The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 31, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1893
Page 3
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r f i • - , s . 1 . i . i •> * i ',"*«'' THE DAILY CHltdMoilE, M¥ §11,1893. BREVITIES, Rdss Dic"key returned toOttictogp yes- •terday. / W. P. Neale, of Battle Creek, Was in town yesterday. Born to Mr. and Mrs McAllister* n ' boy. Monday. Mh and Mfs'.!J> BVK'eale spent yea? lei-day at LS. Peters'. ' , Born v 'to Mr.'«nd Mfs^JPetet Poole', Suaday morning, a son. ; '*:• • Hon. J. Q. Patteison returned from ; Hilisdnfe this m^nfijgl- . ' a Miss Mary" Dickey tatufned to "Atm Arbor yesterday rtfterriooTi. Erank Rowley, anil Sidtmv Tremble ; - Went to Battle Creek Jnstuviir'i-ig. * MldS {Sanders is supplying Miss Fran Cisco's place at the east Ward scfiool. Miss Evelyn Burko, of Jackson,: is \ visiting her sister, Mlissi Flora Burko. j Howell Morgan, who has been al J. L. Jiroux's, left for Denver thin morning. State street presented u lively appearance during the race yesterday. Mr. aud Mrs. Chas. Gardner, of Bat tie Creek, were at John Brown's ye»ter day. » . :•. ". Miss Jessie Chattiold, of Kaluniazoo, h the guest of Miss Anna Freeman, of .tbBcity. / . :':]" : ^-_ Misses Francis Roseman, Gertie Stajrr and Georgie Cleveland, of Kalamazop, aire visiting friends in this city,."-,•• Mrs. Lillie Francisco has so far re • covered frdni her recent illness as to be )•'•• able to go-,into the country where she 1 will remain for some time. Miss Shaw returned to Chicago on the midnight train Monday, .leavirfe many friends and admirers in Marshall, who sincerely hope to have the pleasure of listening to her again. The sale of seats for the Juvenile Or ohestru concert begins tomorrow morning at eight o'clock at, Greene's drug store. Tickets 25 cents. No extra charge for reserved seats. Le Temps, of Paris, says: "Sweden lias produced two great cantatrices, Jennie Lind and Mile. Nilssou. Ireland is jealous of Sweden and has flashed to us a star, Mile. Rosa I'Erina." Grand Rapids Democrat; "The most pleasing feature of the reception was tbe entertainment offered by the acoyai plished hartist, Miss F. Maude Hughes, in the rooms of the Board of Education. All visitors to the building listened to and were delighted by the many choice selections rendered." Miss Hughes ap pears at the Juvenile Orchestra concert one wcs.fe.from tonight. Wherever .Rev. Anna B Shuw has appeared hi public she has always re ceived the most UaUering pr,ess criticisms. After having listened to her no one can truthfully assert that these criticisms have beeniiTany degre t e exaggerated. Her talk last Monday evening upon M Tbe Fate of'Republics" was one ol the most brilliant efforts Marshal] people have eyer bad the pleasure oJ listening to, either here or elsewhere. Miss Shaw illustrated in a most convive ing manner that the future of republics is dependent in a great degree upon the moral characteristics of those in power, and inasmuch as women are more moral than mea= s|e7argued that tha.t was one of the reason^ why women should have some voice in the affairs of the nation.^_ : fijiaga.