The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 4, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1891
Page 4
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tlonno Cleaning. Thomns Lewis is now ready to do house cleaning. Carpets taken up, cleaned and put down, stoves taken clown, imdin fact everything in the way of house cleaning done in .1 first class manner at reasonable rates. No More Whipping. Duncan & Lewis have erected n car pet cleaning machine on Exchange street opposite John Adams' novelty works. Carpets cleaned at 2}^ cents a yard. .Work nailed for and delivered C'all and see it. . THE DAILY OHROmCLEJ. JUNE 4.1891. Don't go without rt Spring Overcoat when you can get one made to onlor for $25 at. F. S. Powers'. There ano thousands of families in Michi. gan that cannot be induced to use any other remedy in their families than, Columbian Oil. In case of an emergency in any paini bad cold or inflammation its action is sure and certain. For sale at Greene's drug store. - ' , Fur aU inflammations of the bronchial tubes or bad colpa, Kelloggs's Columbian Oil is a splendid remedy. A few drops should be taken clear on sugar every.tlirec or four hours, and bathe the throat and cl/cst two pr three times a day. It speedily allays the irritations, ticklings and itching, and creates a healthy action, and a'com- ;plete cure is readily effected. For sale nt Greene's drugstore. • tiood Looks* f'^Good looks are more thsn akin doop. depending upon a healthy condition of alt the vital organs; If the Liver be inactive von have a Billions Look, if your stomach be disordered you have ,a Dyspeptic Look and if your Kidney* be affected yon have a Pii ched LOOK. Secure good health and you will have good looku. Electric Bittern IB the groat alterative and Tonic acts directly on those vital ; organs. Cures Pimples, Blotches, Boila. and %lves a good complexion; Sold at P. G. Seaman's Drug Store, 60 cents per bottle 4 To the Afflict«<l. ^ Since the introduction of Eellog'a Columbian Oil it has made more permanent cures end given better satisfaction on Kid no v com- luaituu and Khentnatbm than ony known remedy. Its continued series of wonderful cures in ai. dimatea has made it knowu ana, eafe and reliable agent to employ againnt all aches and pains, which are the forfcrunneru of more serious disorders. It acts speedily and surely, always relieving suffering and often saving life. The protection it afford* bj its timely ube on rheumatism, kidusy affection, and all aches andpaiiiu, wounds, cramping pains, cholera morbus, diarrluoa,, fcc-ugha, colds, catarrh, and 'disorders among children, makes it an invaloabla remedy to he kept always on hand in every home. No person can afford to be 'without it, and those wLo have once used it never will. It is absolutely .cor- tain in ita remedial effects, and^witl always core when cures are possiole. Call at Greene's drug store and g<it a circular giving more full details of tUe curative properties of this wonderful medicine'. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. How Ofteu We see some young man wli-j has squandered his money and rained his health by ex cesses; and before 30 years of age id an all broken down and played out man. In t.11 such cases ^prescribe nature's tonic and ner- vine, ^Olphor Bitters. They supply food for the brain, strengthen the 'net you and are successful nine coses out of tenfold Physician ve^ai Veiy Cheap. The farm known as the Tracy farm in Marengo, south of Rice Creek. t Vyill be sold very cheap i,f sold before the loth of May. S. S. LACEY, Agt. Coarse Cora Meal for chickens. Guaranteed Cure We anfhorize our advertised drnggiet to sell you Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Golds upon tnia" condition, If yon are afflicted with LaGiippe ^ and will use this remedy according to direc-. tioua, giving it a fair trial, and experience no benefit you may return the bottle and have your money refunded. We make thin offer pec ana i ef the wonderful succdsses of Dr King's New Discovery during last season's * edidemio. Have heard of no case in which it failed. Try it. Trial bottles freest F. G. Seamen* Go/a Drug *tore, -Large a&e . 