jf i: i.;.-?--..!?; In the oeila^of' faaac Btish's.g«nera1.;store ' on. Grand River street yesterday, and before ' itWai gotten-und^ricontroi at8 o*clqck had burtted a whole, sqiiare of stores, ifo estimate of the loss can be made at this writ?. '«!?• 1 *. • Caught in » W»n Collapie. ,. While a number of persons w«re engaged in removing goods from Hlckey & Gtood- now's store an explosion occurred. The walls of the bulldog collapsed and many persons were'buried Jn the rulna. F. G. Hlckey and Darwin Wines were roasted tp death. A do7.en others are'also injured.but not seriously. . . , / The Chance of Hi* Life. , , fet. H-i-W;- Lebnard' Free/ man, a promlflent young_ physicit6.of, this city and oneI of the Ciricinnaii quarantine officers, has-been stricken with consumption.., Dr. Freeman to an enthuaiastio itu- dent. of bacteriQlpgy^apd has been glx^g special attention to the Koch qnres fofoan- ;smuption, .It ; la supposed that through 'contact with consumption '•germs he contracted the disease. ', - i, Would Se^iu To ,B« Cheap Enough. , CttAJitPAio^, Ills^^Oct. 0.*-Th«s Illinois Central Railroad company will be obliged, t to'payi8,000for,the death of Patrick .H. QUjrk, in a wreck oii^ May 38, -J8»l, Two tramps were arrested for causing the wreck, and sent to prison, but evidence has been, adduced showing that the wreck was caused by the bad condition of the track r and, that the conviced train wreckers had nothing to dowitbit -*- - " .' Sal«ofXot«d Hdraeii.' NEW YORK, Oct. 6.—A'number of horses •from the trotting stables of'Sfre Bros, were sold .at Tkttersall'syesteixlay. The bay niare. Rpsalind Wilkes, with a record of.3:U, sold fo)rM,500. She ia 10 yeajm old. The bay gelding Harry Wilkes, with a record of SS:13>$, .sold for *8QO. The bay gelding Great Eastern,.with a^jrecordi of a^S^, Th* Heal Kiitute Men. BUFFAI.O,. Oct. 6.—At the'seasion yesterday of the real estate convention the following papers were read: "Real Estate Boards and Exchanges," by Benjamin Haj-dftick, of New York; "Building and Loan Astocia- tions and Their Influence on Real Estate Interests," Judge Seymour Dexter, of El- mlra, N.T.; "The Province of the Real Estate Man," Marvin W. Farr, of Chicago; "The Torrenn System," Frank Terry, of Milwaukee. A number of resolutions Were referred to the proper ..committee. Northwestern delegates caucussed, and decided to cast a united vote for St, Paid as the uext place of meeting.•..•• . V AVillB* Paid If They Keep Cool. ^P^TROiT, Opt. 6, — Tlie tlnited States Building &. J^tJan association has decided to suspend pperattons. It was started in March\1890, bad a inembership of about 950* and Vn. authorized capital of 125,000,000 divided into shares of $, 1,000 each, A meeting of the directors Was held 'Monday and it was decided to retire from an already overcrowded field- Secretary Riddle .says .that ..aU-shareholders will eventually Le paid the IppountNof their installments in full unless they act rtishlr and force im • mediate closing tof Inisiuetis. l«ft Their Kill X «f Complaint. BALTJMORK, Oct. 6 —The grievance committee appointed at the pWsburg meeting oX^ho.Baltimore and Ohio telegraphers about a month ago* called onx'Superinten- dent of Telegraph Selden -yesterday and pjEsenled their schedule. The eommitfee h^ad only a. brief, interview, leaving their bill of complaint "with Mr. gelden ftjr consideration. It asksfpr increaeed and shorter working hours. 9|iljr One Mora Victim to find. AfljttLAND, Wis., Oct. 6.— A body; identified as that of Simeon Koski, a timber boss, was recovered from the Norrie mine Tuesday nj[ght , and three more were taken out early yesterday morning— Frank Deni&ohn, a miner, and John Bloomquist and Herman Erickson, inemberfi of the timber^ew. pushed to find the remaining " Oh fa Sautw, the Beaut-." * KINGSTON, ST. Y., Oct. «.-The peaks' of the Cfb8kUi(8 are cpyafed with anow to » depttof ^oincbeSjjjandTt^ grouMwija covered fromJDeJUb£tQ B& Jwii^n, covering aljghtou,rry of anowl fl.T-Tbere waa yeBterday. . \ POWDER Absolutely Pure. . . of tartar baking powder Highestof all in leavfcning streo^tU Latest U. $* Government Food Ro- INKING POWDER cb ' 10U WalPStreet, N. t. . VSTe Will pay the above reward for any aaie o Liver Complaint. OyapAiiai Siok Headeabe, 1« digestion, Oonatipatwi or Cottlreneu we c*» not otare with W/ft'a Vegetable Uver. J»11U when (he dlreotioot are atrletly oouiplled wiik. They are pmrely Vegetable and nerep fail to giro aatiilaotiop. Sttjrar qoated, targe buxet COB- ta nlng«) r plUa.-» cent*. Beware of cpunter- feiu and imltatloiia. "*• ' ' br THE JOHN 0, V 111 F«Sr »ale by Jka O. A Guaranteed Cure for .Pile* of nbat kUd or deMee-External, Internal, BHna or Bleeding, itching, ObroQlc. fUceai or Hereditary. ThU rtoeay b»r posttivjirjijeTBr bean kaowu to fail. $1.00 a box, 6 boxxn fSr-JS.OO; »enc by, mail |!ee- positively riven to ea \'' when purchased at, nj paid if not cured, buaraniee uiiHed by a...O f Avde, JUaMball, Micb. Call for •s~ P». B,C. W»af'a N«8V% AMD BKAIM , aKuaranteed apeoifto lor Hy»teria, UUii- neaa, Conyolilong, Fit», Nervom Nearalgla. Headche, Merroua Proatntlon canaed liy\tKe oae aloohpl or tobacco, Wakefnlnew. KestU De- preision, aof tanini{ of the Brain rwultlntuj ta- awltv and leading to Mlaery, decay, and ^eatt. Premature Old Age, Barreneu. Loaa of power la either tux, InvolnntaryLolaea and Spermatoi- rhtEaoaaaed by orer-exertien of the brain, aelf abuio oTer.indulgeuce. Bach box coottlBtkJeu moptb'a treatment. $1.00 a box. or alx boxea for $5.00, lent by mail prepaid on mcol^t ofprjee WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To cure any-caie. W Ith^ach order received »y aa for alx boxea, aocounted witb $5.00, we wil a»nd Uiepurchaaer oar written Kuarante* to re (and the money if the treatment doejTnot ejtec a cure. Ooaranteea Uiued oaiy by A. O. ~ Prnggiat and, aole Agent Mvahall. Mich.' IVIOU Freckles, Pimple*, olw, _ llioiheeds, ..HW,,™. and'Tan, ' urea the «M« to ^«r—^w »«"r ^w.*.m «^» - -.- -—,-^ oal frejbneu. producing '"^Jfiftfl* — and pcrf" " -l£ «ta Mount taut, wwamoed ** &• '«&^«S|^ttMi"* *a«StH5S' ^s^^ySR**™*

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