The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 11, 1891 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1891
Page 1
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VOL. XII,«NO 23G.-S1X PAG MARSHALL, MICH., iHURSDAY JUNE 11.180]. PllICE TWO CENT A Pore Cream of Tartar Powder. Superior to every other kno\vn. Vsed in Millions of Homes— "«; • 40 Years the Standard.. Dettdotn Oke and Pastry, Light Y\-.±y Btacdt, Griddle Cakes, Palatable SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. a The Mccess of this Great Cough Cure is Without** panHei in the' "history of medicine. All drugRists *& amthor»»d to sell it on a pos. .feflsfallf stand*^i3!bat It in*y Become known, The Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home ' tttta\fatad/£Jft&:and Canada. If you have a CMU tep'^iroQt.vpr Bronchitis, use it, for 2 w^3rflw|.' /If your child has the Croup, <* Wwlf^^i^ use i ( pronptty; and reh'e M lore. » n you dread that insidious •'disease CiMuamWtipn, use dt. Ask your Druggist fo :KHU£dCi CURE, P™* 10 cts., 50 cts. and •*f joa. Ifyonr lings are sore or Back lame •x ttioh's Boons Plaster, Price 25 ets. .——J. - 1~-. XPELLED FROM THE HOUSE. " j • ft t_iijrti nl 1K>- ili* r/oi.r. the tzonblea tncf> Bystam, iuoh ail Diowalneaa. Oiatreaa . fte, Ulo they alna, Vii di*order»oJtho«tomach^tlmnlato tha Til** Otrfi'oll I'l-rouu* '.. ov biirr<-<1 tho I'rivilc';: • ••' LAXSINU, •Tuno in.—Al ii.v jf tho 'house the follov.n':,: crcd by Representative I doptcd: \ WHKKKAS, Repreaonta : • MunUic \verc 'charged, ti,' >ubli*hed in the LViroir 'l'i iropcr iiMil i'orni;;t (.u-.ii'i, 1 . 1 , .1 li.iu:-". :i:i;l tl'f h-.m-.:-.- ».',• in iL-u-.-'-'is-ill 1 '':: c" ti.'/ i/',..! .\Vni.iJK\ii tivc . o: . ; 4 .-' i.' i; -i! n-< '. '.. il!:i-i- i"-.fc li Up'JI. 't'lnt: «lli'. v .-ti..I' ol tin- :<:rt c •;>••-, r'-fu. :.) suv.h ijue-^uic:!^, unit fu gu iva.~.(.n.i 'I'.i-'rofor, •" IflittOO lt;|iul f \Vil 111 U.ll tc"i I ( ;l\ 1. !.i bein • i.ri.a., ov <-a'-. for < ni','. m; • i •• • 11. i crj i.... ".i,:.. i. I'lOr*. su. in: , ' :.i; \\ I.I.K; a-, Ll up, at;d the fo.i.laet o iI.L truth df \\ l.iuh VERY RAPID TRANSIT. '\« ——— • . .1 KU-jcle Katlruad, for Which Jhe In- .ventor Claims Great Things. ]•' < vcriiti;; .PCsrvicin. -J^ i'onK, Juac 10.—This week work will ( ,r. 'b j i;c:ameuccd on what promises to bo one of <!i'j ir.wnt novel and at tho same time one <^f U.c most important enterprises which has been, pi ejected in thin neighborhood fora, h .T.I ::.:i;-).' lo"B time* This consists in the building of a bicyclo railroad not only across Long - ...-.L,'..; ;.• of j.'-"'"i-d >ii an almost direct line, but also _...;, :; c- i •••"••i-c-*" t«»o Great South Bay'to. the. boach. .i ;,: • r. ,'.. I 'J' :c dictcui-j frt.'in the Sound to the ocean is ' I'.vt iv, y miu-F, p.nd the projectors of the bi : .... . . _._ j .-y.'lc i-ailron-J «jxpeet to coyer it in fifteen .,. . , ... :i i-.i(,v. TV motive power used in this , .,._..: M ;:1 will l;t lirctricity. The -it£Ventc;r of' , .., -.. "i -!.i- i u'jol'o i a!'.way claims that a train can i,, •. ., -'•• run Ifoto 120 miles an hour, but he i ,,, ...... ,' '• ;> K '• I'Ht uini'ty miles an hour would prob- u-J:..- i! •.!•,:•.'-' «!.iy for ;'.c frcsont satisfy all reauonable i'or. •»'. n;i:i i waulc for express traiua, and a proportion-' :-,L- '.,. ;. . : :.u I -iti'Jy luvvcr of upeed for local and Jjji:" ,. i ..•• I . i Ireiyht trains. Tho bicycle cars are built j : .'. , . ..;__- i^'i-ii' i't-'i wide, fourteen feet deep and forty- i ^ .:. i.r .