Santa Cruz Sentinel from ,  on February 18, 1963 · Page 4
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from , · Page 4

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Monday, February 18, 1963
Page 4
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4-SairtaCnE Snifter Pause For Patches Hickenlooper Says Republicans To Continue Their Criticisms Monday, February 1 8, 1 963 Lela E. Swasey To Aid Red Cross Fund Campaign Goldwater, R-Ariz., and Sen. Hugh Scott, R-Pa. Rockefeller and Gold-water are possible candidates for the 1964 GOP presidential Washington Lf. Sen. Bourke B. Hickenlooper of Iowa said today Republicans intend to continue to "call attention to the failures, weakness and confusion" Former Child ProdigyCaught On Bad Check San Francisco OP. Finnish-born violinist Heimo Haitto, 37, was in jail here today, his promising musical career threatened by charges he passed more than $4000 in worthless checks. The FBI arrested the former child prodigy in his hotel room Sunday and held him for authori In a major defense of President Kennedy's policies, Fulbright as sailed Rockefeller for the gover of Kennedy administration foreign policies. Hickenlooper, who heads the senate Republican policy committee, accused the Democrats of glossing over the hemispheric danger presented by the Soviet military bastion in Cuba. "The Republicans are not going $K -X nor's assertion that the administration is to blame for "the present disarray within the Atlantic alliance." Fulbright said Rockefeller and Goldwater were "professing sympathy and support for the disruptive policies" of the French government under President Charles de Gaulle. Fulbright said Scott, a former Republican national chairman, was "even more intemperate" in saying that the administration is "neutral to its enemies, friendly to the neutralists and hostile to to follow blindly a mistaken ana Red Ultimatum Unacceptable In Ban Talks Geneva lP) The chief American disarmament negotiator said today Soviet Premier Khrush-chevs nuclear test ban inspection proposal has taken on the form of an ultimatum and is unacceptable to the United States. William C. Foster said the United States welcomed Khrushchev's offer to allow two or three on-site inspections per year as show, ing a genuine desire to mov toward a test ban agreement "We did not assuma the number mentioned by Chairman Khrushchev to be an ultimatum which the United States had no choice but to accept," Foster told the 17-nation disarmament conference. The United States and Britain demand eight to ten inspections per year as a minimum for an adequately safeguarded treaty. Foster said the United States ' evaluated the Soviet offer of tv.'o or thiee on-site inspections as evi troublesome policy," he said in an interview. "We intend to continue to call attention to the fail ties in Salem, Ore., where he had been the conductor of the Capitol Symphony Orchestra. In 1939, Haitto won the coveted first prize in the British Council of music competition in London. Two years later, he came to this country with the impressive sponsorship of former President Herbert Hoover; Jan Sibelius, Finland's great composer, and Mrs. J. Borden Har-riman, then JJS. minister to j vfi. tic-' lk2i("'m ures, weaknesses and confusion of recent policies. All you have to do is to look around the world to see something is wrong." Although he did not couch it i 4.V Tan. its friends." Lila E. Swasey "Aside from its factual inac curacy, ruinngni saia, tms kind of statement carries the sort of uglv insinuation which did so Lela E. Swasey is to head the East Side Residential division for this years local Red Cross fund drive, Spiro Mellis, fund chairman, said today. She will be responsible for the recruitment of volunteers to canvass all residences in the city limits east of the San Lorenzo River. This phase of the campaign will begin March 1. The Norway. His concert tour raised thousands of dollars for Hoover's Finnish relief fund. Haitto joined the U.S. army two years later and eventually became an American citizen. "I know why I did it," Haitto told newsmen after his arrest. "I know why, but I can't tell you. Just say I was emotionally upset and it involves family