The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 22, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1893
Page 2
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**",>.. "r > v 1 r'., -„_"' i s ~ «V- * •' -" • ? - ' THE DAILY C&RONJtCLg ,MAY n, 1893. THE DAILY CflftoMCIE TKRHS Q# SUBSOMFTJOH. Dally * on* year tbrotiffh P. 0...»4 tft Ctotlr, delivered. la c*ntn pnr week 8flb»crlptlnpF received at the offlr* ** i ' . * •t.ton 16i State afreet. OPENING QUESTION. .—^_ ,, _ _ DI«cag«ed by the Trad* OPERA HOUSE JUST ONE tftCrHT .1 TUESDAY EVENING. MAY 23. The Comedy Cyclone IN. FOUR ACTS BY ",ll^*, O'-^f* and. Labor Atisembly. . . CtfiOAao, May 22;—Thja^^world's fair. (Sunday opening question was vigorously discussed at the meeting of the trade .and labor assembly yesterday. It wad brought up by the introduction of a resolution by Delegate McGuire, which declared the sympathies .of the labor union In favor of Sunday opening. In the discussion that followed President Linehan took the floor and said: •- "When efforts were being made to raise money ior the fair promises were made to the workingmen of Chicago that the fair Would be open on Sunday. Hundreds of workingmen in Chicago have contributed to the fair stock sub- pcriptions according to their meana, and their wishes should be° as much, consulted SB those of any other subscribers. I propose that we sry to the fair author. ities: 'We are willing to pay 50 cents each to get into the exposition on Sun- .days and if you do not. let us in on those' terms we shall go in anyhow. Let us name a day and hour when we :~~0hall march to the grounds and tear down the fence if our just demands ar«A not acceded to.",' Vice president Poineroy proposed that a public meeting be called to discuss the question. This suggestion was adopted and it was decided to hold a meeting Wednesday evening near Jack- eon park, at which a plan of action will be decided upon. PRESBYTERIANS IN WASHINGTON. The Sensation of the General Assembly Expected This Week. WASHINGTON, May 22.—Thiaweek is eipected-to produce the sensation of the assembly, the debate on the Brigga case. In just what shape it will come up can not be definitely stated. The record of the appeal from the action of the New York presbytery 'has been placed in the hands' or the judiciary committee, of which Rev. George D. Baker, DD., of Philadelphia, is chairman. George D. Baker, while not the first choice of the Briggs men in the general assembly for moderator, they gave him their-votes after Dr. Dickey had declined to have his name used as a candidate for the office. The committee will probably report tomorrow upon the regularity of the appeal, and whether or not it should be entertained, coming as it does from the presbytery, •without having gone to the synod. Upon the receipt of that report debate may be. precipitated, although the probabilities favor a postponement until after the reports from the boards of the church shall have been made, and considered. These are special orders of business at every session' until that of s Thursday morning neat. '" Mra, James O. Blalne, Jr., to De Married. NEwYpKK,May 2&—It-,is reported that -young Mrs. Elaine is to change •her name. She is going to be married to Dr. William T. Bull.-' Ever since Dr. Bull was called in to attend Mrs^ Elaine professionally when eae was lying ill with rheumatism at the New York hotel" there has been a suggestion of , romance about their association. They , only recently became engaged. The wedding will not be long deferred. According to present arrangements fixed for early in $me, Mrs, Elaine obtained a divorce .from young Elaine a year ago last February. She went ibl .Dakota for that Purpose andherhua- bahd put in, no defense. i Meeting of Baptists tn Denver. .DENVER, May 22.-^The annual meet* tog of the Baptists »f, the Union will convene in the First 'Baptist church in thia city today. The session wilj ex. tend oyer nearly a week. Fully ^QQQ visitors ar$ expected, coming from all „ ^ .Jihe principaT'cities of the east. - A great ' many delegates have, already arrived, ga C. termer- of Tremont temple' . ^||pa0ry.sernioJl at Calvary 'Jteptisfc •, , dprdiu Three large organj«$aMoR8 wjijl :fej»epresen^d, namely; m Women»» ^-^•" misiipiil; AWir^nBap- - ~~^-ty s anAfhe -Jtor- union. , f M. GRAY aiii J.J, " ENTlTtiEb • •..