The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 11, 1891 · Page 5
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 5

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1891
Page 5
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1HE I>ML¥ CHRONICLED JUNE 11, 1891. WHERE FAKIRS MEET. THEY HAVE ENOUGH AN EXCHANGE QUEER IN ITS ODD WAY. !J4»t*4p41 ; fo 6o Ann Street, the Busy Part of the eUilng Afoout a Class o4l|Ken ]pljho, Posh Novelties. * • When yorfvisittha fakirs' exchange and eooM to know it you will be able to under* •tana at least one circumstance that must have struck yon as being a trifle queer. . Now, many persons, have at some time walked' from the city hall through Park tow and down Broadway as far as Wall atreet, and hare noticed that the streets - were strangely clear of peddlers. Going ovmp that same, ground a couple of hours lattv they • hare encountered a horde of howling, hoarse voiced men and boys, their cries arising far above the noise of tho Mtreeta as they fairly assaulted the passera- fto tfgnpel,£heui to buy the trinkets; they If yon have noticed this you have perhaps wondered whence all these fakirs have so suddenly sprung. The key to this mys- 1 t|tr|fciiOt.|iardto'flndandia not a great away. It is to be found at the . lliey watch every theatrical hit, every success of a public man, every great event, and in fact study the public tasto much more closely than much greater, .men do. They are in touch w'itli all tho wholesale houses in this city that deal with mechan- ical'toys aud novelties, and tho managers of these houses have t;o hesitation in saying that so tar an New York 13 concerned, and that means a good deal, these street fakirs avu rare good judges of what will go and what will not. If you could seo all i ho members of this exchange at their headquarters you would oee an interesting throng But that \a hardly possible They do not coimrebate at any specified time. Rut if any new thiip« comes out that Is likely to sell on tho bf.i'fets of New York the manufacturer has bid to let it bo 'known nt Arm su-ei't mul Thcoier a]ley. It will bo speedily tcsiu.,1, and'if it js'what it is claimed to ba by its inventor' it will in twenty-four hours bu on salo iu every Important point iu Xu\v York, and a thousand men and boys will l>u shouting ih»its praise and'"selling it. \ For this and .other reasons tho spot on Ann street is nnirjiie, and for the same reasons it may justly enough".bo called an exchange.—New York I Juit^rika^dbwn 'Ann street from Park low and halt at Theater alley, a sllort half block away.. You will see nothing there that .will jemind yon of the Produce ex- dbat»^0f thje,C6Jit|>n. exchange or the Real Estate exehainRe or' anything of that sort. You will see on one aide of Theater alley a liquor store, on the other another.. The Fakirs' exchange is right about there. • ..In tua- window»-of one of thes.e saloons is a small crystal lake, in the center of that a fHyii>)mi?.falqTid t ftftfi on that a bullfrog almost 'as large as the island. He is the tQiWlMf Afbioe of Xheexchange. When he ^ watjljiqjt ppt into that aquarium he was a '••nMnaort of bullfrog. He started in to snake things hum at onde. In the same place .were several catfish. If you have . aJfiempted to toy in a careless mamner with a catfish you probably know thai he has a very decided way of making hiuxseli felt This bullfrog ought to have Jtnowu tUs-aod perhaps he did, but a» has been said, he was brash. So he fooled with, the catfish and they fooled with him. • TH£ EXCHANGE. • I Then one day he climbed on the island j before mentioned and began to wonder \v-hy \ that catfish were allowed in u civLl- untry to carry stilettos behind their .ThaYwaa two yearsago, and the bull- teog has -spent about all his time .on that ,ialao4«yer since. This biography of him mayjaoa irrelevant, but it isn't. The. i'•members of.the exchange treat him with 1 large cpnsjlderatlon. They call him Robin'". absv Cjnuibeh and they, claim that his powers Of hard and persistent thinking entitle • : him to respect. So if you want to gee along •with them you will cast no reflection ou Crnsoq, the frog. Tft|ufixchange is unique. There will be days and days when it will be to all in. tents and purposes closed, when you, will ., a«e scarcely a member about. On those '-• days> they-are scattered all over the city in etsHfy^lacewhereTnen-and women congregate, selling with greater or less success such wares as they have to offer. Theu . you will see them drifting back to heacl- qmtrtors, and on another day when you go through. Ann street you will find handcart after handcart about Theater alley anil men lounging about looking at Crusoe and pupa.. It is an exchange day. i tp. class these men with ers who sell shoestrings, he like.- 'These are but work- ing.on what ia practically the system uf the Italian padrones, albeit in this., case it ill worked by Hebrews. These peddlers in ; A*n'e£i$et;'are usually either individual merchants, BO to speak, or members of a natkin, and in a general way. with so unanimity of form that their heady *P*Uy be termed an exchange, ' Juuii>in;v at Conclusions. Penelope received a bunch of roses without a card. Shu wa«j certain Jack had sent them, nevertheless. Iu this she was right. When Jack nvrlvcd in the evening she exclaimed, "You did not send your ciard with them, but I am sure you paid for them liovcrtluL-less." In this sue was wrong. She forgot Mr. McAllister's advice, "Never IKS embarrassing if you can help it."—Miiiisey'y Weekly. . A Good ilcusou. TcP-chcr— What pender is "cart?" Uttlo Hoy—T?k-is&e. do you mean an ash cart? Teacher—\'es; any kind of a caTt. Boy—Well, I guess an ash cart must be of tho female gender, 'cause 1 saw a bustle hanging on behind one today.—Harper's Bazar . . The "Water Cusk" Plant. A celebrated African traveler mentions that in croaking one v f the many sandy deserts i: '.hatfountry he ca!i:.!acroMtheonly knowL In-iii.'./; .~pe^ii'.-i of ;i.-r,t luilbo, the "water cask" pi..;;:. Thv n.-._',;.;.i it inhabits is far from any htre..ia of \v.:i. ;-,, as far :is the eye can ivadi, noi iiing can be set-.ii but heaps of s.-:ui.'.. '•'!'!!.; sight.of this, little grec-u civ«'|ier, whi^h retaonibles the comuiqu ground, ivy ia so me ruspucls," he says, "filled uuvwith au intens,- longing to once more see ilio green mc.ul,>\vsand cool, shady forests which we hail now left at- least 300 milea behind.' "For four days we bad not seen even so much as a spear of u" a dried up cactus, tho latter having-beo:i tjnite plentiful the wec-k before. The botanist of the company, iu examining biie of the plants found thiuyiuiiixpectedly growing in the center o£ a t, i-!y A£r'i«i!i desert, noticed what ha supj>o.-:ed w;ia a gruen bulbous 'fruit gro\\'i;Ji; uinkT the thick leaves of the creeper, almc^i resting upon the sand underneath. Iu Making an effort to pluck one of the-^v: for io:i it- burst \vitlr a smart report, throwing watti- in tho face and over the c.'...