The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 9, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1891
Page 4
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THE DAILY CHRONICLE, JUNE 9,1891. Don'i]go without, a Spring Overcoat} when 3 T on can get one made to order i for $25 at F 1 . S. Powers'. Hcfore buying Flour, Graiu or Feed call at C. A. CIIESHER'S MILLS. All .kinds of Feed'ground and all kinds of Grain bought and sold. Flour, FlourJ I buy Flour in bulk^and m large quantities. Having bought before the late advance in wheat, I continue to sell at ohl prices Pejrrin Flour, Homer and Union City Hour. All by the 100 pounds Bring your own bags and get till! weight. No light weight paper or chiton sacks. Also nice clean Screenings for chicken fned, Corn in the ear, A. WATSON: • Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorte I'lie First flop. •Perhaps you are run down, can't eat, can'J Hk'e'ij, eau't think, can't do anything to your hatisfactiou and you wonder what aila you. You uljould heal tha warning, you are taking the i! «t step into nervous prostration. You uoed i. nerve tonic and in Electric Bitters you will find the exact remedy for restoring your nerveua oystotu to ita normal, haaltby condition. Summing results follow the use of thi» great nerve O tonio and alterative. Your appetite returns, good digebtion ia restored, and the liver and kidnsya reanme haalthy action, Try a bottle. Price 60 cents at F O Seaman & Go's drug store. 6 The GreatKitt Medicine of the Age Kellogg'a Columbian Oil IB a powerful rem- eda. whion can be taken internally aa well as externally by the tenderest infant. It cures almost instantly, is pleasant, acting directlj upon the system, causing a sudden buoyancy of the mind In short, the 'wonderful effects *of this moat wonderful remedy cannot be explained in written language. A single dose inhaled and taken according to directions wil. convince any one' that it ia all that is claimed for it. Warranted to cure the following diseases: Uheumatism or Kidney Disease in any form. Headache, Toothache. Earache, Neuralgia, Sprains, Bruises, Flesh Wounds, Bunions, Burnt), Coins, Spinal Affection, Colic, Cramping Paiufl, Cholera Morbus, Flux, Diarrhea, Concha, Colds, Bronchial Affection, Catarrh, and all aches and pain*, external or internal. Full directions with each bottle. For aale at Qreene's drug storo. * !. A NATURAL BEMEDY FOE Epileptic Fits, Falling Sickness, Hysterics, St. Titos .Donee, Nervousness, Hypochondria, Melancholia, In* cbrity, Sleeplessness, Dizziness, Brain and Spinal Weakness. This modicinq has direct action upon tho neive centers, allaying all Irritabil- RieB and Increasing the flow and power of nerve fluid. It Is perfectly harmless and leaves no unpleasant effects. Our Pamphlet for flatterers or nervous dl joftBes 7111 be sent free to any addreaa, 'and poor patients, can also obtain this medicine Irno of charge from us. Thin remedy ho* been prepared by the Reverend Pastor EocnifT, of Fort Wayne, Ind., for the past ton years, ond -is now prepared under bis direction bv the J K0CWG MEDICINE CO., CO Wti Hsiiioi, cw. OUatoa Ot, CHICAflO, ILL. SOLb BV DRUGGISTS. Price .51 j>«r Bottlo. O Bottle* for #5. For sale by M. S. Powell. Doijt en inferior Hose but get the LACK LINE The "Spiral" Cotton Hot e having no outside covering to bold the moisture, as UubberhoBe docs, drlrsllkeatowel. Of course there are Imitations; there art FOUR WAYS however, fcy which yon can tell If the dealer Is trying to tell an Inferior hose. Thfl Genuine " Spiral" bat I. A t>I&£K line wove* I'M .• Bt sur^, It Is BLACK* not 4arl\ blue, re«l or any- thin; but bUcK- Tlj« steijcil "'SPIRAL* p*ter>te4 1 860," op every length) II. BAWD as IP cut. , E&ctj-lerjjtrj 4$ pow put up wltl) a> PIWK WRAPPER avrouo4 tbe bose Dr.FRUTH Formerly of New York, now the celebrated ex amlnlng physician of the Fmtb Medical and Snmcal Institute, CHICAGO, ILL. by request of many Irienda and patients has decided to visit . Marshall Wednesday, June 10. nrj. of Rubber ire fet III. IV. A tample wilt t>t tent frit if you ment (ion. Sold nerywbcre. • ._ BOSTON WOVEN HOSE CO., (Hanf'rj WKIngand Packing, 226 Devonshire fet, Bostoflj TO Lake SU.Chlcago | 8 Bush St., San Francisco. TT^OUND AT LAST—Alter years of wandering JD over this mundane sphere, I have found a tidy little barber shop, located at 78 State street 6ppo8lte J. W. Fletcher's clothing store. This shop is nader the management' of Walter