«e the Views uf some of the prominent men of the country upon thisjjsubject. She said Bob Inger soil .objected to women on tbe ground } they are so completely under the influence of the ministers, that shook •; they come into power this wpuli} be a priest governed, country. InViewofthe fact that the ministers* of the land have Always been a minority in governoieota. affairs ptrhaps it- naight be an to. lettb^nj tryit-aW,Ulej to we ' truthfully assert thatij the priests »nUl women the eaipe timt) convincing fay '' { Jt is sweet fqr one's country to die." It is sweet, but decidedly fash, t brings honor ttnd, fame andagloriods name, • But a,ttiighty small showing .of cash. Wickwire— t tell you;- ifabby, my boy, here,i<3 nothing like a baby to brighten ' ' a, man's Yabsley— Yes, thtfve noticed that seems to bo -at full hfeiglit in louse at nlriiostr Hrtj 1 Kent' of the ftighj. Mrs. Honeynidori^-Do yoti IoV« Old Party (eoutidentls', f rotti'-seat be- unH)— SJie'H'n8ked ; you 47 times in f Mir Jonrs: '''J'JWit off here, but I'H ItiuVC ; the rcorn.with this g«nll«',ninfl' by the win dow.— Brooklyn Lif'u; Four trottingmeetings will bo h«M in liiehignn this week. The'r.e will b« n dancing p:irly»nt At belter hull this evening. MUs Etnnifi KiiHt, of'Jackson, is visit ng Minnie Mastsr 4 Wih..Ackenui\ni, of Kaliihiaznc, is vis- ting relatives in Marshall.. . A. A. Harsh, of TeJcuftoha, takes pos sessioh of the Washington Housn tomorrow. The strength of a horse id equal, on ; an average, to that of seven. and a half men, •;_•. •• '"'. •.'• ';•.-/,;. . 'vj'- _.' •. : —Mr5."HeuTy Bock and chliciren and ,, Henfelo went to CbScugo . this morning for a mouths'stay. .-."'.. id seats noW on sale for Rosa ?Eriqa. Adrhission 35 cents and no extra-charge for reserving seats. • ' Among the sufferers at the Saginaw ire K^ere Mr. and . Mrs. Humphrey^ VIrs/Jlu>mphrey will be remembered as Vlayn'liompaon, a Marshall girl, sister of C. H. Thompson. Ibey had recent y built a new nouso and lost every thing. • The*conuert given by the Native Af ri can Choir at the Opera House last even- ng, was very lightly attended. The en tertaiumeut was entirely different from anything ever before witnessed here, ane some portions of it wore interesting and instructive, as it was illustrative of native African life. The Battje Creek Journal thinks our iteni in regard to a Marshall lady killing 24 rats in ono day last week rather "cheesy." 1 We would respectfully in form the Journal that tbe ladies of Unity .are notoriously nervy, and had tl.o. rats been mice they would have suilVreV the same uwful fate. A prominent veterinarian says: "Jn my opinion, from close observation, about seventy five per cent of all the horses in use need their toeth attended to once m two iears, as in forming they grow very irregularly, have, numerous sharp points, which lacerate the sides of the mouth and give rise to .annoying habits.'!'.. The following is a' correct report of the bicycle ruco which occurred yester day afternoon: Ar*g Poal. Time time cpm'g poai b m a in. S4tn<i 4 i 34438 1 5 8 40 SO T _6 i} 46 35 Masonic danee tomorrow algbt., Mr. and Mrs. Odd. Powell are home from Toledo.' - ft*. Mrs. McHugh WetSt to Chicago yesterday in. response to a telegranJ announc* ing th"e" illneas of her son, Myfon Towib send. Mr!. 3. C. Patterson entertained four teen young; tbisses, the members of her Sun*iay school class, yesterday affer- doop^at h^r homo on High ctieot. Dr.