The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 9, 1891 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1891
Page 1
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r MAK§JMTL, MICH., it! SDAY JUNE 9,1891. THICK TWO CENT.: A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. Superior to- every other known. Vsed in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard. Ddkioos Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky BiKtdt, Griddle Cakes, Palatable • • and Wholesome. (Ifotitttf taking powder does such work. SHILOH'S " CONSUMPTION CURE. The Success of this Great Cough Cure ia Without "a parallel in the history-of medicine. All dngguts are authorized to sell it on a pos- ttrre {guarantee, a test that no other care can suc- CeSBf^uly; stendf That it may .become known, the-Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are riBring a Sainple Bottle Free into every home tH the United States and Canada. If you have " Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for if Will «W* you. If your child has the Croup, ^rtVhoepiqg Cough, use it'promptly, and relief 8 •tt»i-»If j you dread that insidious'disease ^"10n, tg» it. Ask your Druggist for CilUJUH'S CURE, Price. |o cts., 50 cts. and "t.oo. If your Lanes are sore or Back lame; , » Shiloh'fr Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. flSMiekaand relieve all Uietronb to • bUlou* etate of the system, such as HUM*. DiowBiaaw. Dlatreaa arier in' tht Blto, tut. While theii moe^ - hta boea shown in oufeag h r valuable In Conatf pation. curing and pig• icompUint, while they also . ftheetomacU^Uranlatetha j the bowels. S van U they only . Bwha —— —.-—-^J<Blfe«*gfaig comjlaln t; butt ortu- tMtolytnmaobdDM* doe* »otend here.and thoaa V£AM>^ tovihem'HUl find tiUW Uttl« Bills valu- •K9noSBy%jK^thw ! wai nAbo wll- tUafto^Qin^ipQt^ 111 '. ^ata/^erfcUslcknetu}. Ji , {uMh*t»a«of Uiea that her? ia when I. OorpiUacureit-wliua &.' > i 3 5 .' 'i • ' Tlrer WHfl are Tory email tml Ule maiaa aoso. 'do not gripo or by ffiolr oentloacUon pleao0 all who tfri TING A RECREANT LOVER. Mi»y Ford, of Jiicl;soi>, In a Sad Plight nt Intllnuupollft. , June. 8.— May Ford, jof Jackson, Mich., is hero in n sad plight, do- airing to secure trnrisporlio|k Miss Ford was n typewriter in Jackson, nnd was engaged to marry a certain young man. He. had a telegram sent to nor from- Fort Wayne that her sister, who, 'IVOB there, was. sick and needed lier ut once;, he intercepted her, uiiil they stayed 0110 night at a hotel, hut in separate apartments. May IWH lier affianced borrowed her watch in or- er to tuil the time and uot.iiiis.s the trn'ii in the morning. Some time during the uight he departed with the wr'ch. May hoard he was in Indianapolis nnd foljowed in pu-suit. She has iiPod u'l her money except $3 and has not the adequate means of getting home; The agent of tiio t, .istees of the poor does not consider :t a charity cuse, and hfs re- fuseu'tci '.' ._!.-,!] her tri' ispo.jor A WARSHIP WITHOUT MEN.' \ «ie Guiilioiu Yniil'c HHS H«T « rt w 1'e- iliirtMl (u Tun. Ni:w Yo:.., .June 8. — The novel spectacle ofn.I'u'lod Stales mn.i-uf-wft.- in commit- sii'il'\v'th i! rri'w eoir.pii^i'd of ouly ten men is that presented by the Y antic, now lyiuy<»at the Ilrooli'yu n'axy ya il. Saturday o'l the men composing the Y:iutie'a crew, save the ten relt-rreil tu, wi-ro Mint from the uiivy yard to tliu L'.ru-d States mivi'l academy at Annapoiis, Mil., where- they will be attached to the fr'galc CousU.-llut'.o'i for <L summer cruise aloo.' the cor<t with the uava 1 cadets. Strange to »;ty thure is no p;'ul>uln i; ty of the Yautic's g<>iiij.; out of commission, notwithstanding her i' l; glit as. tu men. On the contrary, her otficiTa thiuk ?'ie wiU bo provided for somehow before long, and they confidently e.