W. Clark, who as a tonsorlal artist has few equals and no superiors. His shop has recent!; ueen refitted and telarnlshed In elegant style, every thing dainty, neat and clean. Fragrant perfumes, razors smooth as satin, and all moo know what a luxury it is to be trimmed up in artistic style. He is well posted on Dertuatplogy and If you have a hard beard and tender face call on Walter fora shave. It is said that he never talked but one of his customers to death, which Is certainly In his favor. Bo It you want a good »*ean shava or tasty hair cat, call at 78 btaic street. C. J. LAME, M. O., formerly with DM. K. & K. t'oqeultation and examination free and strictly rs of the Hemm 11 a. m. to 6 p. m. X. \SLfD Ut lUVlkSU IVICUI UA*»Wk»UM»»AV confidential in tho private parlors of the Herndon Hotel one day only fro: Bodily ailments arc more or leas tho results of kidney affection. When the skin becomes dry and husky, pains in the back, liot and high colored urine, soreness in the small of the back, are unmistakable facts that the kidneys are in bad condition, and a few doses of Kellogg'e Columbian Oil will convince auy one of its curative properties ou their disorders. For sale at Greene's drug store. A l.iltte Girl'sE-xpe.ieucei * liousc. Mr. ;'-i-J y.f. lV Mglit- !n)"nr ij-_;tit ;i ( d are keepers of at Sand Beach, •••'• •;:' .% 'Ir.u •.'liter fo\ir. • '-I -•»< -.vat tanen down • • i <\ -j a ::r*»nflful cough > .i'\ .'Jov-orn at huuia .».>. •'. mn-, bac in vain, ehe .,' liiiiil t*liO was a mere s. . Then fhe- tried Dr. vtry aud after th,e use of ilo-, xvaa oompletelj' cured. "o New Bidcovery u worth yet you may 'get a ' The;. L-;..V I)r 1C; ita iTei.L'ht i;i <jc bottle.rfo.o .U i" G Seaman &. Go's drug store. Clnii.j:,: i-i 1*IH>«.- vn the C 1 . J.& M. K. K. Taking effect June 7, 1891, following is the time of trains passing Marshall, Mich : Q West bound—No. 22, 1T»0 ». m.; Wo. 2, 0:10 p. ui. East bound—No, 21, 4:45 p. m.;No. 3, !):44 a. m. j.v , No radical change in other trails, T. C. $L SCHMTDLEB, G. P. A. Uucklia'w Arnica. Naive. The best Salve in the, world for Oats, Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, gait Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns and &tt Skin Eruptions", and positively, cores Piles, or no pay required. It IB guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For salrf i'. G. Seaman 4 Co. rst class workmen at F. S. Powers' OTHERS Will you part with your dar- babies in sickness, or call on your druggist for Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender - Ointment ami Asthmatic Balsam, medicine* lived when doctors fail iu Mem- Croup, Inflammation rf the * JUun*j Fever ajkdTypioi Pneu- , also quickly relieves a f cares tjroup. Scarlet %ver, W oopiog .Cough, BoreTbroat, l^urns. 8 -.»lds aud similar afflictioni, 251tad 60 cents or by oxaUt'Oft-^B.-SHAB^avKSH. Propri- utt»r, Marahail, MicWgan .Ctstoria. Dr, A. C. FRUTH, A. M. M. D. Celebrated Examining Physician of the Fruth Medical Institute Permanently established and incorporated under the, laws of the state of 111., with a capital stock of $100000, for the scientific and successful treatment of all forms of Chrome & Sextnal Diseases, Catarrh, Asthma, Stomach, Kidney ,!Bladdor, Nervous and Special Diseases of Men and Women-. Dr. Fruth has perfected the most infalable core known for the .escape of seminal .fluid in urine, which cause nervousness, loss of memory, weak and watery eyes, ^eak back, etc., if consulted before idocy Insanity or falling fits result, may call with loll confidence. Thane terrible diBorderajresuH from youthful indiscretions aud after over indulgences which unfit patient for study, society or marriage, annually swooping to an untimely grave thousands of exalted talent and briUiftBt Intellect, - IMtwMC 9f Rectum, Piles, Fistula; Fieeure, Polypi, saooesBfully cured without pain, knife or cautery.' No detention from boslnefia. No money required of responsible parties. Kidney imd Bfiadder I>Isea»eg, Bright's Disease, I)l*betes «nd kindred maladiesi treated and cares effected In thousands of cases that had been pronounced beyond hope. Fr«o £xavUtt»tM>n of VMne. Each peroon applying for treatment should send or bring aa ounce of uriae for chemical and micro- scopical fiTKffUnitiffin Wondefinl QwteM perfected in old cases whlcb h»ve been neglected or unaklllfally treated. No experiments or failures. ' Address, Chicago, UL . S TATE OV MICHIGAN, 1 TUB CIECUIT COURT FOB THB VIn