The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 22, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1893
Page 1
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VOL XIY-NO 238 MAESHALL^Kfl., ION DAY, MAY 22^ 1893 PRICE TWO Over £lalf a Million Payiiig *VisitorsSince the Opening:. STILL IN Afl tmriNISHQ) STATE, Absolutely Pure. '•".'•'' ' - : ••.-..-:/ .' x A cream of tartar baking /fiowder Highes'tof all inleaveninpj./strenjjth Latest U. '& Government Food Re> •-" '••' r;:; ' ROYAIv BAKING P0WDER GO ___ 106 Wall Street, N; Y. An Indian Outbreak is a dreadful thing— undoubtedly caused by the irritating effects of dirt. Outbreaks, and crime generally, are never possible among people who are addicted to the use or Crowds of Scliool Children Took age of tlio Twenty-Five Ccnit Kate— 'Tens of Thousnnili* Men and Women Disappointed Sunday to Aid tlio Gates Cloaed. Other' Fair JfertH. * '•.'.'•CHICAGO, May 22.— Since the opening of tlio world's fair a littleless than three weeks ago, 'over half a million paying visitors have been admitted to the grounds. The number would undoubtedly bo far greater wore jit not that until the .last three or four days the weather has been cold and stormy. Then there has been another drawback. The fair is still in an: unfinislied; state.?' gome of the buiidin^s are completed* to be siire, bnt there are others in which it 'weelts to put in place .The attendance Satur- Mews Gathered Froni Different Parts of the Old World. will require ' all the exhibits . day was unusually large. In the afternoon when the gateman had reported the attendance up to 6' 6'clock, Superintendent of Admissions Tucker predicted that the paid admissions would exceed that of any previous day, the opening day ; excepted. " ; It was noticable that among the Attendants were crowds of school children-, who took advantage of the 25 cent rate decided upon by the world's Jair authorities. The children wandered through the buildings and about AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP The great soptherof angry passions— the promoter of health and good- feeling. Cleans everything—injures nothing—don't be afraid Jp use KIRK'S Sqap on the most delipate fabrics. JAJS. 8, KBEtK & <X>.» Chicago* tally Waaon Complex. Soap. POLITICAL SITUATION IN FBAHOE, Premier Dni>uy Saya the Advice Tendered by Rome Hod a Persuasive rimer Which None Cotild Fall to Recognize—No Abatement In the Bitterness of the Union Dockers Toward the Nonunion Men. PARIS, May 22.—Premier, Dupuy, at a banquet in Toulouse last evening made a long speech concerning the government program and the political situation in France. He said that the cabinet's legislative program included the •passing of laws to deal with the new relations of laborjnnd capital. Fiscal re- forihs, a readjustment of, luxation on the principle that those best able to, pay should pay most towards the support of ^he state and *i- measure to regulate civil and religious societies. M. Dupuy admitted that the growth of Republican senthnent in France had been- accelerated by the counsel given by the pope to French Catholics. The advice tendered by Rome with the lofty purpose of promoting peace, he said, had a persuasive--power. which none could fail to recognize. In the streets of Toulouse, M. Dupuy was received with exceptional enthusiasm. A few shouts Of "Vive Badin" were heard but otherwise 1 ho attempts at a hostile demonstration were made. , Mr*. PariiuU Will Get Her Share. LONDON, May 22.