The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 10, 1891 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1891
Page 2
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THE DAILY CHRONICLE, JUNE 10,1891. * THE DAILY CHRONICLE. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, Dally, one year «4 7fi Daily, delivered, 10 cents per week. Subscriptions received at the office of publication 151 State stroo. J. Si. MOSES, Publisher, i Marshall, Mich. Notice. NICKELS PLATED WITH GOLD. Anyone having claims against the firm of Mumaw & Brlegel are requested to present them for payment within five days from this date, June 9,1891. MUMAW & BBIEGEL. Over 4,000 different styles of goods lo select from at F. S. Powers'. Spring Suits made 10 your order from $20 to $30 at F. S. Powers'. All kinds of feed ground at the Uico Creek Mill. WALL PAPER The Largest Stock, The Lowest Prices. At Hyde's Drug Store, A Secret Service Officer After Chicago CHICAGO, June 9.— Capt. Poiter, of the secret service, Monday seized as being counterfeit some nickels plated with gold by Charles Earup, a jeweler at 345 Clark street. .The coins had milled edges and' much resembled $5 gold pieces. Some gold plated milled edged five cent pieces were also taken from W. Ternerdt, a jeweler at State and 'Washington streets. Pike & Wilson, jewelers at 57 Washington street, were caught making monograms of coins and plating them with gold, and those were also seized. •• Jewelers do not seem to understand that any changes they make in a coin that is likely to deceive is counterfeiting, but such is a fact, and Capt. Porter is now engaged in looking up these people. Caused the Death of Uls Child. gS CINCINNATI, June 9. — Ernest Geisler, em- ~ ployed in a slaughter house, was arrested today for causing the death of his 3 months-old daughter. During an altercation with his wife lost night the child was thrown from its crib. After he had gone to work at 1 .o'clock this morning his wife 'found that the babe was dead. Dr. iV. B. Church's prescriptiou tile is left at F. G. Seaman & Co.'d drug store-. Any old prescription can be had or renewed by going there. Do not confuse the Famous Blueh of Rose with the many worthless palate, powders creams and, bleaches which are flooding tho market, (let tho genuine ef your druggist, M. B. Powell, 75 cents per bottle. • And I guarantee it will remove your pimplee, freckled, blackheads, moth, tan and sunburn, and give you a lovely complexion. 1 COME AND SEE IT. Just received a crate of Brown Dishes called Columbia, very handsome and reasonable m price. Also another crate of John Maddock's best white Semi- Porcelain, which I am enabled to sell cheaper than ever. Remember. these goods are warranted not to crackle. JOHN WISEMAN. f B Dr. .Bennett Will be at the Hcrndon Hotel on Wednesday and Thursday, June 10th and llth. It is not wn^fe can you iind sufferers from Constipation, but where can you not find them? It has a local cause, in the Rectum, fever; an insidious and lurking foe, (generally unsuspected) which Dr. K.'a local treatment removes. His Orificial Philoaopy provides relief from your Liver and Stomach troubles. Consultation in German and English free. Merrill'* Price list. Pie Peaches, 3 cans $ 25 Closing out Table Peaches, large yellow, 5 cans 1.00 for cash. Mustard Sardines 10 How is that American Sardines, 6 cans 25 for closing out? Pillar Kock Salmon. 15 My neighbors say Bamboo Fish Poles 15 I am not going out Cane Fish Poles 5 : of trade. 21 pounds Granulated Sugar 1.00 What do you think Merrill's A 1 Flour (equal to Perrm's) (J5 ' about itv Ingersoll's Superior 60 Genuine Java Coffee, 3 Ibs. 1.00 Cash, Genuine Rio, 3J£ pounds 1.00 not credit Broken Java, 4M pounds..." 