The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 9, 1891 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1891
Page 2
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THE DAILY CBtRONIGLE, JUNE 9,1891. THE DAILY CHRONICLE. TKUMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Dally, one year..... 94 75 Dally, delivered, 1O cenui perweeK. . Subscriptions received at the office of publication 151 State Btree. J. M. MOSES, Publisher, Marshall, Mich. K. O. TV M. Program for Thursday, June 11. Procession will fofm on South' Eagle street on arrival of visiting Sir Knights iU3jViri. The line of march will be north on Eagle street to Mansion, east to High, south to State, west to park, where prayer will be offered by Rev. W. W. Curry and addresses deliveced by Major Porter and W. J. Greeg. At 7 p. m. the visiting Sir Knights will banquet at Eagle Opera Hall. Covers will be. hud for five hundred. The committee in charge request all on the liue of march to decorate with na tioual unit K. O. T. M. colors, black, white ami red. CftEED CRUMBLING. Key. Frank O. Tyrell Create* a Sonaa tlou at St. Louis. ST. Louis, Juno 8.—Uudor tho heads of "Creodn Crumbling," nn evening paper quotes Rev. Frank Q. Tyrell, pastor of the Central Christian church of this city as saying that all the signs pointed to tho disso- Tution of orthodox creeds. Mr. Tyrell, in sermonizing, pointed out forcibly the discussions in regard to matters of belief and faith which have shaken tho Protestant church, nnd from this drew conclusions that the creeds are crumbling and will, ere long disappear. He cannot, he says, accept the belief of the trinity of Jesus, and asked as to why he believed that the Protestant creeds are fi lling, he replied that one hac but to notice now the teachers of the Gospe are demanding the right to make their own deductions providing that they acknowledg the 'divinity of Christ. TJie effect of Dr TyrelTs statement is as if a bombshell hat exploded in the midst of the orthodox min isters, and everybody is discussing the stand taken by the reverend gentleman. THE BRIGGS MATTER. \, Chicago Hen See How the Ansembly Might Ha»ve Shown Wisdom. CHICAGO, June 8.—Drs. Worcester] Dewitt. Lewis and Hoyt, commissioners from the Chicago presbytery to 1 the general assembly of the Presbyterian church, which met re cently at \Detroit, maxle their report toda; at a meeting of the presbytery convened f o that purpose. In the Briggs matter it was the opinion of the commissioners that the assembly had acted unwisely in indorsinj the report of Dr. Pattou's committee. The case had by this action become more com plicated ond less easy of settlement. Dr Worcester's scheme of settlement wouli have b en a solution of the difficulty. Dying of Lockjaw. JACKSON, June 8.—Fr.ank Anthony, thi brakeman on the Saginaw djvftiion of th ^ichigan Central who had "both legs taken off below the knees a 1 week ago today whili attempting to 'make a co pling^is, dyinj from lockjaw. His wounds appeared to be healing, and it was thought.up to yesterday that be might recover. During thef orenoon however, lockjaw set in, caused, it is though by injuries to his back and spine when h was knocked down, since which time he has been unablo to partake of nourishment o: any kind. > I>r. Bennett' Will be at the Herndon Hotel on Wed nesday and Thursday, June 10th anc llth. ~ ' It \a not whfere can you find sufferers from Constipation, but whore can you not find them? It has a local cause,"in itie Rectum, fever; an insidious and lurking foe, (generally unsuspected; which Dr. B.'s local treatment removes. Hie Orificial Philosopy provides lelieJ from your .layer a«4 ^tomach troublea. jConsultation in German and English free- Notice. Anyone having claims against the firm of Mumaw oz'Briejjjfel are requested to aresent them for payment within five days from this date, June 9, 1801. & BEIEGEL. Over 4,000 different styles of goods to select from at F. S. Powers'. Spring Suits made to your order from $20 to $30 at F. S. Powers'. All Kinds of feed ground at the Uice Creek Mill. Dr. W. B. Church's prescription tile is left at F.