-•--••.^'-v 1 -'-MY AUNT SALLY! New Music, Songs, Dances, of Perpetual Oranges for slicing, at Hillabrant's, 16 cents doz« - Operation/ For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives instant relief and permanent cure aid costs ,but ft trifle. It is the Pyramid Pild Cure. It is a more certain cure than'a surgical operation, without any of the intense pain, expense atfd danger of an 6pSration. Any druggist will get it for you.•'• »• ,-,. • .- i ... •• • .. . . v *~'t- • ?Pare' Ohio maple Sugar at Hilia brands, ' ; .. • ,s ."' ..,- . •-•:•,-: .'; . ::<% Watoh For The Parade At Noon. Scats on Sale, at Greene's^ pricess 5(Land 35 cents. Seed Potatoes. For sale,At, the county house farm at cents per bushel. 40 '/MJXfSMfAfA <3i«o «J« DETROiT BUSINESS UNIVBW TY and School of Short-ntnd, ind lecur* an Jlluiuitn.' itloffue lh»t will op«n to you opportunities »o win your waj o Metal and fortuat. Uohrtnltjr BulIdUg. Dettolt. Mich: ' Coffee. _- '• ' . .. •• • Roasted coffee, especially that in packages, have been BO reduced in qual- ly lately that I have ceased to bandit* it and now sell the greeti or unroasted. Parties can see what they are buying and know it is pure. Yet I continue to sell the old reliable, the Ozama roasted. A. WATSON. Full line French Soups at Hilla brant's. * ' tfer Sale.'' . \ • Pure Plymouth eggs, 50 cents for 18. Enquire at Marshall-House. , I , ' LEWIS PERRIN. SWIM TO .PASTOR! Terms cheap. »ee or address, "A. B. KING, Mafshatf, Mich The popular tonic, beef, wine and iron at Hillabrant's. Motto* to Cyclist*, TJie practide-of riding bicycle* on the sida walks- must -lie stopped at once. Any persons violating,the Jaw in this respect do 60 at their own feerll, Keep off the walks and save trotible. V P&TEK HOWE, Marshal. Boufthtdn will Sell and ha-ig it for you. you wall papfcr Tin roofing and all kinds of tin work done promptly by Robert Schelly. '• v - loe • People deslrre- ice are requested to leave orders at my office, or notify me by mail or lea re orders at the Statesman office. .„-" '"''/.. ,':•..-; ' J. . Tb« Mill. 0. Whea anything you want to buy, Josi y bali at Chester's mill and try, ' .His cash prices will surely suit y?u, 0 When any feed you do want ground, Gal} at Chesbefs mill, he is always around, •And he will try to please yVu- ?i j We buy for cash,and soil for cash, . Atid mat's what keeps us in our bash. ; New Bottling Work*. . , Fisher & Culver have opened the Eagle'Bottling Works and are now pro pared to furnish bottled beer, pints or quarts, to all who wish it. Gfamer'g olobrated beer, boiled fresh everyday and delivered to any part of the city. P. O. Bex, 1060. The new Layette safety mailing enve opes at Smith's studio. The prornptneBS and certainty of its cures have made .Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. It is intended especially for coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough, 'ftnd is the most effectual remedy known lor these diseases. 25 and 50 «Jnt bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. , SPECIAL SALE. for one week commencing May 19. Call and get prices on all our spring' stock, see our suits and the low price we will sell them at, from May 19 to May 27 Special slaughter on pantaloons. T. SHANAHAN. You can always find the best Cigars at Greene's Drug store, Call and Trv Them. Chafes on babies, sore nipples, and in flammation of the breast instantly relieved with Lavendar Ointment. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castor la- Bicycles at Cost. As 1 no longer act as agent for the Columbia and having two on band, 1 •will sell them at greatly reduced prices. A. WATSON. - Don't get excited over croup or quinsy when Lavender Ointment will relieve you within tern minutes if used as directed. 25 and 50 cents. ' tTB09<l Otjf BBtJM, v MIL etji OMM, Gasoline stoves cleaned and repaired at R. Sbeley'd. . . .