The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 29, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1893
Page 2
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v. TH$ t)AlLlf CHRONICLE 29, THE DAILY CHRONICLE Daily, on* rear tfu*«nffU P. O...»4"1* Dally, delivered. 1O cent* tf«r week received at the Office of •tlon 161 State street. * "' " J. M. MOSES. Puffl JBuctmnan citizens liA'vio fdrmed a stock company and \j?ill purchase a tract of lanfl on the Kfeach of Cedar, lake, near'that village, to be fitted<up for, a sommerirfe- Bbrt. •'•«.•' '" ,. . .:• >, •.•'', •;;" .'-...; Ills said that Michigan >vool growers have shorn triore sheep-'unwashed this year thatt ever before and that the Mine Is not far distant when sheep Washing Will be abandoned and Wool sold upon; its merits. : ' - . • • • '••;' Several weeks ago, it is said, a mad dog bit a number of sheep belonging to Gardner Hnhn of Jackson county. The dog was killed, but the sheep; were allowed to live and" they in turn have bitten others until some 60 or 70 have died of hydrophobia. A young son of P. H. Mctarlanp of Romeo has somnambulistic tendencies. He got up in his sleep a few evenings ago, opened'the window of lila beHrobm anifi Walked out on an adjoining roof, falling from there to the ground without injury, Henry Starr of Greenville, went into bis barn-the other night to feed his team and while throwing,down hay from the loft he stuck his fork into a promising heapwhei he was greeted with a bloodcurdling yel and a tramp made a hasty exit witH a look , of disgust on-his fa^ce. . ; The Michigan Pibneer'ahd Historical society, incorporated for the purpose 6f gath ering and preserving facts, incidents,and reminiscences relating, to the towns, cities, counties and early pioneers'of Michigan, will hold its 19th annual meeting in the senate chamber of the capitol at Lansing, commencing Wednesday, June 7, at 3 p. m., and continuing through the evening of Thursday, June 8. ' ADDITIONAL LOCAL. It is hinted that a nutaibfer, of business pjen who will be off duty tomorrow will to prove the opportunity lo go fishing. Rev. Anna ShaW, the" noted pfeacher of Boston, appeared -before two latge audiunces in this city yestcnlaj and established a reputation os a profound and original lirinkct, arid an eloquent, jraccfui speakerx^The Louisville Coin utefcial, Louisville, ICy. . The rhigiufi of the tiro bell ancl .blowing of whiatlca ^tttuvday evening was . A eurfclcul Operation. t the cure of Files is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless* gives in- stan£ relief And permanent cure and costs buta trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile Cftre. It is a more-certain cure than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pain, expense and. danger of an operation. Any druggist will get ; it:fBryiBu. '.'.' . - caused by a-d^latfe which broke out in the engine room of the BuUanl school factory: The fire ""department promptly responded and speedidlj Quenched ihn flames. "The damage tvjas very slight. The Duchess of Abcrcorn, Liuly LieO tenant of Irelnnd, writes to Rosa I'Eri na: "Your matinee mnsicale has given us a delightful musical treat and I hnve much pleasure in giving you a letter of introduction to the English ambassador at Paris, where you have been selected to perform at the groat exhibition." At the Opera ri^use Friday bveniug^.undflr the auspices of the Ladies Reading Circle, . Robert Schelly is.prepared, to do kmds ol-^ : w.orki shop opposite Ev'.'"Li Murphy's. - ~ • i When Baby was sick, we gave her CAstorla. •\Vhen she wns a Child, sho cried-fdr toatorta. . 'When she became Miaa, ehe eluagte Gagtortee When tihe had Children, she gave them CSwtorto. ' * Notlcb'to Cyttifct*. The practice of riding bic^cles'ott the sida walks must tie stopped at once. Any -persons violating the law in this respect do so at their own peril. 'Keep off the walks and"save trbuble. PETER HOWE, Marshal. • Carpets at lowest prices iu the state. . S. V* & When tfny thing yqu want\o:btty; ". . Just call at Chesher's mill and try,. , - •tils cash prices Will surely suitybu, .. v When anji feed you do want ground, Gall at Chesber's .mill, he is alwayu around, •"*•,, / . , And he will try to please you* > \ye buy, for cash and sell for cash, that's what keeps us in o onr hash. T>'k*.- '' ;'• WILLCUI RELIGIOUS PRESS The Last CONGRESS, the Hall of _ _ BIlnd.Bleed- Ing, Itching,. Protruding jails. Curo Onarantoed.!. Price per Box, 80 cents and 11.00. f [Physician^ Jars, foriuelu their! practice, *3.BO.] - *'• •-,., *—A Dr, Williams' Indian Pile Ointment, ll.iott tyr »H Pniptlils, or mullefljnn, WllilamrSlPg 0 Co., w cTewllandiX).T ,.i««ltlr"«, ..i,>«-l;Sut Session Held In : Columlius. CHICAGO, May.29.