The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 6, 1891 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1891
Page 2
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:THE DAILY CHRONICLE, JUNE 6, ISSi. THE_lUEY,OHRONIClp:.;- Subscriptions, rocftivrd ftt the office of publi- cotton .1M 'State stVotv "•T^fc yt\ * '• , Uronp," Scarlet Publisher, I, Mich. -4*i * ~ •> '"-0. 1?. ' 'Btisfi / (iTvTsIbn siiperintcnjdiyvj. oTtljp 'M .-C. j fras 'ih|t4iiB cit j todayir^ The in^son work-' on the new bridge ;^riy b» neftrly^f not quite completed tonight Tjio city is to do tlwfiUftig fu ftiu^tlie str/bet will .Jiave to ba wireed ! cqtl«i^erab|y^o that it •willliG aome"eUy8 •Jjc'0)pfor«/'{ii(j street. will be open -for .travpi. -V- •'. ,.:' '.-•••• • ••* • '' .. . -TThy an /YtupTitatci) Utalb Feejb£ •" •' A' ^ ry is! ngnljrf'form of neuralgia isijhdt 'fiflBetuirj the'-nerves of rfmpntated :, It not rarely happens that'after an amputated sty; mp lias henlefl, the nerves of the .f, b £! f\g cpjnpressed in the scar, be!.' .ex^cdingry, painful, , .Cusiodsly *• '"• i piiiivis not felt ia thefitupyi, jjly in the extremity of the limb, ».pri>bably. been bntied for a jsteaV 'or more. In 4 one case.-coming underline the notice of the writer a man whose arm had been amputated above, the elbow often referred td the pain ho felt iij the little linger -of- the severed member for ye/ura tifter'thedperatlonV An old one legged soldier, vippliUngior'an increase-df penMon. ^aid/>"rh,uv.« >mx)je pftju in the foot tdral ain} tn'an in. che J one that fug." , This was his'terse w'ay of gayin« that he conMnue^l td'hJcve pain In the foot which was lo^t; qn the battle field years before. • ,. ,TJJie^xplanatioji.Df thia curious ptrenom- , iu -thelact tkat tha teramlnAJ u, ouanui Fevet^ W oopiug _._jli, Bore Throat, BntTre, B -aids nnd sltnikr nfilictionb, .25 and 60 cents or by mail? Da. H.' SHA.UP&EBN, Proprietor, Marshall, Michigan. The- Michigan Genital wiir, on JUDO i2tivficU ticket?frprirMarshall to Kaln- jtenzpo and return at the rate of one and cents' per mile' in each direc- lion ^vith tiffy cento added for admis sibh oii' account' of''Forepangh's show, pickets good returning same date. ; d J2?' C. R'.'OSBORN, Ticket Agent. 1 .•'- ••- I Was a sTool. ' " ' Yee.tliey eaid Ivraaafool not to try Snl- pbnr Bitters for Bheoma'tiam, from which I had aolf.ered for over two yean; bat I had triad BO many doctors and medicines without gettrag^relief that I was discouraged. I am now on my fourth bottle and «lmoat. cured I was a fool that I didn't try thaj wonderfnl remedy before,— trQ'Pfitt, Manchbster,N H fllaiHefLt.* v pf«a'uerre are its most senaitlTQ aiti' th«y fire tlie ''feeler^," the pointf the sensations start ori their cooiae to the brain,- where they RTVO notice that somethiug is wrong with the ontlyftig xiistricts. When tb* ; nerve is injured -ii tl^is^Op'ptJnuit^tke ibensatiou i? often re- ferrfd/td tbe ,.ieijmin», ends. Ev liliis " who niis^ricliliis "drazy bone'V-tbe point ' abovp t v h,c elbow,' ixHre. the ijjhar" nerre is veryjBUinjrQciat..ttnd easily injured 1 — must htoe.iiciioeij lio\f miiih the -Seusation was affecteU-Jti tlfe.ljjt.tlefin^er I tlie|)aiu being of t en m'eiiter t Ltui- 1 hat at tUe point where thi •.Sji^kui yuita' T qi'aUu -«'o, your' 0^110 ff<fei'$w tij'SGOikl F. S; Powers'. •. >^» • .>i^_—i :—" ^'.'*.•••• „' •• r$^^ ; tir1rin>kefa"foi''Klcrri5rs siile ' «#'•' ;/ COME a crate c->f Brown Dislie called -Od|n«r.bia, very h'au^6on»c dm reasonable fn p/ice. Also another crate of .Joiiu* ^dacliiock's best white §emi Porcelain, which I am enabled to sel chen-pbr tiia.n evef ." ' lleniamber these Rdmombot Merrill's sale Saturday. Will you part dar* .i for ent thaf. onv . , Lun« Wver ancfTyphoi Pneumonia, also., quickly relieves n <' cures Df.FRUTH Formerly.of New York, now the celebrated examining physician of the IWli,Medical ant Surgical Mite CHICAGO, ILL. by request Ofiaany Mends and patients has de» . • ( ^-'elded to visit MarshaH 'Wednesday, June 10. Oonnultailoii and examination fcee and etrict|y confidential hi the private parlor* of the Herndon Hatrii one day only from ll^a. m. to 6 p. m. JOHN OVdP4,06*Aitterenf styles of goods to select fronj at F. S. Powers''. ' t .</. When Baby was slcfc we ga>« SiBr Castorih. When she wa^ When she Decany Miss, She '<Suag to Qastari&. When she tad I " ' -A.