—.V—.-T " > '.•' Notice. I am ready to do domestic baking of bread, biscuit, rolls, cookies, piei, < and baked beans. MBS. AUGUSTA K, HODGES, Over American Laundry, West State Street. Get your tin warn mended tin shop. Sctelly' Smith, the Photographer. Has some, nice Frames for Cabinets' and other sizes, just received. Call and see them. All persons are notified not to dump any mart) thfl. streets. , " P$TEB HOWE, Marshal, 'm*m running. ^e 4 . very aiiaUar ri^,of Similes f r was yssfaa mwit. from'Syracusetp i-ast Buffalo a«$ itt J* ** t^betwoep^fefire . - Go to BpugWonV lor 1 Newstocl paper, . REDUCED!^. haive reduced the price on all our Jersey suits. Now is the time to buy. Flowering PUnta, Look at the pricey; Finest French amj German panaigs, 50c per dozen; Verbenas, 60cper dozen; Geraniums, 5c d i,0eeach; Salviaa, 5 and 10c eaelj; Cryaantberaums, 5 and Iff c each; Phlox drummondi, 15c per dozen \ Victoria asters, 15o per doz,; Lobelia, blue, 25p per doz ; Mpntbly roses, SOc each; Hardy rosea t 2 years old, SOc eaetf; Tube rose bulbs, 5c each; Gladiolus, 5c each, 'fo- ra.aio, pepper and egg plan la cheap r . . ,. £!. " ' Robert Shelley has opened a tin shop in the building formerly occupied as meat market, opposite E. L. Murphy'i store. Giva bim a call when in need o: any tin work. When you want a whisky for medicinal use you want it-pure, -"Royal Ruby" Rye ia guaranteed pure in every particular, and recommended for the invalid and the convalescent. (Bottled at distillery.) ROYAL WINE CO., CHICAGO. For Seaman & Co., druggists, sale by F. Q. Midget Pickles at Hillabrant's. Cincnati, Jactson & Maclinai Time tsble taking effect Dec. 3, 1892. Train* paw MarabaU aa follow!: THAWS aoma BABT. So. SB, Toledo Esprep* b27 • I* ^Cloclun&tiExpreM..... 841 itp H A, Hail andBipreBB 1268 pa " 87, Local Freight , .»SOp« nuim OOIMU w«si. So. 22.Mall and Exprea*. ..., ....11 IS an. " 2, einolnnaU £ B. C. EJcpre»6.......ti 81 p a ." 84, Kxpres*.... .13 38 a n " S8J LopalFreight ...tsaran All ttftlM dally except Sunday. » Direct oonnectlooa Are made &t . , Toledo and •Oinoi&atl with all roada diverging .iTralns 21 and 22 make go od coaneetion at Men? teith with th& Q B. * J., and at Allegau with the C. 4 W. M for Grand Rapid*. Moakegon and *» points north. ' ' F. B. OKAKB.Qea.ilVi. . U. M. acaiNDLEB. Gen. FMM. A«i 0. B» 3HIZB, Agt., MarabaU. S- TIME TA^JUE, NOV, go, 1»9!?. k Hose , the fioat4 ol Ke- a, at .:»05 T« 9 fit.' 5«8 *« _.. tt. n.jn.j».|». 706 fit 144 SOB I 10 600 JP-W T» 16? £86 869 CTLM*i **»»>. -.y.U-,.^ ^*TOpSy||l^ e»y OWc WWStf » ». «» is .4* Mlft48 tt*$i » SW WANTS, FOUND, ETC. h.Twenty cents 'a week for each aotlce^aat ex ceedlng flre linei. No oharn less than twenty cents. 1 O8T—A narrow black silk belt,with pin In it. Finder please leave at fl. V. B, store. pin In It. lepper'« I OST—On Saturday, an ajpre*» package, oon- Ju. taloing silk drown pattern. Finder plea»« leave at express office. MHS. J. I. bTAJMCS. L OST—A gold moanted silk umbrella In someplace of business Finder please leave at tnls office. U«QB SALE-ln Hatoh T « and Martin's addition *.' a lot joining the site of Cage's new carriage factory. Price *17£, termu »50 down and a small payment weekly. . K B. O'DANLON, Waahincton Hotice, Manhal. N OTiCE-Mrs. W. L, Buck Is agent for the Christy knives and Will f urnigU all who *rtsa them. C\OA.L sxeva FOB DALE. V ' M«8 W. J. B-BANOISCQ, Opposite, Johnson liouse, BALB-A K8s utove with own. I at rooms over Marshall Light Uo. '• IT»OK BALE—A good mare, W year* old: Will" 4* be sold on time it desired. Forpanlcuiara enquire o. Ueo.Hvyl, Went Green street. A desirable nouae on Hanover street', west. ^^.Jorrenji gnfluixepiZ. J; eiakealwi, w. a. i „ Mansion and Maduo» ou. W BY pay rent when you can buy a lot ea MarUa^and Hatch's audition aad kave a ; nouae built to auit you, an4 pay for' it in .<» W- A * iTJ **' H^MKDUTSi.y-^lipd*^.™- ifia'^r&is^,^^ 7 1C l AliIKH who will do wriiiu far'me at tha t49W)tW« • ^Ffl soo _ uwio M8611 ISM 11 7S» ^^18^ J^MMBA^Cl U>tlt K '*»=< ^»S*4 if ^^* «**

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