The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 11, 1891 · Page 6
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 6

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1891
Page 6
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THE DAILY CHRONICLE, JUNE 11,1891. THt MAGISTRATE'S MULE. Hlft Honor Thought' He Had a Bargain, but It Bid Not Pan Out Well. Winn—a rough frontiersman of the genus cowboy—is the perpetrator of a Joko tipon a certain erudite justice of the peace, and the tale will bear repeating. His home is in the quiet town of Richfield, and when be visits the settlement he celebrates by painting the town a flaming cardinal. On one of these occasions he took a hand at some simple game played with five cards, of which the first is buried. I think they call it "stud.!' Something about the game was forbidden, and, under the kind supervision of the marshal, Winn, with five companions, found himself before the bar of justice. t Denials and defense were useless. Justice Orrick solemnly pertteed the statute^ and fined each offender 512.50. Winn found that he had but ten dollars, and this he offered to the magistrate, but no compromise could bo effected with the city treasury: It was $13.50 or twelve and one-half days in durance vile. Finally a happy thought struck the young man. "Say, judge, I'll Rive you a bill of sale of my mule, and if I' don't bring you the mouey within five days I'll bring the critter a:nl it's yours." Now an average, mule is worth forty dollars, and the justice thought he had a good bargain; HO did Winn, although he never cracked »i smile until the bill was drawn up, signed and delivered, then something in his countenance warned the grave Orrick of impending trouble. "Winn, how old is that ar mewl?" "Old enough to vote, judge, old. enough to vote," and the door was closed from the outside. Now, Richfield justice cannot be lightly treated.- Straightway the justice hied him to the constable and together they visited Winn's home. .;. "Well, Winn, I have a warrant for you." "What fer?" "The judge says as yon ain't settled that fine," "Ain't settled that fine? Yon try and make me settle it agin and it'll cost you three or four mules." "How's that?" "Well, I give the judge a bill of sale for my mule and he let me go." "Is that so, Brother Orrick?" The judge, after much hesitation, confessed that such was the case. "Well, then, you can't do nothing more with Winn." / "But, Winn, you'll let me see the mewl?" "Cert. Come along." Out to the old corral they went, and there upon the ground lay the ungainly hybrid, patriarch of all the mules in Utah. Winn kicked it and it slowly rose and tottered to its feet. ' •'Look out, gentlemen, it may fall on you, and I can't be responsible to? accident." "Now, Winn," whined the baffled Orrick, "I meant to do the right thing by you, but I guess I stretched the law a leetle. The law won't let me take anything that will eat or ru n away." "You're all right, judge. You're all right. That mule can't do neither one." Five days later there was a procession through the main street of Richfield. Winn drove a cart, and behind was tied Brother Orrlc.k/s mule. Two of his boon companions marched on either side -to steady ita feeble steps, and the fifth brought up the rear and gave the beast a push whenever it seemed that it must surely fall. The next morning there was a f uneral-iu Justice Orrick's corral, and the worthy magistrate, having just deposited $12.50 of his own hard earned cash in the city treasury, was the sole and Stream. , Notice.. • . Anyone having claims against .the firm of Mumaw & Briegcl are requested to present them for payment within five days from this date, June9,1891. MUMAW & BRIEGEL. Over 4,000 different styles of goods to select from at F; S. Powers'. Spring Suits niad« 10 your order from $20 to $30 at F. S. Powers'. All kinds of feed ground at the Hice Creek Mill. L)r. VV. B. Church's prescription tile fisleft at F. G. Se'anian & Co.'d drut, store. Any old prescription can be h»t or renewed by going there. Do not confuse the Famous Blush of Rose w th the many worthless paints, powder creams and bleaches which are flooding tb market. Get the genuine ef your druggist M. B..Powell, 75 cents per bottlo. And guarantee it will remove your pimples freckles, blaoicbeada, moth, tan and sunburn and give you a lovely complexion. 