-»~r- All'tcinds of Creek Mill. Sr? "F^'d my Merrill's.. the tnost infalaU eacajte of aamjUua fluid in care H*o»» for urine, which weak and sulted fc v bU;k, etc^ it oon- -or laHinje flta result, may call JHf y tcbnfldeace. Th unit patient for • Fisaure, kaUfror ae. No lea. Brlght'a r t treated of cases tha Children Cry , Pr. W, B.t Church's prescnp|ion Ifile fG. Seattute^ P\. C. FRUTH f A- M. M. D. " ,_ Cejbbcatcd Bxainining Physician of the Fnith Medical Institute established and incor- ,porated under the laws of the state of ilh, .with a capital stock of $J.OO- tyWifyr tb^'acjentific suad success* . Jul treatment of all forms of Chronic & Seztoal Diaoases, Catarrh . Asthma, Stamach, Zidnoy.jBladder, WALL PAPER The Largest Stock, The Lowest Prices, At Hyde's Drug Store, \ HEW limT I have leased the old Turner Bakery, tonne r ly occupied by Doc Snyder and • BEFITTED IT ENTIRELY and am now prepared to furnish the public vrin Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes &e, A fine line of Confectionary always on hand. Fruits in season. * * First Class Lunches. J. C. KETJCHLE. Chicago Real Estate. Any man of Common Sense knows that a lot in the heart of the city uf Chicago at 9600. is a bet. ter investment than GOLD DOLLARS FOR FIFTY CENTS, Ton can secure euoh lots at that price and less by joining the Douglas Boulerard Loud Association. 184 LOTS, 184 SHARES. « ( Sli Lot8 'J 80r f et , deop ' (ront on ' the Boulevard *aop per share including abstract with lot, aide walks etc. Titles Perfect, Terms Very Easy. For farther particulars Address to FIRTH & COCHRAN, « 90 WASHINGTON St. CHICA&^ILL. dress -Four dining raomgirla. also ooe . shirt and collar polisher. Apphr or ad__: Jackson, Mich. F URNISHED BOOMS to rant. Desirable lo cation. Inquire at this office. dJ9 |7<OR BALB—My'black stallion, also racant lot. f Must be sold within sixty days. 'C B. BUSHMAN. •<3 dottoxL :Rpot» COMPOUND Composed of Cotton Book ~ i>.,.,__—i ^ reoent *' — and <PO RENT—Good house on Bast Green street -p--wh barn and garden spot. Will rant cheap. Enquire of Mrs, Joseph Buckingham, East Green street, or L. B. Albangh afpos^gce. H AY FOR SALE—Clover and timothy tnixed. Enquire at (ireene,a drag atore. -* Bold in Marshall by F. Q. Seaman A Co. Ladies! COMEandSEEMY SPRING i THE STYLE, QUALITY, GOODS and PRICE are RIGHT. Miss. D. Kelly. GRAND PALACE HOTEL 8ltol03H6rt6Clart Street CMcaio, 4 BiinutM from Court House. Both Plans. Weekly, $3.00. TranilenU, 50o up. Re«^iur»\nt by Gompagnon, • IATB QBIOA90 CLUB, CHJUT. " j-lrtt u sit . _ F OUND-A black>pfar-0wner can have the" same by paying for this noOoe. 'OR SALB-Firat class family refrigerator, _ nearly, new.- Inquire first door north of T: ii. Cronin'a store. /•—• W 'ILL the person who bonowBOTnySiftentioif 1 bit pleaee return the same. , K. H. 8ANPEH80N. TT^OUND—A gold plated cuff button. Owner can X 1 have same by paying for this notice. a E. H. 8ANDKK8ON. . 8CHUYLBB. 1CX)B SALE—A brand new canopy top surrey, 'i 1 never been ran, also a good horse. Enquire ol Richard Butler. • ' C ASH paid for old^lothce, hata and oai shoes, rubbers: Tfl-Iaot, -. .—,-r —_, boots ^s Buuraa» luMuccvi ui lAtit anytuinir and 1 everv* thing. atSr. Sherman'* auction7tore. ? B. 0. BHOOK8. W ANTED—An active, honeestiua i»< ,**°9 lnonUll y if suitable, wltn •^ suae, wtn niUea for advance, to r«preaent localiy W ANTBO-Second hand geodaof every de- actlpUon. Household fumitare, carpets, etc. Highest cash prioeapaid! send postal to £ 0. BroakTat oJTbht.^ anotionatore.. daia ANTED-At Dr. Sherman's Auction atof* I ^OR SAtB-New furniture. New and large variety of tinware and notions, aecond hand goods, etc., all offerod cheap lor oash or -—_ ' -•—•» •«« «••!* vt at Sherman's auction •IB UMU Kuooa. eic., au trade by 8. C. Brook store. PENSIONS s incuned in Ui^s»fitel B. STE For disabUiUai t MILO :VIMS A oo. BO ILEUS STEPHEN PBATTS 0TSAM BOIUB' " 1_ low kinds, Old koUers taken weaaureandateaabeaagtf^Uera ofaU uwo^tilpea,tae*oiattg5.1Zc. OU.koUen in eKhanw «or new. w « oolkr tubes tor sale. Corairl m»—j— *. — . j^ g i»ekfc r street and CHICAQO IFVESTItBNTS ForaafeInveatments,applTto ALLEN, OPOYKE & ALLEN R«Al Estate and Loan*. Booas 8MO, aLonitaak Baildlnc, UB Monroe St., Aefar by pemtsaion to atian«Iluidc fJhffMnr> - ^maaaaer"' 9 '' V £-' .^X.'-ifi

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