The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 25, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1893
Page 2
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. '•• ' ' t ;, ,ji THE DAILY CHRONICLE ,MAY;24, 1893. , - -'_/ ', \ ^ J L *^ ,.....„,_„..... **"-— '-iff. _ir --.r •_ - j l;- r -_i l J;1 - L-r _-_i - i'-r—- -^ - ' -'"Ti-"!.!':' •MMritiy—^-"1" "n.;- .' "' " ~'-' H '-,-•---- ••--•--^^- - - -j_.-.. _«_.-.. __•_. ....... , |-.Hri_ ,j* Mu* , v ^p THE DAILY CHRONICLE ' Dally, one year throngl! P. *»...»4 15 bally, delivered. 1O cfrtit* per week Snbiorlptlonf received at ttlon IS! State .street. the offite «t pub J.M. MOSES, PobURitsr,., When Baby was elck, we gave her Castori*. When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria. When- she became Mlgyghe clung to Castorta. WhenBhe had Children, she pave them Castoria. _ CONGRESS* Journalist* t-.f Hi.i t • •.•M-.H Tnklng an Ac' •'• tiv«. I'ti'rt. CHICAGO, May 35,—Martha Howe Davidson "presided over the woman's branch of the t&orld'a fair press congress yesterday. An interesting paper upon editorial arid department* work by Mrs. J. C. Croly of New York city, and Mrs.'Adele Chretian of Californiii-;> was represented by a paper oft "IfhS diffictilties of the dramatic and musical critic." • „ . "Woman as the business manager of a newspaper" was the theme dilated upon by Mrs. Barbara M. Galpiu of Massachusetts..-. Bright and spicy were the papers by Miss IdaTims Klocker and Cornelia B. Crosby. The newspaper women at the national capital were represented byMrsr Ruth Kimball Gardner arid Mrs. Emily L. Sherwood, The advantages of ro- portorialas against editorial work for women was considered by Miss Annie \ SanbornNoKMinnesota, ani ft >« tferieral discussions x of ^editorial department 1 work, initiated by Mrs. iou V; Chapin; brought the session t,6'a close.' , At the^meeting pf the male branch In , the Hall of Columbus, the program I comprised the reading of (he Columbian poem by Thomas Brewer Peacock of Kansas, and the following addresses: "The public press; its relatfeft to civilization," Henry A. Castle of St, Paul.; "The future of the American country newspaper," Albert Shaw of Th6 Ee- view of Reviews, New York; and a general address by Colonel Charles H. Jones of the St. Louis Repnblic. A CIRCULAR ISSUED. *h« Six Companies Urge Chinese Not to Register. NEW YORK, May 25.—The Chinese working, in the Columbia river canneries have received the following mes- «age: YcnLneed not be anxious any longer. A cablegram was received here yesterday fromTrince LI Hung Chang stating that the imperial government will send a Com- mlBsioner.on^he next steamer from China talk with the American president. After tbat interview you will find that you will not be ordered out of the country. Don't •be anxious. Go on with your cannery work and we will prove by you that if you are sent away it will kill the business of - ttiousands of white men. Do not register. You will not be asked to do so. The law will be changed. THE Sue COMPAHIES. Destroyed by Fire. NEW YORK May 85.—The tobacco wctory o f D. Buckner. & Company, on Mulberry street w»s destroyed by fire WiaflffiEjPL. '"'•TKiplLESf, Never Fails. Ctiro Guaranteed. ™«l M °Bo^60 cents and «1.00. practice, -; »,,. ., , Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment la (old *y alt nrontliite, t>r.mi»ll«l on reoslpt of price SjrtM J ,Wllilams Mffl Co., Cleveland, 0.] ! * A Satgfaal Operation. For the euro of Piled ie'always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there ia a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives'in- itont relief and permanent cure and costs but a trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is a more certain cure than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pain, ex- peneo and danger of an operation. Any druggist will get it for you.' :. •• '•'"•• For Pa.lf. Pure Plymouth egps, 50 ; cents for 11 Enquire at Marshall House. i LEWIS PEREIN. to The praetico of riding bifljcles on the sida walks must be stopped at once. Any. persons violating-the law in ihia respect do so at their own peril, Keep off the walks and save trouble. . PETER'HOWE, Marshal. Bougbtou will sell and ha-ig it for you. , you wall paper STflCtf ANTED TO PASTDRE Terms cheap see or address, . And he will try, to please yon. Coffee. Roasted coffee, especially that in packages, haye been so reduced in quality lately that t» have ceased tb handle it and now sell the 'green or nnroasted. Parties can see what they are buying and know it is pure. Yet I continue to sell the old reliable, the Ozama roasted. A. WATSON. SPECIAL SALE. fe^one week cqmntehc- ing May 19. Call -an& get prices; on all our " see our suits and ;the low price we will sell them at, 19 The Mill. Wheu auything you want to buv, v , ° Just call at Chesher's mill and tfy, .