\, :••' -'-^ !'ii't Ion;:, :ind they are arragned in two ,i t:.-.-i i> ..-^:ii' >•'. "•'••'•-' storus. He also claims that por- I 0 . •.:: ... ,, i !<.( i, s;ifcty v/ill be secured, because the train .u.u . . ^.*. I •"' !< r) ;,iot vx-d between an upper support ;„ .1/1.1, .iid il.c IU'.VIT rail, thusrendL'riugdori<ilment i.i.d, i,!» und : y ;i Mii e^ w».re iii 1J' ^l: a'lui 1*0 clfej t lil*.il .^ciid li-c'p*V'w\-l: .Mu:it!:u, chargiiij.; thfi.i bodily harni tc> a member uf the scuto to:.ate, which said last me? charges arc 8o weak and frivolous, cad tho inferences drawn so unfounded, as to di-muastratu an eutiro wai.t of goot.1 fait!; i:i making the ac- ciisatio», which would be ludicrous but for he seriou»nc=d of thu charge, aud WuEKEAd, It i? eviiU nt from such publications and tho conduct of suid Ciraves in ho premises, that ho lias beou aiutnatcti ! hroughout by a, reckless dcsiro't-o gain pei p - oual notoriety, a malignant partisan preju- lice, and a fvup-atioi-alisni which is danger- >u.s iu thu extrome whore tlw dignity of the late aud tho cluira.ctt-r of its legislators is abject to i-x-parte uisc\issio> thu pripss; 'here fore IJESOLVED, Tliat tiic conduct of said raves as above incited is unworthy a press xirreppoudeut and a geniL'Siian., «ud is en- itled to the severest censure of this house, ml that he should be and a* hereby de- urrcd from tho c-iijoynii nf..of the privilege f the tloor pf^thc- house dui ing the remaiu- er of the present session, and thai tho jenut-at-uniirt hro us^istiint be and ereby ai3 -directed to enforce this order, ud ' ,.'"'• REdOLVKij, Further lii i --id V ill ioa C raves bo and i's heii.-l.ij th i^et" K. MACOJIB, 111,,. June 10 - uiiear'tlicd iiere today. ^' and, aged 80, disappcait^- i yosterday.morniu "* grandson went into a paa covered a drove of hoga i An invest'gatio i arutes were feaHtiu^' 01 ti Assistance "was called and compellcdito L^at the hog corpse with clubs. The tr men •like M-iiacats. The b horrible appcararice. T.'" ' a DROPPED DEAD. J,>ot v v . S^icr.T, a Pujnilntnt Merchant .if <! (Kiien of Jitckion. •'j .-.cfciox, June 10.^-John W. Barry, one of ;.:•. i::cit v.idely known busineris men of this citj. droviwd dead In the lobby at the post::.'..-' ulitv,'. 6:30 o'clock this evening while i;: ti.*.'-lit of directing a letter. Heappeared to bo in usual health up to the time of his J-.T.lil. Mr. Dr.rry old resident of this city a.: j. T.'i'a a prosperous wool and produce i'.'i.rc!.r.ut. lie was for two years quarter r n.aLucr of Ihe First Rejfiment, Michigan o ai.o ircopp, but resigned early in the presr cui. year. He was secretary' of the Jacksou County Agricultural Society and, had done °coi:siderabie work towards the fair to be held t':v coming fall. His loss will be deeply felt u ai:r»{f,the business men of this community ''JLACK" HARRISON'S WIDOW. i r i Cfeildreq Ciy for Jfetafr, Hake* »u Czpluuatlun to Pension Jtgeut Cleinents at Clilcago. CricAGo, June 10.—The widow of "Clack 1 ' Ilaisifon, who was yesterday considered a si.-t'.r-in law of President Harrison, appeared at t;:c pension office this morning greatly exoted. She explained to Pension Agent C'k-::ients that the story as published was all 5; ::.i=,take. . "The fact is," said she, "my uu-bund, Clack Harrison, was a son of a ccv. in to William Henry Harrison, the grandfather- of President Harrison. He was 60.j-ears of age when he died." The old lady said it was on account of her son who recently died that she applied for a pension, sUc being dependent upon her son for a liv- i _. Before she left Col. Clements' office - it, said: "ph, Mr. Clements do you think ut i.i;c;fide,iit will stop me from getting a . i-isiun :because it .cot into the papers that ue wr.s my brother-in-law?" Col. Clements rod he "would see to it that the president % as noticed of tho old lady's disclaimer acd je wpnt av. ay satisfied. .