The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 31, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1893
Page 1
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MARSHALL, MICH., WEDNESDAY, MAY.31. 1S93, ' ; -.7 PWCET - "i/ pany . *',;Jft.. »• i'- exercises. Hon. 'Jo the address; x _ t _ in tne T. Campbell gave Graves dfDead Soldiers Strewn With Now Stock' Boughtpn's. • of wall paper nl ,t}r>6". Msofirfefy A cream of tartar baking powder Hifthestof all in leavening strenth por S* fovernmont Food-Hd-- ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 106 Wall Street, N. Y • An Indian ; ."•'••* is;d dreadful thing-— undoubtedly caiised t)jr the irritating effects of dirt; „ Outbreaks, arid crime generally, are never possible among people who are addicted to the use of KIRR'S AMERICAN FAMILY "' .^^te. .^^^ ^^ •• The great soother of angry passions-the promoter of health and good- feeling. Cleans everythingXinjures nothing— don't be afraid to use KIRK'S Soap on the most delicate fabrics. JAB. &. KIRK & CO., Chicago^ IHaaopd TarSoap * *gg UMPHREYS' ^ Per Horses, Cattle, Sfceop, DO&, Bog«$.AND POULTRY. ffOOFaae Book on Treatment of Animals owv ?:»»«? BUSINESS .GENEKAlLLt StJSPMDBD. .how Decoration I>ny %V(is Observed nt Difforcnt eitlea In Michigan—texlnRtonr HIM n't wo ThousntttHPrro -HuiHlreO-Dol- Inr Fire—Strict Ftrtfiv Knglng nt Ilecd City—Other Items of State News. DETROIT, May 31.—Decoration day was celebrated in k a fitting manner in this city. In the 1 'forenoon largo crowds went to Elmwood cemetery arid placed flower's upon the graves of fallen heroes, ..and the > afternoon was devoted to parades, base ball gamcs v bicycle races ,and foot ball, games. ' "'• '" :• • •• '"'• At CratMl'llaplils. •-. \^Nv • • GitA.Nl) ; RApiDB, May 81.—Memorial djvy was celebrated here more" extensively than ever' before; and the day was jvlmbst like- a Fourth of July. ^ .weather was delightful, and as all factories and places of business were; closed the- holiday was an ideal one. • 1 ne i memorial '-exercises began with the paraftg of the Grand Army of the Ke- publie^statc troops, police, city officials nnd others. The line of march extended through the^ down town streets to Fulton Street park, which was crowded with several thousand people. ,T. A. S, Verdier presided and Bov. I. P. Powell delivered the oration. Music, etc., concluded the ceremonies and the remainder of the day was devoted to placing flowersupon the soldiers' graves. The Hay ut'Holly. HOLLY, May 31,—Memorial day was more generally observed here than for some years past. The day in the way of weather was all that anyone could desire There was a large number or people in town from the sr rounding country, and nearly all o business houses closed at noon. ' to procession, composed-of th& old veterans,, nrem.-x school children and it long lino of car- i"-es formed at 1 o'clock and .Oak Hill cemetery, where the Rev. Mr. of Mount Morris delivered an elomHit address. The graves of the 'falTeii%eroe-s were then profusely strewn with flowers. Lt.CohUvuter. . ,* ' 31.—Memorial day in "K>e usjial way. The 1»— Memorial day- was observed here ami at Negaunee. by atitropriate exercises. All business places in the city Wef <E> closed for the first time on a like occasion. So.nrlot Fever at Reed City. . 'KfcKD <2lTY, May 31.— The epidemic of* ecar let fever which seemed to threaten . t ^j^_ e ity was thought to have been averted,' but is raging now with -re' newed vigor, and much ,fear is entertained as to the outcome. The public are complaining bitterly that the authorities are not properly quarantining the afflicted families. .Two . fatal cases , so far. _ • ....... '_' " Tile bo&t Pertunies al* Ways in° stock at GK ft* Greene's Drug store- j Ladies arcTnfcftted to call and test thenr Burglar Sliot. - . . . ' 7 May 31.—Three burglars were discovered in .the act of robbing Nelson's jewelry store and Wat- eon Brothers' hardware store in Marinette. They were run down by the police. One giving the. name of Murphy was shot through the body and will die. / • •^•-;, '•;. ;;_ • -.?,. ;: ;' ..,-.; An Old •ItcslUoiit' Dcnil. • : 7 :> biAMQ?J»ALE, May 81. — Samuel Matthews, a resident,of Windsor township for nearly 40 years, died after a short illness. He was 71 years of age. An Ordinance passed. tJoLDwATEft, May 31.—The common council has passed an ordinance ordering that the principal streets of the city be paved. _________ JJotlce to The practice of riding bicycles on thp walks must be sloppi-d at oner: Any persons viulnling the hiw in this- respect do so ut their own i>j*rii". ,:.£eep off the- walks and save trouble PETEK HOWE. Marshal was observed , or Or ulis, .Worms. . .h», H«ave»i Pne«uioiiia. F.F.