—Mrs. Catharine ParneU, widow of the late Charles Stewart Parnell, has applied to the chancery division of the nigh court of justice to compel the trustees to distribute the funds due under the O'Shea settlement. The trustees had withheld the share of the applicant, under the belief that eventually 0 there would be a balance due her in respect to the Wood estate. The counsel for Mrs. Parnell stated that the applicant had children who were now depending on £ 100 a year obtained annually from another ource. The judge ordered the money o be paid into court, the applicant to receive her share forthwith. Monument Unveiled., PESTH, May 23.—The Houved- monument was unveiled yesterday in ;he presence of an enbriaouB crowd. Don't fail to go to Hiik'tlVnnd Have your eyeji tested. All tests positively free; Ask to see the new perfection bifocals, with which the vvoarcf'- sees to read, or sew and with the. same glass see rtt n distance Ileflmtnner we f-ave you from GO to 75 par cent on traveling,; optician's prices. • , •• "Royal Ruby" Ryo WhiskoyTTTfce "from ' all foreign flavor and- adulterants, rwturally ripened ftnd cloven yearsstorage in wood, it is A "Ryo as is a Rye," and cost* no rnoru than inferior brands. Try it.-and you will never be satisfied to u£e any other. A pure old whisky ,i» alwnys free from fusil oil, xvhioh is a poison;' nnd should not be taken into the system. Ago eliminates it from the spirit by oxidation, n ; nd it is converted into' fragrant ethers which give tlie<-. bouquet to whisliy. Sold only by • F. G. Seaman & Co., Druggist. , ' Geo..-tJ. $roeue, .the druggist; desires us __ to -publish the following testimon'y, as he , handles the remedy liiid believes it to be rt- 1 liable: ' ; ' , " • ••-I bought 6. 50 cent bottle of CKaiuberlain's Paiu Balnv and applied it to thy' limliHj whietihav ; e. be«jn ulltioted with rhoumiilisur at Internals for ono.ytiar. ..'At trie time . bought the Pain Balin I-wtisutiable to walk. I can truthfully say that Pain Balm has completely cured uie. R. II. Farr, Holywood, Kan. ^ Mr. A. B. Cox, tho leading- druggist ut Holy wood, vouches for tho truth . of tho above statement. HUMPHREYS' •Dr. Humphrey*' gpccIUciarescientlAcallyand 6j;Sl3*P»}»rod .Bemedlea, used for years to prtv^,tei)r£c3^ aud for over_ thirty ycwa Jby the people wth entire success. *^.._*1 _B_W -.-^_-. «.-.« 4-Vtu jt1ui*n •'wjeolatoure tor They cipe without drugi the iy»Uutt and «ire lo f act Remedies of the World. y VI^TB Every single Sjiuclflo named. ' ' ig or reducing .. 1— FeTBW, CongcsUoiw, Inflammations.. <t— Worm» Worm Fever, 'Worm .Colic.... 3-ToethlujBi ColJo,Crytog,WakeruliifliiB 4-Dt»rrlpea. ot Cnttdren or Adulta...... • IS IHiS AQirARIlTM^.FIJSUElllKS 11UILDINO. . the piark enjpyins the'-'-outing, and the department of aurnission was satisfied that the half-rate for children wa^o'ne of the wisest things yet iustitutwl. * •Tlie McMonnies foimtitin tp; the east Of the • arlihinistrfltion building has attracted >:u uiui-h favorsble -poinrneiit that a ntwiilier of Chicago capitulisiks are talking of hmnng the figure cast m and erecting thp bronze repro- .«« •..•^n- Ioothnolie.Faceache..A.. i«5 »-Be«4aolie«> Sh* Headache, Vorttgo^ .«5 10-Dy»pev«la, BUlousnow. CtiostipaUou. .25 11— Suppressed or Painful Periods. 1^-WhUes.TwrrpfUBe ', ,\ . . ^ .»O 13-CrouD. IbarotgitM, Hoaweneas...... .25 14— $»lt Rheum, Erysipelas. ErapUona.. .25 15-BheMnatism, RheumaUo Pains ..... «25- 16-Bi»l»rla^OhUls,F«>vwaudA8uoV..... ^5 19-OMarrfc, 'Influeoita. Coldlu the Head. .35 duction in Lincoln par*k. .SADLY DISAPPOINTED, TU« Largest Sujulay Crowd Since tho Ex- jiositiou CmcA.uo,.May Si-rT^as of thousaaida of- nnjii aud'svumen up and down the thojoughfajres outside the world's fair grounds yesterday peering wistfully through the cjpsedj gates of the White City and murmuring regrets at their inability' to. gain- admittance. iaqkuj of the louder spoken ones celled dowu maledictions on the powers " -that sealed the beauties of the" fair to Wa»kneM> Wetting Bed. Ya^ WITCH Pile Olotment r- SPEC i Ft (that yesterday would-1^3 tlie hist day of Ston,4ay closing. .!