The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 4, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1892
Page 3
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THfittAILy Lecal meteorological report taken by • W £l<u*^«A */w1o«- at Uriumm Hvn<* store. today at Greene's drag ton. 59.410 89.480 MB 1 NB • KB § High***, 64, lowest, 65. By regttteriag tnermoineter fof the A*- A A Vifitmifim -t • •* last *4 BREVITIES. Mrs. Pf W. DIoTkey and .. daughter, Donna, were in Battle Creek yesterday. ' Mrs,. Thompson'Faimer returned today from a visit in the northern part of .'the state. s ' Mrs. C: D. Paddock and daughter, of Jackson, who has$>een viahiug in this ' city/have returned home. Boreas has-, beaten Jack Frost in bis raid dn« the foliage and tifo leaves are falling before they change from green to gold. The thrifty farmer's wife is gathering stomach blossom! to color the pretty browtr stripe tor her new spring rag carpet.^ _ . . Married, at the residence of Thomas •*• Taber, Mr. Chiaholm. ' Clnf e and Miss May k OCTOBER 4.18»2. Ephraim Marble went to Jackson ibis Afternoon. ;M. C. Hatch afternoon. city today. Went to Homer this of Albipn, was fn this W. C. DarlinB M .buildintf t s»faouse on Monroe street. * Wm. Brooks, of Jacksdfe, Spent Son day in this city .The funeral of James Marks, of , was held this afternoon at the Lutheran church in this cjty and was'very largely attended. ' V ' Wm* Jones died Jast'nighi at the homfe — .*, of his parents in this city after a brief illness. The funeral will probably be held Thursday. "..'..,-. Page Birds. Buggy Co. wishi to thank ihief Ehman and .members of the Mar-, aJT fire department for their prompt and effective service this morning in* saving tlieir carriage factory. The contract for the electric light plant wos let lasVevening to the/BNiah company for $i4,00&^The report wa* •resented to the counoiKsigned by the electric commissioners anoVxthe Brush know that;i:aiii a little far to f tfceEg»]fc end but as pur jbity is growing we mustsprea^^ i * " ^. ' * not do Business in the center, > . • • . -7 ay you if in want of a • -.'.'.. ' . • • '- ' /'«e^to give me a call; have two carloads of Acorn Cob Chisholm, .Dot/ Jtt, by the Bev. B:~Fjp company and the council accented It T..K.,. u..nk M .ni.« k —^ «*«- «— While the flgur^s are a little higherthan ome of the other bids, enough more Don't.fallto hear Wblfenburger, the and better' machinery it beln£ secured cyclone, Wednesday -after-| to 9 ' bids, . 'About building, John 1 Waltz, until 'Nebraska cyclone, Wednesday -after-1 to °X R *e -Hide noon and^vening in the big tent. ..tie will not come this way again. There were 48 tickets sold for the OMn Recursion from ibis city. The-.first section of the train arrived here" at 1.80 and was well filled. There were two other sections, '" • . \ •, The L. O. T. M., of Marshall Hive 22, WHl entertain the ladies wl AvondaU ttlve, Tekunsha, Wednesday evening, Sept. 3th. The l$dy commander desires a full attendance. * Miss Fraakle Wirt, daughter of Mrs. S. Overboil, who recently removed from Marshall lo-Evanston 111., died last Sunday at Wads worth, Ohio, wheie she was visiting relatives. Do not fail to heur J. P. Johnston deliver his narrative "Just how it all Happened," tomorrow night at Eagle opera house, Oct. 5. You will loff and loft and loff until you cannot laugh any - longer. < Win-Connor,-J. M^Moses. and HOD. M. Ferguson are in Lansing today, attending the democratic convention, which is being held fon the purpose of nominating a candidWto succeed Judge Mbrs|» Sousa's New Marm» Band will play as follows: Overture—"Mysora," Wettge; Ballet Music—"Fanst," Gounod;. Idyll— "iSJpjiy Life.V LaThiere; Aria—''Barber of Seville," Rossini; Symphonic Poem "The Chariot Race/' Sousa; An Episode, KJing, and other elegant selections^At Hambiin's Opera House, Battle Creek, Friday afternoon, Oct. 7. J. P. Johnston, whose^jook, "Twenty Years of Uus'ling," ha* brought him fame and fortune, has recently compiled a narrative from the book, which he ( is deHvaring to enthusiastic audienes in the leading cities of the country. C. N. Ulosser, the well known theatrical manager, has entered into a contract with Mr, Johnston to pay him $10,000 for one hundred" nights ojr flQO per night and all expenses. Indiana papers speak of Mr. Johnston's narrative as being especially comical.' interesting -and—instructive. The entertainment be given in this city Wednesday no dlffere/oe in the o'clock" this mi recentlj- was discovered flre./An alarm waalmmedial ed and the fire department responded ? 6r y;PI»n>Ptly. Although the flre had not been going more than 10 or is minutes,'by the tjme the water was. turned on it the building was completely gutted insjlde and Page Bros. 1 shop was on lire." A delay of five minutes more and the flre would' have* bad a start that would have been hard to control., the -.