The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 22, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1893
Page 3
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•» t ;**?'/*•• ff 5 - I , JlV' jfc ' r* £ lj , - , * « «'*-• I " " ' THE DAILY dSftONtOLB, MAf 22,1893, ; ... 'A' . . ' V • ' i - -• —*•• -'•• A . . . ->!..,.... ... . .. . SREVlTfES. ttmn^mr - --n . ( ^ Rosa Dickey* of Chicago, is in the city. Mrs, David Cole » visiting in Teton- sha. \ H. C. Haskcll visited Fekonaha last week. ' v MM. JHatUe Parrow returned^ Horner today. ^ frank Rpwiey drov« to Baitle'Sreek yesterday. . Saturday. _ - • .• Bishop Humeifon, of Jackson, *pent to Sundav at H. I. A number bf young , pedpledi'tftre Battle Creek yesterday. A number of MarshalliteS will leave Cfias. Hft|tef f of Toledo, i»in taeetyf, Mrs, W. J\Dibble went to Chicago to- day.' r ' • '. .... ' MiB8lReva',Camp, of Kansas City, is home for a short visit. , Supervisor fcrokaw, of Athens, was in this city today. Miss Daisy Knight is visiting friends in Cefesco fchd Battle Creek. _______ .___ There wii) be a special nteefing of tlife W. R.tlj Tuesday afternoon at two ' STRAWBERRIES ' / • , A DAILY, , Spinach; Lettuce? , , Parsley, . Onions, Ac. FEtJITS IN The gatofe of ball between'. the Homer and Battle CJreek cluba Saturday after, :noon^bi^bfce tip in a row. ; ' ;-.' Thoglp^pei for PagS Bijbs.' new shop was staio'd out, today. AY&al»"nis?oo architect has been employed. AT' J. Cunningham's. A fresh supply of De Netifehatel cheese,fust deceived, today at Hilla Grant's; % for the world's fair Jhis week. Mrs. i>e.lo<* Griswold, of Balavia, 'N,, Y., U visiting Miss Hattie Parriu. U. £» Got ham, Charles Hitchcock and Myron ©'Keefe spent Sunday at Gull lake. . ' . • ' _^_ Miss Mamie Welch and Mic&ael Rafferty, of Albion^ dined at Dh J.'.F., Smiley's yesterday. ' Strange bow many of oui young pee* pie are suffering with measles. They seem to be "catchingi" -£. P. Jandall baa removed bis family to the residence, corner of Mansion and Jefferson streets. It is said that a gr«at many are. using the Michigan Central as a means of transportation. ' ; ' . Attorneys Crosh^, Wadleigh, and Thomas had pressing business in this city on Saturday last. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Halladay and two children, of Battle Creek, spent Saturday at Dr. E.J. Marshall's. —Mrt. H. M. Gillett returned to her home in Jackson on Friday last after a visit with Marshall friends. Miss Bertha Rogers and Fay Rogers, of Homer, were the guests of Marshall friends Friday and Saturday. The prisoners at the jail are busily en gaged in removing the dandelions from the court house lawn. Miss Elma Crooker returned to her home in Battle Creek jesterday after a abort visit with Miss Donna Dickey. Chas. Cronin, who has been visiting in this city for two or three days, re turned to Battle Creek this morning. Miss Stella Snyder is again at her post in Perrett's store, after having been absent several days on account of ill ness. Dr. I. W. Houston contemplates building a handsome residence on Mansion street in the rear, of the South worth-Houston block next season. Mrs. C. 8. Hitchcock, Mrs. J. F Smiley, Miss Mollie Southworth, and Mrs. Joe Watson, of Bronson, leave the fifth of June for the world's fair, 1 Anna M. Shaw, who delivers a lecture in this city one week from tonight, was • one of the moat prominent speakers at the woman's congress ball in Chicago last week. An exchange says: Under the new ' law, book agents may be killed from August 1 to October 1; s 4 prjt>£ poets ,-. from March 1 to Decentber 1, inclusive; umbrella borrowers from February 1 to Mayl. ^ ' '-.^'\ , Under the law just passed by the Michigan legislature, uo bounty will be paid- <oa sparrows except those -tilled during the months of November, De. ' oember, January, February-, March sind _ ,A.pri». • '*'••' ,. " -*A '"" " -/, Jackson Patriot: Miss Grace Pierce, Mrs. L. A. Burgdorf how loccupies rooms in Mrs. Hills' residence, corner of Eagle and Mansion 'streets. The foot ball game, whfch was to have beeq played Saturday between the Al bion and Battle Creel teams will come off at Albion next Saturday. Harry Houston has been tendered the position of commercial teacher of the CEO. H, MEAD Artistic Carriage- Faihter. ** "*"" ' Shop over Hindenach.& Skinner, Afl work, of manner. ' executed in the best :.' •.•>. .