—President Bonney, in a few words in the hall of Columbus, opened the last session of the-ieligtons press congress. He referred to the meetings during the week aa being remarkable in character and utterance and believed the press congresses of 1893 would occupy a remarkable place in the eventful occurrences of the year. Eev. Simon Gilbert, who presided, and many notable men had spoken daring the week and it seemed fitting now at the close to read from the man "who apoke as no other man ever spoke." A scriptural lesson followed after which Eev. J. B. Young of St. Louis, delivered the prayer. At the conclusion of a musical program Eev. Dr. Pulton, editor of The Standard, Phila? delphia, spoke on "Christian Unity." The day is near at hand, he said, when denominational fads must cease, because such fads have been and are the cause of denominational divisions. Remove the fads- and there "would be Christian unity. There must. be a unity of action and work. He declared that the clergy wasresponsible for nine- tenths qf the divMons in the religious "world. The laymen were free from the charge. It is the duty of• the religions press to reach a settlement. Dr. W. A,. , Dickinson of Bichmond, was unable to be present and his paper on "Eeligioua Journals," was in part read. Dr.. W. 'C. Gray, editor of The Inferior, Eev, H. A. Bridgeman of The '**»• "-"nationalist, Eev. Dr. Young of tiuivVl.ithi3Om<;l<»l *>lrc<««<: ~y !>.a O«A afttie xvorlrt'u^'ourrv'.rtan " " "X,!rA;U>wr.Ufly*J«.ii .......u Icorr'-uWrtl'iii.-. h. . . . it-lmo nncl w.llti'svi , '• •CI-JM i><.... Beudft>.-hnin5H>ri'>'»M"fi t <ii««'"«-*»«?. , B. CO^KCV C J. P'utolisrtera. ih(cajj&. Ill Pitcher y 8Ca8torla« . Chafes on Babies, sore nipples and in llammation of the breast instantly re- hevcd with L\avendar Ointment. • ( Wanted—Responsible) ladies and' gen tlemen to work for $3:50 per day. Call at 304 West State street Friday and Sat urday. Important Notice. Flowers from auction, ypur choice of any in our store this week for 25 cents bunch. , J. S. WHITE & Co. Notice. 1 am ready to do domestic baking of bread, biscuit, rolls, cookies, pies, cakes and baked fc^ans. AUGUSTA K. HODGES, Over American Laundry, West State Street.' SfiJCKWANTED TO , Terms cheap, see or address, A. B. KING, Marshall, Mich Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Tin rp'bfing and ail kinds of tuTwork done promptly by llobertrSehelly, • ' , ' Ice. • People desirro ice are requested to leave orders at my ollice, or notity me by mail or lenvo orders' at the Statesman office. -" J. F. GAUS. Homes for visitors to the World's Pair is the title of a neat liltlovbook, containing the address of about 0,000 families, who .will accommodate visitors, also a list of hotels, illustrated with large scale map, sold nt M. C. ticket ollico. Price 50 cents. 2 New HottllDg Works. ;.. • . Fisher i& Culver' have opened the Eagle Bottling Works and'are now pro pajcd to furnish bottled beer, pints Or quarts, to nil who wish it. Gramer's Celebrated beer, bottled fresh every day and delivered to any part of the city. P. O. Box, 1060. The new Lavelte safety mailing envu opes at Smith's studio. Seed Potatue*. For sale at the county house farm at 40, cents per bushel. * , REDUCED!. » We have reduced the price on all our Jersey suits. Now is the time to buy. , World'* Columbian KxposlMon. The Michigan Central will sell^tickets from Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of seven dollars and tbirty_,cents for the round trip, limited to Nov^tb-. Children under 13 years of age, half fare. Tickets not good oiil, 4, 10 or 20. FOUND, ETC. Uon't get excited over croup or quinsy wben Lavender Ointment, will relieve you within ten' minutes if used as directed. 25 and 50 cents. Get your tin warn mended t}n shop. . Schelly' Gasoline stoves cleaned : and repaired atR, a , Arthur "H. G. De Rougemont of -Paris;*.Dr. Mable, editor of The , . , Christian Union of New York, and elaaand Amos B. Wells, editor of The Golden Rule, made interesting addresses and the congress closed with benediction by Dr. Rev, Fulton. '" $100 for "a case of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Nerr. Yousness and Sleeplessness that Vegetable Cure will not cure. ' ' " . t • .y«get8ble Cure will break up Colds and .and Coughs, LaGrippe and its* after effects, fttteutton. Cess pools and privy vaults cleaned and disinfected in good shape at reasonable prices by '_ GRAY & BAI«EY. When ypu want a whisky for medicinal use you want it pure, "jRoyal Buby" Rye is guaranteed pure' in 'every particular, and recdmrnended for the invalid and the convalescent.