The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 18, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1893
Page 1
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VOLXIY-N0235 IARSHALL/ MICH., THIIMDAY, 4iif is, MS93, TWO m. j s POWDER Absolutely Pure. ••..•.-''. •. -'•'•- •' ' • ••':'.•': A cream of tartar baking' riowder Highestof all in leavening sWenecth Latest U. S l Gore^nmont Food ffd- ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 106 Wall Street, N. Y, An Indian Outbreak ir a dreadful thing— undoubtedly caused by the irritating effects of dirt. Outbreaks, and crime generally, are never possible among people who are addicted to the use or AMERICAN FAMILY The great soother of angry passions— the promoter of health and good- feeling. Cleans everything—injures nothing—don't be afraid to use KIRK'S Soap on the most delicate fabrics. JAS. 8. ICEBK: & co.. A HOT or fiuacii'AL NOB. CUJUCB. rwciu. 1— Fevers, Congestions, Inflammations,, ,45 2— Wormti Worm Fever, Worm Colic.... .35 a^Teethin(f| Colic, Crying, Wakefiiliieas .25 4-lHarrbea, ot Children or Adult* ....... 25 7— Cough*, Colds, Bronchitis....?,..:.,...., ,33 8— Neuralgia, Togthactie, Faceacti@.... M .25 9-Headacben, Sick Headache, Vortlgo.. .25 10-rDyspcp»la, Biliousness, Constipation, .25 ll-Sapprei)aed or Painful Periods... .25 .\2-\Vhiten, Too Profuse Periods ....... .... .25 13— Cronp, Jbnrynirttla, Hcammess ...... .25 14-SaIt ttteeutn. Erysipelas, Erppllonj.., .25 15— Bheaniatiaoi, Ehouiaatlo Pallia ,,.,.-? .25 16— Malaria, ChiUg, Fever and Ague...--. .25 19-Cauirrh, InflutnwuColdlaUioHejKl, 20-Whooptatr Cough....... ...... ........ . .25 27-Kidncy IMeea»e» its-Nervous l)«DlUty, 30-Crlnary Wfitt^new, Wetting Bed.., WItlCir HAZEI, 1 Hie Otntment."^Tri«TfiUe. JMH y, JhTMHrtiMf or «cnt Jptetpald oe wseipt ' XUk BVWHEIKi' MATOU. (14* Jl«£«,) XAU.SO f S fi EC IF I Cowpiexion f^sr.od VIOLA CREAM v • l^^-AgSito W ite'or,^- Meeting of the General Congress of Women. HUMPHREYS' • Or. Humphreyii' SpeolQcu oroscleutlficaUy and carefully prepared Hemedles, used rfor years in, private practice and for over thirty years by the people with entire success. Every single Specific a special cure for thu disease named. : " They cure without druKglug, purging or reducing the system and are in fact and deed the Sovereign of the World. iTTBA '^^t^it?!^ ^ lb., at-HHlabrani's. ,'; . t'Vur of America'! • Greatest Actressei, Mine. ModJnuUn, Georgia Cayvan, Clara Morris ami JTnlla Marlowe, Give Their • Opinion 011 Vfcmmu—National Oommli-, •(on and Local Directory In'a Deadlock. CHICAGO, May 18. — Last night's meeting of the general congress of women was opened at 8 o'clock in the Hall of Columbus by Mary C. Snedden, president of the congress, who introduced Re>. Anne Howard Shaw • of Pennsylvania, who spoke on the subject of "Woman." She was followed by Kaethe Shirmacher of Germany, who spoke on the effect of modern changes in industrialTand social life on woman's marriage prospects. Helen H. Gardener of New York then spoke on "Heredity." : •'••"?• ' , AMERICA'S GREATEST ACTRESSES Her on-Saturday night by Mr&, Barney. Michigan tensions.. . WASHINGTON, May IG.^Original— Candier Jacqnay, Harrrisori P. West, Phillip-Labo, C. "VVajrher, jOaniel Latn- afand. Restoration and increase—Hetia Coolidge. Increase — Henry Sine, omas J. McCulloch,'Edward N, Case. Reissue-i-James H. Webber, Hiram F. Daniels. Original, widows, etc.—Catharine Manion. Arinenta Weatter, Al- tuira Chaffee, minors of Saurael Teague, minor of Gaudier Jacquay. , Affair* of the Ann Arbor Road. , NEW YORK, Jtay 18.—It is claimed by the officials of the Toledo, Ann Arbor and North Michigan company that the company does not owe the Craig Shipbuilding company over $185,000, as is stated, and that they have no advices of a proposed issue of receiver's certificates. V . ' Give Their Opinion of Woman and Connection Wit* the Stage. CHICAGO, Slay 18.