The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 9, 1891 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1891
Page 3
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1HE DAILY CHBONICLB^ JUNE 9, 1891, METEOROLOGICAL LocaKioeteorological report taken by (J. H. Greets toxlay-'ttt'Qreene'sV drug •tore. '"^ ' ' -* '• •-'" TEUBMOJOtTIB. •>< -.T BABOHITH. 89.140 29.100 ,29.090; win SE 8 8 tut 134 hoar*. ; lowest, 54. itering tuermouioter for the fter the'first of Juno notices of on- nments, socials, lectures, etc., wheto an admissin fee or charge of any nature isjmade will bo charged for at theVate or five cents a lino' for each insertion. 1^__J •>" .-•• BREVITIES. , ^' H.fW. f Muniaw went to Burlington '"this'afternoon. . ,/i> ' '• • There will be a dance at Arboiter hall Thursday evening., 1 Regular . meeting. of Marshall Coin mandeisy,-Wednesday evening, Juno 10. The Balfie''Creek 'Electric Railway tiled^itSArtioles. of. association at Lan- sfhg&weefc; Capital flOO.OOO. The Michigan Woman's Press assdcia- . lion Isolds a three day's session at Battle Creek this week; commencing this morning. L. H. Cramton, .who was burned abontillie^ <ace( and hands May 30, is slowly improving., He will probably be all right in time. John Wiseman, W. A. Walz and John _llertjicQrn we,nt to Ann Arbor this.morn- ing \0 attend' the annual convention of " the German Aid,,Society. , ; |irs, 'A. JB. Gatrell, wont thjs.niorniug io AUega,n,.as .delegate from Marshall to the woman's auxiliary of the Episco pal church meeting there. The management of the state fair has decided to hang up money purses of v $$100 fa all for exhibitions of *peed ' during the fair in September. : The C., J. & M. trestle over the Mich? igan Central track near /Augusta caught ;,. fire yesterday, but the flames were «x>' tinguished before any serious damage Joseph Lozen, of Battle Creek, committed suicide Sunday by taking "Rough on Rats." Mrs Philip Dyson. of the same, place, attempted to leave this world by the »ame route, but'the . RhysMaris called her back. ' SeoD^ry.'Woodruff, of the West Michigan press association, has au invi- tafoonirom the New Mexico navigation and Improvement company for the association to visit the territory wheu they get thorough at Kalamazoo. At ^he Olivet field day exercises. Saturday, Odtvet defeated Albion College at Rugby. * In the "Rugby drop Kick' contest, John Roberts, member of the JJLbioa- team, won the sj]ver medal, having beaten the best coUe&q record by a tack of 178 feet. The best previous record'ia 168 feet. Bearing horses for sale under favoi- --' J ' is one of the most i in which the farm engage. There is not much Fiuirf expense, in producing a good 3 "steer, but there is an appreciable differ- enije in the valoo of the, product. There is one thing that the tJold r; drought and forest fires uanuot '""' js ^the' weather bureau, odmfes up. stalling as usual, with the information that the rains and, high '- temperature of the past week have been beneficiaHto crops all over the state. Nobody but the bureau men noticed any remarkably high .temperature The Michigan Central has fivei. 10 wheel mogut^njnn^ AH, ^'division of tho road. No. S*7 BSogui; which ha.8 been in the f&OPA feff -r»|a£re, was brought in froia Us fir&t hin ! Sunday 'They are required to mate *#»•&$** on freight trains before toting passen- ' out of th^ Mrs. Jennie Townsend, of Kalamazoo, is visiting friends m this city. G. W. Parkis took Rachel Gillett, an •inmate of the county house, to the asylum at Kalamazoo yesterday. Licensed to wed: John Clemens, of Detroit, and May llobberts, of Battle Creek; Omar C. Cochrauo, of Marion, Ind., and Ella M. Parks, of Albion. In the circuit court this morning Wrn. H. Quinu was convicted of larceny. The ejectment suit of Albert 8. Pattison 9t al , vs. Geo. \V\. Dryer and Mary S Dryer was next called and occupied most of the day. Myron Ryder lost a nno'Geuld 'Medium colt yesterday. He was highly bred on both sides and was a very promising colt. Mr. ilyder refused au ofl'er of $100 for the animal _ when ho was two weeks old. The painters arc at work on the now drop curtain at tho opera house. Judging from tho wily it is started wts should say that although it is to be tilled with advertising cards it will Je quite artis- ti« and a groat improvement over tho old one. Georgo A. Northup is packing up his household goods p-oparatory -to moving to lleuton Harbor., Mr. Northup ,has been at that place for a couple of weeks past and Mra. N. goes as soon as tho Michigan Central relieves her at this station. They both have po sitipns with tho Chicago & West Michigan railroad. No new developements in the Kirby case today. .Mr. Wing expected to complete his examination today or tomorrow. Thi: uimor.