The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 8, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1891
Page 4
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Sli-illrliu- or iln: Aije Kell -f.'!;'rt Columbian Oil IB a pow rful roru- od«. whinii can bo takoa iutorually an w^ll ae uito-ji-ally by llio tftu.icreat iufaut It curoa alniotst nistautly, iri j'laawant, acting direct!} njion tiio Hybtoin, canning a uuddeu buoyancy of the wind In «nort % tho woadorfnl offocta ot tliid most wonderful remedy cannot be ex- plaiiiod m written lauguago. A single doss iiuialod ami taken according to directiosis \n\ < onvinco any one that it ia all that is claimed tor it.- Warranted to cure the folhwing did-aiort: UaouuiatiHinor Kidney Disease m auy form. Hoadacn,-, Toothache. Earache, Neural- h'li. M;Tainq, llrnwea, l''lesh Wouuda, Dunion* iiiii..--, Couirt, .Spinal A'tToctiou, Colic, Cramp' ing A'.mia, Cholera Morbaa, Flux, Diarrluea i.oiul.i-i.- (.\iidr*, Lironciual AlToction, Catarrh' »u.nd all .. • , au.l p8,ini, e\tonnl or intsrual' run uirculiunM \\nu oacli bottle. . - Fur aai-j at Greeu^'B drag stor.-. ' J>«.'U:iy uiiuiL-iit.-* uiv more ur iuss thu re- .-.ult* ot kidney aireotion, \Vhun the fikm >eeuiiHsdry ^iulhuaky, j.uinri in the back, liot and hi^'h eulored urine, so iv ness in the .sujaii i-i l!,u t,ai:k, are uiuniatakuble facts •nai [,,: kn|:r.;.- are in l.iu} uoudition, and a i'.-w ituse.-, of Kelh^'ff's C'uluinbian Oil \vill Convince »iuy unu of its curative properties on t.ioir di=(,nle)-.-. For salo at Orouie's - •J 'iiJR ,r«w«<ly ban been prepared by tho Beverend i'«.H.irKi.:nlf. of. Fort \Vayno, Ind., for the past ;> n yaura, and is now prepared under bis dlreo- •. mf. !j v tho riCEMZO OttltDICINE CO., Vet. fclsiim, en. S-ktos Bt, CHICAGO, ILL, SOLD BV DRUGGISTS. por Boltlo. 0 Bottle* for 15. For sale by M. B. Powell. GOOD ntTBBEB HO3E could be bought ten years ago. Why? Bo- cauie there wai rub- 6er In It The hoie ?,'5Si? ul . ns Ilt0e or no l> nre robbw. HOSE li tho old-faiKioned kiiut. and |. made of rubber. With good c. rH ihon Id laS five or six yean. It Is cheap at the price. At airaar- - Our BLUE mf- .' rOTir axpress paid, on receipt of money Vet. fclsii I S flr.f^&i p Dr.FRUTH Formerly of New York, now the celebrated ex aminlng phyeiclan of the Frath Metoal ani Snrgical institnte, CHICAGO, ILL. by request of many iriends ind patients has de« • elded to visit Marshall Wednesday, June 10. ».'onnultation aod examination free and strictly (onndBiittal in the private parlors of the Heru- (lon Motel one day only from II a. m. to (Pp. m. A itt .\ hoi: si'. . Tlr. tha u -•licli , an/i •yoaru oi.J .orou Trcrjcott am koeper; 3f liyhl house at Saud Uoach, ijlunrod wiili H daughter lour ^t**i^Siiy was taken dowu «.iu Ul.-^nicri, lul.ort-C'1 WltT^'.'ruildful COUgh mill tur.u:, K i-nto a iuvcir. Dociorn at home and at Detroit irtiated hajv-tKit in vain she yruw \>ur a u lapully miHl n!jo was u m--re •^h;iiidlal of L'oiit:s.' /1'liau tLo tried i)r. luug'-s Now bisuuvury ani after the use of two and a huh but lie, waa uuiupk-tely cure}. •I hoy cay Jji Kind's Now Discovery u worth it* xvfifcjht infold, yot you may get a trial bottlo true at !