The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 20, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1893
Page 1
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V ** VOL XtV-rNO 238 f f * i • - MARSHALL, MICfl.,SitUROAi; .MAY 19. 1893 PRICE TWO CRN POWDER Absolutely Pure. _ A cream o.f tartar bak i n,g.. iji ,, Hlpjhe'stoF all in leaycnrng stYpnscth qort. '•'•''• ' • .;'•';'• ; ' ';.""•'••' ... ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO - "100 WallStreet, N. Y. An Indian Outbreak is a dreadful ifa'ng— undoubtedly caused by the Irritating effects of dirk Outbreaks, and crime generally, are T never possible among people who are addicted to the, use of S AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP The greafrsoother of angry passions— the. promoter of health and good- feeling. Qeans everything—-injures hothinfrftfoa't be afraid to useDIRK'S Soap on the most delicate fabrics. JAS. 8. KPEttC Jte CO., CMceao. 'f lnskyiiaBondTarSoap A 8teh H«tf»nn«)H)(l relieve >T 4iy>trpul)lea bjofr •J*nt to sbUJotM ktalta of (ho *jBtem Maob ie Nboiea, Droyaineg*. PiatraM After - fiMOMh* J«t Carttr'i little Ltrer Ml* ai* »au»ll»»mlu»blolnOomrtlpatlon. curing MidptS Tenting tl»l»annoylogcomplaint.irtttte they alicp She Is Received With Much Ceremony. /.';. WILL CALL AT THE WHITE HOUSE. A Murmur of Approbation Swelled- Into a Genuine American Cheer an the Princess Stepped Upon the Platform of Her Car. Secretary Gresham Doing the Honor* For the President. ^ WASHINGTON, May 20.—-The special ;rain bearing the Infanta Eulolia and Mr. Quite arrived in-Washingipn short- y "after 8 : o'clock last-, evening, the Spanish warship bearing the nation's royal guest having reached New York at noon. ,•/.'•-•' .;.'•>''' ;.', .'• • . • ','.,••,", Before the train started froth Jersey. City a crowd of several hundred peo? pie. had gathered about the special train and more particularly <about the private car. Wildwbqd, which was set apart for the exclusive use of tho young princess and her immediate suite. As she alighted from hor carriage and faced the crowd that gazed in respectful silence upon the, party, she betrayed the first sign of timidity and for a second clung to the arm of her escort, Commander Davis. So far as her habit was concerned she might have passed for a typical young American 'matron; but there was a hint of the Spanish leaning toward rich color effect in the small turban shaped gray cap neatly trimmed with black lace and pronounced red and green feathers. Just a murmur of approbation by the crowds swelled into a genuine American cheer as the princess srepped upon the platform of the Wildwood and gave a smile and bow of acknowledgement. The royal ti'aiu arrived in Washington at 8 o'clock last night. And immediately a crowd was in the vicinity Of the station. The attaches of the Spanish legation were there as early as 7 o'clock. Fivw minutes later there was a stir among the rapidly gathering throng as four troops of United States cavalry under Colonel Henry rode up anil formed in line on the Sixth street side of the station. Secretary Gresham and Assistant Secretary Quincy came shortly after the arrival of the cavalry, in Mr. G-teshain's carriage, followed almost irnritediately by a handsome barough drawn by four magnificent bay harass. It was President Cleveland's carriage and the president's coachman with a brand new footman on the box, Colonel John M. Wilson, commissioner of public buildings, and grounds, and Assistant Secretary Adeeand Clerk Bockhill of the state department, were also in attendance. The princess stepped from the train assisted by Commander Davis. When the train stopped Secretary Grreshani pressed forward and Commander Davis presented him to- the Infanta as • the representative of the president. The greetings exchanged, Secretary Ores- ham offered his arm to the princess and followed by the Infanta's suite and others of the gathering, walked down the carpeted platform to the carriage entrance of the station. Outside, the crowds were enormous and the princess looked pleasad as she saw the throng tliat had gathered to receive her. She chatted gaily with