\i>eet to rendezvous TMth the rest of the ships of the No. h Atlantic squadron at Pox.smouth, July 4. Another step toward inakiug the Brooklyn' navy yard a central of supply fo- iill naval vessels, ou this side of the globe is now being taken iu the cons' i act'on of a large end substantial storage building. The new building, which will have a capacity of 5,(XJ tons of coal, is being bu ; lt ou tlio i.'or€h wharf, where it may be most easily approached by the largest ships. The uew building will bo provided with au automatic eo-- 'rag npprratus that will cost $15,i •. WANAMAKEH ON THE. STAND, Ilia Coniiectluu With tne Keystone H<uik I' u rely' n C«> in •!» ' rcj^i^w o e. Pun AUELi'U \, -June 8.— I'ostinatiter-Gen- eral Wauamaker iippenred before the committee investigating the affa"ra of tBe Kuy- stoi'o bank this uiorui-ig. He said that he had nt.'or been more than a depositor in the bank, although at one time holding some stock as collateral. Mr. U'annmaker 'declared the bank was indebt to his Kria when it 'failed. Mr. NV^nauiaker a f lso stated that the dealings' of b'lusff and firm with the liauk were always purely onabuiihfcss basis, that the fact of his brother's going on President Marsh's bail •'bond was 'his brother's personal atTair, and iinally that he "never suggested any person, d-rectly or indirectly, to the secretary ofihe'treasury o;the compr troller for the receivership of tbe .Keystone bank, or to' any one else, nor d ; .d Jin any way endeavor to inllVbu'ce the appointment remotely or o Th« Michigan Central yi'ill^ou Juae ISth.lscll tickets from Marshall to Kala- urazuo. and return at the rate of oiie aad Queibalf cents per mile in each direo- Uon with fifty cents added for acinus _sioaoy account of Forepaujjli's show" Tickets good returning same date. dj22 C. R. Ospoiusf, Ticket Agent, A HUGE TIGER AT LARGE. An Illinois County Terrorized by' »n Ks- 'caped Dtenagerie Animal'. LKWISTON, III., Juno 8.—Tho piteous scrcoma of a horse in the stable brought Fiank Chattertou, n far.ncr of Bernadotte, to *he scene Sunday afternoon. As he en. to.-ed the lot a huge' beast sprang ffoir 1 o stable door, and, after bounding intc an ad- jacpnt field, crouchecT low, uttering deep growls, while its long tail waved slowly to and fro. Chatterton was horrified, and feaiing either to advance or retreat, gazed helplessly at the big beast, which in a few moments slunk away into a patch of timber. The horuo lav on the stable floor weltering iu a pool of blood which flowed from a dozen wounds. Tho animal's sufferings were soon ended by a ball from a rifle. Chatterton declares that the brute He saw was not a panther and that ho believes it to be ia tigef.' The excitement is augmented by'the report that John Hulvejfjj-esiding some miles from hero, came across a largVaniniol in his field Thursday, which was feeding on tho carcass of a steer. The animal was disposed to show fight and Hv'vey retreated in haste. The ar'mal's screams have be"en heard and ita huge tracks have been found in the Spoon Kiver bottoms. For tho last three months McDonough county has been terrorized by th a creature. A pai.y of hunters surrounded the brute in the Crooked Creek bottoms a few weeks ago, but the dogs would not attack il. The men caught a glimpse of the animal and were so frightened that they gave up the chase. About three years ago a menagerie, while crossing the Crooked Creek bottoms, was caught in a storm. A cage containing a tiger was oveiaimed and the tiger escaped. This is believed to bethe animal which is nowtci.'oriziogthis section. REMARKABLE.OPERATION. N*. /o F oiu A Dog i-ub»lll»r*'U Iu a Puruljzed Human Ann / I'd • 'O' "H-v, June 8.