The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 15, 1891 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1891
Page 1
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VOL. XII-NO 239. MARSHALL, MICH., MONDAY JUNE 15,1891. P1UCE TWO CENTS IB A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. Superior to every other known. Vsed in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard. Delicious Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky Biscuit, Griddle Cakes, Palatable * and Whdksome. t Mo Other baiting powder does such work- SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure is Without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, ^are placing a Sample Bottle. Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitjs, use it, for it will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief ;s sure. * If you dread tHat insidious'disease Clonsumution, use it. Ask your Druggist for ! IIILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and i t.oo, If your Lungs are sore or Back lame.. < •£ Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25. cts. CARTERS ITTLE IVER PIUS. •UR Sick HetdMhe and relieve all tho trcnblea icet- uent to abilloM state of tho syatam.aupU ftt" ' Pizzineu, Haiuea, Drowsinaea. Diatresa aTtei; eating, faia ia the Side, &a. While tholr ma^fi remariable success haa been shown ia curJeg SICK HeAdiche. yet Carter's tittle Liver paia an ftoy.iiy T4luablo in ConBtipation. curing and pro- •veatink thiaaaaoriiigcomFlaiat.'whilo thoy also oonectattdlioideraoftheBtomacb^tlinul&tethd liver and Wgwlate the bowels. Bvealfthayauy HEAD '^cl)»they would be alino8tprioel683 to those -who Butferftomthiadiatreasiligcaiuplaint; bntforta- natal? their Koodneae dooa noteud hece^ivod tbot o xrhoonoe try them will find thoeo little juHo valu- ^JtoiO many ways that thoy will sot t>a vU- Siitodo wtthout tiwn. ButattoraUaickheaa ACHE BO many Uvoa that here is whero greatboftat. Oar pills cureitwhilo . ftf ' . . tete-i iMttle Lirer Pills are very tmiOl and «»y eaty fotSe. One or two piua mriwadoso. They are ctdotlr vteetahje and ao not gnno PC jwrfie. bi»jiby tbair gentle action ploaae^sil who use 1h«nj7 la fiatant 26 cents; five for $1. SoM If isofgiMt* OTprywtiera, o» sent by mail. eARTEl MWDIOINI CO., New York- _ SkiAU PILL, SMALL DOSE. S^ALL PRICE NINA VAN 2ANDT TO MARRY. She Will Hecotne the VTIfe of a Young Italian In July. CHICAGO, Juno 13;—It is reported that Nina Van Zandt, who gained brief notriety by the remarkable interest she manifested in the anarchist trial, coupled.with her proxy.mar- riage to AuRiist Spies, the leader of the exe- utcd anarchists, is soon to become the wife of S. S. Malato, an Italian. Miss Van Znndt's father confirms the report. The marriage, it is understood, will occur some time in July next. The prospective groom, Salvator Stefano Malato, was. sent to Chicago by an influential daily journal published in Rome, to handle the Italian department of the World's Columbian Exposition. Other Italian papers heard of this proposed venture and they made him the correspondent. Ho arrived in New York and was also made the representative of 1'America, th» New York Italian paper. He met Miss Van Zandir I:i i ':'. -"ate theatricals a fe\y weeks ago and it was a sight. mutual. case of love at first FATAL COLLISION. Two Freight Trains Meet Each Other at Full Speed Near Utlca. I'TICA, June lij.—Two freight trains on the Detroit and Bay City Division of the Michigan Central railroad came in collision about three mile* south of here at an early hour this morning, or shortly after midnight. Tho south bound train was nrst directed by the train disputchc to sidetrack here for the north bound train to pass, but was subsequently ordered to proceed to Warren. Guo. E. Pickcll, brakeman, No. ii6 Wesson street, Detroit, was on the engine .-going north, with the engineer and fireman. They all saw the approaching train at about the same time, and upon seeing that nothing could be done to avoid the crash, the engineer and li 1 cman jumped. The brakman, intent on doing nia duty, jumped for his brakes. This \\ as.,the last seen of him until his dead body was found amid the wreck. Pickcll leaves a -widow and three children. Both engines and twelve cars were wrecked HEROISM IN A MINE. A Score of Human Lives Saved by Kobert Scheld'B Flnok and Coolneas. MAHQUETTE, June 13.— Robert Scheid's pluck and coolness saved a score of men from death or maiming at the Cleveland mine, Ish pern ing, last night. Scheid is engineer at the lake^shaft of the Cleveland and was alone at hi a engine. A skip, with a heavy load of lumber, was going down and was about half way to the bottom when suddenly the large pinion of the largo hoisting engine, seven feet in diameter, burst into three pieces. One fragment struck Scheid a glancing blow on the head and shoulder, laying open his scaljp and breaking his arm. There were a score of men at the bottom of the inclined shaft, and most of them would have been crushed to death had the heavy skip run down upon them, but Scheid, despite his wounds clung to the powerful brake with his own hand and held it until men elsewhere about the engine house, attracted by the stoppage of the machinery, came to his relief. He was sent to the hospital and will probably recover. A Priest Physician. ;, Pa., June13.