-thc=> of the iatrud::ig'natu- ralii=t. "llere, surely, wii I- id ,i iirsL clahs wonder—a. J plant gru\. m'A in tl.c desert with no other green tliir,;,' ia si-jjiit, oanvia^itsown Water bags v. a a it. i'arviii, our chemist, analyzed the \v..:er l.-uud in some of the aulbs pieki-ii .fur i.U iuspecji.ioii, £ud. declared it to by iibbv.-iuti.iy pi^v, as much so as distilled iv.iu water. Eaehculb or berry contained about t.\\~o i.-j four tabi^spooufuls of water. As i!. hatiVeiini, we had a sup- ply.of wau'r sHitii.-iot!" i^r our journey and to spare, but \Villiam';on,thu botanist, aud Piirvin, tiic elk mist, with all the enthusiasm of iriiii tL-ii.-utisi.;, plucked about a quart of the w'ati-r bernc-s aud extracted the water, souittt-hiiig over ..a pint; and drank it "with apparent, ivliah." OFFICIALS D.I^C'OVERED THE FRAUD. A JuHlicfc of Ulie J'eaue Forgcn Allldavlta to OblaLii H Pepglnu. OMAHA, June 9.— : VVittiam B. Lea, a justice of the peace at Pliebe, Perkins county, and his wife Harriet H". Lea, were arraigned in the federal'court charged with making false affidavits to secure a pension certificate and also with perjury. Mrs. Lea was formerly the wife of Joel L. Gethold, aprivntc in the Twentieth JRegiincnt of Illinois Volunteers. Subsequent to his death she married Lea, and in January, 1888, representing that her first husband was still alive, she applied in his name for a pension, and accompanying tho application were two af- lidavits purporting to be signed by George Cunningham, sheriff of Hennepin county, 111., and by Wesley Bentloy, of the same county, who were comrades of Gethold ia tho Twentieth Illinois, regiment. It transpires that the whole scheme was concocted by Lea and his wife. The pension oilieiain discovered the fraud before any hicncy was J obtained. Both defendants pleaded not | guilty. . ._ .,....:._•,.._•___ HOWLETT MUST GO BACK. > Capital within certain limits, ajtdcri4i4 top. They will not deal in things iihj* iOtJthaC? xaind will not strike the pub- v||» M- either bargains or novelties. The ' clawof ped,dh3rs who deal tn bargains buy unaold stooaV of nu i K ft '™ nf * > , books or il' ^itTrtf^.T^^Pf hate just gone out of sea'"^ ltiff"^l j"*" 1 ^ artkdes that are easily trapaCerred by means of a handcart or with • • [0e o( an ancient horse. BOW TAKIBS WOKE. •r '<j%t d«alet»tn noFeltiea form the cream pf thn tcrrfrf^B*- They work on combina- " »MHMb ^*hey watch every toy and novelty imanufaotaring' house in the business. '-•" v ' ""-» - J -"- scheduled novelties that of ''•"—year to, year for every be Christmas or liabor throflgh the efforts of the ''Kfteen Puzzle^ be- When they heard, . one the "Boulanger vas but a day s«ll*ug it by bho tens " He Caiuu to this Country ID Vlulitlfun of 1 the Coiitruol Labor Law. WASHINGTON, Juno 9.—The, case of the English coachman Hewlett, vvho came to this country ur.der contrae't to work for Mr. Rustis, of Washington, has been transferred to this city. The treasury department decided Hewlett way debarred from landing and that ho must be returned to England at tho expense of the steamship company thnt brought him over. The department is now informed by Supt. Weber of the New York immigration 'that Howlett was allowed to land and that his whereabouts are unknown. Ho said furthe-r, however, that he had referred all the papers in the case to- th€ United States district attorney at Washington with a view to proceeding against Mr. Rustis, who will be liable to a fine of §1,000 in ease it is shown he violated the alien contract labor lav/. As this law makes no special provision fi-r the return of a prohibited immigrant after he has landed and entered the country, the" treasury officials are puzzled as to how they can now accomplish the return of their an. 