-•a i-h«l and MOuey Gun*. . Cue:, as June 0.—E. D. Thayer, the ayjed , csivk-nt of the Brandon Natiohal Bank' of L iii.aon \'t., after transacting some busi- : -,.s in Omaha &U that place for Chicago ou r*idny vith a small hand satchel contain- i,: £'tO;OCD in notes and nxortages. While i. w:;s in the p diixing car^nroute, the bag *. ?;'.r'per.rcd and he. baa been unable to go iy iracc of itsihofe. Use Uicc Creek ujills ftour and you .viL Lnye liO 6tber. EXPELLED FROM THE CHURCH. Five Toung Ministers 'Who Were on TrUl for Burcty at Plttebnrg. FiTTSBUHG, Pa., June 10,—The sensations 1 trial of the sir young ministers of the Reformed Presbyterian church elided today and the synod, by a vole of <J5 to 37, expelled ve of them from the church. The charges gainst them wore scandal, libel andtpllow- ng divious courses in declaring in favor of :io right of franchise at a meeting in the ast end of this oily. Their names are lev*. E. M. Milligan, J. R. Milligun, \V. H. *eed, W. L. C. Samaon and J C. K. Millian. Rev. A. W. McClurkin's appeal was ustained ami R. U. 13urnet£, a student, also barged with hi.resy, lias not'yet been tried. Immediately after the ni.nbunccinent of e vote all the suspcuded ministers left the hurch. They were uu'.t on the outside by veral ministers of the United Preebjteriau hutch who extended to them in an informal ay ihe-u'j^ht hand of fellowship. The ceiiu duringthc voting was very exciting, 'ho verdict was tot unexpected and ecveial ministers hotith-U the synod of their iutcn- ion to ioiluw thu young men. After adjournment Rev. It Dr. Thomp-on, if New York, snid that there will be no split md a iii-v.- congregation furiiu-d, as that would cause a tight for church property and, urthej, there lire i,ow en ugh congregations. 'But," suid the doctor, "there will be a slipping away into other congregations until the church will lose a la rue part of the younger ilement and those whom we expect to support the church in coming years." The thirty-SLveu who voted against the iuspension of the. young men this afternoon; )Bt!ieuted a paper of dissent from the action »f the synod and a»-k that it be spread upon he minutes. Mi». -VI liioii'i, -Kid*. A'hen Mrs/ Million goes to ridn she travels forth in state, Her horses, full pf iire and pride, go prancing from the gate; 3ut all the beauties of tffe day she views yith languid eye, " ' ' . Her flesh in weakens wastes away, her voice is but a sigh.. For Mrs. Million is in an advanced stage of catarrh, and all the luxuries that wealth can buy fail to give her comfort. She en- ies her rosy waiting maid, and would give ill her riches for that young woman's pure jrcath and blooming health. Now, if some rue and disinterested friend would advise tfrs. Million of the wonderful merits of Dr. sage's'Catarrh Remedy, she would learn tltot ler case is no^past help, if500 reward is of- "ered by the manufacturers for a case of ca- ,arrh in the head which they cannot cure. . Do^'t tio without a Spring Overcoat when you cau get ojuiomade to order or |25 at F. S. PO-WCT&'. POWDER Absolutely Pyre. A, cream of tartar baking powder. Highest of all in leavening strength. — "ifcff U..8. Government Food #9- port. . - -

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