The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 19, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1893
Page 2
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--V .»•» tfHE DAILY CHRONICLE ,MAY 19, 1893. ; - A'>' >* ?- . i •——•ii—•••***, THE DAILY CHRONICLE TKBMS OF stTBflcJUP'tiort. DtUly, «•• yesur (breach P*«...*4 7ft • s»*UI*i a«llT*r«d. 1O c*Mtn p«r weeK • Bopsorlptlor,* r«ceire44'*t the office nt pnb •ti0B 161 State street. " * Storms and Floods Doing dreat Deal of Damage. a AUTOES AND RAILBOADS GONE At Cleveland, Creeks, Rivers, Ditches and •ewers Are Billed to the . Brim—Very Few Trains llunnlng Kast—Cambridge, F*., In banger of Being Cut dtr From MM Outside World, CLEVELAND, May l&—The condition of affairs in the Cuyahoga river valley is not encouraging. At midnight Itfst bight the rain waa 'still failing and there has been a continuous downpour now for 56 hours\ without a particle ol cessation. Everything in the nature oi a creek, river,-ditch or sewer is filled to the brim and it IB'"beginning- to .be ft serious problem'-: to 4 kriow what will become of :the BUT- face water. The bridges from one portion of this city to another will be covered with water in a few hours if the tain does not cease. It is said ^hat some of them will be washed out Center street is flooded to the depth of three feet-and the water is filling the cellars of the wholesale houses and the damage will be great. Merchants are working to move their .goods to a place of safety; The water is rising so fast Jffifct they will not save very much. In thfc country there is nothingjeft in the way of communication. Telegramrthat have been received in this citysay that all the bridges on Full line roads are washed out and in brant's. , the railroad bridges are down, leveland is cut off fromall communication with everybody except the people on the west. No trains are .running on the Lake Shore east and no one seems to know when there will be any. The Lake Shorn has experienced more washouts in thalaat two days than it generally has in» year. The Erie is badly washed out and the valley is literally submerged. The world's fair train on the Valley is in two feet of water. , Along the river front there is much gloom and depression.. The drowning of jtbe members of the livesaving crew has saddened the sailors who knew most of the men well. There are few vessels in the river and none are leaving or arriving, . f The lake is a mass of turbulent waves and the seas are higher than they have been for years, The storm center is a long way from Cleveland but from gome cause this city seems to be getting the worst of it. The Nickleplate u said to have experienced a fresh washout near Brie yesterday and if this is the case it will be a week or 10 days • before traffic will be resumed over that line. The storm is the worst at this eeason of the year than has ever been known here. There has been high water before, but not at so late a period. At Ashtabula. At Ashtabula the water formed a lake of 20 acres near the Pittsburg, Youngs-/ town and Ashtabula depot. All three -Toads, across the gorge near the city are blocked. The spile bridge is .disabled to that 1.8 engines and 400 men are ont 1 of work on the Lake Shore docks. The Cuyahoga is out of its banks and the flats 'are flooded. Lumber piles •were swept away, causing a loss' of thousands of dollars. Three women were rescued from a canal boat drifting down with a 10-mile current. The rive? is°ooverd with l»m- berandoil. All fires have been 1 y«t out. r The water* are stall rising, communication is shut ott except by )oat. The hotel is filled with guests, many 'of them waiting to get home. Among them are ji number of Clevfr- and people, The water has filled the toilers, and the hotel can not be heated except by oil stoves. The springhouse, where the'mineral water is obtained,,is flooded, and the guesta are without drinking water unless they use that which bas been spared to. ship away, Fortunately the hotel itself to in no danger owing to the high ground 6n which it stands. - . . 