troubles." as such, the statements of Hickenlooper senior GOP member of the Foreign Relations Committeeobviously were made in answer to charges by Chairman J. William Fulbright, D-Ark., that Republicans were endangering free world unity by "divisive partisanship and irresponsible attacks on our nation's foreign policy." Fulbright directed his criticisms in a weekend statement primarily toward New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller; Sen. Barry much to poison our political life a decade a'-io." Hi'ko'iloon-r challenged Fill-brirht's 'OMtctioii that the Demo- ts in congress had he Inrri "escnp former President Dwi"h D Eisenhower's inter-nation:'! policies. InsU'ai' Mi'-knlooper said, the Demornts rirocted "violent criticism M foreign policy that helped m:ii"tHi" a comparatively peaceful world." Salem police detective Wayne Parker said Haitto was so respect ed that no one in town wanted to total goal for the drive is $26,-154. Mrs. Swasey is past chairman of the local Red Cross chapter board, and a past chairman of the fund drive. She was Santa Cruz County Recorder from 1946 to 1958 and is a past president of Three-Car Mishap On Highway 101 sign a complaint when bad checks began to appear last December 14. A police report noted that the First National Bank of Oregon had 100 Haitto worthless checks totaling $4467. The arrest was for a $45 check. dence of a real willingness to open negotiations designed to reach an effective test ban agreement. "It was, therefore, a very real surprise when we were told literally tint the Soviet Union would not negate on the question of numbers' above two or three." The frozen Soviet position "has shaken otir belief that the Soviet Union really desires agreement," Foster said. Foster told Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Vasily V. Kuz-netsov that on-site inspections would not interfere with normal activities in the inspected country and would Include complete safeguards against espionage. He called on Kuznetsov again to discuss details of the inspection procedure. Kuznetsov has refused to negotiate on these details unless the Western powers first accept the two or three inspection quota. the California Association of County Recorders. She is a past president of the locaj Business and Professional Women's club, and past state president and regional director of the California Federation of Business and Professional Women's clubs. She is president of Santa Cruz parlor, Native Daughters of the Golden West, and has served with the Santa Cruz Community Chest and Convention and Tourist committee of the Greater Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce. AMAZING PSORIASIS STORY Jan. 10, I960 Pittsburgh. K "Doctored for psoriasis 30 jrean. Spent much money to no arafl, Tljen used GHP Ointment and Tablets for 2 weeks. Scale db appeared as if by magic. In I weeks skin completely cleared and clean. First time in 30 yaar. Thanks for your marvelous products." This much abbreviated report tells of a user's success with a dual treatment for the outward symptoms of psoriasis. Full kv formation and details of a 14-dar trial plan from Canam Co, Daft 278N . Rockport, Mass. Kills Two People San Jose UP). An Indian vice consul at San Francisco and the young wife of another vice consul were killed Sunday night in a three-vehicle collision on Highway 101 just south of San Jose. Dead on arrival at the San Jose hospital were: Vice Consul Brij Krishan Bhargava, 26, and Mrs. Mohini Bhat, 35. Vice Consul J. A. Bhat, husband of the dead woman, was taken to the Santa Clara County hospital in critical condition. The Bhats' 5-year-old son, Rogu, and a cousin of the dead vice consul, Brij Narai Bhargava, 22, suffered only slight injury in the crash. Communists7 Cause Is Injured Carson City, Nev. Gov. Grant Sawyer of Nevada, left, stops long enough yesterday on his 25-mile hike to bandage both blistered feet. Others from left, fellow hiker Richard Ham, ex Loss Of African Students By Forced Landing By DC8 Jetliner Senior Citizens Slate For Week Senior Citizens Opportunities will have the following activities available to them this week at 222 Market street. Tomorrow: Little theater, 10 a.m.; mosaics, 