<G. Seaman & Co.'a drug store. Any old prescription can be had or renewed by going there. • To the Public, I have determine'dNo N .ctpsc out my business. I shall offer my entire stock and fixtures at 00 cents on the dollar of original cost, or will retail it out in small quantities v$ ACTUAL jjf shall on June 10th close my books to all credit customers and call for their accounts, which I shall consider due at that time. In taking this step I am not influenced by any motive other than my desire'to GET OUT. Hoping that my credit customers will be prompt in fixing their accounts and that others wishing anything in my line will take advantage of this I remain Years truly H. M. MERUILL. P. S. Look out for Price List in Wednesday evening's CHEONICLE. COME AND SEE IT. Just received aerate of Brown Dishes called Columbia, very handsome and reasonable in price. Also another crate of John Maddock's best white Semi Porcelain, which I am enabled to sell cheaper than ever. Remember these goods are warranted not to crackle. JOHN WISEMAN. When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorfa. When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria. When she became Miss, she clung to Castorife. Wbeoahehad Children, aha gave them •MUd » - . L Kidney complaint is a miserable, weakening disease;- pains in the small of the back strange, indescribable feelings in the back and sides; the least exertion wearies; a si of brick dust or albuminous matter in urine: an excess of urine or lack of it breath short; sharp and darting paina aboul the vitalsi and dropsical swellings are certain evidences of diseased kidneys. Kellogg's Columbian Oil cures this disease in all its forms, and your druggist is authorized to warrant all sold, and will refund/the money in all caws that fail to give satisfaction. Found at Last. The nicest, most beautiful decorated pattern in semi-Porcelain" of J. G Meakin'fl make (England) ever brought into this city. IJadies who intend to purchase something nice this spring to set their table with, something that can not be distinguished from real China will do well to call at John Wiseman's and take a look at. them before buyyn elsewhere. I Was a opl. Yea, they said I was a fool not to try Sol phur Bitters for Rheumatism, from which I bad Buffered for over two yeant; but I tow tried eo many dootcra and medicines withou getting relief that I was discouraged. I an now on my fourth bottle and alfauwt cured I waa a fool that 1 didn't try that wonderf u remedy before.—U Q Pratt, Manchester, N H My Family Doctor For flie last two yearn has been Sulphur Bittern, and uatil I began using them in my family, we had more or leas eiekaeea, and our doctor's bill has been very large. Since we began their nee. we jhave bad no doctor to ay, and three dollars invested in Sulpha itten has kept health in our family.—E Knott, Postmaster, Waveriy, Iowa. TTVOUND—A ladle*' chain. Owner can have X: same by calling at this office and paying for this notice. ' . TTTAHTBO—A new milch cow. Inquire of W x K-L. WATBKOUS. The Largest Stock, The Lowest Prices, At Hyde's Drug Store; IIXIRY I have leased the old Turner Bakery, forme r ly occupied by Doc Snyder and ; ^ ,—• REFITTED IT ENTiBELY^ . an dam now prepared to furnish the public wi.o *',.;'• Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes &e, A fine line of Confectionary always on hand. Fritits in season. First Class Lunches. J. Q3H1UCHLE., There aae thousands of families in Mich}, gan that cannot bo induced to use any other remedy in their families than Columbian Oil. In case of an emergency