- (Bottled at dietmery.) ROYAL WINE CO., Cmcfoo. For sale by F. O, Seaman &• Co., druggiats. ^Twenty cents a week for each notice not ex ccodlug aye lines. No charge leia th&n twenty centa. . L OST—A narrow black silk belt,With pin la It. Kinder please leave at 8. V. H, Pepper's V W ANTED—A boy lo learn the barber's trade. Apply to Walter W. Clark. W ANTED— Ladies to do writing at home. Will pay 518 to {20 per week. Bend self addressed aiamned envelope (or reply. Address MME. WH1OUT, MUhawaka, Ind- 17«OR SALE OHE \P-A11 sizes ot hogsheads, 1? good for cisterns and water tanks. Inquire tit JOB. Qraraer'B Eagle Brewery. V> OR SALE—Second hand three burner gaio- f line stove and oven. MRS. H. M. MKHH1LL. Paria-.Dr. Mable, ^T^Th Treo^lousWeak^s.f ****"%*. . VT^* •—- . - i. »-. . ^ ,1 olaa nr\f\ (^fme>i 1 nntir*lJ.. 12 OZ. S1 P 00« i DR. SHAEPSTEEN;' Investigation WHTBe Sliide.* NEW YosiK, May 39.— Emma Guster- bock and O. Otto Baese were field in bail by a coroner's jury until the facts in regard to the suicide of Bernard B. Gneterboch, late city.^ditor of the Staattf Zeitung, can be investigated. It is said that previous to the shooting the hngband and wife had a violent xjuarrel, The coroner and' his deputy . think ;the ° .case if probably one of suiaide, 'although . they aay that the revolver must have Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Cincmiiati, Jacta & Macta Time tattle taking e$ect Dec. 3, 1892. Trains pass Marshall as follows: TttAUJB OOINQ BAST, • • olodo ExnreBB .\ ......OS7 BJ nci'iuati ExpreBS..,.. 8 41-*m ail andBiprcBS 18 58 p IB 27, Local Freight & &0 p in L OST—Un Saturday, an express package, containing ailk •Qruas pattern, finder leave at express office. MKS. J. 1. L OST—A gold mounted silk umbrella in some place of business Fiuder pleue leave at tnls office. I^OR SALE-Jin Hatch's and Martin's addition, 1? a lot Joining toe eite of Cage's new carriage factory. Price .5175, .teraro J5Q down and a email payment weekly. V • • PATtdCK H. O'jHANLON, ^ r : Washington House, N OTlCB-Mrs. W.T3. Buck is agent for th» Christy knives and will furnish all who with mem. So. 22,MallandEipres8,:.... ........... 11 19am " & Cincinnati <S B. 0- Express ..... ..Bgipm . ..... . ..... .......... 1233an- 28, been held in an unusual ttosition to have inflicted the fetal wounj. Chattel 04LVESTON, liay 29.— The Galvestojn City, Eaalway. company .have filed"' a . , chattel mortgage in favor of ,ths NevT 1 «allt;a|OO31S, r • York Ghtarantv and Indenmttv com- """** -*•»» . , ^» iWP^y ^^ ^*'**rHWi?r rf **"" * ^mp * ««f if^miQ^fgj ^p^ru*<p ew York city. t» 8®pre the " SPECIAL SALE. for one \tfeek cpiiiinenc- ing May 19. Call and get prices on all our spring stock, see pur suits and the low price we will sell" tkejn at, rom May 19 .to May 2f, peeial Daughter on , ................ ..... All iraina dally except Hunday. B Direct oonnectioae are made at Toledo and <!inoinatl with all ro>a« diverging. Trains 21 ana 22 uake~go od conneetion at MonJ teith with the G tt. <fcl., and at Allegan witn the q, & W. M for Grand Bapids, Muskeapu and an points north. . ,v P, e, l DaAKJJ,O*a.M'g'r, C. M. SCHINDLKR. ften. Paea. Agt C. B. MIZE, Agt., UarshaU. OAL STOVB FOB-SALE. / i MKS W. J. FEANOlSCflv 1 . Opposite jJoimson Houae, iiALE-^A gas btove with, oven. Inqair* at rooms over Marshall Light Co.'s offlc*. 'I"»WO good houses to rent on corner, of Eagle .L ana Mansion etmniaj In tirat class order with two good wells drilled Into the rock, -and two good cisterns.. 21 ow it the Lime to buy your \vooa at $1.75 per cord, delivered from the woods, All kindu of team work doua to order. ' . J. W.BUS^. A desirable house on Hanover »tr«et, west, XV for rent. Knquitu of Z. J, TJ -tV 001IS FOB >.*.. r ^. H. BAR8BY, Jdttnjsipn and JiacUeoh «jt«. W HY pay rent when yo» c«i buy Vlot Marun and Batch'* a4di«0n aad ^av« Jlouae built to »uit you, aai pay rot Ji In irn ^monthly payments. *or iniormaiioao»U»t of- uw ol J: n*. Hatch, over Wa». Mwtin'i wort- ' "* TIME ye^r ponxw« the company's real estate, 8J 4-8 w5«8 of " the franchises '; secured ant L O8T-A eettinij aarked "W. alamazoo...... U08.TOO UeCr^.-.. f 48 ^7 48 S' ir blockt and/ Bicycle, ^af enters, ijose, ^. realpjiaWe, GOOD SUMMER WOOD !_ . . r j.f.l'* JH- j " ' » _

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