- Vand. "Mts, Greehiv left Monday evofllng fof an 'extended ton r through th'c wfiSt. /fhf, intr'iition of r l^-.'rt iVaki- b <loctor ai nnunrpd tlu- HIM nn /«'iV his liis 'n BIiiHi il. The anhnnl meeting of tlie Farnjoi's Mutual Fire Insurance Co, .; of Ciilhoun couixty. was held/'at the Opera House in this city, today. The iill.-mlanw was quite largo, owing iio doubt to Hit; tjon for the offices of prcsidi-nlam! st'c- rotary. -The report? of the secretary and directors showed th« cdinpnny to be in a very tine condition in every way. The chief interest was tbu elect i >» of president and secretary. D. C Simons O was elected president president, reeciv inc: 129 votes tq 105 for H. H. (JarBeld. C. C. WorlhinKton was elected vice president, "receiving £9 'of tbe 53 votes cast. For secretary Henry Walkinshaw reboived'137 to 103; for; H;.:.iSj; Meteor mick. ; W, A. PjbwiSli Was chos0n'*direc- tor and H.H,. Garfieldi auditor.' ' Notice Kelatlve to Cows, •" The ordinance relative to pasturing cows in tbe street will be strictly en forced. No cattle will be allowed to be pastured in any street, whether they are tied or not, aud all~cattleJ0imd; at large in the street, whether tied or. oth erwise, will be taken care of. No ex ception will be made to this rule for anyone. PETER HOWE,, " City Marshal. WANTS, FOUND, KTC. •, Twenty cents a week for each notice not ex ceetflug nvo linea. No charge leas than twenty cents. L UST—A narrow black silk belt.witb pin In it. Finder please leave at S. V. K. Lepper'a W ANTED—A boy to learn the barber's trade. Apply to Walter W. Clark. W ANTED—A girl for general housework, '0 N. Maaiuon atruet. MUS. UliO. MAoEH L OST—Tuesday, Hay 30, betweup the ruai- dencu of Heury WalkiuBhuw in Convis aud iiuruhall city, a new pocket- book A suitable reward paid fo the CUrouiclo office.. W ANTED—Ladies to do writing at home: Will pay 818 to $30 per week. Send naif addressed siauiped envelope for reply. Address MMB. WttlUUT, . • ' Minhttw^ka, lud H'cap m. McKinttry ij B«ftU ............4 Biudenuch 4 Webber. .....3 Lewis ,,!&' Qaua. .:"-J4 Eett'g time h m a 3 13 15 8 8 IB 8 8 15 3 8 15 -3 5 8 6 45 34515 34t>'45 3 .713'' 3 46 8? 5 Decqr»tlou Day. Irgoes* without saying -that everyone expects it to. rain ou^D$CQration Day, but for pflefr'-^BYiirypne": was disappointed, as yesterday was qai/ of the few. perfect days, of the season. Much thought had been given to the programme to make it interesting and that' it was Jjso reflects much (Jredit upoa those having the mat; ter iii charge. The iuusie, which was given by a. number of ttte school child ren uuder the direction pf .Sites Oli'v.e iiennett was vety •creditably rendered.* The series took place in?iEa£le 0pei a tastefuily-arid appro jjf lately decorated 'for the occasion. $fiv. Dr. -T?&j}4&ty> e ty openettjjhe exej: eises witjf payer, . was followed by ;tj£8 wadering o| '"Ike Prayer Qf £# 9$* bs the, $kolf. OiTi' of the pleas i?l(*fa1j»re.3 iatitoa tat Rjjfcoe gjayijdrfli resMtea'My. ati^jnQpt aceept^ly and. wa$ warmly applauded, The address 'by JRev. W- D, aitiie C*eei, gav,jj general 4t toe oonelusicn p| m exe«alea at &e feaU.* jwceepssipft was foruaed and Beaded by ttse -K. p. T- M- band,, bpth the ceaxetertes wer'eTisit§d aad .{*-„„, ,' ,,','u. , u ,,.