'Should the water continue to rise until night, it is feared the large bridge between town and the hotel will be swept away and ^ a only possible way of reaching .the outer world will-be gone. In this event the guests can not get away until the bridge i$ repaired^ unless they resort to transportation by btfats. Traffic, on the Erie, road, the only road leading through town, is entirely suspended. The tracks are washed away at Saegertown, a "Jew miles west of nere. It, will probably be several days before this is repaired, and until that' time no one can leave or enter town. At THusvllIe, Pa. Titusville is -again visited by a de^ Btructive flood, causing great distress to poor families and entailing great loss of property. WE JELL YOU nothing new when we state that fl pay* to «»««** In a permanent, most healthy and pleasant Dimness, that return* a profit for every diy's swOrk. Such Is the business we ofler the working class. We teach them how to make money rapidly, and guarantee every one who follows our instructions faithfully the making of TOOO,Op» mymttt. . p Every one who takes hold no* »nd f worka will surely Ad speedily Increase,their earnings; there can be no question about It; others now at work are doing It. atfd yon, reader, « the same. This Is the best paying business that yon have ever nad the chance to secure. X ol » 2*, »»«« a grave mistake If >ou fail fo give it a trial at once. If you grasp the situation, artifact quickly, you win dlrectly..flnd yourself jn a most prosperous business, at which you can .surely make and saye large sums of money, 'flic results of only a few hours' work will often equal a week's wages. Whether you are old or young, man or woman, it makes no difference, - do as we tell you, ^'J*?: cess will meet J^ M the, v«y iU£ HeW«t to The practice of riding bicycle* on the sida walks mast be stepped at once. AnyrperSons violatipg the law la this rejapect.db ao at their Own peril. Keep off the walks ttnd sate trouble, • Hp WE, Marshal. Floodaf>t Krle. ERIE, Pa., May, 18.—Heavy rain has full particular,, Pace Kills" "w overwork — Boaghton will sell .you wall paper and ha-ig it for you. , , »* * *_ ..-.., , T -~ - ------- --• _. _-. -- - — ' _ / TN^tttll.' » f .."''' Wheu anything you want to buy,, Just call at Cbesher's mill and. try, " His cash prices wilt mreJy suit you, When any feed you do want ground, Call at Cbesber'i) uiill, he is 'silwayu around, v :' And he will try to please you. We buy for cash and soil for cash, ikntHnat'a what keeps-us in our hash. New Bottling Iforks. Fisher & Culver have opened the Eagle Bottling Works and are now pro pared to furnish bottled beer, pints or quarts, to all who wish it. Gramer's Celebrated beer, bottled fresh every day and delivered to any part of the city. P. 0. Box. 1000. The new Layette safety mailing env« opes at Smith's studio. . been failing for the past ; 4s hours, aud I makes no difference what kind. Using ail the creeks in and about Erie are ] greasy and inferior soaps is one toad to premature'3ecay—sore hands—. sore hearts—clothes never clean. raging torrents. Culverts and bridges have "been destroyed in all parts of the city. A large sectipn.of the First ward is under water. The, Nickelplate railroad bridge is threatened with destruction and is already in a shaky condition. Coffee, Roasted coffee, especially that in packages,.have been so reduced in quality lately that I have ceased to handlu it and now sell or unroasted. Parties can see what they are buying and know it is pure. Yet I continue to sell the old reliable, the Ozama.roasted. A. WATSON. French Soups at Hilla- Not so when s