•' G beumiiu A-. CO'B dru Chli:,f;.' ji. Ti . BOSTON WOVEN HOSE CO, Mtnf'rt. of Rubber Belting and Packing, 226 Devonihlre Street, Boitonj 205 Uke St., Chlcawi 8 Bush St., San Franelico, Cat TpOUND AT LAST-Altor years of wandering Ai i < ?7» e1r l hl8 K mu ? dan ? »P h8r o, I hare found a tidy little barbershop, located at 78 State street opposite J. W. ^letcher'i clothing store. This shop 1» under the management of Walter W. Clark, who as a tonsorlal artist has few equals and no superiors. His shop has recently l>een refitted and lolarnlshed In elegant style, every thing, dainty, neat aqd clean. Fragrant pei fumes, razors smooth as satin, and all DM know what a Joxurr It Is to be trimmedJi»*?a tlstlc style. He is well posted on DetMtology and if yon bave a hard beard and tender face c»» on Walier for a shaTe. It Is said that ht newir talked but one of his cnstomera to death. which Is certainly In his favor. Bo It you want a good »,ean share or tasty hair cat, call at 78 SUltc street. 0. J. LANE.M. P., formerly with Drs. K. & K. All Sizes and Prices at Cost. AlTwho use them adTiae' their o.prhbors to do likewise. Thin is all we can ask. Ofer 100 now in- use in Marshall. All whose residences are o'n any line of the The Gas Go's, main pipe, can have service pipe put in free if tbev will , buy a Qas Cooking Range of The Gas Co. for Cash ind agree to use it. AH Should Profit by this Offer, Prioes of Qaa Conaumoa aa reie istered by each motor Sepa rately p Mieli , C:i'J oil Ihu C. J. & M. |£. Jt. June ?, Ib'Jl, following trains i.:usain" IV';i -No .«. iu. I'uiinii—No 11.10 .1 iu.,I*o. :.M, -i:i.j p. .nJic;.i'(.-!i;iLiiju in other ir;iiaa. ' T. C. M. ricHlNDJ.KH, G. P., A. Dr, A. C. FRUTH, A. M. M. D. Celebrated Exam^Sing Physician of the Fruth Medical Institute S TATB 0V MICHIGAN, i THB CIRCUIT COUBT «m THB J-In Chancery « COUNTY OJCAUIOnJJ. i / Dated April 2Ut, A. D., 1891. / JASON NBWTOW, | /•" Complainant,: /"' VB. J. / AMELIA NEWTON, I ./ Defendant. J ./ Salt pending In the CU«ult Court for the County of Culhoun in Chancery, at Marshall, Michigan, on the 21st day of April, A. D , 1891 In thia cause it appearing from affidavit on file, that the Defendant, Amelia Newton, has departed from her last known place of residence, and that her residence cannot be ascertained, on motion of Jesse M. Hatch, Complainant's nolle- 1 tor, it is ordered that the said defendant, Amelia Newton, cause her appearance to be en tered herein-, within five months from the date or this order, and in case of her appearance that ahei cause her answer to the Complainant's Bill of Complaint to be filed, and a copy thereof to be served on said Complainant's Solicitor within twenty days after service on her 61 a copy of said bill, and notice of this ord«'r; and that in default thereof said bill be taken as confessed by the said non-resident Defendant And u is further ordered, that within twenty uavB the said Complainant canae a notice of this order to be published in the Daily Chronicle, a newspaper printed, published and circulated in said county, and that such publication be con- •Hnoed there at least once in each week, for six *uV^ B succession, or that he cause a copy of tnl f ,o«i«J