The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 4, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1892
Page 4
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HAll^-CHRONlCLE* OCTOBER 4* ' » . - . •-" •• ' • • ' " rtver valley more than l.uuu heart of •»».' jatfle were huinecl to death^ dine hoi)**', it^d four cabins Iwrhed- anil tlnvc horlls- Jheu fatally ihjuvwl. The cjit-tlf \\i-i* iW-il- ,ng in a snjalkvtillpy on Tuesday hist. A'd suddenly Mew a sea of, fire u^on-them. Heforc they could tyro ;he ttathlened animals .the herd wils sur- JroundMby Baines. ^The cattle tht>n hud- iledin the middle of a den rinse about a Ollie square i i extent, .hut ' despite the ef» .fortsof flip eiytohoy* they again slahipeded: Many of them dashed into tfie inid.-it of the lames, where they perirthwl in nojri'hle . igony. - • No Kscupe From the (,'lrc'Ie. ...i Tfljiavt* their Hvesthe foitr eow'boys whov, <vere witltih the fierce circ.le atteinptpd to force their horse*' through a iiamm- belt; ^"blazing'timber. .Hetore they 'had :'eii feet theaiiinv'ilsjiAd inhaled fliuh dropped to tin-' •t>.*H>t'li. their .ridi'rs luting joriiuelled. - to i-iin back to their starting )ace, After racing with ..great fury for iiine hour* tire 'wind drove, tin- flames 011- ivard and fi'k'nils .froth iicighhoring I'anges ••aine to, the ivscjie of tin; four cowboys, rhi'eej« fhi'in are'Vo liadly himwl that *fi««y will die. Young N'e\v York 1>«'inocnits. ' ; NKW YOHK. Oft.-l.—the stat£ H Jj0Hiio- jratio club conventinn Was : Ifeld in Chick-* ?ring hull yesterday jy.lfrlr- a full atle.nd- fttiue of delegates. Hesohttiolls werea'do'jit- .jdjittnomicinK the ''mrcc" bill,' ilenhi/rtng. .'or''tiH'ift'i"evisi<m as proposed by the Dj?* di'tio.unciiij; David Martin, of % •Thr romp finy ,of dommercal . Nuw Votk- ... or flio ptlrposf of obtain - v insc and dtstnhtitiua inforrii^TJoii of every kind to thri morf^vhlile' world and pnblic, infornifttton rclalitii? \n pric(«, valuvt ofrcai pstuto uilil diso iu diflornnt looalilies, ad jtrp«sos and a 'thousand and^HtvMjitlier matter 1'tom all purls of the Statos^nnd torritories, fuf;ii8h(?U Jija(_ cost, roliiiltlo and . •Apjify to lJ-ir il,f privntc. 1 have ail" I hnae,nion'sinu bills roarfn out utid would bt» pli'asit.'d, to huvi ;/ "thost! owuiii \w call amf so'itle. '. ^ f . ' , ,1. . PhlladeliThia, n Uepublieaii \\lui K here listing . Tolui l^l)n\eti]?iirt, ps a disrpeuta- ble rascalaud nlu+iui^ulso I)a\enpiirt him- •vlf, dedurinC that the loiation of the AVprld's fair at VhicaK» wns'ii Itt'puliiUtui irick, but that it was New 1 York's duty 'to work for the fair's .s'ucevv*. and indorsing the Democratic ticket. Amos «l. '('uni> and otheix *poke and .lolin Hoy«i ei' -was elected pro-Mem.' ^ i'ireiutiii i'utiill.v Injiii'i'd. -^'HIC'AOO', Oct. 4. —The fiiirr'-sliiry brick factory of t.ho C'ary-<)j,'<U-ti (••oiupatiy. man- iifaipturers of paints^ oi|.s"ai|d .varufclws, at No. 204-aTO \\'(ist KiKhteeuth ,-itretjt. Was Destroyed Vy lire ; last evening. The loss is placed at iliV.fJDtl,' fully r.ovw'ed .by ilisiuv uice. 1'he fire spread' to two tenelHeni jouses adjoihing .and' Uhvse were damaged :o the extjiMiJ of *l(|,0(Hi. Henry WalbaUin, i .flr.e engine drivej'j was fatally injured. Look at the goods at Perrett's- : . MOTHERS sickness, or call on your druggist for Dr. tShatpstcen's ' Lavender Oin;mimt i with line you .part your dar- bnbic.4 in and Aslhnntic lialsam, mcdicin.