The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 23, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1893
Page 2
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THE DAILY CHRONICLE ,MAY 23, 18&3. THE DAILY CHROglCtj tltifcM8 OF , one year MironfcU P. «..,»* a«l»vered. 1O c*«t* pnr Snbscrlfrt received at the oiBre n pub alien 15 1 State street, ' ' . J.M. MOSKs, PnbHsnir, . OPERA HOUSE QNE NIGHT ! TUESDAY EVENINa. Comedy Cyclone IN fOtrft AtfS BY .. ,& ~. " . st-.nd Up. T0theEdUor: v 1 Stand up, Prosecuting Attorney We wish to interrogate you lor a few mo- tnents. You are charged with official negli genee as prosecutor of Calhoun county. What say you to the .charge, guilty or not guilty? Not guilty, eh! Then why all tfris firing at your person by, the papers of the County? You are getting a fashing down the back by the Albion papers as well as Marshall and others, and some of them-are of the same political faith of yourself. There must be sbme fire where all this smofee cornea from. You won't prosecute drunks and disorder- lies, eh? This is quite a departure frcm the „ practices of your many predecessors. How is it? Did tjjey know less all combined than yourself, or are you assuming you have 'a law just for your personal convenience, believing no one else will make the discovery? W,ho,are you working in- the interest"of any how? Is itlh yoursroT the 'people of Calhoun county? Last November, Mr. Clark, you hired out to the people of Calhoun county for two years at a stipulated price per year. We I Voted for you believing you would comply | ' with the conditions, as others had, but in* stead we have a rebellion on hand, ' We want no favorites played in this Calhoun county rape, Mr. Clark. We simply want a common drunk and disorderly pros- ecuted'as you wquld prosecute a common thief and by yourself as the prosecutor. We don't care whether you come here'to live as others have done before you, but we do insist that yon boon hand to do the criminal work for the county, as others have done, or throw up your job. Get down off your high horse and hew to the line or you may lose your job at the end of tvvo years, for it has fully- been demonstrated of late that it don't take a republican as long to split his ticket as it once did, and when the political train starts from Battle Creek for the capital (Marshall) some bright November morn MY dranges for elksinfc, at Hillabrant's," 15 cents doz. ...... A 8wr*lc»l Operation. For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other" hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly pl&nlesB, gives" instant relief and' permanent cure and costs but a trifle, tt is the Pyramid Pile Curfc It is a inote'certain ctife than a- surgical operation, without "any Of the intense pain, ex pense and danger of ,an dilation. Any druggist wili get it for you.'. • Pure Ohio nipple Sugar at Hilla brant's. .•> ,,' • •. ., : for 18 New Music, Songs, Daiices,. 4 Sunburst of- Perpetual Laughter. Watoh For .The Parade At Noon, Seats on Sale at Greene's, prides* 50 and 35 cents. /__ Seed Potatoes. For_jSjdflLat the county house farm at 40 cents per.tmshel. When-Baby was Blek, we gave her CastoHo. When die waa a Child, she cried for Cutoria. When she became Mlas, she clung to Castorla. When she bad Children, the gave th«n Castorta. . . For 8AI*. . Pure Plymouth egps, 50 cents Enquire at Marshall House. PEBKIN. , frdtlo* toCycUate, practice of tiding bicycles on the ida walks must be stepped at once. Any persons violating the law in this respect do so at thtfir own pefft7 Keep off the walks ^arid save trouble. * ; . PETER HOWE. Marshal. "Boughton, will sell you Wall piper and ha-ig it for you. •• • • • > t • .' STOCPANTED TO PASTURE Terms cheap. see