£ wajs by far -Hie f teg*** Suoda-y tturagat siuce the expo"" " ' - - Tr«t^portatio»7 toes and tbe aruiy of-, viptoity <rf t% "Uoyal Kuby" Kv<« IVliisky is ''u Ryo as is a Rye," naturally and frco from all iforeigu Uavor tufd aclul- ternnts, guaranteed pure and ovC-r eleven years of ago, recommended to the eoniiois- seiras a meritorious artiejo confidence of invalids, couvalerfcctits and the aged. Sold' only by F./J."Seaman <k Co. Druggists. ' For yiiar.s tin ejitop'of ilio Burlington Junction (Mo.) Po/t has boon subject tc cramp, colic or fits of iudigcstion, which prostrated him for several hours and uuJittf d him for business for two or three ,d»J 8 - -^ ol the-past year he hut) been uaiug chaiuber- lain's Colic/Lholcru and Diarrhwii Kerned) whenever occasion required, and it lias invariably given him prompt relief. "5 and 50 .cent bottles for sulc at Orteue's drug store. / The people were enthusiastic, but- pe??' fectly orderly. The emperor was received with cheers wherever he appeared. After the cereinony closed •with cheers. for hjini several students eang'Kossuth's nymn and were applauded until they -.sang it again. wreaths were placed on the monument. •'• ' • ' A lleulul Made. BEKLIS, May 22,—The gyverninent has denied the truth of the recent state- meut that Emperor Willjam in his capucity of supreme cQinmandeir -of the federated armies would issue a, manifesto concerning the army bill. To the denial is added the explanation that the e'mperog is supreme commander only in In almost every neighborhood throughout the west there in some one or moru persons whose lives have beeu saved by Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aud Dlarrhuia Heuiedy, or uiay have been cured of chronic diarrhoea' •by it. Such persons take especial pleasure in recommending the. remedy to uthere. 'he prais«"that follows its iutroduciinu aud so makes, it very popular. -Q aud M eeiit >ottles for sale at Greene's dvug store. . •war; ua peace the iederutsiJ command their respectiqe armie SEVENTY-FIVE WOMEN FALL, liw Eiitrauc«- to •Serious Accident at v iugton Hull. CHICAGO, May 22.—A diaffcttrou* acci- 4^nt marred the close of the 'great c-on- ra-essof wojuiBij. A section vO? flooring trance fe ^y«shiugtou ihajil & th# art institute, suddenly g%vgl^ar •a.ud fell to "titxe grouudl* 'a. j.-dfetiiufte" of 13 Seve»|y-|lve of . aaae^rtilea, ^contnluuted to -the «rit;^hajb.-/ollowea. . Cries- of [ «ia terror, awse »»,d from of pOurMTljacaitm •bat 'the womsB Ma>u doubted tiat : the The fakirs flounahed m never ' through the , unwilling to alarm Mends being they the Erosh arrival of K r b., at liillubrniu'5. loa A Ntiw.CeriiiiM t lire lor 1'ilf*,. *Vo dot intend to eadonse wiy t-xctijt urti- ;lbS o| geuumo uwrit*, we tUorofurt;, taie ileasure in riicoiinutudiijgtu't-ull'crfrd iMlea-in auy form, a i<ruiayt a«tl :ure. Th.e^pUowiug.leVfeers aptaU for elvea-, •••'.*s» Mary t\ Tyler, of Hepi^r, Ore.,, writes, Oae pkg,,.pf Pj'ruuiidPUts.Curc cn- .iruly cured u\e of Ifiles'fruin which 1 haw .ufffred for ypars, and 1 kape uevur bj;. lie lightest 1 return of them siiic«. Mr. E. O'Brien, Rock Bluffs, K.eb., »»>s- fbe pkjj. of Pyramid Pjle C'urt eutitrely^ n*. ved every trace of vtdiing jule^. .1 cannot thank you enough for it. ' • . The Pyramid Pile Cure ig a new, certaiji, t painless CUK; for e«ery^ form ol'PIlea. 'ft if- fe, cure and'ch^ap. .Any druggist will'gtt tfor yaw If .you &frk aku. " n - - • .,* tb«- a pint, They ire the most oouveutejit for fuusi ly use. *fiy thtJui. Uraujer's Caieb.wt- -..i'

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