in any pain, bad cold or inflammation its action is sure and certain. For sale at Greene's drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorii >o3=t'e Oottcm. COMPOUND ^Composed of Cotton Book Tatar and Pennyroyal— a recant disaovW Vy an , 'old physician. It sucotifvSv u»«d — —u— Safe. Effectual. PiioefLBy m.ft, tealed. Ladies, ask you druggist Tror OookTl Cotton druggis d take B t Block, 181 Woodward »T».f Dettoltv Bold in Marahall b; F. Q. Seaman & Co. ENSIGNS For disabilities incurred In the aervic* or sines discharge, whether the Midler U rich or poor. MILO B. STEVENS &, "CO., AtUrutya and Solicitors, Whitney Opera House Block 1 Detroit, Mich. FSIHCIPAL OFFICE, WA VASHIBOTOa.D.O' MICHIGAN (TENTRAT. - " Tho Niagara Fallt Boutt." ^ TIME TAiLE, JUNE 7, 1890. TRjUSB SA8T. STATIONS. ' * *" Chicago, Lv Battle Creek.... Marshall, Dp.... Albion.....'.... Jackson... Detroit ' Buffalo Mail t a.m. 7 06 18 00 12 55 1 45 8 05 6 Ifr 8 10 p.m. Day Ex.t a,m. 9 UO 2 20 2 59 8 22 8 45 4 80 6 45 p.m.' Kal Ext a.m. Tie 1 27 7 53 R 14 A 06 1225 p.m. At'c Ex.* p.m. 1010 8 85 439 5 00 K 87 fi 2fi a-m. 6 05 p.m. Nh't Ex.J p.m. 985 > 17 8 04 882 8 57 4 45 7 80 a.m. 8 00 p.m. L'al Pass p.m. 's'ia 6 16 647 7 15 7 K p.m. T&UNB WB8T. BTATlOJfB. Buffalo. Detroit, Lv Jackson... Albion.... Marshall.. Battle Cr'k Chicago, Ar Jack Hail Day Ohio Kal. I Eve. Pac L'al t a.m. 6 705 7 28 7 5$ U 88 a.m. 8011 a.m. 8 20 25 1207 12 1 00 2 17 7 55 p.m. a.m. 1200 7 15 9 10 50 11 12 11 8 55 .m>p a.m. 680 p.m. 1 80 814 8 43 4 25 480 5 00 9 00 m- p.m. 44ft 7 15 7 52 8 81 847 980 p.m. 745 1080 11 18 11 87 1808 110 6 50 a.m. p.m. [250 916 1150 18 8S 18 51 1 81 217 806 a.m c N. Y. limited ezpreaa which leaves Chicago at 3.16. p. m. will Stop at.Jtawhall to let off paasen- gen from Chicago; and will stop regularly Sun- oay evening. - t tSaturdays eicepted »Baily tSundaye exceptod O. W. KUSGLK8, Gen. Paag. * tteket Agt; UJBO. A. JBHMBON. Freight Agent, . C. B. OSBOBN. TicKetJARent, Harahall GRAND PALACE HOTEL. 81to'l03NortiiC!arntreet CMcaio. 4 minutes frem Court House. : Both Plan*. t v Weekly, $3.00. Transient!, 50o up. Re»taurant by Compagnon, LXT« CHICAGO CJ.KB, CUBJT; POPOJUABPBICB8. NEWSODTB. Cnt this out for farther reference. L T— On Eagle or Hanover street last even- i lngt .A fat e n "l«l»lp bracelet. Finder please leave ai this office. . ANTED -Four dining rtomgirU. also one shirt and collar polisher. Apply or ad- UIBBARD HOOSJt, "^* Jackson, Mich. W I ^UKNISHBD BOOMS to rent. Defirablelo cation. Inquire at this office. dJ9 F OR BALB-My black stallion, also vacant lot Must be sold within sixty days. P ^OUND-A black pin. Owner can have the" same by paying for this notice. P >OK SALB-Flrst class family refrigerator, nearly new. Inquire first door nortn of T. !>. Cronln'a stare. W ILL the person who borrowed my extention bit please return the same.' ' B. H. 8ANDBBSON. -A gold plated cuff button. Owner can ve same by paying tor this notice. B. H. 8ANDBB8ON. RE NT-Good house on But Groan street -L with barn and garden spot. Will r»nl cheap Enanlre of Mrs. JoaepV BttSdngnlm, Bast green street, or L. B. Albangh at postoflce! H AY FOB SALB-Oloverand timothy ml»d. Enquire at Green e,s ding stor*. ^^ 871. BCHUYLBB. SALE—A brand thing, at Dr. U 't auo *to». . 0. W 'ANTBD-Second hand scripUon. Household carpets, tto. H'ghfit cash*'! send postal to a. 0. Broaks auction store. Or. Shermaa ds!6 W ANTKD-At Dr. 8hema«'» Auction atoi* M M i MO S ttA hand ***** "»7«aT5i3Sr c2ih paid lor them. aaS*pO*5T "C»OB 8ALR—New (nrnltura. New aid largo J? Tarlety of tinware and noUowkawMd hand goods, etc.Jail offend oneap to* CM* or trade by d. 0. Brook, as |s£Smai>V ScUpn GREATEST SHOW OH EARTHI WILL BB AT DRUG STORE APRIL 1 Where he 10OOO Bolla of New Sho wiiiii Save moqcy by .... ¥ill POWELL'S

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