Chancery. COUNTY OP CALIIOUN. ) Dated April 81st, A. D., 1891. JASON NEWTON, | ' Complainant, . vs. }• AMELIA NKWTON, I Defendant. J Suit pending In the Circuit Court for the County of Calhoun in Chancery, at Marshall, Michigan, on the 21st day of April, A. D., 1801. In this cause it appearing from affidavit on die, that the Defendant, Amelia Newton, has departed from her last known place of residence, aifir that her residence cannot bo ascertained, on motion of Jesse M. Hatch, Complainant's solicitor,' it is ordered that the said defendant, Amelia Newton, cause her appearance to be en tered herein, within five mouth* from the date of this order, and in case of her appearance that she cause her answer to the Complainant's Bill of Complaint to be tiled, and a copy thereof to be served on said Complainant's Solicitor within twenty days after service on her ot a copy of said bill, and notice of this order; and that in default thereof sa<d bill be 'taken as confessed by the said non-resident Defendant. And it is further ordered, that within twenty days the said Complainant cause a notice of this order to be published in the Dally Chronicle, a newapajver printed, published and circulated In said county, and that such publication be con- tinned there at least once In each week, for six weeks ID succession, or that he cause a copy of this orJUr to be personally served on said nonresident defendant, at least twenty days before the time above prescribed for her appearance. GEORGE W. MECHKM, Circuit Court Commissioner Calhoun County, Michigan. ' JESSE M. HATCH, Complainant's Solicitor. A true copy: Attest. WILLIAM J. GREGG, Register in Chancery. All Sizes and Prices at Ocet, All -who use them advise , their neighbors to do likewise., ThUiftall we can ask. Over* 100 ftowin tat* ia Marshall. All whose residenoes are or* may line of the The Gas Co'n. main pipe; canyhaxe service pipe put in f re* if .• *^*^ ^Ml • * — • i_ _ they wiu buy a Rang«k6f Thb Gas and agree to use-it. All Should Profit Prices of Gaa Oonnt latered by eaoh I rately eaohmont FOR LIGHTING When under 6,000 oubia feet, |2XM) per 1,000 cubic feet. When 6,000 and under 10,000 'ratio feet, 5 per oent. lea* «r f 1.00. ° When 10,000 or more cubic feet, 10 per cent less or $1.80. FOR OOOK1NO When under 1,000 cable feel Ififper cent less or $1.70. When 1,000 cabie feet or more. $B per cent less or, $1.60, A discount of ten cents per 1,009 eublo feet will be made on a'U'llWJi^C rates when bill* ar« paid bn or before IO th of n>f>n^h when due, but In nociftte unless paid by that date. THE VATmT^AT.T. Jj(JHT (X)'. JataMwtilii W ALSTON B. BBOWN, Receiver, Time table taking eAot Deo. i t '1m. Trains pass ManhaUMloUaint' < : TBAIHt OOOW BAfT, . . . Mo. 3,Toledo Brpress ..................617am ^ 8, Cincinnati Cxpr*M.............•-.•§ * •> " sriLooameiirfu'^;'.'.'.";'..".;".'!i;.«wJS nuntiMU«i N o.*, Mall and H 2,ebiolnBatl S8, Local Freight.,.., .-; All trains dally except tt Direct ^y^n^^^^lft 1 Cincinnati with «elth with the a. B.AI., C. A W. M. for Grand f r a DRAKE,Beau,MVf, T. n. li. Hfigfurit.MH. <^»« Chicago Real Estate. Any man of Common Sense knews that a lot in the heart of the city of Chicago at $500, is a bettor investment than ' GOLD DOLLARS FOR FIFTY CENTS, Yoa can secure euch that price and lees by joining the Douglas Boulevard Land Association. 184 LOTS, 134 SHARES. 01 Lots, 150 fdet deep, Iront on-the Boulevard 9500 per share iucladtug abstract with lot, aidu walks etc. Titles Perfect, Terms Very Easy. For further particulars Address to FIRTH & COCHRAN, •'•• 80 WASHINGTON St. CHICAGO, ILL. I made on the MTent*e*th day *of A D., 1891, six months fromTtluidat« v«S for creditors to present their claims *OTdi5t esutet of Oscar 1L O' County, deceased, and that deceased are required to pr said Probate Court, at the Sobate City of Marshall, for examinati BTKPHBN PBATTVB 8TEAH BOILBB Kstabliahed 1866. ManutActurer of high and low presaue and steam heating boilers of All kinds, unoke plpfes, breaobJUxgs. etc* Old soUers taken la exchange for new. Rivets, boiler plates and Doller tubes for cale. . Cornur Foundry street and Ulcnlran Ceatr-J R. B- tracks. Detroit Mich- CHICAGO INVESTMENTS For safe Investments, apply to ALLEN, OPDYKE & ALLEN . Real Estate and Loans. Booms 29^ MosUuk Building, WMoiwoe SU, ^ CHICAGO, ILL. L&dies! COMEandSEEMY SPUING THB STYLE, QUALITY, GOODS and PRICE are. RIGHT, Miss. Mi^^BW^W^jWM

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