The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 26, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1893
Page 1
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FHIDIV, MAY 26, 1893 VOL.XIV-NO.242 t r "^ ^ •* > ~ i PRICK TWO CSN.I'S. •\ V Bills Passing Bottf Hotises With & Hurrah, <, Jfcto/afefy 'Pure A cream of tartar baking , HittBestoT all in leavomntf ^trength !/. S 1 Government Food >ERCO ' V -10B. WjilV'Strect, N.';Y : SFIridiaii^ is a dreadful thing-'undoubtedly caused by the irritating effects of dirt. • , 'Outbreaks* and crime generaUy, are never possible among people who are addicted to the use of KIRK'S AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP The great soother of angry passions— the promoter of health and .goodr . feeling. Cleans everything-injures nothing—don't be afraid to use KIRK S Soap on the most delicate fabrics. Chicago; -irBamphrev^ 1**g8»vX*fr *£•> ew 8 *" 1 ^' ^JSSf^id tar over UOrty years Dy tho Effl$3? WftK"*S&$** BP^" 10 yS&*^&Jto*SS8£.3£&--*<~*«- WOMAN'S 8UTEEAGE BILL PASSED • ' i, A Oolrt Hi-n.lort Cane Presented to Lien ttimint Onvrrnov Oiildlngti hy,,' «ie At tachcs of tl.u House—Tho Senate Also Prints Him With a Superb Silver Tnn ' Service—Other Stntc News. LANSIXCI, May 26.-Aftef a long debate, without 'anything new being; smd w P oman stiffrago bill by a vote of-yeas, 18- «ays, 11. The votp lacked one of a majority, when Mr. Qapp .B^id it was too-bad to have tho 'measure stay where it was and accordingly he would vote m the affinnative.; : Mr. Garvelink said that he did not lilw-all ,thb !< prov.isions;.of the bill** but he linew r the ladies to haV» .iron, wills -and that .they would per- Bovere in this .thing, if it took 20 years to Not wishing to. defer the good time coming to so distant a period and knowing the intelligence and patriotism -of women ,and their knowledge of and interest in public affairs, he would vote yea. A storm of applause greeted this declaration, The floor and galleries being crowded to an extent as groat as has been seen m the senate duuube.r on any other occasion. The attaches of'the house presented to Lieutenant Governor Giddingai a eoMheaded cane, a testimonial highly appreciated by him. About 9:80 a rJcUs of the senate was taken. Mr. Burt assumed the chair and Mr. Fox, with a speech highly complementary to Lieutenant Governor Giddings, pro- Denied him on behalf of the senate, with a superb t«a service ot silver. l,lie lieutenant governor made a reeling re! y in \vhK-h he touched briefly upon ffi.Yhararleri.stie.. of all the different senators Mr. Turnbnll, on behalf ot the minority, presented to the litti.' daughter of Secretary Alward a sih .-. fruit iriwe, cake, basket and pickle jar. Bec-retary Alward. ready and .eloquent afways, replied in such a manner as to evoke the. most hearty applause When business was resumed resolutions and amendments. were offered contemplating a gratuity of *1 «»**•'» day to the different clerks and em- ployes. Mr. Fox. in opposing it, said ?hat §4,OUO ( (H.