\ save lives when- doctors-fail bran'otis Croup, Inilanimatioh rfihc Lunss, Lun^ !• ever and Typhot. 1'neti monia, also quickly relieves :r • cures Croup. Scarlet, , >V oopinff lt|s av,d Cougli, Sore Throat, Burns* S «l«i8 simimr— alllictiou!!, 33 timl 5t> ucnt s or by mail? l)R 'H, utory Marshall, Michigau 1'ropri Don't tail to see* Dress Goods at Perre.ttS, 1'iiyiiiuiit Law' l.n\vl'ul. PnoVlDHXi K, It. I., Oct. 4. -r-The supreme h :uurt handed d»wn un oiiininn ye-terduy tin' coiiHiitiiiiuiiulity o'l' Hie The euiirt held that fiti'd by the legisla- any limit utio.n.s the did not come apholding tn' coi tveekly payment law. jprponuiuns being fi ture were subject" to legislature might imi •vliLiii t.hi- privilegfs accurded \-iti2ens un- ier the provUions of ihP roiisiitiition c/.Un- l.'uited Slates. . ... Ouuruiitine l» Mflol. (.'AMP LOW, ft.\NUV .lliruK. X. .]'., Out. 4. —The tiuuraniine over Camp Low und l^up Erbenkkerbfii was lifted yesft-i-day. Nil's. Domix, the cholera patient, upd .Nlrs. iirussuer and her new Ixjrn babe left here festerduy afternoon for Kills island". Major ' Sawtelle received orders last e veil ing to re- iieve Past Assistant Surgeons K. •\Vadtli iud J- 1J. Stpner and have them report to . ;heH- posts of duty. • . The Hamburg Cliolrni Kvi">rt. : HAMUl'itci.'Oct. 4.— Oflicmi ligures published yestpnliiy give the total number of .'holera ca«es in the last i^ix weeks as 17,7.01, it which 7.r«3*V were 'fat;jl. , The abatement >if the plague 'has been so.encouraging in the iast three days that less attention is now mud toil than to the starvution and-t'evers unoug the poor. AND f}EMARK.- To introilupo hy prollmlrsarv remsrUs. "Iff mark—To brlnj; to nutii-iv . ^ X-rwih I. KVbster In of her Tfoi-rtaf-Trc-wHli to intriiiltiuc to you r ncrtlce, prefarltlft our romoi-kH HA rtljovj, ttie'tftct tiat by uildi'essing the uiidc'islanoil you can bi> 'irirnlttne'd with the lowest rates. a*4-4)tm<-i;outt>B o the Northwest, \V^st ftnit Soutliwoit. Mft[>9. ia'n]()iiletii n)|i all iiit'ortnivtinn Iri-c rttKCEU, Mich. 'foasotiger Aei-nt, Milw*ukee * St. fnnl Hallway, v, 1 treat, Detroit, AHoh : ' • For Over Fifty Y.'fir« Mn9. WlNSi-OW'S 8tvOTlitNii S'viHM' has 3eon used for.• children' twihlfigS'.lt aoo(ho» the child, soflciis iluri, ay8^11*pain, cures wind ••c>«<) Uthe best renicdy for l)iiirrlnv v :i^ 'I'' live cents a botthu Sold bt all giafs throtiiilumt tho wofhl. .«* the A'ifli?^j falit Route.' • fy . " TIM^TA..LE, JUNE 12, 18921 ' I'niiu Tr«.\ «rsv » lly. •'• 'Via the (i. R. * I., 11.4.!., i.n 'I'rt ()ciol)or 4th,' 180-2.' 'Onl.v 'if I On Mouleith or 4:f'^ from' R.>hmi;i/.mi fi>r (i rtiind trip, (iood fur rotnrn until October IJJtli. Spoc'inl trnin lei'tvi'H KM! auiax66 S.