—Four of America's greatest actresses,-wem^eattraciion at the Hall of Washington last night where a large and enthusiastic audience gathered to hear their opinions on woi;:an and her *cSnnection with the stage. The speakers were Mme. Modjeska, Georgie Cayvan, Clara Morris and Julia Marlowe. Mina Cay van's remarks (Touted the greatest enthusiasm on account of her style of delivery Ui.d the aptness of her subject. Mme. Mod- jtska opened with an elaborate review of the "Endowed Theater." She was followed in turn by Georgie Cayvan on •"Woman in the Stock Company;" Clara- JT.i'iTi.s on "Woman in the Emotional Drama." and Julia Marlowe in ah extempore speech. Brought to u Deadlock. "CmcAUo, May 18.—The demand L>r the resignation of Thedore Thomas has brought the national commission aud the local directory into a deadlock. Air, Thomas is left in a very embarrassing position and unless the matter is soon settled, he will retire from the exposition altogether. The matter will be broughlfcpe'fore the board of reference and control this afternoon. The quarrel has now reached a point where the entire musical department of fqr which nearly §1,000,000 have beetv provided', is threatened with destruction, as it .is,believed that if Thomas retires*iroin the fair hia entire orchestra will follow him. Admissions to the Fair. CHICACO. May 18.—Up to 6 o'clock last evening 28,977 people paid admission and entered 'the world's fair i grounds. The grand total up. to 0 laat reached £23.810. .- CHICAGO, May IS-^The Ayhisky.'trust has authorized an issxte of §8,000,000 bf •25-year 0 tier cent first mortgage bonds which will be used to buy out or establish . distributing houses, doing away" with the middlemen or wholesalers. . Two Per»ons Hailly Hiirnnd. WEST SUPERIOR.; Wis., May 18.—Fire yesterday destroyed ft frame building on Tower avenue, MJ-S. J. % Kimball, an occupant, and W. S. Alldn were badly burned. Loss, $20.000. Koh0nii>in Diet to Cloxo. VIENNA, May IS.—EmiH-ror Franz Joseph has telegraphed to Prague an order closing the present session of the Bohemian diet. The Major Dying. LONDON. May 18.—Major Lo Canon, mce a British government spy among, he Irish in America, is dyiug. A DISASTROUS EXPLOSION. A New Certain Core for Pile*. . dot intend to. endorse atij; except arti- of genuine merit; w» therefore, take , pleasure in recomnjendingto sulfererB ftorn Piles in^ny form, & prfatopt and permanent cure*,, The f olloVing letters speak for themsolves: ,' .; —_ Mrs. Mary C. Tyler, of Heppnet, Ore., writes, ' One pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely durod mo of Alea^rom which I hnvo suffered for years, nndrl hapo never ha« lie slightest return of them, since. Mr. E. O'Brfen, Rock Bluffs^Nob., says- The pkjjf. of Pyramid Pile. Cure entirely removed every trace of itching piles. I cannot thank you enough for it: The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new, certain, painless cure for every form of Piles. It is safe, cure and cheap. Any-druggist will get"'" itfor.youif yquasirhim. .' -' TMalteso blood rexl ora oges, at"> H ilia brant's. -• Sdtne of the Grand Arjriy'boys may.bein- ferested in the following from Alex. B. Pope, •'A.^.'C,, Commander Dept. Tentf. and. Ga. "Se-Baya: "W 4 e have had an epidemic of wh< oping cough here (Stewart, Tenn.,) and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy / has been the .only medicine that haa done any good." There i'g nb'danger from whopping cough when .this reiuetly i» freelj given. It completely controls the disen»e. 50 ceut bottles for Hale ill GreeneS drug street. lix Person* Kilted "and One Man Fatally Scalded. GEN EN A, His., May 18.—C. I. Pope's rlucose factory was the scene yesterday afternoon of a most disastrous ex- )losiou by which six persons lost their ives and one man was fatally scalded. The killed are: 'Victor Anderson, Louis Schultz, Fred Storm, E. Lund, Alfred Anderson, J. Danielson. Fatally injured: J. Kalberg. Seriously hnrt: Willia^n Pratt. One mail is still missing and it is donbtful if his body can be recovered for several hours. The loss is "' JieuU-ii by Their Couutryineu. ATLANTA, Ma-y 18.