1.00 nor trust. / Merrill's best 50 sent Tea, 5 pounds 2 00 To get out All 5 cent Soap, 4 bars. 25 is what Vail & Crane Crackers, 4Ibs,:.... 25 • I want Epp's Cocoa* 5 packages 1.00 *.'•..? and dqn't you Gasoline, 3 gallons. 35 " 5 gallons '../..' 65 forget it. .. '• • H.M. MERRILL. My Family Doctor _ 73 For the last two years has been Sulphur Bitten, and until I began using them in my family, we had more or lean eickseaa, and onr doctor'* bill haa been very luge. Since we began their use, we have bid no doctor to pay, and three dollars invented in Sulphur Bittera has kept health in our family.— JS f, Pogtmamter.Waveriy, Iowa, ". Arnica best Salve in the world for'outa, Bruiaes. Bores, Ulcers, Salt Bheum, Fever Bores, Tatter. Chapped Hands, Ohilblains, Corn* and all Skin Eruptions, and pouitively cureaPfleis, or no My required. It is guaranteed to rave perfect satoaf action or money refunded. Prioe 85 oenta per box- For aafe byg. Q. H0im«o A go. .,_ _. . When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorhv When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria, When she became Hiss, she clung to Caatorte. Kidney, complaint is a miserable, weakening disease; pains in the small of the back; strange, indescribable feelings in the back and sides; the least exertion wearies; a show of brick dust or albuminous matter in the urine: an excess of urine or lack of it; breath short; sharp and darting pains about the vitals, and dropsical swellings are certain evidences of diseased kidneys. Kellogg's Columbian Oil cures this disease in- all its forms, and your druggist is authorized to warrant all sold, and will refund the money iu all cases that fail to give satisfaction. NEW ilKEKY I have leased the old Tjirner Bakery, iorme r ly occupied by Doc Snyder and REFITTED IT ^ and am now prepared to furnish the public jri.n V .] . '( Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes A fine line of Confectionary alw on hand. Fruits in aeasttn. \ First Class Lunches. J. 0. KETN A CORNER LOT FRFFI „ In the ComingCre.t ft UUmiCn LU I mtL: Manufactormg Snburb of Chicago. Only a few left! ' Write, at once for particulars. Bank Beferenes ftunuhed. JAY DWICCIN8 & CO., Chamber of Commerce Bldg.. Ohltfiteo. 1(7 \ N OTICE—My wife having Itft me without any cause or provocation, 1 hereby forbid anyone trusting her on my accountt SB I shall pay no debts contrrcted by her. Jnne-10.1891. W. J. FENTON. Fouud at Last, , The nicest, most beautiful decojrated pattern in semi-Forcelain of J. G. Meakin'a make (Kngland) ever brought into this city. Ladies who intend to purchase sc mething nice this spring' to set their table with, something-that cannot be distinguished from i-eal China will do well to call at John Wiseman's and take a look at them before buying elsewhere. I Was a -ool. • Yes, they eaid I waa a fool not to try Sulphur Bitters for Rheumatism, from which I had Buffered for over two yeara; but' I had tried BO many doctors and medicines without getting relief that I WAS discouraged. I am now on my fourth bottle and almost cored I was a fool that I didn't try that wonderful remedy before.— 0 Q Pratt, Manchester, N H F OR BALE—Wardrobe and nicely finished wal nnt cupboard. First door north of T. L. Cronin'a store. „ TT'OUND—A ladies* chain. Owner can have JD same bg calling at this office and paying (or this notice. F OR SALE:—A brand new canopy top surrey, , jiever been run, also a good .horse. Enquire o( Richard Butler. "Wood's F:b.oa:plxocH Tie. THE GREAT EMQLI8H REMEDY. Used for 86 years >y thousands suc- jessrullT. 