—For two years Mrs. J. H. Weber has had paralysis in her right arm, rendering it useless. Recently a nerve taken from a dog was transmitted, to her arm midway between the shoi-'der and elbow, and it is hoped that she wi" recover the eatire i e"of'her arm, wrist, hand and fingers. This remarkable operation was performed by Dr. D. Agaew Smith, consulting physician in O tho Garfield case, and Dr. J. W f 'iiain White assisted by Dr. Edward Maitio, Dr. W. R. Hunter, Dr. Strickler and Dr. Strayer, the last three being resident physicians in the University of Pennsylvania Hospitr' T-uportuot Find. , CE, KBs., June-8.—Prof.. S. W. Williston, professor of geology and paleon- ology'in the /university, returned yesterday from Gave County, where he has been for two weeks past securing' specimens for the natural historic museum. Near Monuqie-ut Kocks, in the Smoky Rivor V alley, he ftwmd the skeleton of a pteradactyl, whose ekull measures-three feet in'lengiii. This specimen is the most complete of any in existence. • • " Mr., Million'* Bide. •When Mrs. Million goes to ride she travels forth in state. Her horses, full of fire and pride, go praae- •iihg from the gal^j But all the beauties of the day she views with languid eye, ' • i ' Her flesh in weakens wastes away, her voice is but a sigh. ' ' For Mrs, Million ia in an advanced 8ta->a of catarrh, and all the luxuries that we'" can buy fail to give her comfort, f ae envies her' rosy wailmg.ipaid, and would give all her riches for that young, wouiau's pure breath fl^ blooming health. Now, if some true and disinterested friend! would advise Mrs. Million of the wonderful merits of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Reiuedy, she would learn that her case is no* past help. $500 reward is offered by the manufacturers for a case of catarrh in. tbe head which they cannot cure. II. A.TILLOTSON, JUSTICE, OF THE PEACE AND CONVEYANCER. All t business attcmlud to promptly and carefully. • Has a safe to ketp judgment docket and other valuable papers- iu. •" \ For all inflammations of the bronchial / tubes or bad colps, Kellogga's Columbian Oil is a splendid remedy. A few drops should bo taken clpar on$mgar every threo or four hours, and bathe theihroat and cheat two or three times a day. It speedily allays the irritations, ticklings and itching, and creates a healthy action, and a comW pletc cure ia readily effected. For sale at Greene's drug store. — T Very Cheap. The farm known aa the Tracy farm iu Marcngo, south of Rice Creek. Will be sold vtry cheap if sold before the 15th of May. S. S. LACEY, Agt. \ Good lliiMlncss Cliaaou. Wo wish to secure a representative in Marshall, Mich., tor our now No. 9 High Arm Sewing Machine, and would like to hear from anyone who desires to secure a profitable occupation or a val uable adjunct to an already established business To a responsible party, or oue who cau«ivu ^ooil sccuritv, we are prupared to make liberal termo of credit. No previous experience in sewing machines is necessary, as we spend time and money in assisting our dealers tw learn the business. The world is fast learning that the nnw "No. 0" is the only perfect **wvinj£ machine, ever made. Addruti.-i '.Vai'uELEii & WILSON MF'O Co, Chicago, 111. F .8. Powers, the leading merchant tailor, guarantees satisfaction. ', Ask your grocer for lliqe 'Creek mills flour or cnll at tiie mill and get a sack. Fur Tears . WiN3U>Ws SOOTHING SYHUP has been used for children teething. It soothe* the child, softens the gurus, nl- Jays all |>ain, cures wind colic, and is tho best remedy for Diarrhoea. Twenty- tiye cents a bottle. Sold by all druggists -throughout the world. The Rite .Creek mills make the best flour to pp had in the you U(=e llic« Creek mills flour and will have no other. You can get any of Dr. W. B. Church's prescriptiDns renewed at F. G. Seaman & Co's drug store. POWDER Absolutely Pure. ' 4 cream of tartar baking powder. Highest of all in leavening strength. Lgtesi U. $. Government Fowl Re-

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