——,-^ ..vv. w WWVAB MMft\l KV V VU *^'UI» JL'UO fire was uikjotibtedlj an iooeuUiary and evident that the been soaked with kerosene before _„_. set afire. The building was owned by R S. McNames and *a« insured for ing & Heating Stoves to pick fro Over One Million of tliese stoves • • \ • . • - • now in use. Everybody is invited to* call at my Salesroom and inspect my new line of goods. I also make a woncierful offer^a plated «oods this week. JOHU V !N, East* State StreC MARTIN BLOCK. TO CONSIJMERS QF GAS FOKJFUEL. The Gas Compaq* arf&uncefii the! uu . . • ~ ad' tion in CORRESPONDENCE. To I)}* Jtdltor: In view of current pews would it not be eminently proper for you to give the public the continuation of thai interesting serial entitled "knocked on', in two rounds." . The lust previous chapter showed the commissioners knocked out by Mr. Goo. E. Fisher, of Detioit. Give us the next. Yours, resp'y, GEO. H. SODTHWORTH. •HTING wherever Gas HEATING to take The sale of household gooda uf tfaa JaJte Josiah Lepper has been postponed to Wednesday, Oct. 18, at 3 o'clock p. 8. V. ft, LEPPKH, Adm'r. A rich treat may evening^ October 5th. be expected. ^ . Battle Creek Moon, Oct. 8: A rather peculiar case WAS introduced to Justice Brigg's court this morning. Grover R. Pivot) bought an action against Louis Jacobs (or doing business in the store of <i. M. Jacobs on Sunday, 01 the- first day of the week. The ease is an aggravated one from the fact that all the deal- era in the city have been desirous of Dosing on that day and ail have solemn- Jy signed a paper in which they have agreed to keep their places closed on Sunday. Jacobs, with the rest has put hip name on each » paper three different Upwi and this w the third time he bp broken it. The complaint fe a peculiar W* f*rt the result is wxioujJy watohed For naany years Mr. B. P, Thompson, of Des Momes, Iowa, was severely afflicted with chrome diarrhoea. He says: "At times it was very severe; So 'much ao,that I feajed it would end my life. Aboutieven years ago I chanced to prrcure/a borne of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It gave .me prompt relief, and I believe cured me permanently, as I now eat or drink without harm anything I please. I have also in my family with,the best .results." For sale at Greene's drug store. brace uros. carry a tutl line 01 staple PI*4"14tA*»l AQ All fmr^f^it fm _ _ - . J »' * . i are qted and the monthly effect on and after &BJP TBMBBlkx 1st 1892. GASSTOVfl KATES,$4l.60^r 1000 cubic F for afi »ita eensomad whare a 6A8 RANGE i« uaed. \ FOT a&gaa *onaiua04 where COOKING or HEATINGlSTOViE oonnmption ia net last thao<4000 eabio feaf Bat a for &u used for LIOOriNQ ONLT remain unohangej and'ara a« follows- Less.than 1000 eubie ft. in one month, *5j' Ou par 10% eul.ic -ft'. 5000 cubic ft. and less than 10,000 cubic ft I mo.ith Jlt\JK) per 1000 10,000 or over, J month *1 bo per lOQn c abig ft. \ ( cu bi« ft AU the above rataa ara au^eot ta a diwouut of 10 eta per 1000 cubic ft wheaW blU ia paid m;or before the 10th of the month next following. JBxpenence Propves The ADVANTAGETf Gas For Cooking OverEvery Other Fuel, in Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fnd, » Safetr. i Cleanliness, f Quickness, Convenienecs I0-0ver 175 GAS StOYES now in use in MARSHALL^ SPECIAL REDUCTlOp IN QAS FIXTURES, A disopurt of IP par cent will be mile from.regolar priors on all bills for Oa* Fix area or inaide piping onferad and completed from groceries. All goods new and IreVh. 1 * Chamberlain'a Eva airi^ Ointment A certain pure for Chronic Sore Eyei Tetter, Salt BheumTlSoald HeadTor qhronio Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, prairie 'Scratches, Sore f jpples aM|l!% Itis cooling and Bopthing. Hundreds of cases have been cored by it after all other treatment had foiled. 35 cents per box """ B Wond<rrfol «ta •ton of Dullum'K Great Oermau Sept 1st 1892, to April 1st 1893, The MARSHALL LIGHT Co. r Eemadiea tt» p»et two y with « wriou* ulSUery se dUBcolty. our H»ve Dr. F. B. Brewer was my ' 4 r iu practice. Thepartnership w«sl j»/- ed'by- mutual consent, that he iMgh », ter into th'a traveling bosiaeea with Dr.P.-m , Respsct- ing the man as I did for tye in w order of Uifc ttocial and basiness qaaUties, and for Ma medic%l attainments, I have kept w*tch, of bin* atuo.', and hive snob faith in hia skill and ability, tliat after snff^rinjj; for a long time with heart urouble and, a general norvoua pyo^ Btration, from which I failed to"be releived, although many pad pbyaicinw bad aaaiated me in search pf the, desired relief, I finally. wrote to my old friend and partner, deaorlbJ ing my case. 8.9 sent me medicine at once, of t*W»8,,«ow weeta, , feed » due buu» 8 well as ««*«> , oojmaliuiy hun togiye tbja teotimooial, whiclj IdoanMi<*«d. Jam 64 years old'awd have ] „ ^yv«=W^M^«» Ji **fftmjF P swsgiBp . • ^^B \ t T** *?2&J&^&^&*$*M k *t*$&& Wwww, *aJ teaua^d* if "3 f^l^fe^l9ir«*f»-¥*' i ' •« -"HitfVMftM'tUrm A-

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