|| F OU SALE C11K^P—All elzee o> hogsheads, good for cisterns and water tanks. Inquire at JOB. Gramer'a Eagle Urewery. UK SAJLE—Second hand three burner line stOve .and oven. •/ ' MHS.H. M. MPRRILL. O6T—A gold moanlled bilk umbrella in eome place pf bitaiuesa -Fiiider pleaae ieave at this office. N OTICE—Mre^W^L. Buck Is agent for th» Chriatj knives and will furnish all wuo •ortsh ihem. , • vVu tsopd houses to rent on corner of Eagle uud Mansion streets. '.In flrst class order with tyro good wells drilled into the ruck, aud two good cisterns. N«w U the time to buy your wood at $1.76 per 'cord, delivered from the wood All kind* at team, work dune to order. . Is, R OOMS FOR BEST. . W. H. BARSBT, Mansion aud Madison tile. W HY pay rent when yoa can buy & loi OB Martin and Hatch'* addition and nave a, bouse built u> suit you, 'aalpf-y for it in s monthly payments. For information call at nee of J. Si. Hatch, over Wm. Martiu'» atore. •- . of TOBK TO BE^T-Aftej: May Isc. For info ei quire of J. E 'Lan$we. SALE CHEAP—keir ta ' L OST-Suad»y, in trout of Mra. C. B. ley a on North Marshall ave., a child' icy Bent geape, thie office pr.^ra.- Bait- STRAWBERRIES. Cpmmencig Saturday We Look-Pof Daily Sup At Loafer Prices. J. Cuniliiigham's. t. ; 700,000 Ibs, on sale at J. Cunningham's fflacSiaf Time t&Bfe taking effect Due. 3, 1892. Trains page Marshall as follows : GQIN8 BABT. No. 3J, Toledo Express ................. «.27 m (• 8, Cincinnati Express .......... ...... 841 .tin " -!1, Mail and KiprcuB ................ 12-58 p ra 11 27, Local Freight ..................... 550pm TBAIMB OOINU WKBT. So. 23, Mall and Erproaa, ............... 11 15am " 2, Cincinnati <fc B. C. Express ....... 621pm '•• 34, Kipress.... ----- ........ .„ ...... 12 33,a m " 28. Local FrelgU. . ............... „...« i!? an, All trains dally except Sunday* Direct connections are mad a at Toledo' and -Ciuclnatl with all roads diverging Trains 91 and 22 inako go ad cpnneatlon at MOD) tclth with the Q R:-& I., and at Allegan wltb the C, & W. M for Grand Rapids, Muakegon and all points north. F. B. DRAKE, «e.j, M'g'r. ' . U. M. SOHINDLER. Qeo. Pass. Agl Q. B. MI?E, Agt., Marshall. MICHIGAN (TENTRJIL " The Niagara Fall* Route." TIMETA.-iLg, MAY. 28, 1893. TB4IH8 BAST. Day Bx.t Chicago, Lv 4 00 Kftlftmazoo...... 2 Battle Creek..,. 2 .48 Majshall, Dp... an Aa'uldn S 38 Jackson. ,.' 4 30 Detroit ... 8 45 o,m.i Eat Ext a,m- '66 1 48 8 ir 8 88 940 Buffalo.. afi5; T 45 At'c p.m. 7 30 U 38 la 10 13 68 225 sao a.m. 600 p.m. BIT Spl* P m. 8 40 1-2 Si 1 10 815 4 15 a, m. B 35 a.m. Mail a m. 705 Itf 85 1 a 45 a or a 10 e oo p. Ill in io 2 15 30i> 3 23 3 43 4 85 1 15 a m. Bx-t a.m' Detroit, Lv 8 20 Jackson.;. 11 4<>»n...,ia3010Q8 Marshall ..13 43 Battle Cr'k 1 SO iJalamazoo H 08 l'htcago,Ar 7 85 Ohlc Bx.* JJCWo.Pac Ng't +|Sp'l.*|KjL,« Ex.t 10 S3 4 10; p.m a ru. a. m. 680;^.,.. p.m.! i 15 a or! 838 355 10 45i 4 19 11 26; 4 47 8 10; p.m. 5 00 7 as B 1& ass e 03 9 50 p.m. a.m. 3 15 5 10 5 88 5 55 6 13 0 45 1040 u. nj p. 1S m. 6C » 10 1300 12 36 1 OS 1 45 p.m 7 45 1045 1121 11 40 13 10 i ia- 6^0' a.m. (8a,tur>iay»«icepted *£aiiy tSundaye^xceutcd O. W, : RWOLES, Sun. Pass, & tickei Agt. IJS9-A JOHNSON, Freight'Auent. , --' REDUCED! We liave reduced the price on all our Jersey ^uit§. Now, is the time to buy., ^ ',T" SIIANAHAN, . ,; We 1. Wajit to Sh6w our "^ . \ r* . * O »• ' I , -. •* tou Every Peribn iri'the Coumty, ^"'* l T- ** k * J ' '. ,ih- ' " " '. * -S *C{ " " w. x «• «t ^ ^ * mA -^s£^

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