~CoUe or Cripe*. Bellyache. - Grand Army of >be Republic and Union Veterans' upidn. , Company A, Second regiment, 'Wdman's Belief coaxs, Union Veteran Eeltbf corps and W^a-nte Christian Teni]?erat ; ii:e umon taking 1 :part in a body: -Captai^J. S. Andrews was the chiet marshal, old- water City band and Mar Flro nt Lexington, LEXiNOTbN, May 31.—The large 8- Btory factory and bam adjoining, owned by S. C. TewkSbury and recently occupied by the Gould Organ company, and a barn owneijby F. Hicks, destroyed bv fire- In tha fwt/M-w Tuilding there were stored about 20 tons jf -pressed hay and some lumber and machinery--owned by George /Henry. • Loss on buildings about §2,000, and on •ontents about §500. There was a large -rowd in town attending memorial services -and with their aid and the timely arrival of the.Croswell fire company the firemen succeeded in checking the tire without further damage, although it was a close call for the entire business portion of the village. No insurance; origin unknown. STATE ITEMS. Then* are nine celestials in Houghton county, • The erection of a new pickle factory at Dundee begins this week. , Plymouth is to celebrate .our national holiday this year with races, fireworks,-etc. - A Summit farmer marketed, four hogs in Jackson which brought him I7&60. Over lob acres of tomato plants are being pet o.ut in the .vicinity of .Monroe for Adrians canning fap'tories. Tbe miners'; at the r lfinterprlse_ mine in Tile M|U. .£ Whew ntijthing you wnnt to buv, Just cull at Olie8lier'a»miirnnd |ry. His cash prices wj.ll Purely suit you, . When nn^ feed you V-9 ground, Call at'ChesbefS millv ho in '.nlwuys \ around, r ' •' ' •. _ . "V. Alid he.will-try to plcijsc you. We buy'for cash'and sell for cash, And that's what keeps us in our hash The new Lavettq safety mailing ehvo opes at Smith's studio. i • Sxocl 1'otnloOt. '' For sale at the county bouse farm at 40 cunts per bushel. The largest stock the lowest prices HYDE'S Drue Store Single BptUe (over 50 doses). - s* *PW f!aae. with Specifics, Manual, Medieator, ,8»,OO ; or w«t prop*!* Mjnbere and IB »»I TRUSSES A full assortment ol sizes. The best kinds and at reasonable rates w Truses fitted without charg^ l«ar ^tting at GBEENE'SBrug Store 252 SPECIFIC Ho. 80 rears Thai only enccesafal remedy tor s Debility, Vital Weakness, Billiafd hall! aadj pool; ro,ony:'»nd 15 >*!rL :. . __ _._^i^r««ma -i^Q V.nct'fitata table; 173 marks were made at the -ceaotaph by Hon: Wi P. Campbell, and Hon. Willard Stearns delivered, the address. Graves, Strewn With Flowers. KALAMAZOO, Mn^ai.—TIi«' Memorial day observances were in keeping with former years, but no greater interest has been awakened. The" last resting places of hundreds who wore the blue were strewn with flowws> The oration, was delivered" b,y General William Hartsua;. It wiiS un able' effort, frequently applauded and welKreceived-by flje large assew»blage of people in Pron- son park. - .-?• _ " DE^CATL'B, May 31.—Business was suspended during the Memorial day exercises. '~.' fine cigars kept.' l_llll ^4.1^ v***' •«• i« —-—— T-i r * KUKia . The local Grand. Army of the Republic post, attended by the several. ?_*i ITU.:,,,, ,,o^o.1c,i! fi»' Tink«view in price for miuing coal. ^^ i _ young mSn _, . . , taaWimVreceived a call from th» Baptist cbiirchxat Marshall to become its pastor. Hoa. Emery O. Simpson died at Hartford of paralysis. He had served three terms as repces$i4atiye in the state legislature. . ' Messrs. Stephensou and McCourt, two bicyclists from Esca^aba, will pedal it from there to Iron Mountain, a^^f 0 : about 65 miles, over the roads they Win DC compelled to take. A.vacaucy .'in the ,..,_,,,_,.,— -^ Tekonshit schopls has called out >bout applications. The sc)> ^ board ^ow.Pf 0 ^ pose to have the ^andia^ues run a foot rape to decide who shftlV receive the plum- The stockbolde^=iof the Three Rivera Creamery association have Jealped *1,7W ^jom insurance 90 th*e pronely burned- at th& la^e &>e, »» a ^^ ^ ture DR VIOLA K Fre&fete". Pimplos, „..„.. j'iuS'TaOr.uu.l 'K- jtorei-tte skin W us yrigi- frealincss, produeiug a EepubUc post, attended by the sevfiraU tUa ^^ § Te , and atte* ^f^.^d?«5 Svw societies, paraded to: Lakeview Mona ^ v ^ corded not tc» rebuild the bftioetery > tfe^ c0re^ony ^ot clec- J pjgnt£ *~ i* • •* * * ^ v ^ . VOM*VSV* J * -f_F*»-v-^ ^nsw £^~ v *-J, orating the'graves of cthe. ,w,~-^- —.. was" gone thl^o'O, affcr Wliich aa ad- dVess was ^delivered in, -tlie opera "S,- Preston decorating "* " was Both : •** and -free. Baptists, XIQUn^MjJUjS rV** 11 * 1 w - v O «" \~ J>aW,J>uifpreoweti«iepast«ie, oteaclisbcieiy.^*! eo^idejed that nxore -^~TV i iJ ! .1;Li;a.t U } d^k&S ** onfl **°" y ' SHlLOHS CURE. oaservance of MewtoriasJ day w*s h,&a i»\ Cfta8*anw«« S*** 9 !?* JPwwSTPiSewitiSw^ ksJSi3fe*^A.^fi:i %^?£tt&z*s&™*. - JSSS*S»S %> -^- P ', ^ °^ R " ^ am^toftbout^um * *•-"*«.",' - ., T — T- - - , _<•-

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