or addres«, < A.' B. KING:, Marshall, Mich wine and The popular tonic, ron at Hillabrant's. , . Coffee; •' . : " • Roasted coffee, especially that in packages, have been so reduced in qua! ity lately that I have ceased~to Jiandla itand now sell the green or unroasted Parties can see what they are buying and know it is pure. Yet I continue to sell the old reliable, the Ozama roasted. A. WATSON. beef, Tin roofing and all kinds of tin work done promptly by Robert Schelly. Ice. When anything you want to but. Just call at Cbesbe'r's mill and fry, His cash prices will curety suit ypu; \Vhen any feed you do wajtf. ground; Cajl at Ghesber's miilj he is altfayti around, '-.•'•• «IV And he will try to please^ou. . We buy for cash and sell for cash, And that's what keeps us in our hash'. New HottllnR Work*. - Fisher & Culver have opened the Eagle Bottling Works and are now pre pared to furnish bottled beer, pints, or quarts, to all who'wish it. (Jramer's Celebrated beer, bottled fresh every day and delivered to any part of the city. - K'O. Box, 1060. The new Lavette safety mailing enve opes at Smith's studio. •' by mail or leave orders at the Statesman office. > ' J. F. GATJS. ' I «« ready to do domestic baking o< i &SS famous. It is intended especially for bread, biscu,it, rolls, cookies, pies, cakes coughs, colds, croup and whooping cGugh, d fafreA beans. sale at Greene's drug store. Full line brant's. French Soups at Hilla SPECIAL SALE. for one week ling May 19. Chafes on babies, sore nipples and in | flammatlon of the breast instantly relieved with Lavendar Ointment. ChlldreiTCryfor Pitcher's Castorla. Dlc*oles at Cost. As 1 no longer act as agent for the I Columbia and having two on hand, 11 will sell them at greatly reduced prices. A.WATSON. Over,-American Laundry, West State Street. Get your n |in warn mended tin shop. Schelly' Smith, the Photographer. 0 Has some nice Frames for Cabinets and other sizes, just received, * Call and see them. -. . •• , Go to Bougnton's for wall • paper, New stock and new styles. ing in the future the oar that you occupy ^^4- TypipAa will he sidetracked before yo&get half way | S* 31 ' F* lt>co to Ceresco. on all see our our PROPHETIC. RUPTURE CURED. brs. Miller and Marsh to Visit Creek. Drs. Miller & Marsh, of the O £. Mil ler Rupture Treatment Co., Detro't, wish us to announqe that they will be in Battle Creek at the Williams House from Monday, June 5tb, until Saturday night, JunelOtb By the Miller method of. treatment all kinds of rapture are cured without operation, pain or deteri tion front business. The Miller Co. give written guarantee in every case treated. If you, any member ol your family, relative JOT acquaintance suffer from rupture visit the doctors. They will treat you kindly and advise you honestly in the mutter. Charges are placed within the r each of all who de sire to rid .themselves of rupture and truss. Cousultat|on, examination ana trial treatment free of charge. RitbieM Among Sheep. PA.BMA, May 23.—Between 60 and 70 iheep have died dur^S the past days in Parma township from rabies.' Borne days -ago » dog belonging to J. Gecor4wentmad~a»d oit a ntunbe|of iheep belqnging to George Hunn. _ "The 4og was killed, - Later tip sheep developed rzibies alid have bitten other? wx- \ tSi wholesale hydibp&&>ia ^has roper- vened among the flocks. A" ; 3iwniper of T follow, spring stock, suits and the low price we will sell them at, from May 19 to May 27 Special slaughter on pantaloons. T. SHANAHAN. You can always find the best Cigars at Greene's Drug store, Call and Trv Them. Don't get excited over croup or quinsy wnen Lavender Ointment will relieve you within ten minutes if, used | pents. as directed. 