The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 26, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1893
Page 4
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i> THE DAILY CHfeONICLE; MAY 26,1893 will be puled In fete ' •" TflAIN HELD UP. Express Car Rotobetl toy Highwaymen »t . . ' Colenmn, Tex: HoUSTOif,' May 20,—The- yrestbound passenger train on/the Gulf, Colorado and SafltaFe road at San Ahgelo, Tex., was Held Op and the express cat robbed by two highwaymen at Coleman; •;'!" •;;• The enginefer and firemen as they stopped to cross a switch, were covered with six-shooters and they, with the conductor, brakeman and porter, were instructed to open the door of 'this car ...which was soon rifled, taking-every- i thing, including pay checks for the' railroad employes. It can not tw learned how much was secured. Every • effort is being made to capture the men, but there is not the slightest clue to their identity. The train was only delayed about I'O minutes. > ..... Michigan PBnsions. WASHINGTON. May 26.—Restoration- Stephen B. Brannin. Increase—Albion A. Lord, A. Crosby, Montgomery Vanderpool, Alexander Tracey, Alexander Runnel, Henry Belong. Reissue —William Gilson, Ralph Pollister, George Crankshaw, Alphonso Skinner, A. P. Hilo. Original, widows, etc.— Helen Bell, Alice Marshall, Eliza Mull, ' Esther Helms, Abrum Purdy (father), Annie M. Seeley, Phebe—Taylorr-3<» tt Due, Abigail E. Robinson. I'aiilo »t a Cjrvna. SEDALIA, Mo., May 20.—A diminutive cyclone struck Ringling Brothers', four' pole circus tent, and an instant later the monster canvas was laid low. The 1,000/people who bad congregated were seized with a panic. Mothers and • children rushed hither and thither, screaming with frij^aU No one vrva '. aeriously hurt but a number were scratched and bruised. UnpleaMiuit Inipi-e»»lon. • HAVANA, May -2&—The new.s that President Cleveland had not called upon the infanta, in return for the in- fanta's" visit ta the \Vhite House, has made an unpleasant impression here. ,The public journals complain of President Cleveland's attitude toward the royal guest of the United States. Girl Burin-<l to Death. SAN FRANCISCO. May 20.—The busi ness portion of the town of Rocklin Placer county, with a population of about 1,200, was destroyed by fire. The total loss is estimated -at $90,000, with little insurance. Alice Irish, a 19-year- old girl, employed in the , Burchard hotel, perished in the flamea. -A new remedy has created a sensation '. among physicians by its wonderful effects in speedily curing every form of files. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and simple to use, but nothing removes the disease «o quickly, safely and surely. Any druggist will get it for you. Bring TConr Carpets. The carpet Cleaning works on Ex change street will be open on and after ,- ' Monday. March 27th. The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new discovery for the prompt, permanent cure 6f Piles in 'every form, Every druggist has it. J Robert Shelley has opened a Mo shop in the building formerly beenwe4 as a meat market, opposite E L. Murphy s store. Give him a call when in need of any tin work. Bojighton will sell you wall paper andha.igitfQryou. * > ,. Miss Lulu Faroiau and Mrs. J. Freed are prepared to do dress making at the residence of Mrs. Treed, first door west of St. Mary's Academy,, on Mreen trtreet. A share of the public patronage is solicited. v (dm30)__._____ •-, "The promptness and certainty of ita'curea have made Chawberlaia^ Cough Keme4y fimouV It is intended especially for. coughflTopldB, croumMMt whoowgg cough, • aadw%mort*fe«t^^emedyknowolor ' these ^nieaaea. **5 ano'-SQ cept bottuja » or .