6>uan. iMtetd to ewr* all terms of Nervous Weakness, Emls- dpns, Spermator- II of Youthful folly And the excesses of later yean. Itr&Hjtli and t>K Askdrui for Wood's pKodue:takei&o hstltnU OM ^7 mall. Write Chemical Co.. 181 Bold in Marshall by F. Q. Seaman <fc Co. NATUBAL BEMEDY FOB EpllepUc Fits, Falling Sickness, Bister* ics, St. Titus Dance, Kervousness, Hypochondria, Melancholia, In- ebritj, Sleeplessness, Dial- ness, Brain and Spinal Weakness. This medicine bos direct action upon the nerve centers, allaying all- Irritabilities and increasing the .flow and power of nerve fluid. It Is perfectly harmless. and leaves no unpleasant effects. Our Pamphlet for eunerers or nervous dl- ceases will be sent »"r«e to any address, and poor patients can aiao obtain this medicine ire* of charge from ns. This remedy bfts been prepared by the Reverend Pastor Koenlp, of Fort Wayne, Ind., for the past ten yeara, ana Is now prepared under hia direo- ' KOdMO MCDICINC OO., W VaU Kiajm. c* CBataa Bt, ckicieo, IU. 801-DBy DRltGClSZB. , f 1 99T *Ptt*«. « a?oElesj t»r «6. PENSIONS For disabilities incurred In the serrice or alnca Ala- charge, whether the Midler u rich or poor. MILO B. STEVENS A CO.", Attomevs and Solicitors, Whitney Opera House Block 1 Detroit,Mich. pjuncir>LOrricx,W.44BiHBXon,D.C CincMti, Jactsofl & Haclonaf WAL8TON H.1BROWN, Time table taking effect June 7, 18S1. Trains paaa ICarahall as follow*: No. 28, Toledo fiipreas .................. 6 27 an ' a. Cincinnati Krpreaa ....... • ........ 944am V 21. Mail andJBxpross:,. ...... ....... 145pm " 87, Local Freight.. ........... ....... .600pm • tfuias flomti w»at, Hail and Szpreas. ............ ....1116am k 2, Ginolnnati * B. C. Express ....... 619pm 84,Kxpreas..... ........ . ........ ....1268am ' SB, Local Freight.... ....... ..... :....« 27 an All trains dally except Sunday. • Direct connections are made at Toledo and Cincinnati with all soada diverging. Trains 81 and 88 make good oonneetion at Mon- telth with toe G. R. & I., and at AUegaa with the C. A W. H. for Grand Rapids, Moakegon and all points narth. V B. DRAKE, Gen, M'g'r. T. C. M. SCBlNDLEH. Gen. Paas. C.'S.M F b }S? "• mon , alao vacant lot. within sixty daya. ^ B. BU8HMAJI. W IL ,L the person who borrowed my extentlOB bit please return the same. R. H. SANDERSON. F ^OUND-A gold plated cuff button. Owner can have same by paying*or tale notice. B.H. Will rent •. barn and garden cheap Enquire of Mrs. Joaerfiachu Bast Green street, or L. B. Albaagh atpoatolBce. thing, at Dr. Sherman's auction aeon tf H.O.ABOOX8. W ANTBD-Second hiad'caodaof actlpUon. UooaAold " tcaah OR SAJLK-New fnmltore. New and lane variety of Uoware an* «utdoiis7MCofid 11 ^^^ hand gooda. etc.. all offarad trade by 8.0. Brooks at store. eaafebr anctlo* aia TIMETA6LE.JUNE7, 1996. TX>UND AT LAST—Alter years of wandering JP over tola mondane sphere, I have found a tidy little barber ahop. located at 78 State street opposite J. W> Fletcher'* Clothing store. This ahop is nader thOinvanagement of Walter W. Clark, who as a tonaorial artiet has few equala and no snperlorB. His ehop hag recently been refined and leiarnlshed in elegant style, everything dainty, neat and clean. Fragrant per- 'famea, raxocs amooth aa aatin, aap all men know what a luxury it la to be trimmed up in artistic style.- He la well posted on Dermatology and if you have a hard beard and tender face call on Walter for * shave: It is said that he. never talked but one ox hia caatouen to deatb, which it certainly tuhia'tarw. Bo It you want a' raod ».ean ahare or tuaty hair cat, call at 71 street. Battle Creek.... HarshaU.Dp.... AiWon..'...;.... Jackson Detroit

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