'll.l.TlLLOTSON, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND CONVEYANCER. All business attended to promptly and cari'.fully. Has a safe to ketpjudg; rueut dAket andjilher valuable papers in. \y . J ' -For all linflammations of the bronchial tubes or bad coins, Kelloggs's Columbian Oil. is a splendid remedy. A few drops should be taken clear on sugar every three or four hours, and bathe the inroat and chest t'.vo or three times a day. It speedily ul- lays'the irritations, ticklings aud iieliiug, and creates a healthy action, and a complete cure is readily effected. For sale at Greene's drug store. Merrill's Price t,lst. I Pie Peaches, 3 cans .......... . ..... $ 25 Closing out Table Peaches, laryo yellow, 5 cans 1.00 for cash. « MusUvrfl Sardines ....... , ........ , 10 How is' thnt American Sardines, 6 cans ........ 25 for closing ou'. ? Pillar Kock Salmon .............. 15 My neighbors say Uauihoo KiNh I'oli'g .............. 15 I MM! tint iroiM/.r ,101 , Cane FMh Pijii.-.-! ......... .' ......... r> ofl.rai!u. '21 Dounrlf, (Granulated Sujrar ...... 1.00 What do you think Merrill's A 1 Flour (equal to Purnn'.->) ......................... (js about it? lugersoU'ri Sup«rio'r. Ifrt ............ GO Geuuinc. J;ua CoQ'erffa Ibs ....... 1.00 Cash, Genuine R'.o, 8}^ pounds ........ 1.00 . not en (lit Broken Java, 4J..< pounds. ... ..... 1,00 nor trust. Alcrriil'H best fil) cunt Tea, 5 pounds 2 00 1 ••'• To tiet out All ij cei\t Soap, U bars ........ ... 25 „ is what Vail & Orauc Craek'nrs, 4 1'bs ...... 25 1 want Epp'y Cocoa, 5 packages .......... 100. and dou'c you Gaeolifie, o gallons ...... .. ......... 85 " 5 gallons.... ........... ;05 for<;et it. H. M. My Fuiuily I>octo*- For the last two j ears has boeu Sulphur Bit- tdiH, aud until I b.'gau using them in my fatn- ily. wo lisd more cr loss sickHeH-j, aud our doctor's bill lias heen very large. Since we begau i heir use. wo have had no doctor to pay, and throe dollars inyvatwd in Sulphur Biitorr) • IUB kept liealth iu our family. — E Kuott, Pos maBter, Waveriy Iowa. Aruivu. Salve. The best Salve iu tho world for Cuts, Bruiuen, iSoroj, Uloara, Salt RUeuin, Fever botes, Totter." Ohapped liaudo, Chilblaiiia, Coins and all Skin Eruptions, ftud positively ouroa I'ilm, or no ray required It is guar" •!ijteed to g.v i p -rt'dut Bftiirtfaotion or ut juey refnuclod. i'nca 2~i cnutn per box. For sale by t'. O. .-jciiuiuu it Uu. Will you part witl^vour dar ling babies m sickness, or call on your UruggUi for Dr. Sl.iarpstfon's Lavender Oiu.meut aud AathmaUu. Balsam, uicdiciiia- that save lives wlu-u doctors fail in Membranous Croup, Inflammation rft.he Luues, Luiiy tisver ami Typhoi .Pneumonia, .also quickly relievos a cures Croup, • "Scarlet Fever, W ooping Cough, ooris Throat, Burnn, S ! jds and sir.iikir ajiru^tioni:, 25 ami 50(fceuls or by uiaiLV IJit H. SHA.RWTEEN;) Proprietor, Marshall, Michigan. Ovor Filly Ycura MRS'. WIKSI.OW'S SouTiiixG SVKU-I' has bueii used fo-r children l'jetl|ii;i^. It soothes the child, suiU'iis- tlio tjums, al- layti all pain, <j.!ii-;-s.-wind colic, and is tho best remedy for Diarrh'oja. Twenty, fivts cents a.biilijo, bold by all, druggists throughout the v.-orhl. The Rice. Give-!: r-jHl-i rnakti the best flour to be had in'thc oiiy.'. . ' The Michi^:i^Ceutra!