-t that Mr. Kirby had been located wens situply rumors It iri thought that possibly iu order to ascertain tin; exact coriditiou of the bank it may be necessary to call in all outstanding certilicatcs of deposit, .Kirby may have issued oertiticates for ono amount ami put a sinaller sum on the stub. Messrs Mumaw & Briegel have completed the Uicu Creek biidir excepting the coping and pointing, whiclj will be done after the street is rilled in. The bridge is substantially built and is a good piece of workmanship. There was considerable talk at the time their bid was accepted to the.efi'ect that the job could not be done for the contract price, and th:.t their buiulsrneu would be losers, but they have completed the work satisfactorily wo believe, and would like ^uolher contract at the To Speculators. T A TLC A* A Trrvr/-i A >— I AM MAKING A I will clear out my entire stock of Crockerv, Glassware, Hanging Lamus AND EVERYTHING IN THE CROCKERY LINL 1 Have the largest I^ine of • CROCKERY AND GLASS WARE In the city, and will sell at ACTUAL COST FOR SPOT CASlL This is a picnic. I want to get out ol t.v Crockery business to make room for another jine of goods. RICHARD BUTLER. There was some excitement on tiie street ,lae>! evening caused by a light \ H Gaiika's saluun. Wm. Butler and Bert Nelson had a fuss anu Butler hit Nelson iu the eye with a tt-u pm ball, kuockiug him down and cutting a bad gash ovej: and under hi* «*yo Dr. L K. (iallup was called and dressed the wound. Nelson lay iu the saloon unconscious for an hour and was Then token hp-iae in that condition Later uo came to aud is out today. Both parties-were the worse for liquors, but it is said that Nelson provoked the titjht. J The place is a hard oiie and this is ouly one of the numerous incidents that occur there. An excliauyo reminds the public that tho bicyclists have their rights as well a-J the people ' It would be well for drivers oti tho public highway to r member that a bicyclist .or a pejrsou rTd- ing ouu wheel is entitled to half the road, and should a person with a team meet a wheelman or drive to pass o on the road the/ umst turn out Uu same-as if tliey OJt;t another team ur vo hide of any kind. Should U team'ruu down & bicyclist ou the road and in any way injure the person or 1 damage 1 " wheel the pursou *o 'iouig would be h ( eld for damages. The courts h>iye so ruled-and it is important that drivers giiould, undergtoud tho la\y and know that whpelman Tia.vt rights which "i are bound to respect. But whee'lio have no rights oil the sidewalks au< Are You In It? We hav® reference to house cleaning. // i/t>u haw • commenced tliat "Semi-annual job, you h r -\ve no dc*il>t ascertained that many articles of Furmi -t ", need »< • placing, or the changes you hyve made unit idinit <>/ adding some new piece. If So Call at F. B. Snyder'-s, and look over his largeiind elegant slock of Parlor Suits, Bedroom Suits, Fancy Chairs, Dinnmtj Itoom Chairs, Tables and everything else kc))l r>>. a" first class furniture store. These pleasant ecr.ti h(js you want to try *' And Get Out Si and wheel the baby around in one of those kanasome Cabs, which are so cheap that one can afford to throw away the old one and get a new one. A lull line of Casket and Undertakers Goods. should \keep in the road. The Old Doctor Will Be Here Without any Mis» • take on the date mentioned, Thia extensive experience with thousands pi patients enables me t.o care every curable puse. Those afflicted with diseases of the Lungs, Throat, Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Nerves Brain, or buffering from Rheumatism, Neu- ralgU. Debility, Youthful ludiaoretions, Cancers, Old Bores, Tumors, File, any Chronic Ailment, are invited to call and examine my record of CASKS CPJUKO, when hope of cure had been &biuidoned. Oandid in my examinatma, r«a«uciabla if> 4ty charge*, and never encourage without « surety of success L* Poaii, lNi>.V June 26th, 1889. Dr. F. B. Brewer. \£vaneton, HL— DKAB BIB: According to request I now write to you. I am vary .muoh pleased with the result of your treatment. 1 have been greatly relieved of ay br^neiiial woablea, and am aore that I am tau'cb, baHei of my kidney and heart, troubles. I am altogethat better thiwl ,was when I flrtiu bjgan your treatment ; I woul-1 cheerfoily reaomaaeal to whom it' may concero, your met); ^ of treatment, for it sm^aesei} thai of auy other phy8ioiai> I know of. Your eooceia u the. best reooui mendatiool can give you. . r Yours very respectfully *, . . EDWIN B. NILES. L*te Brig. Volnateera -C. 8. Pansioa Olaina' ant aad Notary Poblto, LaPorle, lu' . _«, ^ „ ,^mOia^A^ i>t. W»w« will b» at theHemdoa Hotel thin city on Wednjufo, ,tho Pboauix hoose, on tbf 19th of Jim*. h of Juu«. Creek, Hamhu

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