25 and 50 cunts. Robert Shelley has opened a tin shop in the building formerly occupied as a meat market, opposite E. L. Murphy's store. Give him a call when in need of any tin work. When you want a whisky for medicinaj use you want it pure, "Royal Ruby" Rye is guaranteed pure in every particular, and recommended for the invalid and the convalescent. (Bottled st distillery.) RO YA ^ WINE CO., CHICAGO. For sale by F, G. Seaman & Co., druggists. Midget Pickles at Hillabrant's. WANTS, EOUND, ETC ^Twenty'cents a week for each aottca not « ceedlng flvu llnea. No ohMRe lew thin .twenty L OST—A narrow black silk belt,with plain it. Finder please leave at ». V. B, Lappet's store. 1J> OB SALE—Second baud three burnet guo- J? line atove aud oven. MKS. H, M. L OST—A gate key No. 7,517, wa» attached to ft Bhurc chain with a pad look. Finder please leave, at the Chronicle oAce. L OST—On Saturday, an ezprera package, containing silk areub pattern.' tinder please leave at express offloo. MKS. J. I. c.'1'AKKS. ' I OST—A gold mou jL*j place, of busln Tils office. _ ailk umbrella in aome Finder pleaee leave at All persons are notified not to dump ny more garbage in the streets. HOWE, Klarshal. 'tin, vrho lived ft inile and ah«f -#&& Q „ town, $a,yp his dogs a"sn|Scie»t REDUCED! We hgve reduced the price on all our Jersey suits. Now is the time to, buy. Ciiiciiati, Jackson & Macta Time table taking effect Dec. 3, 18«2.. Trains pass Marenall as follows : . TBAIH8 QOOle IABT. ) SJo^gB, Toledo Express .................. 627 ip «> 8,'cinclanatlEipreBB ............... .8« >m « J.MailaadKxpreae ........ ........ If 68p» « »I Local Freight ..... . ............... IJSOpiD WBBT. ) * . Flowering ]Look at the prices: Finest Freneh German pansiea, 50c per dozen; Verbenas, 60c per dozen; Geraniums,"5e and IQc each; Salvias, ^ and 1 Op each; Crjsanihemuuis, 5-and W a eaph; Phlox drummondi, I6c per dozen ^Victoria Asters, J5c per "doz ; Lobelm 'bloKSac per doz.; Monthly roses; 30e J *aefcj -Hardy roses, 8 years old, 80e each; Jube rose , 5c ea<Sh i filadiolos, 5p each. To- maio, pepper and egg plants cheap. ' *••. •;-.-./ (3 «• 8. Kxpresa ........ « 28, Local Freight ....... -All trains daily except Sunday. Direct connection* are made at Toledo and -Clnclnatl with all road* diverging, Trains 81 indSgmake go od conneatlon at Mon tojth with the G a. & I., and at Allaga».with the * for Grand Rapida. l|In*kegon and all ^ W. M oints north. ",B,, DRAKE, <* ' O. M. a. G. B. mZB, Agt., Marshall M'*1. Agt i;>OM SALE-In Hatch's and Martin's. addUioni D a lot juiniug the site of Cage's new carrlaae actory. Price $175, maH pavmeut weekly. tertna $W down and a H, O'DANLON, Washiugton Bpase,' N OTICE-Mra. W. L. Buck la agent tor th» Christy knives ancl will faraiih all who fish them. C OAL STOVE FOR SALE . MK» vy.J. Oppo»itu Juhnson House lj>OR SALE— A gas stove with oven, D at rooms over Marshall tight Co; Inqmlre 'a office. LT*OK ttAUK-A good mare, 13 years o}d. Will JD D~e~aold on unwell de«ir«d. For particulars , euquiro o> Ueo, Uoyt, West Qreen street. " A desirable boast) OB Hanover street, west , torrent. Knqulre of Z. 3. BlaJ^eitlee. R OOMS FOR BKNT, w H. BAHSBY, "Iht Niagara FaUtRoutt." T1META6.UE, NQVlgQ/1892. W HY pay rent-Jirhen you can. buy: a lot ca JMtuun and M>icU's addition a&d have a buiit ti> suit you, anl pay lor. it iu small' icuis.. Jbor inidrmftiion call at of- flcuof " jy J. over VVm. MwOn'a store. ~«A]QM*.A«. Mail Nts't T OST—A setting out of a gentleman's zing JLj 'warded "W." -Lost betwteu UJB Tontine aud tne poswfflce, - binder l»»ve at V. .tt ft jjnonij BO»'S 1TORK TO BBJSy^Afuup May tat. L anvjir* of 4. B. I.ansiog. Ppr J»fP Apply at M Jjti»»»*tM«^ Children Cry for Pitcher 1 * pastorla.

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