—The Rev. Fatb- er Hplliuger is almost exhausted by the un- attention his thousands of patients demand. He expects to be able to minister to all, however, by Thursday, when he will, take a vacation, where, ho refuses to say. All afternoon and up to midnight belated invalids beseiged his doors and many will be obliged'to'; rcmuiu on famous Mount Troy- all night. Every tram today bears away hundreds who suujjht his aid on St. An- thouy's Day, and many cases of actual cure arc found at the depots, among the faithful. The priest physician will continue to receive all patients possible until his departure. He makes no distinction in eree,d; except that the protcstant must avoid all meats on Friday. .A Jb'iUul Blow. CANTOS, O., Ju/ie 14.—Joseph Wise, a saloonkeeper, last night almost instantly killed Charles Henderson, colored, by a blow of the fist. They U#d an altercation over a pane of glass. Ktcupod l'~roiu btute Prisou JULIET,- 111., J une 18.—Johu Kaiser.a three- year convict made a : peculiar escape from the penitentiary here last night and thus far has eluded pursuit. His means of climbing the walls were by a ladder from the inside and an old piece of gas pipe on the outside both of which aids were previously prepared for the occasion. Kaiser was employed as night firomau, and during the supper hpur seized the- opportunity while the guards were eating. He was a prof escioMal burgler Sis months' more would have completed his REFUSED TO MARRY HIM. Old Mr. Welch In Single on Account of 1 Ul» Loss of Ualr. AUUOHA, 111., June 13.—Forty years ago Mrs. King-Hammond, of this city, and a Mr. Welch, now of Texas, were engaged to be married, but for some reason the wedding did not take place and the families became separated. A correspondence between the families was kept up, but until yesterday the two had not met since that time. They were to have been married last evening, but when Mr. Welch came to claim his'bride, and she saw instead of her ideal a bald and toothless old man, she was so horrified that she refused to have anything more to do with lira and is now sick abed. MK Wejch is 74 and Mrs. Hammond 6g years of ttg£. SUICIDE AT AKRON. rVllliam U. Cotveu, Commercial Traveler, Shoots Himself Through the Hrad. AKBOK, O., June 14.—William H. Cowen, raveling for a Chicago house, committed suicide at an early hour this morning by shooting himself through the head with a revolver. Chas. C. Cults, a roommate and also a salesman, witnessed the tragedy. He stated that Cowen had evidently been in .rouble for two or three dajs, laboring under the impression that some one was fol- owing him with the intention of relieving him of his position. Three Death* bjr u Tenement Fire. NEW YOHK, June 14.—A tenement fire early Ibis morning resulted in the death of three members of one family. They were Philip Brady, aged 55; Catherine Brady, his wife, aged 40, and Philip Brady, Jr., their 13-year-old son. The fire was a mysterious one, breaking out at 5:30 o'clock caught the tenants asleep and there were many narrow escapes. The loss is about $12,Ct>*. Talk's cheap, but when it's backed up by a pledge of the hard cash of a financially responsible firm, or company, of world wide reputation, for fail and honorable deal- Merrill'* Price Pie Peaches, 3 cans ..$ 25 Closing out Table Peaches, large yellow, 5 cans I'UO for cash. ). Mustard Sardines 10 : . How is that American Sardines, 6 cans........ 25 for closing out? Pillar Kock Salmon 15 My neighbors say Bamboo Fish Poles ... 15 I am not going out Cane Fish Poles 5 of trade. 21 pounds Granulated Sugar 1.00 What think Merrill's A 1' Flour (eqiial to Perrm's) 05 about ity Ingersoll's Superior..- CO Genuiiie Java Coffee, 3 Ibs* 1.00 Cash, ' ' Genuine Rio, 3K pounds 1.00 not credit Broken Java, 4^ pounds 1.00 nor trust. Merrill's best 50 eent Tea, 5 pounds 2 00 To get out All 5 ceut Soap, 0 bars 25 is what Vail & Crane Crackers, 4 Ibs 25 1 want Epp's Cocoa, 5 packages 1.00 1 and don't you Gasoline, 3 gallons 35 " 5 gallons 65 forget it. U. M. MEKBILL. Found itt Last. The nicest, most beautiful decorated pattern in semi-Porcelain of J. G. IVleakiu'a make (Rngland) ever brought into this city. Ladies who intend to purchase si mething uice this spring- to set their table with, something that cannot bo distinguished from real China will do well to ca.ll at John Wiseman's and take a look at them before buying elsewhere. H. A. TiLLOTSONj JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND CONVEYANCER. All business attended, to promptly and carefully. Has a safe to keep judgment docket and other valuable papers n. ing, it means business! Now, there, are Bcpre* of oth^er blood jpurifien, 411 the wonderful, b"i sake), there's orly oae guaranteed and to>e blood puriner and remedy for torpid liver and all diseases that come fpnn bad p\<aod. • — That one—standing "aoTifcary and alone- sold on trial, is Dr. Pieroe's Golden Medical Discovery. If it doesn't do good in skin, scalp,, and scrofulas diseaaee-rand pulmonary oonsuiap- tion ia only luag scrofula—just let its max- era know and get your money back, v •'' Talk's ohfaijbui to back 4 poor medimie, or a oomm&rAael tar aaiKna sk/nn hritd- at "GojaSsSmlpF ^ BW - * ."***»!« banVnirili the iarggri JUerlt Win*. We de.-irj to aay to our citizens that for 'ears we have been selling Dr. King's New '•JBOovery for Consumption, Dr. King's New jife Pills, Bucklon'a Arriea Salve and Eleo- ric Bitteis, and have never handled remedies bat sell as well, or tint have, given such uui- •farsal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and we stand •eady to refund the purchase pi.oe. if satis factory rear It s do not follow their uso.' Tho«o remedies have won their great popularity >iirely through their merits. 1 F. ft. SEAMAN & CO., Druggist. /- Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder. Highest of all ia leavening Btcength, -Latest U t & Government Food *•- ft S-Af- j*w .«*--«- J -: V % ^*--»*... %. i. ~ -' ,jt c -_• , '*'. i i, x -, •,-" v^.^jsaa'-L;,^*

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