() nearly woUhT foot up^the amount of the expenses authorized Dy the legislature. It .was therefore de- sirabkl t« refrain from t us sort o^ e,- I iuetto, meno-minee. xnciKinson, Baraga, ionghton, Kewwtiaw, Islo Royal, Al- «rer «Luce' Jrort' and Ctogebic. . . When the bill ttg amended was received in the senate Mr, Pierce charac- 1 it as objectionable m many ts particularly in the formation Of the Tenth district-, which he said was 120 miles long and in places only 10 miles wide. The senate refused to concur in it and a committee -of conference was appointed, The bill for the taking of the state census next year, and for the appointment of a superintendent of the census With authority to appoint his deputies throughout the state, failed in the sen- Jitt. T?he objection to it was its variance from former laws, which put the work in the -secretary of state s office and made supervisors the ; ,enumer.ators • Uho Senate. New stpck .of wall paper •al-'GRo-: Notion R«ilrttlvfe*t<» v"'—• The ordinance relative !•»* pnslurinE. cows in t'u; Ftm-t', aM-ictly .en orccd. N o cat Ik- w-il I b? nllo wed m he nturcd in any .street,'"whether '«*>' u<! tied r>r not, fxnrt nil cntllo foulid .at urge in the strwt, whether lied or mh ervvise, taken cnro pf. No ex. coplion will be nmdp.tol'his rule for PKTKK HOWE, Ifltt v n«;»i«» » »*• Bills passed-For the organization of cor nonitc bodies for the prevention of cruelty Fo children, and providing a-penalty ftmoudi a tlie -law relative to probate reg ?S" appropriating «BOJteO Tw a .hoifl Inlrtraining school for the feeble ininde. iinnrbnriating- 17,500 for repairs, and. in «?ov im-nts at.tlie state house,of correction &2&sssws$*$^ l iSilrohd '-law by omitting "dead ends" lit SffihS riiifcage; amendrng the law re at v"to the summoning of jurors; for «n- aonroval fee for approving article*oto- Kmltion, renewAl or amendinentsrto the charier* of mutual insurance companies: authorizing th«J #ty of Ann Arbor to con- t a M'werage system; to incorporate T_,:... French-Canadian societies of TUe best Perturnes always in stock at G. H. Greene's Drug store. Ladies are mvitefi to ^MS^?TO&ffiHa*Sr w tuS rOKLp."-tho gri!»'e<st' )0 . olc "Vr"''" 1 !'< 1 ««t'DP .„,, ,,,M,. ,,,t.j)|l at j3,->; '' • ''' the Union r reucn-^auiiuui" BU^^J.^^ the United States; appropriating ^,i -> S& 5SSBS6.W& 4FSW SS.& ".Mwf-K:?'™^.!:^,^ r wMiin-Ls of the superintejidi'iits -.v.-v toK reor K ani,ation of the state m. .Ua; tbe barbers' Sunday closing hill, amuia Ing the charter of > il««- Illuotrnteil circutiir? (tnd turma JJLUJL^. .» rreo; dally biit|iut•.owr.l.SOO vol mc-s •Agwit*wna"wUh-8ucOi.-B9 Mr, THOMAS .MARTIN, '"" '''"•"" -*7l . 10! In, 7 boura; a ai Uu AUlwo's, Uyon*, W? V., )1 injbouraiabouaij/ft.; -rtrn-nt n LL>n1fi'ci;utouiflti)uiy?l.ijO ft f tVin UlllUl II *M '^' c ^ e K Bi D io01 lUU lYUftillJ Kills n a^ed-Divi<ling- the state .jntoU coiiinw\omil .listriots; appronrintinB not foVvi-ed *3.<nX) annually for farmers u rtl u'e -for the incorporation of. French C u ad an societies; amending Section 201 Howllll, relating to n Pl ioiii tnieut of a rivate «.,th.uir>- f" r ct Lhiii" ti»e uulurv of jttxecutivo ttfc y«trr«l.uive Vo ftshing In Clam lake ; flixing a tax on inheritance.; for u of r.-ord ot P«« ha I Thelargasbstock the lowest prices HYDE'S Dtue5tore iiiS?