The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 5, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1891
Page 4
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San Francisco, Cat BE A MAN APOLLO WAI A PERFECT MAN. •liner w fnm-iuTiiuiM m WAII S» kaiioM **n Ibi udiati for mlw»rl men tb» pa«j boji mt birth wert pat M de»lh. lT«rjr MAM caa »• ITKOMfl aa< f IOOBOVI la all riipMta. YOUNQ MEN OR OLD, •afirlaf trom NUVOVI Da- B1LITT, toil «r ralllag Kaa- hoed, rhyilcal Excmii, Itiatal Worry. BtoaUd D*T«lepBiat, or s«y rSRIOMAS, WIAKIKI8, c»B b« riittrii to HRTEOt HEALTH aad U* NOBL& VITALITY ot ITKOHtt UKH, th« Prlil. aad Pow«r of Hatloas. A\> rlaini.liy MMU* of practice by niir c'.rlii-.i'.•(> niotlioilH a uniform MONOPOLY 07 SnCOEBS" in treat- Ill*; .'ill DUcaiei, Wiakiiius and A affll.Hloniaf M«n. Testimonials ' ."MI states and Territories. HUB ait*Uf stMni/ " ''•''" •-' "' '''•"'. sealed, post- OUN nfcW BUUrV puiil. lor a limited time. Ot» It whlli yo«*aa. rail Bipl»n»tlon. tor HOMX TXXAT- HUT. Tea oaa too FULLY BUTOKED ai ThoBsaads ERft'M r EbrcVL r ^?BXiyF^LO,*M°.Y! All Should Profit by this Offer- MICHIGAN (T " Tht Nugirt Fall* Routt." TIME TA UE, NOV. 30, 1890. TRAINS CART. and beatj sever made.i you and W » re *** on you!r order. Use it, ia.m.!a.m. Chicago, LT.....J 7 06! 9 IK) Ealamazoo 11 60 2 Battle Creek.... 12 55| 80S «*nhiH,Dp....,146 : a* 7 15 8 00 8 S5 I toe I |ropy,clo ludy. or r, the aged and tot-1 are soon made well by I r lt» use. Remember what you I 'read here, it may save yourl it ha« ttiived hunareas.| wait until to-morr.ovr, a Bottle To-day! ou Oil alo S I* 8 10 fi 15 8 10 p.m. 4 ao 6 45 p.m. S U 1310 p.m. ' Oil) p. m. p. m. s oo 5 87 025 930 a.m 5 55 .m. U 2 17! a m 3 S-J 3 57 440 3 15 p. m 5 sa t> 16 in: 7 •> 7 55 p.m. Prioen of Qaa Connumeil as istered by eaoh meter sapa rately each month win be FOR LIGHTING \Vh«n uuiler 5 000 cubic frot, $a.(K> per 1,000 cubic-font. ' When 5,000 ami under 10,000 viibic feet, 5 per cent. lcs« »r $1 .UO. f When 10,0(K) ur more cubic ft'Pt, 10 per cent It'ss of |1.80. FOR COOKING When linclor 1,000 «ubi«-. fuel l;>ij«»r cent lens or $1.70. Whun 1,000 cubic fwa ur nwrt«. 'JO p«»i cent less or $1.00. A discount of tun cents |»«r cubic fuel will be made on all rates when bills are paftl on or before lOth of month when due, but in no case unless paid by that date. THE MARSHALL LIGHT UO Chicago Real Estate. Auv mini nf Common Sciur kiidvvxlhai a li'l ib tlio bear! of tlie cltv M' I'Ul.-u^n al &.SOU. la a hatter ItivttBtiueut than GQIDDOLLASS FOR FIFTY CENfS, Yon can secure nidi luts at that (trico anil lass oy joining tlie Douglas Boularard Laud Association. • 184 LOTS, 184 SHARES. til Lots. 150 luet Jeou, trout, ou ilu? Boulevard (SUO percliare im-luiliu^ alidtraiii wittt lot, -ildd •TATIOMH. Vail Day" Chic . Eal., Eve. Paci Bs.t Kx.* ! Ex.t ttx.t Ex.* Five doaen urday. Clothea Pin next weet. Clothea Pina 5 ctuUa Sat- Unflalo. ..; .....|^2 80 a. mJa. m. > ao p.m. 1.^50 Huffe'ring from the excesses of I 'youth V U to, 8ULPHDR B1TTER9| r wlU pure you. . 8 80 7 50 1 «• 4 45 7 45j » 15 6 30 11 25 10 051 3 At 1 15 HI 85 11 50 7 10 18 OT 10 3«i 8 » 7 53 fi 07,13 !« Titles Perfect, Terms Very Easy. fur further particular* Addreat 10 KIKTI1 JfcfOCliRAN, iK) WASHINGTON bt. CQICAGO, |XU. Send 8 »«ent •tamps to A. P. Qrdway & Co., for beat medical work published ? Saturday. Uig sale MEBRILI,. (•ltao|;(> Jii Tiuto un lta« C. J. * M. K. • Taking effect June ?, l&l. followinj iBthetioveof trains p»«sing Mar«b5li, Micb : i Weat bound— Wo. 22, 11:18 »• m.; Jo. a, S:19 p. m. East. bound— No. 21, 4.45 p.