The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 24, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1893
Page 4
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*M if THE DAILY QgB»HI6tE. MAY 24. A toew remedy has Created a Benssti6ti amon$ physicians by its wonderful eftecta in speedily curing every fortn of Piles. lit is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and simple to use,i-'but'nothing rfr moves the'clisease so quietly, safely and Burety^/Any druggist w(tl ,get it for you. 1 / ' % ._ Bring Toiir Carpel*. I The carpet cleaning works on Ex Change strficfc will Be open on and after [Monrtay, Match 27th.' BHEAPER CAS FOR LIGHT. * __—•'- * ' TO OONSTJMEKS OF GAS FOR^tfEL. C. E Jeffros. piano UTnor of-Albion, is in this city'.prepared.- tt>}tine, repair and cltfati pianos and organs. ConVes recommended byJProf. G B Shefllef, of Albion CofserVHlory bf.mttsic. Leave orders at M. J. (Jillett's. Sufferers Both the method and Syrup'of Figs is taken; .« .» |»w««»u. ,f^tuauy remove every trac md refreshing to the taste, and act$ druggist wti got it for you- ~ently yet promptly on the Kidneys, ' aver and Bowels, cleanses the ~"~ The Gas Compatnr anounces thejfollowirig tion ffices o&a^for UGHTINd wherever is iised ALSO fof COOKIN.G or HEATING* to take effect on and after • --.; "W^^ (j-ASsioVBK^Ea$l£Opef 1000 /cubic Ft.. all GftB conenffied where a QAS RAtjlGE need. . . angaBoii^«id^*wCbQK|M^^E^I N . Q -- sT<5Ve31 ^ U9ed "**' ' ^ 5 conei'tnption 1« norifess ttian 1000 cubic feet... E ' —•—— •• conw'mption is ndlWiss tusn luuu OH"'" ?"»'•• . ,. . ;, should know that the B »u*or Gas nsed for LIGHTINGO»I» remain uncUang-yl »ud,«,fo fts follows: ill promptly and ef 1 Le . 8g than JQQQ cU fci 0 -ft.'in One mon h, $2 00.per 1000;cubio ft. , trace of them. An/ f ^QQ oubifl ft _ and Iess than ^00 cubic ft 1 month $1 90 ™" aches and fevers and cures habitual I TUe Begt on <t oou stove, constipation. Syrup of Figs is the wuh 8tetimot . ( wil i cook potatoes, tuf only remedy o&ta kind ever pro, nj ^ ^ice, oatmeal and duced, pleasing to the taste anerac-' 'ceptable to the stomach, t prompt in its actioa and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from -the most • *_* * % . . . ^ » _.!_.*'__.___ ?!.. eggs ppudding, all at once over Umell.' 'H, eiiecta, preparea oniy irom-iuo musi i For Honitou lace and vrcpp AIBOUC healthy and agreeable substances, its paper -call at, the Bazar in the new inany excellent: qualities qommend it block. ..-.-"' to all and have niade it the most „ , , .... "popular^reraedy known. Corn and wheat «nts for little chick, ^ •'-. Syrup of Figs is for sale ifl 50c also compoutid food, greatest food on and $lr bottles~by all leading drug-4eartii, atC.-4. fchesher's mill. gista. Any reliable druggist who ~^~ :may not have it on hand cure it promptly, for any one who wishes to try it. -'I>o not accept any substitute. . CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. per 1060 10,000 or over, I month $1 80 per 1000 cubio ft. (cubic ft. All th-e above rates ara subject to a dl«i>onat*of 10 cts per 1000 cubic ft when the months bill is paid in or boforo the 10th of the mo'nth next follo*ing. . - .... Tha abovi-special rates are made to induce consumers to use gas for cooking and heating as well as lighting. . Prooves The AD VANTAGE of Gas For Cooking Over Every Other Fuel Tissne I in Cheaper Stove Safety, Quickness, 'k 8AH FRANCISCO, (Ml. M. NEW YOKK^N.Y. SH1LOHS CURE, Capos an,d jacketsi a now invoice in this day. ' S V V R. UPPBB. «^0ver'i75» GAS SHOVES npw in^use^ in MARSHALL. " «^feg?^^ 5 ordere'd and pompleted from lloinwved, ' I have removed niy -office to Eagle | block in the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Houston-. KLIAS HEWITT. ^IptU5 y*UOiCW pMLj«.,vv«**f»~«-— „• .... : • ' -^ -^ ^^ • Sept 1st 1892, to April 1st 1893, MARSHALL L1OH I 1 Co. Corel CoMninptlon, Coughs, Croup, 8«r« ntee. , , Throat. Sold DV all Drun;Ut» on a Guarantee. ForV Lame Side.iack or c"est Shitoh'e Pprow Plaster will give great satisfaction.