- will, on June 12-th, sell ticke'ts i'r@m Marshall to Kala- aazoo aud riAur'a at the rate of one uud one-half cents per mile in each direction with fifty cciitri added /or .adnjis eiou ou acciniul-of Fort'paugih'd show. Tickets good return JujS same A! a to. - -.- : d y& C K; OSBOJIN. Ticket Agent. • You can get any of B.r.' VV, 1>. Church's renewed at F. G. Seaman drug store. , .-'- Cheap. Theiariu kuowiias the Tracy farm in Ma'renso, south of liiceCreek. "Will be sold very cheap .f spld before the loth of^May. S. S, LACEY, Agt AsH jour grocer for Rico Creek mills Hour or call at the mill and get a suck. F S. Powers, th-o leading merchant tailor, guarantees satisfaction. Children Cry for Pitcher's A L,ittZu G irl'(* Kxpe.iencc iu N (Jglil- Uouuv. Mr. and Mrs. Loreu Trescott are keeper^ of the government light bouse at Sand Be^ttk,, Mick, and are blesaed v>iib a daughter four years old. La»t April ijhe was taken dowu with meatiled, followed with a dreadful .cough and turning mto a fever. Doctors at home aud at Detroit treated her, but in vaiu, she grew worse rapidly until eho wa-s a m-sro "hiuidful of bones:' Then ehe trieii Dr. Kiug's N.ew Discovery and after the nbo ot two and a hali boltloi wan campletely'our. d. Thev say Dr King's* New Disoovery 5 it .wottb ita weight iu gold, yet you may get a trial bottle free at F G Beaiuan & Co'a drug u'.oro. 1'h.e t'ii-bt Step*. Perhaps you ; rim down, can |t eat, can't slueji, can't think, can't do au"jthing to your satibfaet.MU aud you wonder what ails you . You should heo t tin waruing, yo i are taking tlio tl. v stup into uervous prostration You ui,' ^d'a uetve toaie and m Elactrio Bitters you will find tlio exact rnmedy for rost'oring your uoiveua systr.iu to iU noriiial. hea'thy cpnd.i- tiou. Surprising rotjiilts follow the use of tliib gr. at uervA tonic and alterative. . Your a'ppntito retui-iis. goad ditjObtion IB restored, aud the hvcr aud kidu -ya resumo healthy action, Try u. bottlo. ^PTIEeSa^ ce>U_at F Q ii, Co'a drugstore JtfPSgNjjj cejtt^at F store | 6 There I'.;IK thousands of fHinilies in Michi. yan that ci'.uuot be iudueeJ ty use any other remedy in their fanjilics than Columbian Oil. In case of an ernei-yeiiey iu any pairs, bad eold or iiiUauamatiou its aetion is sure aud curtain. F.or salo at Greene's .drug store. STEPHEN jfltiVTr'S STEASi BOiLEK WOiUiB EBtablliihe'i lSt>5. Manufacturer' of higU and low prcsanre uudsttsfliu heating bollerfl of all kinds, : moke pipef, breaolilu^a, eu. Old boilers taken !u exchange for n^w. Rivets, boiler plate>; and uollar tubos for .".ale. '_ora.-r jfouudry street anrt .1!..:' • t.rn.i.-.xj. Detroit MlcU. moval! Bodily ailments are more or leas the rc- aults of kidney allection. When the akin lieeouioa dry and husky, pains \n the back, hot and high colqred urine, sore aetsti m the sinalTof the back, ore unmistakable facts that the kidneys are in bad condition, and a few doses of Kellbgflr's Columbian Oil will convince any one gf its curative propertied oa their disorders. ~T?6r sale at Oree lie's drugstore. ' . ' . 1 rjrst class worknieu at F. s'.Powera'. I • ''. ."*'••'•."'• . i Ucnr.v A. Nowiand & Co., wholesale batters and fur mercbauts, Detroit, uave removell their business to mt store recontly occupied by Allan SUoldou & do., jli-J. ir.4, idij and 10B Jeffereou Avc. r one ihsor wusi of VVoodward' aye., where their facilXlcs aco largely inereaeed. They invite all tJ/Clr friouds at tho now etorc.. d "Si _ ' L: f\. - .. .. ..r. *& DISEASES IBBriF" -• r- - j CTBa.'JMS5g .«,!•, by mull, wlib llulM. End-1»-^» B —j a.—- «. J :^\^T^^-^^^sl p&u nwu irtciC WbrsKb

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