^m.; iio. *, No radical change m other trains, TIC.M. SCHIMPI.EB. G. P. A. F OUNP AT LAttT—Alter ye*r» »f wandering orer this mundane aphere, I hare found a tidy little barber ahop. located at 78 State street* J. W. Fletchdr'i clothing stgre. Tbla •hop to nador the, management of Walter W. Clark, who aa a tunaorial artist ha* few, equal* and no superior*. Hi* ahop baa recently been refitted and lelurnlabed <o *leg»nt style, every thug dainty, neat and cleau. Fragrant perfumes, razor* smooth at satlu, and all men know what a luxury »* to to be trimated up In ar- tietic atyle. He i« veil pouted on Dermatologj and it yon hate a h»rd beard and fender face call on Walter for a abate. It J» aatd that he nerer taUud bat on» at hl§ castomera to death, which U certainly U»l»fi f aror. So If you want • ah*T« or taaty .hair cot, call at 73 • , fomcriy with Dr.. K. 4 K. tTetroi't, L» JaokaonA. 1 Albion....] Marshall..! Battle Cr'k aalamazoo CMcairo.Ar N. Y. limited eipre§8 waicn leaven Chicago at 118 p. m. will atop at Marshall to lei oft passenger* from Chicago. . |8aturdaya.exoepted »l»ally tSundays excepted - O. W. HOGQLK8, Gen. Pass. & Ticket Agt. Uco. A. JOHHSON. Freight Agent. C. R. OSBOBN. Ticket Atteut, Marshall 7 38 8 uO 8 40 a.m. 13 2ft 1 00 3 17 7 85 p.m. 11 15 4 (10 8 dl 11 35 4 30 8 47 12 12! 5 Os» 9 30< 4 85i 9 00 .... p.m |p.m..p.m 11 3u,l-' 5S 11 57- 1 'Ji 13 50 2 17 B 40| 8 05 t.m.|». m S TATE OF HI ICUUi AN, County QtOulhouB, M, Notice U hereby given, that by »Q order of the Probate C'uiirl for the County ofCalhoua, made ou the narentecuth day of April. A. D., ItWi, «lx ruouthd fruin that date were allowed (or creditors to present their claims againut th» estatet of Oscar M. O'Keefe, late of uaiU County, deceased, and' that all creditor* ot aaut deceased are required topreiteiit their olaima lu aaid Probate Cuur't, at the Probate office, lii tho City of Marshall,' for examination and allowance, ou or before tke tteveuteentbtlay of October u»xt.. Dated April 17, A. U., 1890. ., 4 wl£ , * J udg« ot Probate. TBS v in L't Ciiciuati, JatUw k Juae Dear Friends: Circumatauce* ov«r which I have no control are such that I am obliged to call for HELP. If y»u owe me a dollar. I need it now if I ew did. Will you kindly return the favor* I have .shown you. Tout* truly, H. M Th» b«8t 8alr« in the world , me«n. Salt Ohappcd lands,. Uda iropUoM. JWIP^J!2H ~~~'" P«I for i O. f KOWN, ft*o»lTer. W. T, 1MO; atUon- with -J« oskegoo »o<J all GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! WILt, BE AT POWELL, V DRUG STORE APRIL 1 Where he will open 1OOOO Rolls of New - WALLPAPER. LARGEST LINE EVER Shown in Mar shall Save? money by buying W»U Paper, at POWELLS Mllfi STORE S TATK OF M1CU10AN, THE CIBCUIT COUKT t^a TBS v in Chancery. COUNTY oir CALUOUN. Dateu April 81st, A. U.. 1 NCWTOH, 1 Complainant, \ . va. r NBWTOM, \ ' ' - ' , Defendant.,' ' , 'Suit pending in -the Circuit Court for £h«- County of CtQhouu lu Chancery, at MarihaU, Michigan, on the Slat day of April, A. D., 1891. in thi« cause it appearing from amdavit on ale. that the l)efendant v Amella Newton, baa departed from her lait known place of rt»»ideuc«, and that her residence cannot be ascertained, t>a motion of Jewe M. Hatch, Complainant's aolic- Itor, it is brderad t hat v the said defendant, Amelia Newton, oauae her appearance tob» en tered herein, within fire months from tlie date of this order, and in oaae of bar appearance ihat -ahe cauae her answer to the Complainant's Dm of-Complaint to be filed,'and a copy thereof M> be served on said Complalnant'a BojUultor'within twenty daya after sorrioe on her ol a copy or aaid bill, and notloe of thia order; and that in default thereof aa'd bill be taken a» confesae* by the aaid non raaldent IHIendanV . And iti* further ordered, tkat within twenty days the aaid Complainant ca*ae * notice ot thia order to bTpubliated In the D»U/ CJuWBlole, a newapaper printed, published Mid clrcnlaied in aaid-connty, and tbit anch publication be con- Uuued there at least once in each week, for six weeks U aucceaston, or tkat h» cans* a copy of this oraar to be personally aerred «a aa»d wn- realdeat defendant, at leaat twetaty d*y§ before, the! • si , , Circuit Court Commlasloner Calhonn County, Mlohlgam.i ' '' tf. B 4 tiue oop Complainant's Solicitor. in

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