50e and 31. ,i:ii .. ; 4 . Found at Last. The nicest, most beautiful decorated pattern in semi-Jforcelain of J. G. ~ Meakin'a make (Kngland) ever brought into this city/ Ladies who intend to purchase ax mething nice this spring 1 to set their table with, something that can not be distinguished from real QLina will do, well to call at John Wiseman's aad take* a look at them Before .elsewhere . " •••',- w — - — •—• —— °nJnfertorHo«»bntg«*th» - ?*«riract aiuocas*. A Strong Proof. , ONT., CANADA, Jane, 118. r. nCd v y M l6p8y In **»«*« (resng n ew\ork Icouinlted the best Physicians but thoy could only arrest thVdl. •ease, the honoat ones told me then there wag no eure for it-I wa* compelled to give tipmy oe<m° pation and rotum to Canada In 1878 : since thai consulted ;spiRAL"*AHK. 1" Cotton How having no ontsldecoverlng te wcoiir«etnere«r'elmlUUon8; 08 t e hpreare r |o{;J*B5r« jmweyer. by which you can tell If the dealer U trying to tell an Inferior hose, Thfl Genuine " Spiral" hai •• A Pl*Cl\ llqe woven in: B^ surf H If BLACK, not 4*rH blue, re<I «r II. Tl>« stencil "'SPIRAL' P*terjte4 " ' —' — , 1880," op every length. , r\+rcri 70,1880," op every lepe I". T|>« CORRUGATED COUPL.IrtQ Icpjtr) 19 new poi up wHb a WRAPPER arouiH tD« DOM r>e*r tlj« coupllo j — VV»|f * V kVVVVH/fl't ,i ••• Ufc^ « V^M _ T ,--, 117 at J. CUFTORD. P«nK WRAPPER arouiH ti>« DOM ; O.:r Wm-v:..;--: ..,;,., .;;.„,..-,„, CI nervous, ill- IJWtbt COUpllOJ. ' ">'^- : '^-"-} .C.V.CK .-,. v ; s ,;i :y.<- < r , <.»y u<ldr«En, and ] .* ul *Pf* mSteuntfree if jrou mention MiptiHIaA poor [>'i!:<:: ; ;'.:.; T; > ci;tain thiH m<;iUi iiic 1*011, Sola everywhere. -, ' jr<H-o)c!r: ., ;. f :,-,, .JOSTONWJVEN HOSE CO., llaa/'ri, of Rubber' 'iliar-7-.r,K-,,at,,-..t :,—,.,,r.r,M)bythcneverpucl ^Jt ng and Packing;, 226 Devonshire k, BoitoSl Pastor 1^(. :,". ;:f *m w.-.,-,... i,,,i. for thr J>HBI «5 Lake St. Chleapii 8 Bush St. San Francltco. • .t.nye-:iv.;, !!•..) :•?-.K-.^'ju-aimr.^ under tis dirt-C- • . For wile by M. II. Powell. The Greyest Blood Purifier KNOWN. Tills Great German Mcdicinu i«tfie cheapest and best. 128 doses of SI'I,-j_ :PHUIt BITTKUS for81.00,less tha'li^ 5 one cent ;i (Ui!,e. It will cure the f •'" .worst cases of r-ktn disease, from a common iiimplo on the face to that awful di-easo, Scrofula SULTHUH IirrrKKS is the' best medicine to use in all cases of hu<;h 8tul>l«im Jcleei) tieati-d diseabea. | not ever take .BLUE PILLS ur Kid-l ne\a are «utl ut outer Ts Fyou, ubo Bitters! I Ithe purest and i>es't \' A | medicine ever made., Iwltuaj-cllowstiukl-^ Uon'twait until yonl |6nbstancc?IsyourJr ilr e unable to «"Ulr, brl Ibreath fnul dndf are Hat on year back,! •offensive? \ourf but pet some at once, itl Istomaeh isout^. w 'H cure you. Sulnhnrl lof order. " ^"-"—• • r.""-"h f«io DU«JU lil^uu well uyi t~ropj,c\o^W lt3 usc - Kemember what you! |n >, orJ 1lfa lt ^ ^^^ hundred"'! wait until to-mcjrrow, // Try a Bottle To-day! . W -Arc ypu l^w-splritef' and •weak,) /or sufferiag from the excesses of I /youth? If so, SCLPIirit BITTEBsl ' will cure you. Send 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. Ordwav & Co Boston, Jlass., for best medical work publiih GRAND PALACE HOTEL Hi to 103 Nortl Clarl Street CUcago. 4 minutes from Court House. Both Plans. W eekiy, $3.00. Transients, 5Qo up. Restaurant by Compagnon, LATE CHICAGO CLUB, CUEP. POPL'LAit PRICES. NEW-ROUTE Cut thU out for further refereoce. TJV3UND AT LAST-Alter years of wanderinc tin i?Z?i r l hla , mu ° dtta ? sphere, I have found a tidy little barber shop, located at 73 State street iOpp.os:te J. W. Fletcher's clothins store. This shop is under the management of Walter W Cliu-k, who as a tonsorial artist has few eduala and no superior*, -HI* shop hag recently been refitted and loi.ornished in elegant style, every thing daiutyj neat and clean. Pragrait perfumes, razora smooth as satin; and all men k»pw what .a laxurr it te to be trimaed up in ar- tUtic style.. He is weU posted on Denuatologs and if yoa Lave a hard beiajrd and tender fac cail on Vvalter for a .sh'aye. It is said that h neyer talked but one of his customers to death. which iacerlakfly iuuia farpr. ' So it you want i good ».oan shave or lusty hair cat, call at 7 " v C. J. LANE, M. B., formerly with Ore. E. & K PICKLED 8 , 5c a »> at J. kujuuDgbain's • Ih» Niagara Falit Boutt. TIME TA^LE;/4OV. 30, 1899. All Sizes arid Pricwat Cert. All who use them adrise their ne, ff hbors to do likewiw. This is III we car, ask. Over iOQ now in use in Marshall. . • All whose residences are on any !