^.X, Monteitli !•:(>!. Poj-hivi'ry the last ohiinoo to visit tlirov p.itmfar re -sort* this scWou. tlitl A Vl>\\ «1 the Worl<r« I'nil- Ill the form of a laf«je gru|>lv in oi{;hl colors, with ke.y to samp, can bfl had by sending your addi-ess with Uvonty eonts In •postage! siatWps',u Oeo. II. McaflVm); (T/ l*i /-;.;'ehjea^p ilwajikftp & §t; Panf IVy, (Cl^odjjo. iM As ,titp anj^ly'..{« limited',' >pplicatloj must b,c mffd« oai ly. Should Iho.feiipiJly bocoran exhausted tlu: poRtag will bo returned to n.i>pliwint. \Th«j Baby \Yassiek,'Wi-t«v« her Caitofla. WLea all* was a Child; aiift priad for Castoria. When «Jjf became Miiwf she clung to CastorU. «b'SUren, Daring tlio epidomio or ilii\ m thin ••iutMiy, iu 1888, 1 had hard worh In Ueop a ttiiufvlv. ot ChAmberlain'H Colic. Ciholtra and i.tarrliW Remedy on lia.nd roop'l'o'ofton onmo ten •••r tweiVe mi Ion :i n tho Might to Rot a tint tin nf the rpmejy, I have boeu -.oiling patent m» I- iehies for the past ten jenit* mid liuil tuat it hat) given better satisfaction in pa* i>* ol ilini r- hoja.aud tlux'than finy othci- iuodi^0iB I Imvo over hsndieil — .1. 11 iiouhan^. (In'igiM.-l, (joi oonda, i'op* Co., 111. O\-ET thT^Jnniin o"i ^yr-' tlei* of this lioinody «CIM mil. I'm tb.a*<ioniity .'during tlie ppldemie rtlerred. It tt,if a>i>ct' feftt Buccens and wan the only leiin-dy did cure tbo wocxt CawPH DO/OIIH tliero mil ^tiriify that it In four oilier cjiideinicn <)f tlimrotuffd.^ -ha*- been ei|ii.ill> audJll cent hnttlos ti>rr>.<lv) t atore. ' —j» it:nio, I»"n,c i lig't :x.+jSp'l+ ; Kv!-Ert n. pi. a.m. •• i Unt\.iln ....... 13 00 fi.:«! ..I.., a.m. >p. in.,p.m. lietrolt, Uv S B(r T 40 l 3t) 4 4ft 1 ' in:..ii :;()! » -it) :i n 7 tft ,...i!ttnjio OfJ!-8 •!»• 7 M n.ta S IB 4. CO •MiiTHtuiii .,is.aijio s-i ! Hall'tf Ct'U. 1 nfvlll 4. r ) i -.' or.|ii MO 1". m. I i 8 47 4 4 :;i) 5 i«5 ft 4;, « UUi ' m.j w' ' !!>.•• u oo a «• 1'J 01 1« 47 4 41! 13 Will «• 4 5'.i 1 iWil'JJk 5 ur.i am i or a i.'>i 7 45f U M a.m.) t». m]a.m. ^ uriMVP i>xe0ntud •ttallir tSunday » ««c««»teU u. \V'. lU'ilui.RS, o.ofi. Page. *Ttokot Apt. II USWIOIIN. Aeent, 1 Mar»U«l,i thoir Ii\n«. jc»rn|il .li.feil CiiiiHiUiia fur a Habit of J)oiiig That Wuy. Ills.. Oct. 4—This ft-urk isteeni wheeluitu who wen- expi-ctod lo take part in the bk-yi-U- iiii-rt here y»-sl«r- lay fuilud-to make their apju-arauct', but nearly all the goud westi-rn nu-ii were on band* The track was. iu excellent- cuiuli- tipu but iio remarkably fust tnue w;w made. f . ^ Have your cistern cleaned ami -the water purjtied and deoilbrized by the use of pvfirton & Foughl's jnew process cistern cleaning. The water in the cis tern is not removed. (>co. V. Feals wfl be in the city this week prepared to 111 all orders. 