*• sate at Gwsene'js drug stow. , • REMARKABLE DISTRIBUTION -* • OF A tiACtiELOBi" bf Ik SSISH^te^ by Nathaniel Hawthorne. ••i"fi i.Nwmn.'* hv:Mt*. Q»»i ,£" De A'nAT/^A/rThTAJ AI NOMINAL IF VOU AREA SUBSCRIBER TO THE E?5 FROM AS!. OLD MASSE,/ HiwthoAft..L. „ by chams LamtJ4 OR;^ILL 6TECOMB A SUBSCKI6BR, DETROIT You will become a Beneficiary In this remarkable distribution of Standard Books at Nominal Prices. ^ How It's Done %*£, Two Coupons cut from -the Detroit Journal of different dates, together with FOUR ^ one of these handsome volumes £<ntgaid. THE DETROIT JOURNAL It delivered to »ub«crlbero In Detroit and Oyer Four Hundred Michigan Towns. 6c a week, or 2Bc a month. This Advertisement will NOT APPEAR AGAIN. ^, T- .. • Order the paper from the local JOURNAL agent or send a postal card to THE DETROIT JOURNAL. ' "Royal Ruby" Bye Whiskey is free fr » all foreign ftavor and adulterants, naturally ripened and matured by eleven years storage iu wood, it is a "Rye as is a Ry<r," and costs no mor« thati inferior brands. Try it and you will never be satisfied to rise any other. A pure old whisky is always free from fusil oil, which is a poisons and should not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it from the spirit by pxidation, an'd it is converted into fragrant ethers which give the bouquet to whisky. Sold only by F. -G. Seaman & C op Druggist. ' Geo. H. Greene^'the druggist, desires us to publish the following testimony, as .he handles the remedy and believes it to be reliable: I bought a 50 cent bottle o.f Chajnberlain s Pain v^fiaim and »pplied,.,it t^ i.ny limbs, which'have been afflicted with rheumatism at intervals I.or one year. A't.ttte time bought the Pain'Balm I was unable to walk. I can truthfully say that Pain Balm has completely cured me. R. H. D'arr, Hojy- 'wood,:Kan.5;Ur, A, B. Cox, the leading druggist at Hplywood, vouches for the truth of the above statement, pwidren Cry for Pitcher's Castorta HOOTS so!4 with * written guarantee to euro all i ervoua aueasei of .the g enertJlM fni»« "v *• rv_..i.i«C. T>.>i, n iirestore* the »n»pan<I " •— iu Bold at fl.OO 10o,,OtoT*lud.O> CHEAPER : CA8 1R UGH I. TO CONSUMERS OF GAS FOB^FUEL. The G^s Goinp^ny o a ? o^^th^oU^ *3ect or HEATING to t&ke 1st 1892- at- the prices; Finest French. Berpaan pansies, £^c per dojsen;, Verbuoas, 60e per dozen -, Gera4iajns,,5o Salvias, 5 .and l(te each; , S.and 10 c pet 4ozeii- ; I<obeUa, |>lue, S5c p«r ^ € * cb- ' * ftcb '» 5P each. A M«w Cert»ln Cure for >Ve dot intend to endorse any except a>ti- ctss 4jf genuine ineritj ^«, therefore, take pleasure in reooinmenduig to sufferers froie File* in any form, spiQmpt and permanent c'ure. The jfollowing letters speafc f vac, themselves;" " -" C>* _, „ " JSwy ^. Tyler, of Hepp.ner, Ore For all For att 15c per i tJrely «wcedme of Hies frpro t,-*- ». _ I j»uffered to* years/aai I hane »evei had ^ wUere » GAS RANGE w?«4. ^ ^m COOKING or HEATINGSTOVES than 1000 cubic faet. t ^ G" Wd for WQHTINa OS'LY r<fo*»tn unohwige^Mvd^ea, follows: Lew th>» 1000 cubic ft. ia one moivh, $3 OU per iOOO>biq,ft.;. 5iOOO cubic Jt and'iesa than 10,000 i?ubio ft 1 im>nth $1 ,90 per 10,000 of "over, I mo»th 11 80 per IOQO <mbio ft, - ;, . .(cuMp ft ieotto.ft4i^ott«ollQ^4p^.l(^oabff 1 .* pepper AUperapnsare isioj-e, Rarbage ia ' " ' todjjmpi ThePyrapJid J"UeCarp> , - - sforf5»r^foiin.of A»y"" Safety, : CleauliueHS, ' ' •yow .eyes r ,te»tM. Mi ***** e'the- new pe 35ear«r -- BiilvmySre wTW.ced nere U epgs •ffm-fiif^f "™" „ » t* «jJ.«,B«a>1 &^nm Children Cry for jj^rOver J75 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHAU-.jg* ^^^ Br - At REDUCTION IN BA* FIKTURE9. a 5S jffi^wal foo5le«tSw priaefcw ril bate to cSs ? 1893, to, f- !1 , T.

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