The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 4, 1891 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1891
Page 2
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THE DAILY CHRONICLE, JUNE 4,1891. THE DAILY CHRONICLE. • : • f -, TEftHS OF SUBSCRIPTION. , Dally* cue year... ..»* 16 Dally, dollTorcd, 1O cent* por week. THE DEMOCRATIC EXPOUNDER, mbllahed Friday, $1.50 a year. Subscriptions received at the office of publication 151 State stree. J. M. MOSES, Publisher, Marshall, Mich. ADDITIONAL UOCAL. W. H. Holmes, ef Dowagiac, was in this city today. Chester P. Aldrich, of Battle Greek, was in this city today. ' Miss May Craig, of Three Kivers, Is Change In Tltm» on HIP C. J. & M. K. H. Taking effect June 7, 1891, following is the tiffife of tratns paisinl' Marshall, Mich :•'•• ' £v "' M . :•„, . ; '/ : West bourid-^No; 82, 11-.10 a,- : m.; Ho. West bourid—No;"32, 2, 0:19 p. in. . ; ' ..» •'•. y ^ ' East bound-^No. 21, 4'.45;p; m,{No. 8, 9:44 a. rn. , ' No rndical change in other trains. T. C. M. ticiuNDi.fcu, G..P. A. ALL PAPER The Largest Stock, The Lowest Prices, At Hyde's Drug Store, . VVEUtf B&UAY, June 8, 1891., Dear Friends: Circumstances over which I have no control are such that 1 am obliged to call for. HELP. If you owe tno u dollar, 1 need H now if 1 over did. Will you kindly rnturu tlio favors I have fchown you. Yours truly, 11. M. EW The Michigan Central will-, on June 12th, sell tickets from Marshall to Kahi- irnzoo aud return at tbTerate of one and one-half cents per mile in each direction with fifty cents added for adhiis the guest of Miss Nettie Brooks. Mrs. William Hunt, of Eckford, is reported very sick wiih pneumonia. A letter was received today from E. J. Kirby postmarked in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. H. Sharpsteen, ot this city, and Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Gillett, of Los Angeles, Cal., left today for Boston and other eastern, points. The jury in the Livinguton case returned a verdict of guilty after being out a short time yesterday afternoon. The Wolcott well poisoning case has occupied the attention of (he court today. « Farmers report that cut worms are doing great damage to corn. Some farmers have been obliged to plow up entire fields and 'replant them on account of the depredations of these little pests. ' ' Cards have been received announeine the marriage of Miss Jessie M. Elsten ami Charles P. Beiersmith, of Kansas Uity, May 1,1891. Miss Elston was a former resident of this city and has many warm friends who extend hearty congratulations. sion on account of forepaugh's show. Tickets good returning same date, d j22 C. R. OSBOHN, Ticket Agent. "Feed my chicks" Merrill's. with Meal from Miss Lizzie Barnes, of Jackson, has returned from Chicago, and will bo at Mrs. S. W. Hill's for a fow days longer with a line of embroidery material ami stamped linens All Kinds of feed ground'at the Rice Creek Mill.^ Over 4,000 different' styles of goods to select from, at F. S. Powers'. Don't forget the Clothed Pin sale Saturday. ' MERUIIL. Five dozen Clothes Pins 5 cents Saturday. ' MEKKILL 1 I have leased the old Turner Bakery, ly occupied by DOQ Snider and REFITTED IT ENTIRELY and am now prepared to furnish the public who Fresh Bread, Pies, Ca,kes A fine line of Confectionary always onfiUnd. Fruits in season. » First Class Lunches, J, C. KEUCHLE. Clothes Pin shle next week. Saturday. Big sale MEIUULL. Ask your grocer for Ri<jp Creek mills flour or call at the mill and get a sack F. S. Powers, the leading tailor, guarantees satisfaction. kjtUt The Improvable Coin. Place in the center of your hand