1'rice $L Satisfaction enarauteed.' Leave orders at Unuusi- ct? officp. The right to use this pro cess in Marshall township is for sale." i have vme d Bitlliue/y. ved injt store from •IWriu Wfist Main street in tin Gusty Kendall place. of Marshall and dive nie a call. 1 have r< :gpods. Mws. L. Tuke An ordinance dogi running ^Puatyw Q« t}ie ludies ld please. ed '«.' new V* Tho '•Knytfl Kul»y" INirt Wine. torin '•dolicaU* health" is used-to' ex- u physical condition iu which the of .nalnro appear Jo l>u partially ex- lausted and the system is pecidiarly sensi- iutluenoesj. Slight causes, which would produce iju dji8tm-bauce.what^ eve.r in t.he bodj^'or njiud *of*a robust individual, prostrate ttiq strength and .depress he spirits of : persons m delipnte health. llespurpe should be had Kinder these circum^ stances ta-"Itoyal Ruby" port, wi^jk If ;here B is, any /reserve of vitality in the en- fepbled.W'gani/.ation, this uneaualcd exhil- iarant a^d tonic will rouse and developo it Quart .bottle*, $1 j pints, 00 cents. Sold; and by M.<B, Powell. Bottlod \>y Co. Chhjago.- o oot U iSs a Ci-ipplo (!rt»rk in uo| n Ifaiil 1.1} • r.c'« wealth ' report, gillie i\ WIMtpJoiit'tM-, i.mmmu ne^vP.Ike''' I't'(ik.itj ('ulrtniiljV lU»1tl • brtctit, ytfllow gold i* rouiul :it (•ni«- rui'p* iniil in ilu' rock foi-iuitlion. 4| • .. ,:, Kellttblo cScpurtH_i'luiin I hi.i i- i.Mla.y ih' lii-lirfi catiip In Colowl'i- ^s«ik>'i* uvornyi'l !SIiH) 'jicr ivt* run u^ tiif;ti us $.*i,tHiJ. t.'m. him-, ^ a il-uy nrt* tio.w rnstiin^ 11' l-'i uiiotiii. nl thr •lir«l,r'i'i,, * ..-. The 'rliHtii'u of 1 !> lilrliuir" is itnrili Itmkiir^ alter! . . • -You can' get ttiero'|ui<'L!>' IIIK! I'.iinfurliitily 'O' laklnn I he Saiilu Fi* roiiir. ()nl> Hiif vvitn iu. ,(<ljaiiK rt "I rum IruNi ('^io.-t^n, Kun^iin I'uy utiil yilier pfluuiyul cities tof I'Mori'Minl, iicixi-ciil mil roail 8(attun, with daily SIUL - ''« lo l>'i'i>iiiuiii. Addrt->i.i fur mte niul ncrvurt, CEO. E. OILMAN, MclW iuiiln-.i» HUMPHREYS' This- PKFCIOUS. OINTMENT is the., triumph of Scierrtific MeSicirte. • , ~ Kothinp; has cx-er been produced to t ^cqtinl or c'ompafe witlfit Ss a CURATIXK and IIF.\LINI/APPUC \tirtN 1 * It has been' \tsod ^ojears and always affords relief and always gives v Sitis&ction.' Cmc/Fji ns <)f>IlKMORRHoijps'A.Tfcct*rrtal or Intmifil, Blind or Bleeding-i-Itchin« an«i Ijut ninij; (Iracks or Fixture*; Fistula jn Ano{ Worms- of tlu* JRertum. The relief i? immediate - the: cure i WITCH „_ (Uires BtiuNS, Sc;alds and Ulctrati^n atoll Coutractiou from Ilur.ns. ThereUttfiar»s,teht. - Gji!«a-BQii,s,_llo^Xunior^ ulcers, FK-' tnla«.Olil Sores, Itching .Kruptions, Scurfy or Scald Head. It is infallible. _, F.oor CAKF.P ^ BREASTS ard Sore' Nipples. -'It is' invaluable. -EtJcc, 30 'Cents. <^ . Trial size, 2j fi..l,| by DiuzzMt, «r arnt Miclii|;4,ii BdMenut-r-'Ajf't S / KKTHOI'T 1 . MICH ' , ' ' ' ' W AXTKD—Bool; agtm-iH to ciiutiins Mf.ehan c»l I'ocUi'.t Coiupauiou rapidly. For feut.rit.nry unit piiritriUi>ra Ilomu I'uUl 1 slitt'i! Ooiiiiuiiiy, oii Slioll'n DetroJt. Mich.^ ' F «IH •• THE PILE OINTMENT t A NEW PAIHIESS i CERTAIN CU (ilVES INSTANT I RELIEF AND LASTING CURE; NEVER «t- I TURNS. TO PROVE |T r.n.l t.V cou»i .1 '.i will (ilulliplU cm. .iliy (• /*] -House 311 Mniborry alfeut. ..Lot f> rodu aquail'. Kiuyst jjanleu spot in Mar shall. I'noe very low. •< ' "• ' ^ tl JOHN JI*r8hftll*MH'li best PerMnies always in stock at Cr. H, \yTpo I 1 '' A choice let of mod R tfie l;est tuitliorilies. \\ dheap if al taken v ;il works from llbe sold very A. SIIKKMAN. Oliu Family Kxriir»lon, To lCent s Oluo,und return, only $Q 75. To Bull'alo, N. V'.. and return only fl>; To liiughampton, N.