•• - . » And they are elegant. Our new'",line .of neck iocfir,ifae netv shQgG&titf, iho$e elegant fotir-iii hand and a cornpteie r Un& of nov- neckwear. . ' CcOl a^ Sli&NAHAN'S. and. see them. ; ONE FOB SALE! = CAR : schools of Saginaw for another year with an, increase of salary of $200. . May—"Oh! that must bo machinery, hall f Hear** the clanking!" Harry— '•You're mistaken.' That's the woman's building. The board of lady managers is in executive session." After the new boat house is completed it-is probable that the dedication cqr emonles will consist of a hop participat ed in by all who are fortunate enough to receive an invitation.. • Rev. Mr. McNaul, of the Chicago uni versity,_who occupied the pulpit of the BaptisFchurch yesterday, gave the best of satisfaction and at a meeting of'the church and society it was unanimously decided to extend-to-hinwMjuU.———— We should judge that the high schools of the county do not run to base ball, AS there wasmot a nine that participated in the Inter High School games, composed entirely of high school students. Saginaw hail a fire Saturday that ere stroyed a million dollars worth of prop erty and swept the away homes of 281 families. The home of Rev. B. V. laber, formerly of this city, and that of Dr. Goldstone were left untouched, whil the houses on all sides of them were burned. A couple of Homer boys and a party, whose name we did not learn, were, running horses Saturday night and the Homer ).arty came to grief. They went east on State street and tried to turn on Ao Mans/on street, where the two roads meet. The boys were' tipped out and the horse went on. In front of Mark Hurd's it struck a carnage belonging to Mr. Bartlett, of fekonsba, and; took off a wheel. After going a short distance farthar the horse freed hrmself from the vehicle, to which he was attached, and Unjilly came to a standstill in front of Mr. Potter's on High street. One of the boys got his foot m the wheel when the horse was running, but held oulong enough to untie aia shoe and remove his foot. It is probable that the entire party will be arrested for running horses on the streets, as soon as all the names are obtained. ' •",••> :•-. of Cooking, Heating, Gasoline and Oil Stoves, ONE HALF CAR LOAD of. tin ware, consisting of tea and coffee pots/kettles, milk pans, pails, dust pansfvWash boilers, everything in tin, copper^Jporcelain, german steel goods an'd anti rusting tin ware. • ' ^' ONE HALF OAR LQAD ' "r of steel goods, hoed, ratios, shovels, spades, hay, dung and wec'cline,forks." and fcll kinds'of tools used for farms and gardens. ' -, J FIVE TONS of steel nails, both wire and cut. TEN TONS . of barb and plain wire. . , , " FIFTY DOZEIJ locks and door knobd of every kind and a full line of hardware of description. I know I am a little to the east end of Main street. We Cannot all do .businesjqi ivthe center, but it will pa* you to give, me, call. ' . • JOHN WHALEN,/ • Hardware Dealer, Martin Block, East Main StreejJ. > „ to Show our / WALL PAPER, to Every Rerson in the County. W. T. DRAKE, Druggist, 249 State Street. W A L L Park Theatre—"Sly 4uat Sally.' w ; ho in the iurmesi danc« given at Marshall recently under . the a.usyieef of the Ladies' Library asso cbtiph, has received a dainty, oiiing^set / in /Irecognition of her services. Mis» ;.,.'' -&$» ^eej|f/erygrateful tortile .* i i i_» _,.. _^ The current attraction at the Parlf Theatre is "My Aunt Sally," 8 s comedy of rural life, with a reseraolance of a plot and grotesque characterizations. In the perform, once of the piece are introduced all sorts of BDecialViea, which ar^ ita chief interest. The company give itrlsha lively manner: Gray, irbo,. SouthgideB, uproar. Miss the ^>art of Chicago it the bouse in a, continuous Eoe, Miss Dora FRESH/ UNiaUB, TASTY /DESIGNS, ITJE I Call" and Be Convincei * * A % • M, B. Mr. Austin Walsh; Mr. ney, Mr.^yd- Woeirand a uiale quartet are ithe principalBia tjie'cast. Tl^ere were two : " «. - i- n. * n „«««. *^ m * ««™ i4»rge att4ifi^M^tlr*9^Id»y ) -an4th« siaging ?^, r W? ^ ^.«?ftWm.<W \W» and.dpsi^ I*i9.w& W&n*$& ?B ^^iBPCfttlon, vbj^hajp^atfji.ift ^ft^W KJ^jnf bf wpeatetVnjig^Aod atfep|h ' S 4»j>r* IJsttte-<^fs* l^f\ni*4if ^»---*--~--«~*——-- ••• - - " - J ^ ^^ IP.,^!!!^ W^ ffN^ ^ TP^ ^wfHp^' x»ne need tai^ off e«ryeta at lowest unable tft get ttpataJju

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