to be personally served on said nonresident defendant, at least twenty days before tne time above prescribed for her appearance. _, , „ GEOBOE W. MBCflBM, Ci i c , u {. t Court tommissloner Calhonn County, Michigan. « JESSE M. HATCH, Complainant's Solicitor. A true copy: Attest. WILLIAM J. GREGG, Register In Chancery. FOR LIGHTING •AVhen 10,000 or more cubio er cent less or 11.80. FOR COOKING o- feet 15]per A discount of ten cents per 1 009 cubUrleet willbeniBxleon all above rates when bills aro paid on or before t Oth of r month when due, but In no case unless paid by that date. THE MABSHALL LIGHT QO & Mactinai WAL8TON H. BKOVTN, Beoeivet. Time table taking •ffeot Dec, ~7, Tralni paai Marshall u follows: .,«. , ...... 62 r. ho. rum OOIMU win. Aruica sa.lve. Ui-t Salve iu tho world 1'or Cuts a. Soreu, Ulo«ru, Halt liheum. Fever ,--«i-ca, Totter. Chapped Haud^,. CnilLlains *.-oriu, hud all Skia Eruptions, aud pcwti'vcly euros I'lloa, or no pay required It id truar- nDteoa toyive perfect datisf action or money' roiuudod. Pripo 25 cento per box.- For sale by F. Q. Seaman & Co. First -clitss workmen atF. S. Powers' Will you part witlj .your Uar- , - — liu£ babies in . or call on your dru^isi'for Dr. Shar;wteeii s Lavender Oiujnieiil and Asthuiauc-Balsaui, mudiciuar that save live^^wheu doctors'fail iu Meni- jiru.UQUa- Croup, luliaiumation "ft the Jjuntid, LunK Fever and Typhoi Pneumonia, also quickly relieves u cures Croup,,- Scarlet " Fever, , W oypiu-r Cougli, Sore Throat, Burns. S -ulds an3 'Biiuiliif aBlimiouij 25 and' 50 by uiail? De. " ctor, " _ ._. eetablished and incor- poratedTufider the laws of the state of 111., with a capital stock of 81QO- 000, for the scientific and successful treatment of all forms of Chronic & Seztnal Diseases, Catarrh, Asthma, Stamach, Kidney ,!Bladder,i Nervous and Special Diseases of Hen and Women- Chicago Real Estate. Any man of Common Sense knows that a lottn the heart of the city of Chicago at $500, is a better investment than _ ^^ GOLD DOLLARS FOR FIFTY CENTS, at that price and le88 Douglas Bouleyard Land Associationr ~ 184 LOTS, 184 SHARES. ™^^A Bar ? et .4eep, front onthe Boulevard" abstract with lot, side J. J. the urine, ue weak and watery eyes, weak suited be/ore Id from youthful study, soclet, Io ad untime and brilliant . I Titles Perfect, Terms Very Easy I For farther partlculan Address to , FIRTH & COCHRAN. 80 WASHINGTON St. CHI.CAQO, ILL. Piles, GOlEandSBEMY SPRING BOILERS C rcu £xamiua.»lon el ^rlu on applying tor Ureafee&t should onderful cases which ^ old folly -, or Propri- Childreo Cry for ;JPitcher'$ ^ —, — BOILEK WORKc BataWished 1866. Mwiufactnrer of high and low BKMMUWand ateam heating boilew pf allklnde. i^e^h^'fM^ 1188 --^ ' W.*oU»-Uta3- poiler tabae for Bale. ( ^Ucblnui Ceatr J R. B~ CHICAGO INVESTMENTS For safe Invegtmenta, apply to ALLEN, OPOYKE & ALLEN Real Estate and Loans. , Booms 2W», Moataok Balldlng, iu Monroe St CHICAGO, ILL. KateHS&Lte^M^ TO ±SSL ll H!fei2iHl ; '•«^E»«ft^Mk«r THE M STYLE, 'QUALITY^' GOODS and PltlOEare RIGHT. Miss, D. Zel] 1 1 ]•••'. • ,. —S .1 ; ' «i .--. K.A _ .. t __. .. , ..,_*.. At „*„£—?+.•£ 9$AJ „ .. . J. ,.,

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