Mr. Gresham in English, all the while, The Infanta, Secretary Greshaiu, Minister Mxuragua ana Prince Antonio entered the presi-- (leaf B carriage, the cavalrymen saluted and the procession began to move up Peonsylvaniaf avenue toward the Arlington, -^our bngl«rs op hoyseb^:led ana -;$rith 'the £our troopslof cavalry formed the escort for the party. Six sergeants of cavabry acted as body guard to the prjncesa> * ' ,"•-. The .apartments occupied; by- the priiiofeea are the historic Sumuer annex to the hotel, very near the Win td-bouwK A large bunch of sweetpeas stood" on a tatflSin the |iaj^^arir~l£ir*. Curry; pie other floral gifts, were around, but the GJklfefL ^' them rested' upon'' the table ta.t^e princess', private drawing- room on the secoo4;flooj;.%I| was & Mr; ~ • ' - ment. viisis ott," snouted „«.„« vire Mt the crowd and instantly every head was uncovered. . ' , It was with great difficulty that 1 the police kept the people from surging forward. Colonel Wilson received ttie party at the 'door. . , Imiriedjately upon entering the house, the princess passed into the reception rooni, accompanied "by Secretary' j&res- ham and M Secretaries Adee and Quincy, and her suite a moment later and the representatives of the government retired and Commander Davis bade the party good night. All preparations hadbeeh made to. serve Sinner, but owing to the fact thtro dinner was had on the train, the beautiful private diningroom. was not used last night and the princess soon retired to her own rooms to secure ajjpod, night's rest preparatory to the festivities that await her. This" morning she paid her respects to. the president and Mrs, Cleveland." ' , ' . Trleil to Prevent u UlitcnxHlon. ' BEUUN',. May;.' 20.—At a campaign meeting in Posen last.eyening o gang of "social Democrats caused ai tumult to prevent the discussion of the' army bill' and scattered broadcast over the audience pamphlets written ;by August Bebel and William Liebnecht. Eventually the police dispersed the meeting amid the shouts and jeers of the SCH cialists.. Michigan PenMions. WASHINGTON, May 20.—Increase- Albert Richardson. Reissue—Spencer Hill, Joseph Thurlby, Ebenezer Harris, Francis Hill, William Coi'bin. Original widows, efc.—Lucy Spotberry (special act), Mary Miller (mother), Barbara Vogt, minors of J. Walker. Pultl Admissions. CHIC.HJO. May 20.—The paid admissions at the world's fair yesterday were 27,fi95. Fatal Railway Accident. BERLIN, May 20.—A railway accident resulting in a large number of fatalities, is reported from llinenau, Saxe- Weimar. The boiler of a locomotive exploded, killing five persons instantly, and inj tiring a number of others so seriously that eight of them are dying. Eleventh Annual Conference. MUNCIE, Ind., May 20.—The eleventh annual conference of the German Baptists, better known as the Dunk- ardfl, began in this city yesterday after- 1 noon. The session will continue for eight days. It is expected 35,000 people will attend the services today, Changed His Chairs, CLEVELAND, May 20.—Professor B^rn- adotte Perrin has resigned the chair of professor of Greek in Adelbert college to accept a like position at Yale. Profesor Perrit is one of the best Greek teachers in the country and has been long sought by many colleges. JUismUaed Their Suits. CHICAGO, May 20,—William Deering & Company have dismissed all—their attachment suits against th& National Cordage cquipany at their own cost,,, leaving the receivers in undisputed-possession of the properties of the National Cordage company. Elevator Drops Eight Storie*. CHICAGO," May 20.—An elevator in the ^Hartford building, containing 10 men, broke yesterday afternoon and dropped eight stories to the basement.' John Peterson was the only '-passenger seriously injured and his injuries may prove fatal. r Indicted For Filicide. TRjysTON"^ May 20.—Mrs. Mattie Shaun of Princeton, who is suspected of having poisoned her son, John Shann x to get ,the insurance on his .life* has been indicted by Jh'e grand jury for murder in the-flrst degree. > ?