1 COME A.ND SEE IT. Just received a crate of Brown Disho called Columbia, very handsome an reasonable in price. Also another crat of John Maddock's pest white Sera Porcelain, which I am enabled to se cheaper than over. Remember these goods are warranted not to crackle. JOHN WISEMAN. WALL PAPER The Largest Stock, The Lowest Prices, At Hyde's Drug Stor< NEW I have leased the old Turner Bakery, iorme c ly occupied by Doc Snyder and REFITTED IT ENTIRELY ami am now prepared to furnish the public witti •• Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes,-lso: .. : —"- ~ • • . j A fine line of Confectionary always on hand. Fruits in season. First Class Lunches, J. C. KETJCHLE. When Baby was sick, we gave her Costorta. \Phen she was a Child, «he cried for Castotta. When she became Miss, she clung to Oastorla When ihe had Children, abe gave tbem Caotorit. A CORNER LOT FREE! Uanulactoring Snburb of Chicago. "Only a few left! Write at once for particulars. Bank Seferenes funmhcd.^ JAY DWICCINS A. CO., Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Chicago, |H." Kidney complaint is a miserable, weakening disease; pains in the small of the back; strange, indescribable feelings in the back and sides; the least exertion wearies; a show of brick dust or albuminous matter in the urine: an excess of urine or lack of it; breatn short; sharp and darting pains about the vitals, and dropsical swellings are certain evidences of diseased kidneys. Kellogg's Columbian Oil cures this disease in all its forms, and your druggist is authorized to warrant all sold, and 'will refund the money in all^cases that fail to give satisfaction. XTOTICE—My wife having (eft me without any L\ cause or provocation, I hereby forbid anyone trusting her on my accpuntt RB I shall pay no debts contacted by her. ™,,xTi™vr June 10,1891. W. J. FE.NTON. F OR SALE—Wardrobe aad nicely finished wal nut cupboard. First door north of T. L. Cronin's store. F OR SALE—My black stallion, also racant lot Must be sold within sixty days. V. BUSHMAN. F OUND—A black pin. Owner can hare same by paying for this notice. to* T*OUND—A ladies' chain. Owner con have _ same by calling at this office and paying for thla notice. F OR SALE—A brand new canopy top surrey, never been run, also a good horse. Enquire of Richard Butler. Found at The nicest, most beautiful decorated patteVn iu semi-Porcelain of J. G Meakin's make (England) ever brought into this city. Ladies who intend to purchase sc mething nice this spnngr to se£ their table with, something that can not be.distmguishecl from real China will do well to call at John Wiseman's and take a look at them before buying elsewhere. I Was a obi. Yea, they said I was a fool not to try Sulphur Bitters' for Rheumatism, from which I bad suffered for over two years; but. I bad tried so many doctors and medicines without getting relief that I was discouraged. I am now on my fourth bottle and almost cured I was a fool that I didn't try that wonderful remedy before.—0 G Pratt, Manchester, N H ''W.po<3L»s ... Tlfe QBE AT E1VCLI8H REMEDY. Csecl for 36 years -iy thousands suo- W ILL the person who borrowed myextention. bit please return the same. K.H.SANDERSON. . F OUND,-A gold plated cuff button. Owner caa have same by paying for this notice. ft. H! 8ANDKK80N. jeesfully. Guar- mtecd to cure all .•orms of Nervous Weakness, Emls- Uons, Spermator- •hea, Impotency, .nd all the effects of Youthful folly and tbe excesses r yei mediate of later Gives <mn__ strength, and vigor. AskdrugtrUta for Wood's Yhoe- phodlne stake no .iubstltuia One « -, =^^-^"^. ^ iX * •ackage,$l; six, $5, br mall; Write for pamphlet id.dreL the!Wood Chemical Co., m Woodward we* Detroit, Mich. Sold in Marshall by F. G. Seaman A Co. PENSION For disabilities incurred In the service or since discharge, whether the soldier U rich or poor. MILO B. «TEVEMS & CO., : • How Mr. Besant Works. In 1 a recent interview ]}(Ir. Walter Besant Is described as wearing spectacles and being clad in a black velvet jacket. He has a clear, penetrating voice and pleasant smile. His eyes are dark gray, his brow massive and heavy, while his mouth is firm and his be*ard thick. Mr. Besant's study is lined with books on either aide. A. door opens out into the garden, so that when he wants a brief rest from his labors he can take a turn and come back to work with renewed zest. He writes on blue paper (large sermon size) in a strikingly neat^clear, rather small hand. The morning is spent in work. Four or five times a week he goes into town,; lunches and transacts business •at the Society of Authors, or elsewhere. , What England's Arwy Cysts. ' ' Toe total expenditure on the army, ou.. of taxes, in the case of the United Kingdom, was, in 1890, according J» Sir Charles