—A dozen Oxiinese were arraigned in t}ie recorder's cburt to auswer for a riot which occurred in their quarter Sunday night. The riot arose over the traitorous conduct of several of thoir number in having reg- i^tfred aud deposited their photographs in the federal court. Those loyal to the Chinese idea upbraided those who- were so weak as to coujpiy with the American law, aud that results'were 1 'jokv.ii arms, noses and cracked heads. Heavy ,—T^|free gold •y- books yesterday was Be^xport^ferom New YOJ? .,_.,. . .. Jl,50»,000, a§4Jl t OOO,OC been engaged for ; export today. The Ireasury. department is ••not .advisee vvliether all %i$ gold will,be taken fxom Ix* wftouni o| |«« gold &&$&# can uut b# stated. If aJl^lxaft |^& taken Get your tin war- iu. u<l«-il tin shop I t Jlj-'fe • Go to Buunii ou'.» i> i New stock ami new stjles. Wanted ut once—LuUj cunvitssers for this city uud. IW ibecounty. VVUlmake money. Address Mrs E H. Ad-in *, 12 Went, Main street, Butt H Crtck. I have a n«w com'^.n-ri <m Ball b?nr- ipg cushion tired bicycle, suitable tor boys aud girls, worth $40, which 1 will sell for |25, which is lesa than tlm actual cost 1 have a'so a cushion tired 189.2 Lovi H, whicli has been used b'ut littlo.. Look it over and get my price on it. C. HKKBEKT THOMPSON. . The factory was a large 4-story Btrncture and there were 80 employes in the building at the time, most of whonj escaped with only slight injuries. The explosion occurred in a generator and (scattered things right and left. The shock was a terrific one and was felt throughout a radius of three miles. That uy ; »re lives were n,ot lost, borders on the miraculous. The scene presented the usual one of devastation and the suffering of the scaMed tmes was indeed terrible. Peo- pli? in the .vicinity immediately ran to the ivn-uo'und the work of assistance was SDOH begun. Physicians were summoned but the six unfortunates named M. A. Sherman, the old reliable uiii verbal auctioneer, is prepared to attend sales of alt kinds. He sells and eveiything, houiV, uld fiinus, city property, -i«u •«•!•.- "t nil kiui^,. ,atut make.-- a .-.|/< > fariu sales. If you have aijytliit.ji u sell call and see him. « New slock Bpujfhtou's. of wull -paper at &uwi.At:\* vu-V V-M-v tyiJL ULLIA.VJA i.u.fAOL.cei i^aj-uvu. • . ... t i werniK.t in-needof their services and erwise, will be taken care of. the doctors turne 1 tKeir attention |o ception will be made to this tli« iuiur.i»d. The cause of the disaafceoK! »nvnn» Pi.-'rn>u H, th« injured. The cause of the is no;, yet known. An inyestigatiou ia ; being made. , Jiitt.-ruaUng Kveiit at -EYELAND, May 18.—-The meeting of the alumni of the American College of Borne- -which began at the Hollenden .yesttrday v was an interesting event. The tasterff'&iQceses, a great many of its' members were educated at Rome, are well represented, nybile Baanyw^at- ern priests are also in attendance.' Among those present are Archbishop Corrtgan of New York and* Bishop ; 2£c- Donnell pf B?o6Myn; Bishop McCloatey of Louisviller Bisjbiott. Chatard, of Jn-« dianapolis, Bian6p""Bichter .of Grand j ajd4 wajjy oJaer triests.- The Notice Ivelutlve to Coxiw. The ordinance relalh-e ip pasturing cows in the street wifl be ^trictly en forced. No catthf will txj atlowcd 10 lj« pastured^iu any street, whether they are tied or not, and all cattle found at large in the street, whether tied or oth No ex rule lor anyone. PETEK^HOWE,, . City Marshal/^ AS TED— Faithful geaUefflan 01 li.dy rptg elat in. office. : P Railway fare advanced here ^ self-»ddreifM'd i-iuinpeij ifuv* oie- NATIONAL, sa.WcVicktr'* fctti:ffli,g. tu- ago' 111, _!•?-•" GOOD SUMMER WOOD, if;?!' aecepary aBsietajice Jn fUeher'8 Castorla.

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