when folly opened a silver dime. Then beg a friend to take a brush, and tell him that the piece of-money, will be his if he can - brush it oft from the center of your hand. Your friend will do h' best, but will become very tired, as th piece will move no more from the center your hand than il it was glued there. It is understood he cannot shake violently your hand, because the piece of money would fall off.. But he must be satisfied to do exactly as if he waa brushing a coat in order to gain the coin. > H. A. TILLOf SON, „ JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND CONVEYANCER. _, • All business attended^tp/promptty and carefully, lias^safe to keep judg- Spring Suits made to yourAprder from $20 to $30 at F. S. Powers' .^, Wlmt was it, Joliu ' That made your -face so ' free and clear from pimples, said his sweetheart. Why, don't you know, Eva? For over a year I took everything I could think of without helping me, then I bought two bottles of Sulphur Bitters, and now I haven't one pimple on my face. It is tha best blood cleanser 1^ ever saw. _ „/ .. Will you part with your darling babies in iekness, or call on your druggist for Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender OmUnent and Asthmatic Balsam, " medicine*, that save lives when doctors fail iu Membranous Croup, Inflammation rf the Lungs, Lung Fever and Typhoid Pneumonia, also quickly relieves and cures MOTHERS F OIt SALE -First nearly new. U. Cronin's store. class family refrigerator, Inquire first door north efT. W ILL the person who borrowed my extentlon •bit ple-iso return the same. -j? . K.H. SANDERSON. T7K)UND— A gold plated cuff button. Owner can J? have name by paying for this notice. 1*. H. SANDERSON. W ANTKD-Uirl to do general housework In small family. Inquire at this office or 322 M. Division struct. . 4 j 8 T7ANTED—A good cook at the Henxdon Ho- rY "t'el. Apply immediately. d 11 ment docket and^other in. '^ valuable papers T O KENT—Good house on East Green street with barn and garden spot. Will rant heap. Enquire ot Mrs. Joseph Buckingham, ast Green street, or L. B. Albaugh at postoyce. H AY FOR SALE—Glover and timothy mixed. Enquire at Greene.s drug "ore. n. Uu oUxlU x JjJaiH. , Croup, Scarlet Fever, f W oopmg Cough, Sore Throat, Burns. S sulds and similar afflictions. 25 and 50 cents or by mail? DR. H. SHARFSTEEN, Propri etor, Marshall, Michigan. A Costly Drop Curtain.. The curtain pf the neyr English Opera house as it hangs looks like a magnificent pair of golden gates. It measures thirty three feet high, and ia forty-ei«ht feet wiie. A special room had to be hired for ft to be made in. Thebas&of the curtain is gold colored silk, on which has been worked an applique of a darker tone of the same color. The applique is outlined by a fine cogl of silk; a fringe with tassels decorates the foot of the curtain. The silk is about a yard wide, and between 500 and 600 yards of it, and more than thirty gross iof cord, have been used in the curtain. Thai silk was made ia fcyons and the cord and fringe iu ipodo^ te liningis ^ PUI1U, JBAOOUAJOK, jmv».ii»ej ^- -— - - rudiBg PilesT Price 66 cents. For sale at reene's drag store. • > > CUuupesl ana Uci.t Ohamberlain's Immediate Belief ia pronounced bv tnose who hava used it to be the ckeapast and best remedy tnat can be bad Listen to the following testimonial: BtnrgU, Mich ,July 26, 1836. I find Chamberlain'i* i mmadiate llelief r ot only the cheapest but the boat rtmedy to keep in the house and would »ot be without it for double Arulca. Halve. Tlio best Salve in the world for Outs Uruises. Sores, Ulo»rs. Salt Ubeum. Feter