-'A'. and return- only f 13; To Uenningtoh. Vt.. and return only $11). - ' Tfic Sevepth Annual Ohti Family Kx cursiou will leave Allegau on Ttiesiluy, October 1, 38!):.', yi* the ('inciunati, Jack»ou aud Mackinaw railway, Tl]e above rates will be charged from Alle gan, Moutieth. Ktchlaucl, Augusta, HatUe Creek, Marshall. JlouieryHau- over, rec'iiuisch and 'all 0., J/& M, raiHiiy Millions Allegau to Dundee iu- clTt^-c. Cuildrei) bunvv^n the ajjes of ti,ve wntl. twelve , sears will b(j charged one-hall of tharnbove rates. Special trains 'will ruir through. Sleeping car air small additional 'ex- e(l<uppu applicatioo. pi. the pense will 1'hi.s wi}l . . . yeaV to eastern cities. . An «xceHent op- Marshall. , CleauJot; " now o_j>eu i Qr laJi order* <or ypur wor U*ual eeols teftded to. S. or the uudefsigned T f C, 14, u. y. A!. c.YJ. Drug store. Ladies are invited to call and test them • Important to F CiOShropsliire Thoroiighbreil J^wt-^ . Rains importcil tiirevt fr<m Shr6pahiro, iinglanil will urr-ivi- ln-n i-n a few days am) will lu» ollVn-ij -IMI sale by JAMES SNELL. FARMER, , ' ' i^ MarshaU, Mich I of rili--,, I-vtehi.-il, IiHerflal, Blcoiliag.j I IMotrudinK or llchjiig. -we will wn<l al (TRIAL PACKAGE FREE to a-v a.iuiTsi.l I St-ml st:«ii>]>s tocoyei- iioi 1 ^ge"&. ad.drcj^l .PYRAMlOOBIiqcO. MICI ru<is. .1. SPKA^U-E it-sew,. AufTiicys snd Bulicitor^of Pat- <:orre>.pDi}dence solicited; la- uruction Pimphlcl free, s? WEST CONGRESS ST.. DH- tKOlT.Mich. E»t»blished 1865 You can always the best Cigars at , Greene's "Drug store* Call and try them. THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE! A Happy,, Fruftfui -A. r >3 indi ojUiiwy hit-ycV; hull liuariug« thfoiigUont, in, U ret -cl^S 4-upfli- tiou, M.««t l>e sold at (iiii'f. Bt?st ntU'-r i>v«r S''"' takfs it. Jnqniri' of L... s. Miiirriwm »' .rouri . '$ . . i SALE-r-A eumplele kit uf tools iutluUiug. clie^i hud' \v-ork t'bepp for ca»U. linjuiru at <'OiU't huuee went. F O.K 8A-1,K— Slo6k of goodwill, Hi> c|{ of ^L good will. Will &e s»Jd togeijiw t>t uiosU' wltlt leas? «1 st,or4vfl.ii n>ft«ouabli- -n>nt Sat4*>lUct.(jj-y ri^wong for M-lHus- -Addrej-it liyx 111«, Web. " • o. oowi , , want jtoljuy flour, corn, 0. A- AM pf 'r— My stfire ,ou S.tMO .atipu iu W*,ri>linll, tot , by JoJjiJB Bu tier. It «ini regtw Uy 4»een tt ue.d tip and lit paiuud in a very, tl.ue- ooui.ijiuatiou ut colors- r • CHiUS..FK?n VUO-Kl.. •t* EVERY MM I.^S KNOW the 7 OB AN V> Facts: tbo Old Secret* and toe' New Discov ence as •write for our ,, .. called "A TREATJC9B FOB o n « To any earut'Kt nuui we will maSl o, Knlirely Free; to P\ato sealed ,«A r*fu B e J-r0» *fc«rini»*lM».*» "RIE MEDICAL CO,, BMFFAtO, N. Y OF MEN riwiiwtl>»»t^r** ?:

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