^ His cash prices will'cutely suit you, . •When any feed you do want ground, Call at.Cbesber's mill, he is always around, IN BRIEF. ,,; A. B. KING, Marshall, Mich .Carpets at lowest prices ia the state. S. V. B. LEPPEB'S. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Tin rooting and ail kjnds of tin work done promptly by Robert Schelly. People desirro ice are requested to leave orders at my office. Or nptity me bj mail or .leave orders at the Statesman office'. ••.:..•:'..-, •. J. F. GAPS. The promptness and certainty of its cures have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. It is intended especially for coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough, /andlis the most effectual remedy known for 27 these diseases. 26 and 60 cent bottles for ^"^ Anli* «4> fllaMiavt A'O «1**iir* atnfA on pantaloons. T. SHANAHAN. You can always find the best Cigars at Greene's Drug store. Call and Try Them. sale at Greene's drug store. We buy for cash and sell for cash, And that's what keeps us in our hash. New Bottling Work*. Fisher.& Culver have opened the Eagle Bottling Works and are now pro pared to furnish bottled beer, pints or quarts, to all who with it. Gramer't Celebrated beer, bottled fresh every day and delivered to any part of the city. P. O. Bex, 1060. The new Lavette safety mailing enve opes at Smith's studio. .... Seed Potatoe*. . ^ ' For sale at the county house farm at 40 cents per bushel. . v •'• \ All persons are notified not to dump any more garbage in the streets. PETER HOWE, Marshal. Fiowerlog Plauts. • Look at the prices: Finest French and German pansies, 50c per dozen; Verbenas, GOo per dozen; Geraniums, 5c and lOc each; Salvias, 5 and lOc each-, Crysauthemums, 5 and 10 c each; Phlox drummondi, 15c per dozen; Victoria asters, 15e per doz ; Lobelia, blue, 25c per doz.; Monthly roses, 20c each; Hardy roses, 2 years old, 80c each; Tube rose bulbs, 5o each; Gladiolus, 5c each. Tomato, pepper and egg-plants cheao C, B. BAWLINSON, 59 B. Green Street. Chafes on babies, sore nipples and in flammation of the breast instantly re lieved with Lavendar Ointment „ ChlldrerTCryfor Pitcher's Castorlar Bicycles at Cost. As 1 no longer act as agent for the Columbia and having two on hand, I will sell them at greatly reduced prices. A. WATSON. REDUCED! • We have reduced the price on all our Jersey suits. Now is the time to buy. ( j WANTS, FOUND, ETC. Twenty cents a week for each notice not ex ceedlng are lines. No cbftrga less thtn twenty cents. Don't get excited over croup or quins> when Lavender Ointment will relieve you within ten minutes if used as directed. 35 and 50 cents. A Condensation of Interesting Happenings , Thronghout the Country. The Duke of Mortemart is dead. : Antoine vpU Schmerling, the Anetrian •tatasman, is dead. Samuel Blackwell of Alabama has been •ppointed third auditor of the Unitei States treasury. •'? Qzernowjtz a town of Austria has been visited by,a disastrous flood. Five persons jftte known to haVe been drowned. " _, Tne Diners international -conference at Brussels adopted a resolution in favor of an 8-hour working day in the mines. JT..A. Nettleson, a potato dealer pf Scandinavia, Wis., was chloroformed and robbed of $1,200 while driving hpine. . E.-E. Towner of Cleveland committed • ruicide by blowing put big brains with a revolver. The, cause of his act A ' T, SHANAHAN. Bicycle Sweaters, Hose, etc. Iprices reasonable. ^ T. Robert Shelley has opened a tin shop in the building formerly occupied aa a meat market, opposite E. L. Murphy's store. Give him a call when in need of any tin work. When you want a whisky for medicinal use you want it pure, "Royal Ruby" Rye is guaranteed pure in .every particular, and recommended for the invalid and the convalescent. (Bottled at distillery.) ROYAL WINE CO., CipoAeo. For sale by F, O. Seaman «fc Co., druggists. L OST—A narrow black silk belt.with pin in It. Finder please leave at 8. V. B. Lepper's score. W ANTED—A boy to learn the barber's trade. Apply to Walter W. Clatk. W ANTHD—Ladies to do writing at 'home Will pay (18 to 920 per week. Bend sejf addressed stamped envelope tor reply. . WH Address MMfi. " " MiehawaUa, Ind- SALE OHE \P-A11 sizes o! hogsheads, F good (or cisterns and water tanks. Inquire at JOB. Gramer'u .Eagle Brewery. 