12:30 p.m.; and choral group, 1:15 p.m. Tuesday: West's art class and lapidary, 9 a.m.; knitting, 10 a.m.; cards, 12:20 p.m.; dancing with orchestra, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday: Beginners Spanish, 9:30 a.m.; Memory strings and ceramics, 10 a.m.; Hoyt's art class and advanced Spanish, 1 p.m.; chess club, 7:30 p.m. Thursday: ceramics, elementary Spanish, stamp club, and Memory organ fund group meeting, 10 a.m.; cards, 12:30 p.m.; folk and square dancing, 7:30 p.m. Friday: Mrs. Jordan's art class and mineralogy, 9 a.m.; leather craft, 1 p.m.; male chorus, 1:30 p.m. Saturday: Cards and black and white art, 12:30 p.m.; dancing, 7:30 p.m. For information call Mrs. Pearl Bashaw, house director, GA 3- $50,000 Damages Asked In Suit A superior court civil suit seeking over $50,000 was filed last week by John Marini who claims injuries in a two-car accident last March 24 at Watsonville. Marini names Harry F. Mc-Clane as driver of the other vehicle. Sought are $50,000 general damages, and medical and related expenses and loss of earnings yet to be determined. Bft VAU uave Political indoctrination to spread Communism in Africa through Africans, was a major part of their course of study, the students said. Lectures on Marx-ism-Leninism and Soviet and Bulgarian party history were compuk sory. African student organizations were banned while other national groups were allowed to organize. Africans in the Soviet Union have voiced similar grievances. Conditions in Hungary and Poland are reported better. No reliable information is available from Czechoslovakia, where ..iAWwwi.v By Hans Benedict Vienna wr Communism has lost a battle in Africa. The defeat well could influnce the future course of young nations on the Dark Continent. The battle was lost in the minds of African students who went behind the Iron Curtain and found Communist talk about the equality of man only a lure. They are coming back with the same accusation of racial discrimination they once hurled at their white colonial masters. Ghanaians and Ethiopians left Communist Bulgaria last week. They led what may total ecutive assistant to the governor; Mrs. Consuelo Farmer, wife of AP newsman Guy Fanner who covered the walk, and Nevada Highway Patrolman Chris Christenson. The 44-year-old governor and party of six completed their trek to Gard-nerville before sundown. (AP Wirephoto) AUTHORESS DIES Norwalk, Conn. M Frances Davis Lockridge, 66, who teamed with her husband, Richard, to write the Mr. and Mrs. North mystery stories, died Sunday. The Mr. and Mrs. North series was adapted for radio, television and sovera 1 motion pictures. Mrs. Lockridge was born in Kansas City, Mo. BEEN CANCELLED ACCIDENTS Los Angeles MP). A DC8 Jetliner with 70 passengers had to make an emergency landing here when one of its engines ran wild, chewing its own turbine blades to bits. The pilot of the New Orleans-bound National Airlines plane quickly shut down the engine but not before a cloud of aluminum shards the size of hailstones fell on a neighborhood of North San Diego. The bits of aluminum were too' small to cause damage, police said. The plane developed trouble soon after taking off Sunday from San Diego. The pilot dumped most of his fuel at sea before landing. CITATIONS DMiFILING SO 2 TOO OlOTOOrOiJNGHICHEit UMIT0 large numbers of colored students are living, or from Romania. Facilities at Sofia University CARLE ELECTRIC Residential & Commercial Wiring Electric Heat Maintenance Free Estimates 1250 7th AVE., SANTA CRUZ, CALIF. PHONE CR 5-1461 BOB CARLE KEN IFLAND and various provincial training centers were described as gener DAN HUfeOi;A 3-4304 114 Locust Santa Crufi READ THE SENTINEL CLASSIFIED ADS 1 6640. ally poor. an estimated 350-500 African students after a Heries of incidents which exploded into a violent protest demonstration in Sofia. The Africans, most of them in their 20s, told of racial abuses, forced political indoctrination, police brutality, arrests and fear of deportation. Bulgarian authorities hurridly assured African and Western diplomats that the incidents were nothing serious. But the young Africans, some Announcing 5 25,000 Reddy Dealer Jackpot" of whom one day may guide the destinies of their nations, said on arrival in Vienna that they had learned a lesson. Some had accepted scholarships because they sympathized with PUBLIC NOTICE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJUV NOTICE OF TIME APPOINTED FOR PROVING WILL, ETC. No. 1l,31t (Probate) In th Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Santa Cruz. Estate of RALPH HARRY WOODS, De-ceased. Notice Is hereby liven that a petition for the probate of the will of Ralph Harry Woods, deceased, and for the issuance to petitioner. Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association, of letters testamentary has been filed in this court, and that February 21, 1963, at ten o'clock A. M. of said day, and the courtroom of said court, in the courthouse, In the city of Santa Cruz, County of Santa Cruz, State of California, have been fixed as the time and place for the hearini of laid petition, when and where all persona interested may appear and contest the same and show cause why said petition should not be granted. Reference is hereby made to said Petition for further particulars. Datedi February 8, 1963. TOM M. KELLEV, Clerk. By Lola Fairchlld, Deputy Clerk. DONALD YOUNGER Younger Building 1025 Center Street (Mailt P. O. Drawer 1000) Santa Cruz, California Phonei GArden 3-3244 Attorney for Petitioner. Feb. 10, 11 and II (468) communism. Others went to get a free education. Whatever their political affiliations and motives, they all seemed to have been hit where it hurt most thir dignity Look for lucky number enclosed with your February PG&E bill. as colored people. "We categorically dclare that there is more racial discrimination against Negroes under communism than there could be in a capitalist country," they said. "We have been insulted in every possible way we were called black monkeys and jungle people and the people spat out before us." KIRBY VACUUM CLEANER PARTS AND REPAIRS 261 WATER ST. GA 6-2583 MXH'OLD III VISITING NEW YORK New York W). Leopold III, former king of Belgium, and his wife, Princess Lilianc, arrived Sunday night for a weeklong visit to U.S. educational institutions. IF IS HE LUli J! 'UL "" F pv-v,..:.:: Y PRIZE : EUROPEAN TRIP FOR TWOI 150 APPLIANCE PRIZES! 40 lucky numbers win a major appliance such as a clothes dryer, range, refrigeratqr or TV set. 110 lucky numbers win a portable appliance prize like a coffee-maker, steam iron or food mixer. Complete Pan American Jet Clipper10 14-day tour of Rome, Paris, London and Nice. Hotels and meals included! WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR PRESENT CAR TUNED BY OUR FACTORY TRAINED MECHANICS WITH THE LATEST IN NEW SUN TEST EQUIPMENT! 2VPRIZES: MEXICO-GUATEMALA TRIPS FOR TWOI W5 J plui parti en all 6-cyl. molo Complete TUNE-UP AND LUBRICATION- WINNING NUMBERS POSTED AT REDDY APPLIANCE DEALERS 14-day expense-paid vacation by Pan American Jet Clipper. "Golden Triangle" tour of Guatemala and Mexico, including the exciting Yucatan Peninsula. ALL 8-CYL MOTORS only (0)95 parts Prizes offered by Northern California Electrical Bureau, Gas Appliance Society, appliance manfacturers and distributors of the following brands: A different jackpot number has been enclosed with each February PG&E bill. Check your number against the List of winning numbers and corresponding prizes posted at Reddy Recommended Appliance Dealers handling brands listed below. If you are a lucky winner, make a claim through a Reddy Dealer by the March 15 deadline. Reddy Dealer Jackpot open to all PG&E customers except industry employees. Appliance prizes include delivery and normal service warranty by Reddy Dealers. Installation not included. Admiral Amana Blacksloni Dumont Fedders Fngidaire Gaiters & Saltier Maytag Monarch Motorola Norge 0'Keefe S Merritt Packard-Bell Philco General Electric Gibson Hamilton Hotpoint Kelvinator KitchenAid Magic Chef Tappan TravLer-Sonora Thermador Waste King Universal Wedgewood Westinghouse Zenith PhilcoBendix RCA Victor RCA Whirlpool Roper Speed Queen Sub-Zero Sylvama Your Car MI HUH IS the HI ST at Wm RAMBLER an; 3 I i L 325 Front St. l'lionv (i :-020t focifle b'ta and electric Companf i

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