— 45 centa. SHILOH'S VITALIZER. .5,000 spring and summer samples have arrived. Call and select yoiu summer suit or pants. Better cho.ce than piece goods Call and exanvne before buying. Quality and price,to suit at ' . TED'S, the tailor, OVer Fletcher's store.. ILOH'S^VCATARRH I have a uew combination Ball bearing cushion tired bicycle, suitable for boys and girls, worth |40, which I will sell for $25, which is less than the actual cost. I have a'so a cushion tired 1802 Lovell, which has been used but ittle. Look it over and get ray price on it. C. HERBEUT THOMPSON. Haveyou Catarrh? Try this Remedy. It will ooBltivery reUeve and.Cure you. Price SOcte. TTits Inieotor for its succesaf ul treatmerit IB furntohediree. Eemember.ShUoh'sBemedies. are told on a guarantee to give «atlsiBctlon. " • Vor Sale by F. Q, SB AMA N «s CO. . A. Sherman, the old reliable universal auctioneer, is prepared to attend sales of all kinds^jBe sells anything jmd everything, • household goods farms, city, prpperty, stocks of goods o| all kinds, and makes a .specialty ot farm sales.' If you have anything to and see him. The largest stock tlae lowest prices HYDE'S Drue.Store W ANTED—Faithful gentj.eman or lady to as elet In office. Position permanent Kailway fare advanced here if engaged, tncloae Kfaroic« and -self addn*st-d stamped ««lope THE UATlOi?AL,^J McVlckerls Bullotug, Cn- ago' III. The Pyramid Pile Cure is a ix«w discovery for the prompt, permanent cure of Piles in .every forip. JSyery druggist ; haa it, A full, assortment pi sizes, TUe be^t at reasonable rates Truses lit^d wittLput ; bliarge fpr flttingAt New stock o,f waVl )iaP^ r ftt Ge ° •'•• . Notice Kelatlve to Cown. ..; • ,. Th^-ordinance reltttivie '.o pasturing cows in tie street will be striejcly en forced. &o catUe wil^e allowed 10 b pastureU itf apy^fltreet, whplh^r *"| are tied or not, iiitl all cattle found a large in the street, whether tied OF qth erwiae, wilt be taken care oJE. So ex ception made .to this rule forj anyone. , • I. IJTEB **P ™*»• i -. •'•-'" City Marshal, j Son 25 YEARS This long experfonce and a careful study ol the best methods enables us to cure every Curable l'a.«e. We keep a record ol ever} case treated and the resalt obtained and can refer you to people who have been cured oy 0111 method of treatment. Lionaultutioti tree and Beanonable lermi* for rrentment. - We have visited the lame offices every Blghl weeks foi the past twenty five years, We are prepared to show succeeaful results in treating diaeaeus of the liver, heart, luaga, BU>« ach, Uldnty*, brain, nerves, rheumatism, neuralgia, dobUhy, catarrh ntH, youthful Indiscretion eaucers, old Hun-t). iiuiiorb, dtabetls, ayepeptia, dropsy, tfUronic diarrhcsa, eozemu, Ions of voice, bronchitis, Aethioa, pneumonia., ooueumptlon, scrofula, eruptlona, pimples, humors, 1 blotchei ttud all diBeasoB of long standing. Address Drs Brewer & Sou, 136 Chicago Ava., Evausttm, IHiuots. Will be at the llerndou llouse on « ednesday, •May i4, Charldttfc, Thursday, /May 85, »nd Battle Creek, May SB. ' Dr. Biawer's Sure Heart Uegulator gives ln>: mediate relief. • < • • l)r. Brewer's Sure Depuro for Diseases of the etomach, liver, kidneys and blood, Jl per bottle. Dr. Brewer's Sure Stomach Pills for dyspeptics 35 cents a box,. U mmrottst AND csiae. ) pa. MOTT'B HEEVEEIHB Is sold- •rtth a written Ruararitee to care- a'.l rervous diseases at the generative organs of elluer acx, *uch as Ner-wus prostration. Falling or L£'l MaubooJ.inio 'fncy, Nishjly Emissions, Youthful Erro'i, * Mental Worry. KTCtssiye u«e «( Tobacco or Opium, whldh lead to '• Consumption and In-anity. Ta the wea* it restore, the snap and Tlgorof youth, mod full power to all who nw It. Sold, at SUM pirbox, Oboiea ior ftS.\)0. Dt. MotU Chepioal Co.. QleTelud. Ob -J GOOD SUMMER WOOD, i MIXED ' H. J. COJLEMAN. »—»..».,.j.'* the „„-=_ *100,000; retaU at M,86,' - workers HOTOOPAPHS of , costing illustrated circulars tf«d terms " L^.i? wwt.^gJjaSP-S*; 0. FOB A"CASE"IT~WlLJr-.NjPT CURE. It Is an agreeableJLaxatlve for the Bowels: can be made Into a Tea for use In otte minute.- • • Price ^Cnc-fiOo. and 8HO per package. fflfr M/\ An Elegant TOILET Powpt«l. JRlW 0.W fo?thefeethar Jl dIJreatU--aio.' 252 Weft State MARSHALL, MICH, brought J , VIOUCRtA ,.- *• T jf> '*4t f n*j** tontoel wi& film- ^

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