£iw«;xoop«)t°«' I>ta:lods —•- fessftssssaasasiz 90—Whopplni; Cough. ••• ' .35 .35 >35 .35 .35 .35 .35 .35 .35 .3.1 .35 .35 .35 .25 .35 .35 Mr. Hopkins wanted „- _. and Mr. McGinJey favored .«v . «--- tion. 'The matter-was finally., laid on the table. The bill to restart-capital puliishmeut was not reached. . The house amended the congressional apportionment bill of Mr. Pierce, as re ceived from the-senate, by alteruig the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and 'Eleventh districts, so that Aim Arbor to build ~ \Vavnt- Blatant prosecuting attorney!- , . in< •ounty; for the settlement of die tla m> ol ^ E. Mays of h-onwood;. s . u1 l ) t )U ' nlt ,'";' d e im . t charter of Det.-oit, ^• ld W ieu \ o f maL- ment; regulating the eiui>lo>niLi« 01 under IS and women ui factow t,- ding more than 00 hours a w.eek « the state into 13 i»ngresg»Mpnal du,t regulating the hours of'**bor for i.u workmen, and for extra P**',.' 0 ;. ' protecting toiler* against mjust l ^"j- -^--j jemployers; amendins certavn si^tions 01 '" ie cha: First awtnci-JiuB F^st, Second, Thicd, Fourth,.Sixth, Eighth, Tenth, Tvvelfth Foui-teentlh and Sixteenth wards of Detroit, and- townships of Greenfield, Springswells, Dearborn, " t- Plymouth, Livania, R«.dford. $P EC IF i Cl^ free transportation to state members of the legislature. I'rvsentation to a Veteran. ANN ARBOH, May 36.—A meeting at the-rink, Oiionel past commander of Michigan ment, Grand Army of the K-, was presented with a handsome, past-commander's jewel. The pres tionij^tsch was made by Pep 1 floiiUuander J. JJ. Kind- of lialf of tlje dei«irtmeut. ai-j BOU made- au addr«tjg and the Men's uuartet sung several songs. A full assortment ot stizies. The best kinds 46 and at : Truses charge for ^tting at GBEENE'S Prug Store 252 We'fct State MARSHALL, r J Eaton, T pnawee uud . Fourth dtetrict-KalamazoQ, Branch and Hillsdate., , t-Allegan,,Van Buren, , Cm. «nd-St' Jwph. and ealth Board iw; May S0.-Tb8 committee of the state board of health IB inv<*t&tfn g the report that 146 iw- miorantSwere nerinitteu to eiiw?r wo SES ItaTesVsault Ste. out having been properly quarantine. to Gf> CONSTSPATIO^ •. pxion^^-. ,^ymm^ OB ^EEV, •^^.*; • E-"p^w»%efe* (•'>'• 'V, "' «^ : 4«8 S »'' jjkiu«oo,May28.^Mx8. vanoeu- •^__»A WUfiR* „!• a grass widgwi. aged 55, ^»ose jggySHCUggj^Bl^i^a^^^^SlB- - •'and is ia the p1tk>riiousp» •sold fier jza^gca^ ^^a|ppBi^^Wl -. or-tv f<w "over 8SOO, gave it to a r , n ^ B ooi)i«uapt io »** Joi:i S b *» Cr Sl? p »^T:r -, Vfij . *",* •• vi- i «~ *i«»ii «T^4-ianrtls2; I _IT ^.^^c^i/rtiw^lBinEBSt* on * (Qcuuwns^ j L P painter half hep age,; ^*^*n j f**^t*» raB ^O^^&rt8Wlo)i'«FCOOM -' s op^%e left heij, W .th6depot g all fg^^^^fegg^faai^r^ cenif. .--. . 4lT^,i^f \,tiL fo do .now. fe to die. ^ euiiOMtft VITALIZE f^w ". :T^in^l-mi»ute. Mecosfa, • -.'--. •"».- g£^W^: gWTAe^-w^www. ^rtwv^ OBJp^5!^toy^it felted « m^^^, **& ' * vy&£& l *£ \ enaeTloseo'aad Mw» < . ,f :^i/ ^haaipppif.ted-Hanmbal ^*jgjj:~L, ^S^y 1 "^ Bevwiai dMifet^to^et, €fr*?y- S« 8 w Mft-wivate fSgsfe^J^S! U • "'• ' ••' ? I . ' p " ^K^n^ ' _ tt .^^.^Wr^.

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