Borea, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corna and a'l Skin Ernptipns. aud ppsitiyelj cures Piles, or no pay required It is guaranteed to gite parfedt' satisfaction or money refunded- trice 25 cents per box. For sale by F. Q., Seaman & Co. ! _^ : Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria* Children Cr^ for Pitche^ Castona> £ ^QIi SALE—A brand new canopy t never been' run, also a good horse. ( Richard Butler. on. uiuu »u» >/4u v»y"—» hats and oaos, boots ^, .shoes, rubbers: iu.faot anything and every-; thing: at Dr. Sherman's auction store. H.O. BROOKS. W ANTED—An active, honeest wan—Salary »IOO monthly if ealtable, witb oyjK,.in- nlties for udvanoe, to represent localir a • Bible New YorK ttouau. Heiereuoe^ KAOTUttSR. Lock Box W ANTElj -Second baud goods of •verr de•• sciipliou. Household lurnltare, •tote*, carots etc. illaeat coah rices aid. V»ll or . , carpots, etc. illgaeat coah prices paid. Bend podial tu d. 0. ttrojlci at lit, S auction store _ dtl8 ,17 ANTED— At Dr. Sherman's Auction store Tr 1 second hand i books of all kind*.' Cub . paid Ipr them. b. O. B&OOKb. . curtain to p^4n«i Iqrlgrof J* wadding. Tho vals»ce is. also ftppllqu»,wofk in bright reds, \jtosa, yellows and brbwA. The Lyceum curtain, which is made of plush, was presented to Mr. Henry Irving by the Baroness Burdett-Coutte. It cost 1,000 guineas.— London Tit-Bits. from <jb« Sky. Carbons have now been yielded by aerolites or meteorites in three different stages of development Uocryatal^eed graphite - ' . " • ^ -•* ^ 7 • ' j*j_ has lo»g bee^Jtnown^as one of the constit- k Spring One, tw.o, three, Three, two, one. I like my Pg^ Pretty well dsne. ^ Three, two, one, One, two, three. I buy uiy Peanuts At the Big Grocerie'. For Over FUty Year* MBS. WJNSLOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP his been' used for children teething, It soothes the child, softens the gums, aJ- days all pftin, citres wind colic, and ia the best remedy for Diarrhoea. Twenty, five cents a bottle. Sold by all druggists throughout the world. Remember Merrill's sale Saturday. : . Ladies! GOMEaniSEEMY F OK SALB-New furniture. New and Urge variety ot tinware and notions, Second hand goods, etc., all offered, cheap tor «Mh or' trade by S. C. JUrooks at Sherman's aootlon store. •*> SPRING 10 uents «jf mj&aofic irons and other stones that fall trtmth^ sky. Graphite crystals have recently "been found in a meteor that f41 JJB ^atotn j»UHtrajii|, and a Bdentlst baa j^frfeporjed o^ some diamond corpos- cie« tJiat -ml*c» found ia the Siberiau aero- Ute tbajj teUjy ta^-HBfe Ipa||_lRepubli THE STYLE, QUALITY, GOODS and P R ICE are RIGHT* m*ke» your nose £U»t»-ft* glow with prid« because --^^iSm Itself ^wto ofcbw peon|tfi *» ^^X^~ .^TT^SS*"..^-'* ^ » -Vfe^L : «i_1_._ ^> J ZA&I&S. >& %tMjr*i"p» *"•*• ""^"v T™"^ «-.-™—j- ^- ™. . __ rtl - fWtod^ty^y"™^ ' jpoc X. BUjSJlpJA«, I J. Hi For disabilities Incurred In 'the aerrlc* or rin^* All- • charge, whether the soldier IB rich or poor. MILO B. STEVENS A CO., Attorneys and Solicitors, Whitney Opera Hone Block* Detroit,Mich. BOTHERS bTBPHBN PKATT'S STEAM BOILBB WOBKg - EsWbliBned 1866. Manufacturer < rfU ^. ( K5.j5J ur^wojee and ^aDa^heat^bpOeg ^olall^tods. ROOMS fo rent. ~ Desirable lo- 'fnaulre at tWs offlce. v dj» . can have tte tntew»>loe.^ CHICAGO INVESTMENTS For safe Investments, apply to OPDYKE & AJLUN Eopms SS940, J4ontanlt.BBUdlag, 116 Monroe St., , ' OHIOAQO, IIA. " r - Befer by pormlBslon to LymauJT. CU«e, Piwt atlaBalSftnlc Chicago. Lofi^P- *]»njr. P- 8. afional Bai*, Mi YV H. MLBurford, Bank of Commerce, LouUrille. -' , , __

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