1>4JB SALE—Second hand three burner gaao- JL f, line and oven. )) . MB8. H. M. MKfiHILL. 1 Lf short 'chain with a pad lock, lease Have at the Chronicle oSce. [• OST—Uu Saturday, an express package, U taining aUk dtuss pattern. Finder 4 L OST—A gold mounted silk umbrella in tome 'place o£ buslaeas Binder please leave at W, I. Buchanan of Iowa is beJng pushed westernerei for ^assistant secretary of ture to succeed Edwio Willetts of fallen, in torrents tbr^oghout . Italy.' Several yiHages are under w*ter, villages have 'been swept away, and jra|lway» ajnd irftrnwavsr have Dtpt flooded. ,_• « The Columbian liberty %eU wi]| 'be cast June ?, Mrs, Cleveland starting the flow of *y, means of m ete^rlc wire from . • ^ "' B O &Rl> OF* BJEVIBW-Notice U hereby elvenj ; that the uncJersigrud. supenrUors oJ tli6 oity.of JlartbaU constituting tae Board .of He- vtew, in varauance of the provisions of the city charter and the laws ot tue state In such, • made and provided, wHl meet on Tuesday, May It, 1898, at the common eounoil room in said city and iem«tn in session during that week and also on. Monday acd Tuesday ot the {slaving week, and a* much longer a« may be necessary to complete tbe review of the asreagment rolls, of eaid city, as rt-quired by law. The session', of eaid board will begin at 9 o'clocV a. m. of each day anc continue for at 'ea§\ six boura of each day. •'Dated MarshalV Mich., May 16^1868. . • E.'U. . j. j. PAHEY, , , -P. J. »: FERGUSON __!% ^ '"' * , r Attention T -' <* *• _?. *» . ^ Cess pools and privy vaults. and disinfected in • good sonable'pneee by CiDcmali, Mm & Time taole taking effect Dec, 3, 1892. Trains pass Marshall AS follows ; M0..8S, Toledo ExpreBs * 8, Cinoiunati Express. .;.. ..^,...8 27 ID ... ...... ..8 41,4m Freight. ............. ........ B GO pn So. iS2, Mall and Emreaa, ...... .... ...... 1115 am " 2, OlnoinnaU & B. C. Ezpress . . . . , ..6 21 p i " 34, Express... ....................... 12 33 an 88, Local Frelgnt ................... ,,69i7ao , All trains dally except {Sunday. Direct connections or •Cincinatfwith all road and at rear e made at Toledo s diverging Trains 81 and 88 make go od conneetlon at Uonj teith with the G 1^. 41., and at Allegaii with :he C, & VV. M for Grand Bapids, Msskegon and points north. f. B. DRAKB, Gen. M'g'r. U. M. SCHINfeLBB, Qeo. Pass. Agt C, B. MIZE, Agt.. Marshal). Miss Lidu Farman and; Mrs- J REQ prepared to do dress making at the ~'"\ Jj-ff*!, first 4ooF w*f11 Mary's Acadttcpv, on i^rtien-Btreeit | ^Sl^S^ 4 share of tba pub.lie OST—A settlng iuMked -)V,B IOB postottce. Finder,, leave at i»Wi jewelry eto>e. ** cey Hawkins and Miss Lulu Albion....« 1810 06 846 room 9 15 pigeon hole t#We, 172 East State W*W iSSTTO 4*Aw» JMsW*U ^ Pitcher^ Castorla. OST—A gate key No. 7,517, was attached to a ' " ' Finder eare afexpreSs offlae. , MKS. J. I. bTAJUCS. hie office. OB 8ALE~In Batch's and Martin's addition, a lot Joining the site of .Page's new carriage uctory. Prtce $175, term* $fiU 'down and a mall payment weekly, Jf AT^IOK H. p'DANfcQN, . Washington House, Marsh* L N OTICE-Mra. W. L. Buck Is agent for th« Uhristy kniyes and wi U furnish all who w|*k in,em. /~^ QAL STOVE FOB SALE . U .Jttna W.J. FRANC'IBCO, ' Opposite Johnson House, SALE.—A gas«tove with own, Inqjire at rooms over Marsixall Light Co.'s offlcs. li>OB SALE—A good mare, 13 years old. JP be sola on time U deuired. " Will , For particulars euquire o. Ueo, Utiyi, \Veat Green strtei. A deuirablo J for rent.' pnse on Hanover street, west, inquire of Z. 1. Blakealee. E FOB BENT. W. fl. BAB8BY, _' Mansion and Madison Bts, ^ "VXT • T" BY Bftssrfent when you c»n buy •> lot, ea . JMarun and ttatea'ii aaditioa a*d have a huuae built to *uit you, am pay for it In nir^'l ntwiwily p»yn»uu». 4101- iaror«aUa*ca4l-»t of, ttee of JM, liwcb, over ttm. Jttartle'f state.

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