Dilke, $82,500,000, and in India the same, or 1165,000,000, besides the expenditure out of loans and that of the self governing colonies, for the armies of the British em pire. The colonies altogether spend for themselves about 17.500,000 a year for army pur'posea/in addition to the contributions , nV« by some of them toward the imperial forces and toward caarine defenee. ; "' '" -* - - RENT—Good house on East Groan street JL with barn and garden spot. WUJ rent cheap. Enquire of Mrs. Joseph Bucklagham, East Oreeh street, or L. B.'Albangh atpoUofice. H AY FOR SALE—Clorer and timothy mixed: Enquire at Greene,s drag store. ' 8.E. BOHDYLBB. C ASH paid for old clothes, hats and cans, boot* shoes, rubbers: in fiot anything and erery- I thing, at Dr. Shuruian'f auction store. |tf ^ B.O. BBOOKS. , -\VTANTED—An aotUe, 'heneest man-Salary [ VY| flOO monthly If suitable, with op|M*.in I nitles for advance, to represent locally a fo»uo r. • 1 slble New York House. Reference^. MANU KACTUBBB, Look Box 1565, N. Y. W ANTED—Second hand geodsof everr description. Household turaltnre, etoTes, carpets, tto. Highest cash prices paid. Call or . send postal to d. 0. Brooks at Dr. Shermaa auction store. 0 ds!6 Cinciiati, Jackson & Maciira WALSTON H..BKOWNi Beceiver. Time table taking effect Juna 7, 1891. Trains pass Marshall as follow?: i ' TBA1H8 OOIKa BAST. No. 88,Toledo Express .: '....• 8, Cincinnati Express..... " 81, Mall and Express " S7, Local Freight TKAIKS G01NU W.XBT. TTiOR BALE-New J? variety of tinware and furniture. Now and largv JL. ,~IL**J -JL. uuw'are and notion*, aecond hand goods, etc., all offered cheap for easn intrude by 8. C. Brook* at Sherman'* auction store. i alb " .627am . 944am 44Sp m .ttUOpm A NATURAL BEMEDY FX>B Epileptic Fits, Falling Sickness, Hysterics, St. Titus Dance, Kervousness, Hypochondria, Melancholia, In* elmty, Sleeplessness, Dizziness, Brain and Spinal and Thie medicine has direct action upon the neive centers, allaying all irritabil* {ties 'n.*i(J Increasing the flow and power of nerve i fluid. It is perfectly hariolessc and leaves no unpleasant effects. . Our Pamphlet for safterera of nervous di- Deaeoswill be sent free to any address, and poor patients .can also obtain thi» medicine free of charge from us. ' . • This remedy baa been prepared by tbe Reverend Pastor Koenig. of Fort Wayne, lad., for , the past ten years, and is now prepared, under his diroc- 1863am s;L^caTFwight:.: : .:.... «* All trains dally except Sunday. , Direct oonneotiona. are made at Totedo Cinclnnatlwittt *U ro*dB diverging „ Trains 21 and 8S make good oonneation at Mon- toith with the G. B, <fc I., and atAllegan with the 0. <fc W. M. for GraniJ aapids. Muakegon and *U polr 1 "• ' ' fr b. V «»«» a .i- L .» n . Qen pftw ARt Agt. Tht Kagtufk FaUi Boutt." TIME TA&LE, JUNE 7, 1898. KAIT. 8TATIOM8. Mall Chicago, LY £alamazoo , Battle Creek..., Marshall, Dp... AJblon , Jackson , Detroit..., Buffalo.. 706 1200 12 $6 145 212 805 815 810 p.m 9*00 220 259 822 845 480 Kal Ext a.m. i • •*• 840 787 758 814 105 8451125 p.m. Ex.* Ek*HL. 1010 8ft 4t» 500 5W 6K • 80 L'al Paw sir • 04 • 82 • 67 445 rao 800 8 IS 847 T 16 756 60 W* Mv^H"; ear. OBntan Bt, CBICAQQ* ILL. 66tD BY PRUCCI5t8. Price il ?>er Bottle. 6 Botjfl^for TTVOUND AT LAST—Alter years of wandering J? over this mundane sphere, I haye found, a tidy little barber shop, located at 78 State street opposite J. W. FletoW'a olothlng store. This Sop is ftnder the manageinent of Walter W. Clark, who as a tonsorlal artist has few equals and no superiors. Hi*» shop has recently T>een ientted and jglurniflhed in elegsjat style, every- SinT dainty, neat and clean. Fragrant perfumes, razors ampoth as satin, and all men know wnata luxury it Is to be trimmed up in ar- ttsUcstyft. He Is well ported on Deriuatology and If you bate a hard beart and tender face call'on Walter Cor a ahaTe., aaidth&VJje never talked but one of bis c^stomew to deatin, htscwUlnlytoWsfav». Soit-you w»nta or tasty Iwur ciit, fc call *t ?» * K. Jack Uttffalo. Oetroit,LT Jackson... Albion.... Marshall.. Battle Cr'k Chicago, At 7 58 888 6801185 7051807 78818881050 1001118 817 7&6 a.m. p.m [5V? a.m- 1X00 715 980 1006 a. »• • 80 UN) 856 p. IB* 180 17 «8 408 485 500 »00 p.m. T15 758 881 847 980 p'.ia' Pi? Ex.* p.m. •T45 1080 ill? 1808 110 8» 915 1150 11U18U 1851 1 28817 806 ». m N. Y. limited expieM wuiol} leayes Cblcaco at a.16 p. m. wlU stop a* Marshall to let oft pa«Mn- gersfzom diiei^o; and wttl a^op regnlartr Bunday ovening.. • ' '••••'• • i Ticlwt

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