-*', °, Fire to Cleveland. |7t» ipvtfx iicrv lifa^f^tf) -,i-TiHTA ctftt*£cki3 *n - Vi'l^lj Y MrffJLftii^ i"yjBH)fJ JSM*^^^JK "**O OLt^JTvvtU. **l the shops of the JKing Iron Bridge company last night and* totally d% efcroyecl shop- No. 1. Shop STo. 3 was I '. ;.- ' .+* 'f ,/*l^ r ^~'\' f> -~'" i * t» • -I'^A-Sg.-»;>!»•><-„-.? ukase the Jews fron* Dohl fail tdj^d-to fiulotl's ntifl have your eyes tested,. All tests positiyelj ;..v free. Ask to sec the new perfect ion bK;' focftls with which the weni'eV SPOS to ; read or sew niid with thci same glass see at a distance. Remember we i-avf you from 50 to 75 per cent on travr-linj: optician's prices. ' *-•-, *ROyal Ruby" Syo "VVhiskoy is free from alt foreign flavor ftnd: nduUornnts, naturally '•/ ripened and manured by cloven yonrs storage' in wood, it is a ''Ryo ns is a Ryo," niul caste * . no bora thnn inferior brnnds. Try it arid you will never be satisfied to use any other. A pure old- whisky is always free from fusil oil, which is a poison! and should not. tie taken into the system. Age eliminates it frbtn the spirit by oxidation, and it is pon- verted into fragrant ethers which give the ; !»ouquet to whisky. Sold, only, by Fi ; G, '. Seamnn ; & Co., p'fugghit. ' v - ' ' Qcbv H. Orqetie; the druggist, desires,us v *'.. ;o publish the .following testimony, .as, he .j tiandles the,remcdy and believes ft-to bp re- ,. liable: . '•'• \ ':. : '-/;v '. ". ',•...•-,.'•' '..'-. ;••!:; Iboiight a 50 cent bottle of dhainb"orlaiii'« i *-• Pain Balm and applied it to my limbs,, ;•; which have been allHcted with rheumatism •..;-". at intervals for one year. At trie time bought the Pain Balm I was unable to walk. I can truthfully aay that Pain Balm lm« Completely cured mo, R. H. fan-, Holywood,. Kan.~Mr, A. B. Cox, the leading druggist at Holywood, vouches for the •ruth of the above statement. "Uoyiil Ruby" Kv* WhlMky ' is "a Rye as ia a Rye," naturally ripened and freo frpm all foreign Uavor nndmttil- tenints, .guaran|tccd pure and over elorcn yenra-of age, 'recommended to tho cuunoin- L.,r as a irentorious article worthy of th« confldeuoe of invalids, convalescents and the aged. Sold only by F. G. Seaman & Co. Druggists. For yj.irs th! oclitor of tho Burlington. Junction (Mo.) Post has been sutiject tc. cramp, colic or' tits uf iudigcatiun, which prostrated him for several hours and unfitted him for business for two or three da.ys. Fut the past year he has been u^ing Lhamber- laiu'a Colic, Cholera and Diarrhea Reined> whenever ogcasioa required, and it has invariably given him prompt relief. 25 and 5C cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. , in almost every neighborhood throughout the west there is some one or more persous, whose lives have been saved by Chain be r- laiu's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Reniedy, ' or may have been cured of chronic diarrhoea by it. Such persons take especial pleasure in recommending the remedy to o thorn. The praise that follows its introduction and use makes it very popular. 25 and $0 cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. {Irtish arrival qf Malaga grapes, luc lb., at llillabraut's. A New Curtulu Curt? fur I'Ues, H'e dot intend to endorse any except article of genuine, merit; we therefore, take pleasure in recommending to sufferers from Piles in any form, a prompt and permanent cure. The ,f ollpwing lettere-speak f er them -"° Mrs. Mary C. Tyler, of Heppuer, Ore., writes, One pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure en- ' tirely cured me of Piles from which I have suffered for years, and I hape nevcl hnC ihe slightest return pJ them since. Mr." E. O'Brien., Rpcfc Bluffs, Neb., says- The pkg. of Pyxauaid Pile Cure entirely r£- • moved every trace.of itching piles. I^can- • not thank you enough for it, - - Thel'yftimxd Pile Cure i| a new, certain,' painlcta g cure for every forni of Piles. It ia -N safe, cure and cheap. Any druggist will £tt itfor yo» if you ask him. , 1 f blood red pranges, at " Some of the Grand 4S.V,niy |oys way b^ i^.^ ' ""'"'"i^yii y»a feSlowjiog-'fioui Ales. B,. A. D,, 'C., Cpuxnaajn^yr Best. Teuo. ^ojc of ^^.4"AJj4 C^awjberlaiflf) '' 4 - » - ,T- ~i i •' +•"•*— „ ^ .r ?,.4 ,V r , i*

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