SPECIAL SALE. for one week commencing May 19. Call and get prices on all our spring stock, see our suits and the low price we will sell them at, from May 19 to May 27 Special, slaughter on pantaloons. T. SHANAHAN. You can always find the best Cigars at Greene's Drug store. Call and Try Them. AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP is used. 5T Cheerfully proceeds the labor of wash-day with health and long life assured. Hands all right- hearts light—clothes pure and white as a Greenland 1 snowdrift. JAS.S. KIRK & CO., Chicago. Uft8oline\loves cleaned and repaired htR. Send to th. DETROIT BU8IMM8 UNIVER; 8ITY •»<> SefiooJ el Short-hind, and lecura an )lluiu«t.4 CMklo^iM that wilt open to you opportunities to win youswal •otucceuuuKottulM. UulrcrmUjr BuUdl»^, DcUoit. Mich. Notloe. I am ready to. do domestic baking of bread, biscuit, rolls, cookies, pies, cakes and baked beans. MBS. AUGUSTA K. HODGES, Over American Laundry, West State Street. Get your tin warn mended Schelly' tin shop. _ . ' Snaltn, the Photogrupber. 'Has some nice Frames for Cabinets and other sizes, just received. Call see them. WANTS, FOUND, fenty cents a week for each c ^.Twenty csnta a week ceedlng five lines, No centa. eacb notice nat «x x* leu ttuut twenty L OST—A narrow black «i)k belt,witii pin In It. . Vinder please IMTO at tf. V. H, store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. / REDUCED! We have reduced the price on all our Jersey suits,... Now is the time to buy. 'Indian Pile Ointment _T.WU by all Druggist^ OP nuJlixl eu WIUIamr8r 3 8°(fo.» cf»«i»nd, O.j CiEcimtt, Jacta & Mactinai Tim* t&bJe taking effect Dec. 8, 1B92, Trains paee jMarsnall as follows: T&UHB 90OI9 BAST. SJ0.18B, Toledo! Krraess . , ........ .., 8,ClnoUinaUKxprees..... ... a, Mail and Express ..... ...........18 Wpm .. ........ .,.„;.. ...5 50pm I OST-Un Saturday, an expreas package, 1^ talning ailk dwais pattern^ Wndar.p leave at express onto*.- H.UU. J. i. ooa- L OST-A gold mounted silk umbrella In so place of business Finder please leave thia uffice. some at *-. • flowering Look a,t the prices: Finest French and German pahaies, 60c per dozen; Verbeoas, We per,dOzien; Geraaiuma, $c Mid lOcWah-nSalyias, 5° and lOc each; Crjaanthewams, $ and 1043 each; IScper 4pzen-, Victoria 6 27 841 So. 22,Msll and ExnteM.. 11 IB a m .«• 2, Cincinnati & ETC. Express 6Zipm w 84, JBxpjess..- ,......1238an- » SS, Local Freight... ^....,.oS7*a , All tsains dally except Sunday. '' . •Direct connections are made at Toledo and JCinelnatl with all roads diverging. • . Trains 81 and22make go odconneationftt MpnJ telth with the Q R. 4 L.and afAlleganwltb the C. A W. M for Gzand B*pids, Mnekegon and ajl point* north. ,-•,•*•' '• "t-" — •*• O. DBAKB, GOB, yptfr. fjiOH BAL.B—rnlTatoh's and Martin's addition, r a lot joining the site of Cage's new carriage factory.' Price #176, terms *30 down and a small payment weekly. H. O'DANLONi Washington Hou»e, •JUnha.L XTt>TIoa—Mr8."W, L. Buck U agent for li ;cnri»tyknlyt8 and will furnish all who inem. ' ... ' OAL STOYB FOB SAJ^E. / , MitS W.'.J. WRAN01SCO, Opposite Johnson Home, SALE—A gas *}?v« with OTSH. Jnqalre »t Wionu over MarthaU Ught C'o.'s oJBo*. l^OB 8ALK-A good msre, 13 yean old. Will J? bto sold on tfine it desired. 1'or particular* enquire o« Ueo.'Uoy(, West G«eeu siweu < A desirable house on Hanover street, west, A tor rent. Koqnlre of Z. J. Blakaslee. ^* t> OPMS FOK BJBKTT W. H. BAR8BT, J»- ' MsasUmandJMuonols. W 0Y psyrtnt when you can buy a lot oa Man%«ad Match's addition akd kaW!* house buAU to suit 790. snfMj fox it in snail »t , Uay gides of the city ars are beiag 4BOQA4 stories of ^onses *>y boats. ' blue, 35e eapli; T JQ8T-A. setting out JU «wked ««f« Lo mato, pepeer anft - a 4»| the cowatry «ace «wd »P Iwr shows »o ai the oommon e

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