«e of the The Gas C Q ' fl . main a and: agtee to use it. All Should Profit by this Offer FOR LIGHTING TBAIXB EAST. STATIONS. '.^liicago, Lv lialamazoo Huttle Creek.... Marshal), Up.... Aiulon Jackson Detroit buffalo Mail Day Eal At'c Hh't L'al t Ex.t Ext Ex.* Ex.t Pass a.m. a,m. 705 11 COi 1^55 145 •212 3 10; 6 15 8 10 p.m. 9 UO 220 3 m 8 28 8 60 4 80 rs 8 00 •8S7 8 55 9 55 6 45 lii 10 p.m. p.m. .m. 1010 385 4 29 5 00 527 625 920 a.m. 5 55 xm. p.m. 925 2 17 804 S 82 857 4 40 780 a.m* a is p.m. p.m. 5',83 6 16 eir 7.5 755 p.m TBMHB WB8T. HTATIOM8. Buffalo. Detroit, Lv Jaoksoo. .. Albion .... Marshall . . KattJe Cr'k t'Mcaj;o,4r L'al ! Hall a.m. 6 30 7 10 7 38 8 (JO 6 40 a. m. a.m 8 80 U 35 1807 1228 1 00 2 17 7 P.l Day Chic Kal.j Ex.t 1 Bx.*Ex.t| %.m. a. 12 30 6 aui p.m: 7 60 1 20i 1006 10 ft 11 15 11 35 12 12 4 85 p.m Eve. i Pacl Kx.t Ex.* p.m. 12 50 9 15 11 SO 12 M 12 5S 1 21 2 17 8 05 a.m. N. Y. limited express wincti leaves Chicago at 3.19 p-m. will stop at Marahall to let off passengers from CUcago. '•..'' fBaturdayB cxcepted "Baily^ tBundays excepted O. \V. HU(lGLE8, Qen. tass. & feckut i£ . '. A. JOBHSON. Freight Agent, C. B. OSBOBN, Ticket Agent, Mar=flall subi ° 10 FOR COOKING . When under 1,000 cubic feet cent less or $1.70. *' , When 1,000 cubic feet or more, 20 cent less or $1.60. t-v A discount of ten centa per 1,000 Bubic feet will be made on all abOMe rates when bills are paid Sn or ^ before /10th of month when due/but In no case unless paid by that date. THE MAB8HALL LIGHT 00 Chicago Re^l Estate. h A £L m .'?/i f .. Co '?' mo ? 8««««« knewslhat GOLD BOUARS FOR FIFTY CMTS, Cincinnati, Jackson & Maciinai WALTON H. SHOWN. Eeeeiver. Time table, taking effect Dec. 7, 1890. Trains pas* "Marshall as follows: TKA1KB OOIHa *A»T.° '. 0> ^'Z 01 *? 0 Bxprew. .................. e srr a m .. .«' Mnclauy.l'&xpt&ia .......... .- ..... b 29 a m ) Jl, Mail and Kxpress ................ 1868pm " 27. Local freight.... ................. 9.0Qp.jJ TRAINS GOJNu WEST. No.2a,MaU and Express... ......... .. 2,13pm 2. CincinnaU & B. C\J£zpress ....".. .6 21 p m 1253km .... .... ^ Freight ....... .1 ............ «27am All trains daily except ttunoay. Direct connections are madk at Tolsdo and Cincinnati with all roads diverMng e/Smeetion at Mon- f» Allegan with the price mnd '•" Douglas BouleTard Land Association. 184 LOTS, • 184 ' ' r ° nt Titles Perfect, Terms Very Easy For further particuUw AddreM to F1HTH * COCHRAN, 80WA8HINQTOM 8t CHICAGO, U.U V B. DRAhk. OenVMV'r i T. C. M. SCHTOIDtEB. Qen. Pass. Aet. 1- J.4IcAnurrK. Agt., Jiarahall. GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! WILL BJE AT POWELL'S DRUG STORE APRIL 1 Where he will open lOqop Rolls of New WfVLL PAPER. LAEQEST LINE EVBB ' Shown in Marshall Save money by buying .; WaU Paper, at PpWELL'S DRUC STORE S TAJB OP MICHIGAN, . TH« Ciaccrr COUBT to* TOM VIn Cbanaerr COOSTT OF CAUH>UI< M f lu V»«e«ry. Dated April Sut, A. D.. ifti. ' JASOH NCWTOM, \ Complainant, j - . AXXJLU KBWTON. [ Defendant.' »h-i .t fT.** i* »ppeannjj from and that theDefendanCAmellaHewton,] M-rea nemo, within five m <mth« Tr m *fc» date f 01 tnlsorder, and In omia of h» >n^.._^TT .L.I of Complaint to be flled, and a copy 5^3: to be •£"[# on Mtd.cainpuauitf • Solldtorwlttta S3d a,,*HS."^£?«T««?> ^ <* • e^*i? newgpaperprInted.pablUhSd a, paoiuited and circulated In that such publication be con- atleatt onceln ' wu Circuit Court Commiiirtoner CaThow CoantT Miohlxaa. • vwm "*|r« BATCH,' ' . ,' ••.•:-..'. it 1 * ftpUcitor. . AUuecopy: Atteat. f

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